Goldie Hawn Mourns the Loss of Her Best Friend: «Please Treasure Each Other»

Goldie Hawn is currently dealing with the heartbreaking death of her best friend. The legendary actress posted a throwback photo of her and her unnamed friend on Instagram on Sunday, writing, «My best friend has passed. Please treasure each other. Best friends get us through. Blessings to all this Sunday.» Goldie, who is undoubtedly leaning on her famous family for support, ended her message on a lighter note by sharing an adorable photo of her granddaughter, Rio Hudson, hugging her own best friend. She posted the photo again on its own, writing, «Says it all! Xx.»

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A Serial Killer Is Born in the Creepy Trailer For My Friend Dahmer

Ross Lynch’s sunny, fun-filled days of being a smiley heartthrob in Disney projects like Teen Beach Movie are long, long behind him. The actor and pop star tries notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s glasses on for size in My Friend Dahmer, a thriller chronicling the teenage years of «The Milwaukee Cannibal.» Based on a 2012 graphic novel of the same name by the serial killer’s real-life high school friend Derf Backderf, the My Friend Dahmer trailer is a relentlessly creepy glimpse into how a young man morphs from being an outcast to a seriously disturbed threat. The film is scheduled to hit theaters this Fall and costars Anne Heche and Vincent Kartheiser.

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Alexis Ren & Friend Will Destroy Your Day, Chris Christie Booed By Mets Fans, Plus A Golf Gambling Bad Beat

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It’s Eldora night! There’s truck racing on FS1 & FS2 all night from the legendary Eldora track in western Ohio. The NASCAR big boys rolled into town on Tuesday. Well, there’s not really a town. They rolled into a field for some racin’ on St. Rt. 118. There’s also a USMNT match on FS1 at 9 EST. Big night for the Fox family of sports channels that nobody really watches.

Show your boss how hot Alexis Ren is…and she’s in bed w/a friend!

Sharon Stone, 59, still looks like this!

Chris Christie booed after catching foul ball at Mets game

Golf gambling bad beat of the week

Hank Greenberg’s old Beverly Hills house is on the market…just $ 9.5M

Toledo reporter does story on pothole repair, ruins her shoes

Florida Man puches his Florida Boy in the face at Chuck E. Cheese

Here’s Nicki from U. of Delaware

Anyone Ready For Some Football Video of the Day

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Is An Old Friend Returning On Next Week’s ‘Game Of Thrones’?

Warning: Spoilers if you haven’t watched the last night’s season premiere of Game of Thrones — or, more specifically, the preview of what’s to come in this Sunday’s new episode.

Remember those halcyon days when the Stark children were innocent little things and each had their very own direwolf pup to call their own? You know, before their father was murdered. And their mother. And Robb. And Rickon. And hell, most of the direwolves. At this point only Jon Snow, the freshly minted King in the North, still has his direwolf Ghost by his side (proving that he at least knows one thing — how to care for direwolves).

However, there is one remaining Stark direwolf that is still unaccounted for: Arya’s pup Nymeria. Way back in Season 1, before all the shit went down, Joffrey and Arya fought and Nymeria leapt in to protect her, biting the little Princeling’s arm in the process. To save Nymeria, Arya drove her off into the wild — an act that led to Sansa’s wolf, Lady, being killed by the royal family instead.

Fans have wondered if and when the lost direwolf would make her return, and based on the preview we saw after Sunday’s premiere, next week may be the week!

Here is the preview:

Did you catch it, around the 00:13 second mark? It sure looks like Arya has come face to face with her lost pup, who doesn’t seem too thrilled to see her. We’ll find out next Sunday if our favorite killer has met her match — but our money is on Arya and Nymeria teaming up to become Westeros’ deadliest BFFs.


How Many Jumpsuits Is Too Many Jumpsuits? Uh… Asking For A Friend.

As I clicked to purchase my latest billowy, featureless set of full-body pants, I realized that I may have a problem. Or my closet does. In that it’s full of fucking jumpsuits.

I’m no fashionista. I thrift like a fiend, but not for those one-of-a-kind risky vintage pieces I imagine Chloë Sevigny digging through racks for. I wish that was me, but I don’t really have a «style» (interesting or otherwise) and instead I usually look for the kinds of vaguely name-brand shit I refuse to pay top dollar for new. Otherwise I wait for stores to put their sale stuff on double sale and then buy whatever is left in my size.

All of which is to say that I don’t really follow, or even comprehend, trends. The closest I ever got to being on-trend was buying a pair of knee-high fake biker boots out of a Delia*s catalog in the late 90s. And then jumpsuits made their resurgence. It started, oh I don’t know, a few years ago? I definitely wasn’t paying attention, and then I started seeing all these pretty ladies flouncing down the New York City sidewalks in glorified onesies. And I hated them (the jumpsuits, not the ladies — I’m not THAT judgmental. Usually.).

So I certainly didn’t hop on the bandwagon from the start. As is my usual M.O., I joined well after the craze had hit it’s peak. Because that’s when the shit goes on sale (duh), and by then you’ve witnessed so many people wearing so many ridiculous getups that you forget it ever seemed weird in the first place. Except rompers. I don’t do rompers, they still just look weird. Splitting hairs, but as the great Lin-Manuel Miranda sang, «If you stand for nothing, Burr, what’ll you fall for?»

I wish I could say that once I tried on a jumpsuit, I understood the fascination. Logically, on paper, it all makes sense — they combine the throw-on-one-thing-and-you’re-done ease of a dress with the versatile comfort of pants. In reality, however, they are a nightmare. Finding the right size is an exercise in sheer luck. The torso is too short, or too long! The crotch rides or drags! The ass pouches or wedges in your crack, and you can’t do anything about it!

(In retrospect, this may be why I have stockpiled so many jumpsuits over the years. Once I find one that does, miraculously, fit my frame, I feel compelled to purchase it for posterity. Like a me-sized jumpsuit is some weird object of intrigue that I must collect and display to prove it actually exists.)

The other problem with jumpsuits isn’t noticeable in the store. You won’t discover it until you buy it, take it home, and then try to wear it for a full day. The problem? Bathrooms.

With pants, you pull them down. With dresses, you hike them up. With a skirt, it’s dealer’s choice. But with a jumpsuit, YOU HAVE TO TAKE IT ALMOST COMPLETELY OFF. That’s right, you have to get naked every time nature calls. Have you ever gotten naked in a public bathroom stall, squatting over a toilet and trying to keep a full body’s-length of clothing off the filthy bathroom floor? Welcome to the joys of the jumpsuit.

Maybe I just get off on misery, but naked bathroom sessions be damned, I kept on buying fucking jumpsuits. Baggy hippie ones that look like a human parachute. Fancy, flowing ones that basically look like dresses anyway so what’s the point? I even own two denim jumpsuits. Two. Which means at some point in my life I consciously made the decision that owning one denim jumpsuit wasn’t enough. In total, I think I own an astounding nine — with one more on the way. No amount of discounts and deals can justify this. It’s utterly absurd. I think I own more jumpsuits than underwear. I’m a monster.

This has been my confession to a hideous crime against fashion, logic, decency, humanity, and my own sense of self.


Donald Trump Now Has An Imaginary Friend, According to the Associated Press

Did everyone survive Amazon Prime Day? It’s *possible* that I have some slight buyer’s remorse over some purchases from yesterday, but overall, there were some pretty good deals and it was surprisingly fun. My husband and I sent each other links all day and would act like our world was positively shattered if the item we were watching was sold out before we could snag it. It doesn’t take much to amuse us. Obviously.

Donald Trump apparently likes to refer to his friend «Jim,» on occasion when referring to Paris. As in, his friend «Jim,» used to love going to Paris, but «Jim» doesn’t go anymore because «Jim» is a afraid of foreign extremists. The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, has invited Trump to bring his friend «Jim» to Paris, only it seems that «Jim» does not exist, according to the AP. (Associated Press)

Know what else amuses me? The GOP is asking their fans how they’re doing. And OMG these questions. — (GOP)

I don’t know if this amuses me or makes me scratch my head, because a) there are actors attached who are great and I really like! But b) what the what now? Why is this a thing? Were there people out there clamoring for a Michael Jackson cartoon? — (Dlisted)

Everyone saw it coming months ago and no matter how he tried to spin it, Jesse Williams and Minka Kelly are «a thing», so, yeah. He can claim technicalities and argue the semantics all he wants, dude’s a cad. — (Celebitchy)

Handsome men in suits. Oh, so pretty. So much handsome. — (Lainey)

So after Affleck dropped directing duties on Batman, Matt Reeves took over, and now he’s dropping Affleck’s script. So, yeah: This movie may never get made. (THR)

And then we have the beautiful ladies in gorgeous gowns and crowns (ehhhh, maybe not you, Kate. That Marchesa is not your best look. From the waist up, you look fabulous, though!). — (GFY)

Oh Shia: I think we’re done now. I mean, we were done probably 3 years ago, but we’re really done now. At least the racist rant he’s apologizing for here doesn’t involve the N-word, we don’t think. (Daily Beast)

YES! Finally a date for Amazon’s The Tick reboot. The test episode last year was so much better than I could have expected, so I’ve been checking and checking and checking to see when the series would finally start and now there’s a date! — (The MarySue)

There’s going to be a Mama Mia sequel, but before you get bent out of shape, Christine Baranski is in it. I feel like we’ve already mentioned that, but I’m mentioning it again. Lily James is in it, too, which I’m including so that we can use her as a header image instead of Trump. You’re welcome. (moviehole)

CoffeeShopReader is interested in refreshing herself on the lost art of sentence diagramming. Sister Bernadette’s Barking Dog, by Kitty Burns Florey, didn’t give her a how-to, but it did give her a lot of interesting history of the theory and teaching of sentence diagramming. Did you learn sentence diagramming in school? (Cannonball Read 9)


JAY-Z Calls Former Friend Kanye West «Insane» in Scathing New Track

Following in the footsteps of Beyoncé’s groundbreaking visual album Lemonade, JAY-Z dropped some major revelations when he released his 13th studio album, 4:44, on Friday. In addition to apologizing to Bey for cheating on her, bringing up the infamous «Becky with the good hair,» and talking about their newborn twins, the rapper also goes after his former friend, Kanye West. On the album’s first track, «Kill Jay Z,» he calls the passionate star «insane,» saying, «I know people backstab you, I feel bad too / But this ‘f*ck everybody’ attitude ain’t natural/ But you ain’t the same, this ain’t KumbaYe/ But you got hurt because you did cool by ‘Ye/ You gave him 20 million without blinkin’/ He gave you 20 minutes on stage, f*ck was he thinkin’?/ ‘F*ck wrong with everybody?’ is what you sayin’/ But if everybody’s crazy, you’re the one that’s insane.»

The two were extremely close friends and also collaborated on 2011’s Watch the Throne album. While they did still hang out after Kanye married Kim Kardashian in 2014, Jay and Bey skipped their wedding and their hang out sessions became drastically less frequent. Kanye spoke about their fractured relationship during one of his concerts last November, telling the crowd, «I’ve been sent here to give y’all my truth even at the risk of my own life, even at the risk of my own success, my own career. I’ve been sent here to give y’all the truth. JAY-Z — call me, bruh. You still ain’t called me. JAY-Z, call me, JAY-Z — I know you got killers. Please don’t send them at my head. Just call me. Talk to me like a man.» During another show, Kanye also called out Jay for not calling him after Kim was robbed in Paris. «Don’t call me after the robbery and say, ‘How you feelin’?’ You want to know how I’m feelin’? Come by the house, bring the kids like we brothers. Let’s sit down.»

Shortly after 4:44‘s release, JAY-Z said the lyrics aren’t to be taken «literal.» «It’s really about the ego,» he explained. «It’s about killing off the ego, so we can have this conversation in a place of vulnerability and honesty.» Kanye deleted his Twitter account back in May, but maybe he’ll bring it back just so he can respond.

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«It IS RuPaul’s Best Friend Race!» On The Niceness of Season 9 of Drag Race

We are reaching the end of the ninth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and much has changed since the early days of zero budget, questionable music choices and Vaseline on the camera lens. Now, the reality TV series to find America’s Next Drag Superstar is an Emmy winner, with the most recent season changing broadcasters, moving from the LGBTQ cable network Logo to the more mainstream VH1. Ratings are at an all-time high and the show has never been more visible in the wider (straighter) public consciousness: RuPaul just made the cover of Entertainment Weekly and was part of the Hollywood Reporter‘s reality TV Emmys round-table, alongside Leah Remini and Kris Jenner, not to forget the guest judge appearance in the season’s premiere of a certain Lady Gaga.

The season finale will, for the first time, decide between four queens instead of three, as RuPaul could not bring himself to eliminate anyone in the penultimate episode. This moment of generosity felt organic — this year’s top four are uniformly strong and cover a fascinating range in the drag world — but also highlighted a problem many dedicated fans had with this season: For some, season 9 was just too damn nice. Everyone apologized for shade gone wrong, tight friendships were formed and never challenged, and even the reads felt softened. As one queen joked during one of the season’s many emotional moments, «It is RuPaul’s Best Friend Race!» Many fans felt this betrayed the appeal of the show, where shade is thrown left and right and the competitive wit forms a backbone of drag’s style, as featured in Paris is Burning.

The best of Drag Race can be found in its full-throated embrace of theatricality. You can’t make a show about drag with Kardashian challenges and constant references to yanking your dick backwards with duct-tape and not be wholly aware of that. One thing that the show does better than anything else in the reality genre right now is use its own artifice to further its aims. This is a reality TV show that never forgets it’s a reality TV show. The behind the scenes crew are referenced frequently, and in one episode included in a main challenge; RuPaul’s constant name dropping of sponsored content, episode hashtags and his own music (now available on iTunes) offer one of the more daring drinking games in contemporary pop culture; and the interludes to Untucked, the aftershow that shows the behind the scenes gossip between the queens during the main challenges, show the cameras moving and crew prepping for filming. It’s easy to spot the strings pulling the narratives in place, and audiences embrace the facade, because that’s what drag is, as well as reality TV. Susan Sontag’s pioneering essay on the aesthetics of camp noted how it was a way of consuming pop culture «in quotation marks». Here, Drag Race is pop culture in a hashtag.

All of that can create thrilling TV — like the glorious read of Serena Cha Cha in season 5’s Untucked or Alaska’s meltdown in All-Stars season 2. But now, we’re 9 seasons in, and every queen on that show has seen those episodes. They know how the game works and are less willing to let the veil slip. With the inherent performativity of drag in the context of this show comes the weight of expectation. Much of this season has focused on issues affecting the LGBTQ world — Charlie Hides breaking down in tears recounting the loss of a number of friends during the AIDS crisis, Sasha Velour talking about eating disorders, Peppermint’s difficulties while travelling to Russia as a trans woman — and emphasised the show’s standing as a pillar of the community. Alongside that is the show’s awareness of how it can and must appeal to younger viewers as a potential lifeline. The importance of this cannot be downplayed. Representation matters, now more than ever in an America living under the rule of insidious homophobia and transphobia, and that’s a reality that weighs heavily on the bejewelled wig of every queen this season. The necessity to harbour a safe and open discourse has come before some catty jokes.

Reality infringes on the filming of the show in several ways (the queens are mostly cut off from the world during production), but when the material comes to air, there’s a whole new level of the messiness of the real world to deal with. Social media plays a major part in the show, which leverages that online buzz to great effect and brings a potent brand of youthful enthusiasm to the table. Like any fandom, there are good things and bad, but there’s always been something sad about a show that preaches acceptance and community having a fanbase so toxic. Many queens have talked about receiving harassment and death threats from over-zealous fans because of a perceived slight or incident on the show that put them in a bad light. The artifice of the show is evident but the goings-on are still real enough for some to take it very personally. Any queen with the villain narrative, however weak — Phi Phi O’Hara, Darienne Lake, Roxxxy Andrews — has admitted to receiving countless death threats, particularly if they are seen as slighting a fan favourite. This season, both Alexis Michelle and Nina Bonina Brown received such a barrage of abuse that they were forced to briefly lock down their social media accounts. Their crime: Lasting longer on the show than season stand-out Valentina. This is an issue that came up in the season reunion, with both Alexis and Shea Coulee calling Valentina out for her seeming refusal to call her fans off, and it’s a bigger issue the show has tried to deal with. That’s easier said than done, and hardly helped when the site in question is more concerned with the shape of a user’s profile pic than whether or not it contains Nazi material. All a queen can do is play the positive game and hope they don’t cross the one contestant elevated to deity by the fans.

There have been moments that echoed back to the shade of episodes past. Both Alexis Michelle and Eureka had the burgeoning of villain narratives, but Eureka’s was hampered by an early exit, pre-empted by apologies to her fellow queens, while Alexis was too painfully self-aware of her own insecurities to come across as a fun antagonist. Both she and Nina Bonina Brown had evident issues with self-esteem and anxieties, with the latter open in interviews about her struggle with depression. The show, as empathetic and carefully controlled as it is, still stumbled in depicting Nina’s issues in a manner that fully conveyed their seriousness and didn’t just paint her as a Debbie Downer. The other queens tried to tread carefully, but as humans are prone to doing, sometimes patience wears thin, and so the feud story is formed. The natural inclination of the reality TV mould is to push such elements into an easily categorised narrative: Alexis the «bitch», Eureka the Hater, Nina the misery guts. Combine that difficulty with a group of queens who can’t drop the knowledge that they’re being filmed for a million viewers and the tone feels very different from seasons past.

Perhaps that’s why this has felt so calm and friendly and more muted compared to the show in its prime. That’s not to say it’s been a bad season: The queens have been strong, the challenges fun, some of the lip-syncs legendary, and the emotions very real. Any of the four queens in the final would make a worthy winner of the crown (although my money is on Sasha). During the reunion, the tension amongst certain queens was palpable, and it was hard to deny the effect severe public scrutiny and unreachable expectations had on them. For 40 minutes, the veil dropped. There’s no misery or shame in RuPaul’s Drag Race embracing such a practiced form of niceness, but one can’t help but feel that it didn’t have much of a choice either.


Khloe Kardashian Claims She Got Scammed By A Friend


I wish I could say this was a story about the person who convinced Khloe Kardashian to transfer that much fat into her booty, but this is about an entirely different, less obvious scam. Last Thursday, Khloe took to Twitter to call out a friend for allegedly stealing from her.

Khloe didn’t provide too many details; she simply asked her 23.9 million followers what they would do if they found out a friend was stealing from them. She then asked if she should get the law involved or let God deal with it.

She also let it be known she’s not talking about Malika Haqq.

Sources provided TMZ with a few more details. They say Khloe has accused her former friend of charging tens of thousands of dollars in designer clothes to her credit card and never giving them to her. She also believes high-end designers were sending her things, but they were kept by said friend. Khloe has reportedly talked to lawyers about the situation, but her friends are urging her not to sue, because it would “ruin” the friend’s career.

Khloe and TMZ haven’t named names, but it’s a little obvious who this “friend” might be. Late in April, the Kardashians fired their longtime stylist Monica Rose and they all unfollowed her on social media. Monica was credited with overhauling Kim Kardashian’s busted satin-and-big belts wardrobe into the neutral hooker eleganza we’re used to today.  Kim recently claimed on Watch What Happens Live that Monica had nothing to do with her style transformation.

A few days after it was reported that Khloe had fired Monica, Page Six said that she was thinking about suing her ex-stylist.

I’m side-eying the “friend” for trying to scam clothes from Khloe, especially the free ones that were sent to her. The Kardashians are so money-hungry, I bet they can smell a free shirt from 200 feet away. Ironically, someone is accusing Khloe of stealing from them. Cosmo says an independent designer named Destiney Bleu has recently accused Khloe’s Good American clothing company of ripping off her bedazzled designs.

Why is Destiney Bleu acting surprised about all of this? Of course Khloe would attempt to capitalize on someone else’s success. That’s extremely on-brand for her.

Pic: Instagram


If You’ve Ever Lost a Friend, Lady Gaga’s Tribute to Her BFF Will Make You Weep

A post shared by xoxo, Gaga (@ladygaga) on

If there’s one thing we know about Lady Gaga, it’s that she has a big heart. On Friday, the singer paid tribute to her best friend, Sonja Durham, who sadly lost her battle to cancer earlier this week. Along with a heartwarming black and white Instagram photo of Sonja and her husband Andre Dubois, Gaga penned a beautiful note about her late pal. Her message reads as follows:

«Watching one of my best friends in the world show unfathomable courage, strength, and positivity while battling cancer has really changed my life. Thank you Sonja for inspiring me and all of us everyday with your joy. I love you so much it brings tears to my eyes just to think of all the years we’ve spent together backstage running the show, taking care of each other. You are one of a kind. I’m so proud of you. And you and Andre, your unbreakable beautiful love is what life is all about. You can see it in this photo. Wanted to share this with the world and show them what true beauty looks like. ❤#grigiogirls #sonjadurham @sonjad7777 I love you girl. I love you so much.»

Gaga famously wrote «Grigio Girls» off her Joane album about Sonja, and at Coachella last month, she touched hearts with her «Edge of Glory» tribute to her.

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