Padres Pitchers Enjoy Pregame Ultimate Frisbee

The obvious angle to take with the San Diego Padres pitching staff playing ultimate frisbee before tonight’s game against Indians is to condemn their fun. You know, baseball players randomly get hurt all the time (by stepping on sprinklers, by sneezing, by stepping on a cactus, etc.) so they shouldn’t needlessly increase their odds of a freak accident. Makes perfect sense.

However! The Padres are terribad and their pitching staff owns the fifth-worst team ERA in the MLB. It’s gotten so bad for these NL West bottom dwellers that shortstop Erick Aybar has pitched twice this season, much to everyone’s amusement:

So yeah, I’m not going to rain on their guys’ parade — you gotta do what you gotta do to survive a Padres season.

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Proud Dad Jameis Spent His Father’s Day Playing Frisbee With His Fur Baby Girl

I like to check with Jameis from time to time during the offseason to see what’s going on in his life now that it’s quiet and his Florida State drama is long gone. From what I’ve come to learn about the guy from his social media trail, Famous leads a very quiet life at his Florida house and really seems to enjoy hanging out with his doodle. I know, it’s still shocking to me too.

And that’s how he spent his Father’s Day. With his fur baby girl doodle doing what dog dads do: throw the frisbee and make videos of the dog cooling off in the pool.

I don’t know why, but I’m mesmerized by Jameis baby talking his doodle. It’s stuff you don’t see in the media. Now I know what FSU fans were talking about when they said the media doesn’t show the good or soft side of Jameis. It’s definitely a media bias.

Not me. I’ve been on this Jameis/doodle train from the beginning. And I can’t stop watching him interact with that dog. I smell a Fox NFL Sunday feature brewing.

That’s a proud dad right here:

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I’m Not Going To Lie, Andy Dalton Throwing This Frisbee Pass Has Me Thinking Playoffs

My QB Andy Dalton has been fairly quiet this offseason just doing the family thing. He has a newborn son, so you know that means long nights (he’s a nice guy, of course he gets up), days around the house where you’re just trying to survive and boring weekends.

Not this weekend. It appears 1-4 had himself a weekend with the boys at the lake. You know, some Frisbee, some late-night Cokes (he’s religious) and some relaxation before things start to get interesting here in June and July.

Looks ready to go 11-5, win the North and lose to the Steelers on Wild Card weekend.


[Andy Dalton – IG]

Not much has changed over the years:

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