Fergie Breaks Her Silence on Josh Duhamel Split: «It Was Just Getting a Little Weird»

Fergie and Josh Duhamel announced their separation after eight years of marriage with a joint statement last week, and now the singer is breaking her silence on their split. In their statement, Fergie and Josh stated that they «decided to separate as a couple earlier this year,» and in a recent interview with People, Fergie revealed the reason she and Josh finally decided to go public with their breakup. «Honestly, it was just getting a little weird for us with all the romantic questions,» she said. «We’re great friends, we love each other so much, and it just got to the point where it was getting a little weird. There’s no perfect time so we just decided to do it . . . It was just getting a little weird to laugh through the first date questions.»

Fergie and Josh are parents to 4-year-old son Axl and are maintaining a united front for the sake of their family. «We just wanted to get adjusted in private. [And Axl’s school has helped as] we have a co-op so Josh and I would walk there several times before the school season,» Fergie explained. «So I get to learn from the teachers and see how he reacts in a group of friends that he knows. And I get to help out and serve them snacks and clean the dishes. We have fun, we get down and dirty, and read the stories with our costumes. You get down in the sand and get dirty — I love it. I love that part of it all.»

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Battle Of Best Friends…Matthew Stafford & Matt Ryan Are Getting Jacked Up For NFC Supremacy

By now you know that Matt Ryan and Matthew Stafford are best friends during the offseason. The wives are besties. The Staffords and Ryans travel together. They doing what couples do. Nights at Applebees. Drinks by campfires. Count zeroes. Discuss the new travertine that went down over the summer.


On one side we have Matt Ryan, best known as the guy who couldn’t run out the clock on the Patriots and a guy who makes being a Regular Guy look extra regular.

On the other side we have Matthew Stafford, new dad to twins who are becoming Instagram famous and the guy who owns the NFL’s richest contract EVER.

Instagram Photo

Stafford’s offense has put up 59 points; Ryan’s O has dropped 57. Ryan swaggers into the THUNDERDOME as a -3 favorite. TOTAL INSULT TO THE LIONS.

Folks, look at these two. I’ve never seen such focus three weeks into the season. Both clearly understand that this could lead to a Super Bowl run. FOCUS! FOCUS! FOCUS!

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Charlotte McKinney Getting In A Stretch, Gisele-Tommy-Ivanka Drama & Peanut Tillman Going FBI

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I’m telling you, watch the Vietnam series on PBS. I’m 2 1/2 episodes in and I can’t stop watching. It’s not your normal PBS docuseries where you’re burnt out by episode two. I’m talking a docuseries with a musical score from Trent Reznor. History classes just put away the textbooks and just watch. Or you can watch the worthless MLS on ESPN2. Your call tonight.

Charlotte McKinney has a GIF to get your day rolling

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Gisele dodging Tommy/Ivanka questions

Sports anchor Andy Baskin GONE in Cleveland & there’s reportedly DRAMA

Peanut Tillman going FBI

Holy sheeeeet! This old lady nearly takes a chunk of concrete during Mexico earthquake

Meet the Florida Woman who made the ‘Looking For Sexy Linesman’ sign

Here’s Kendall from Washington State

Ping Pong NFL Celebration of the Week

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College Football Fans Getting Lit, Getting Wild At SunTrust Park & Mike Francesa Being Mike Francesa

Megabucks was hit in Vegas over the weekend

The pot was $ 10 million. From the LVRJOn Saturday evening, the man, who said he was originally from Virginia, said he’d visited the casino during the afternoon and sat at the same slot machine he always plays. He said he won $ 20 at first and then played four more spins. On the fourth spin, he hit the winner, he said. “I didn’t even know I’d won until the lady came over and told me I’d won it,” he said. “The machine lit up, and I knew I’d won something, but I just wasn’t sure what.” He told Las Vegas Review-Journal videographer Michael Quine, “I’ll probably spend most of it on alcohol, women and gambling. The rest of it I’ll waste.”

Hero status.

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If You’re Thinking About Getting Lasik, Do NOT Watch Blake Lively’s New Movie

Imagine living in a world where Blake Lively is a mousy, blind brunette. That’s the story presented to us in Marc Forster’s upcoming thriller, All I See Is You. Lively stars as Gina, a woman who’s been blind since childhood who now depends on her husband, James (Jason Clarke), to get around their home in Bangkok, Thailand. After Gina undergoes a corneal transplant and regains her sight, their passionate marriage begins to unravel — did James like being Gina’s eyes a little too much? Who is the woman Gina keeps seeing in the mirror? And why is she showering with The Handmaid’s Tale‘s Yvonne Strahovski?

We’ll have to wait until All I See Is You hits theaters on Oct. 27 to find out.

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Jessica Biel’s Restaurant Is Getting Sued For Allegedly Withholding Tips


A little over a year and a half ago, Jessica Biel opened up a fancy restaurant for wealthy children in Los Angeles called Au Fudge. Things seemed to be going well for Jessica’s little side project until this week. According to The Blast, Jessica and her fellow Au Fudge business partners just received a lawsuit from nine former employees accusing Jessica and Co. of keeping thousands of dollars worth of tips from private events. I get the feeling Jessica screamed something a whole lot less kid friendly than “au fudge” when she saw that lawsuit.

The employees claim that most of the money made at Au Fudge was from “buyouts” (aka when a restaurant closes for a party) and private events. Au Fudge reportedly wcharged an automatic gratuity of 22% to all private event bills. The Blast has an example of one bill in which the client was charged $ 60,325 plus an additional $ 13,271.50 gratuity. The former restaurant server in me choked on my coffee when I saw that slinging chicken nuggets to knee-highs could bring in more than $ 13,000 in tips. But those servers claim they never saw a single penny from huge private party paydays.

A deposition in this case was given by Alexandra Desage, a former Director of Events at Au Fudge (she’s not a plaintiff in the lawsuit). She claims that not one customer tipped beyond the automatic 22% gratuity, because they believed all 22% was going directly to the employees. When Alexandra complained to one of Jessica’s co-owners, Jon Rollo, that keeping tips was against the law, he reportedly told her “not to worry about it” and suggested she didn’t understand how gratuity worked. Another former employee gave a deposition claiming a very similar reaction when they questioned where the tips went.

The nine former employees suing Au Fudge want money: $ 430,100 in alleged missing tips, $ 31,549 in missed rest breaks (they claim Au Fudge denied them breaks), and $ 1 million in damages. Sources tell The Blast that Au Fudge disagrees with the allegations of tip thievery, and this is all just an issue between former employees and a former manager.

But I think I can understand why Au Fudge might have kept their tips. There’s no doubt a lot of expensive overhead costs involved in running a restaurant for wealthy children. Porcelain plates, crystal sippy cups, literal silver spoons. And, honestly, don’t the children of the rich truly deserve a special restaurant of their own? Without Au Fudge, where are wealthy parents of Los Angeles supposed to take their kids? Chuck E. Cheese? Unless Chuck opens a special members-only supper club called Charles. E Camembert, that ain’t happening.

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Good Luck Getting Through These Pictures of Insecure’s Dro Without Passing the F*ck Out

The second season of Insecure gave us a few new catchphrases (like «wine down»), a fire soundtrack, an emotional finale, and some of the finest eye candy to grace our screen all year (bare butts, anyone?). One particularly handsome introduction to the show was Sarunas J. Jackson, who plays Dro, a smokin’ hot childhood friend of Molly (Yvonne Orji) who basically dropped our jaws from the second he appeared on screen. In real life, Sarunas happens to be both extremely tall (6’8″, to be exact) and super hot — and we’ve rounded up 28 photos of him that will turn you into a sopping wet mess. Keep reading at your own risk.

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One Of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Past Pieces Might Be Getting A Second Chance

Celebrities at the 2017 US Open Tennis Championships - Day 12

This picture of Leonardo DiCaprio pondering pensively has nothing to do with this story. But I like to think this is the same way he looks when he’s going through his old girlfriends and seeing which ones might get a repeat appearance in his life. “Lukas, show me the next list. I’d like blondes from 2013-2014. Let’s start with the first quarter, and can you list them by Victoria’s Secret catalogue appearances? Thank you, Lukas.”

The last time we checked in with Leo’s lil’ Titanic (ew I’m sorry), he had reportedly broken with tradition and was dating a 23-year-old model named Lorena Rae that had (gasp!) brown hair. Leo was most recently seen with Lorena on Thursday night.

Leo’s attempt at branching out of his boner comfort zone must have been such an unwelcome shock to his system, because it appears that only two days later, he decided to return to the safety and comfort of familiar cooch-itory. According to some very convincing evidence from People magazine, there’s a good chance 42-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio is back with 25-year-old blonde panty model Toni Garrn again.

A lit-looking Leo and Toni were seen walking hand-in-hand while exiting a club in New York on Saturday. A source tells people they left at around 5:30am, and both went home in the same vehicle.

If that isn’t the face of something called The Pussy Posse, I don’t know what is.

Leo got together with Toni back in 2013, and he skedaddled out of there towards the end of 2014. This isn’t the first time Leo has gone back into the archives. Last year he was rumored to have recycled Nina Agdal.

Leo and Toni’s possible hook-up happened during New York Fashion Week. And that’s an important thing to note, because NYFW is basically Leo’s version of walking into Golden Corral with a One Free Buffet Visit coupon. He could have filled up his plate with two, three dozen blonde models in their 20s, but instead he took home a tried-and-true favorite. Or maybe Drunk Leo just can’t tell blonde models apart anymore and he took home Toni by accident thinking she was new. If that’s the case, Leo – you need a better system. Maybe a swipe-card with an expiry date or something.

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Michael Fassbender And Alicia Vikander Are Reportedly Getting Married In Ibiza Next Month

The UK Premiere of 'The Light Between Oceans'

It’s a sad day for size queens; Michael Fassbender may be taking his notable member off the table for good. According to The Sun UK, Michael and his on again/off again lady friend Alicia Vikander are planning a secret wedding in Ibiza, the Cabo Wabo During Spring Break of Europe.

Not only are they rumored to be getting married, it’s also going to be a secret wedding. The Sun UK says:

Hollywood star Michael, 40, is paying for the entire party to stay at a five-star resort as he ties the knot to the 28-year-old screen siren. A source close to the star said: “The details of the party are being kept under lock and key. Guests have been told to arrive in Ibiza on a certain date and they will then be collected and taken to the hotel.”

It sounds a bit Eyes Wide Shut-y to me. Will the guests all have to sign a waver and designate a proxy before being ferried to a secret location? I don’t like surprises. This sounds scary, especially given the size of the snakes on Ibiza. You can go ahead and miss me with that invite, Michael.

But it does sound like it’s going to be a huge party. The source adds:

“He’s splashing out big time and it’s going to be the party of the year.”

Apparently the couple were in Ibiza together as recently as July, where they were papped making out and hanging with a group of friends on a yacht.

Given that their relationship was allegedly on the rocks because of Michael’s hard partying ways, holding their wedding on an island whose sandy beaches are probably made of 70% ketamine, 20% cocaine (the other 10 percent is made up of cigarette butts and actual sand) is surprisingly audacious. Ibiza is the least low-key place in all of Europe, so it makes zero sense to hold your secret wedding there unless your dealer simply can’t get away. But hey, whatever floats your boat. If the throbbing unch unch of techno and finding glitter in your crotch for days is your idea of romance, then mazel tov!

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We’re Getting an All-Female Lord of the Flies Movie Written by Men — What Could Go Wrong?

In «We Never Asked For This, but Hollywood Is Giving It to Us Anyway» news, another Lord of the Flies movie is on the way, but unlike William Golding’s classic 1954 novel and the 1963 and 1990 film adaptations, this version is replacing the young male castaways with girls. Oh, and Deadline reports that it will be written and directed by two men, Scott McGehee and David Siegel, for Warner Bros.

*pause for exasperated sigh*

While the move to replace a large cast of male characters with female ones is gender progressive, in a way, the story — a plane carrying a group of British schoolboys is shot down during wartime and they’re left stranded on a remote island, where they eventually devolve into a toxic society — basically negates all hope that this movie will be empowering for women in any way. Do we really need to watch a bunch of young girls destroy each other as they regress into female stereotypes within their vicious, self-contained community? Even Golding himself pointed out that his novel’s story could only work with men, noting that «women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men, they are far superior and always have been.»

While all-female versions of movies like Ghostbusters and the upcoming Ocean’s Eight make sense, redoing Lord of the Flies in this way (which will essentially be the opposite of Wonder Woman‘s Themyscira) seems like a pretty obvious misstep. We’ve already seen similar situations play out in movies like Mean Girls, Heathers, and Jawbreaker, but the fun, campy elements of those films will presumably be absent from McGehee and Siegel’s screenplay. Fortunately for everyone irritated by the news, Twitter did not hold back in sharing all the reasons the concept is a huge bummer.

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