Jahlil Okafor’s Father Rocked a ‘Free Jah’ Shirt to the Warriors-76ers Game

As you all know, Jahlil Okafor isn’t part of the 76ers’ “process” and is still logging DNPs as he waits for the team to trade or buy him out. When will that no happen? Who knows. The Sixers reportedly have no interest in a buyout so his career has effectively been paused indefinitely.

Big Jah’s father has apparently seen enough of his son in a suit, and wore a custom “Free Jah” shirt to Saturday night’s Warriors-76ers showdown:

Can’t blame the man. His son won’t have an opportunity to shed his bust label until he gets the hell out of Philly and starts putting up stats on a team like the Bulls.

Jahlil last played on Nov. 7 against the Jazz when he recorded an assist and two missed shots in three minutes of action.

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A Comprehensive List Of The Things We Should Start Giving To Corporations For Free

The Last Week Tonight that John Oliver put out this last week (FUCK! That finally makes sense) is truly stellar. They had a fairly in-depth look at the Manafort et al. indictments, a mortifyingly hilarious introduction to the Postal Inspector Office’s Saturday morning procedural (yes, that is a thing), and all of the best examples of why local news shows shouldn’t dress up for Halloween (it’s because no one wants to hear «three people were killed in an early morning fire» from a forty-year-old dude dressed up like Thor. No one). And then they had this pile of garbage.

Listen, I get it. No one wants to imagine big, rich corporations getting a free ride (except for Republicans who just made the Trump boner noise). But you have to remember what businesses are giving communities in exchange for the ginormous tax break: The illusion that this company will rescue one town’s dying economy. And I say illusion because so far, all empirical evidence has failed to confirm the benefit to the community. There’s no reason to believe it can’t happen in the future.

What’s more important: having tax money to fund necessary societal programs that power our civilization, or the possibly that Noah’s Ark might give you a job? A job, mind you, that will pay all the way up to minimum wage and not bother you with any of those pesky benefits. Because we need these large companies to come into our towns with their jobs, but if we demanded those jobs pay livable wages, the businesses would shut down. And then where would you get your job that doesn’t pay you enough and won’t give you any time off when you’re sick?

See, businesses need to make a profit to stay open and provide people with terrible jobs and things we don’t want (Entourage). So we, the taxpayers and customers of said business, need to make sure they stay open. That means giving corporations tax breaks, supplementing their employees wages when the businesses can’t pay them enough, and giving executives large bonuses. Because we need those businesses. And if we really wanted businesses to be successful, we’d probably start giving them their needed supplies and inventory for free. Probably the utilities too. Because we need to make operations as profitable as possible for businesses. Only then will they come into our cities and bless us with seven-dollar-an-hour seasonal work.

Quick thought: Is there a way we, the loyal and devoted purchasing public, can simply make these products ourselves, and then give the money to businesses? Can I sew my own poorly made shirts, and then turn over the $ 19.99 to Target? Would that help? We could even solve the poverty problem by just using poor people’s belongings and bodies in our production. That’s just being efficient. And I’m pretty sure it’s what the kids are talking about with their «green» movement. Will that do it? Will the businesses love us then? If we sacrifice our first born to the Goddess Alexa, WILL SHE THEN REVEAL HERSELF TO US? WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US, CORPORATE OVERLORDS? HOW DO WE MAKE YOU LOVE US? DO YOU NEED ME TO KILL TK? BECAUSE I WILL DO IT IF YOU’LL JUST SHOOT BALLERS SEASON THREE IN MY HOMETOWN. WE NEED THIS.

Also we should stop taxing dividends altogether.


Our Dumbass President Just Gave Tons of Free Exposure to an Impeachment Campaign Against Him

Hey! Do you guys know who Tom Steyer is? Up until about an hour ago, I honestly had NO idea who he was. Then Donald Trump tweeted this:

I mean, I’m sure Tom Steyer is well known in some California circles, but to the large majority of Donald Trump’s social media following, he’s an obscure figure. So, why is Trump calling out this guy?

… does quick bit of research ….


That’s a pretty good ad. Steyer doesn’t look wacky or unhinged to me. Seems pretty thoughtful and sober in that ad. He’s probably some crazy dude, though, right?

… does quick bit of research …

So, he’s a billionaire financial guy. He went to Stanford and Yale. He donates a lot of money to immigration legal centers. He’s committed to giving at least half of his wealth away to charitable organizations. He’s into the environment and sustainable agriculture, and he raised a lot of money for President Obama. He favors raising taxes on the rich.

He’s also been married to the same woman since 1986; he’s got four kids; he’s heavily involved with the Episcopal church, eschews the trappings and luxuries of wealth and drives an «outdated hybrid Honda Accord.»

No scandals. No sexual harassment allegations. Seems like a compassionate, loving family man to me. What makes him «wacky,» Donald? The fact that he doesn’t use his wealth to buy golden toilet seats? His lack of corruption? Sure seems like a more stable, honest guy than Trump. Huh. I mean, Trump is calling him out for never winning elections, and Steyer has never actually run for office. That’s a «wacky» thing to say! Have you been taking your meds today, Donald? You’re sounding pretty unhinged.

Anyway, thanks for introducing him to the rest of us, Donald! I never would have known about him and his $ 10 million campaign to get you impeached had you not tweeted about it! Seems like a good guy I should be following. Is he on Twitter? Oh, he sure is! Huh, it looks like according to Steyer’s Twitter feed that this ad has been out for about 10 days, at least, and this is the first I’m hearing of it. Social media really is powerful. Thanks Trump!


“33-Year-Old Athletic White Male” Offering Free World Series Tickets to Hot Fans

In the market for World Series tickets but don’t want to blow your next paycheck? You’re in luck! There’s someone in the Houston area offering three tickets to Game 4 at Minute Maid Park for free. The catch? He’s most definitely a perv (a 33-year-old athletic white perv, to be specific) who will only give the tickets up to women who send in the hottest photos — not to mention you have to watch the game with him.

Details from the ad:

It goes without saying, but women should probably steer clear of this guy’s ticket contest. Maybe troll him a bit and send in a bunch of penis pics if you’re offended? Sounds like the correct course of action here.

[Craigslist; H/t @BritniB714]

On the real, WS ticket prices are insane. Just watch the game at home (and in air conditioning if you’re in LA):

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Aaron Carter Sprang Free From Rehab

Aaron Carter meets fans outside the Sony building

Aaron Carter has had a busy 2017. He feared a terrorist attack at L.A.’s Gay Pride festival, he was arrested at an AutoZone, he came out as bisexual, and after realizing he was in a bad place, he checked into rehab. And two weeks later, he’s outta there.

On Septmber 22, Aaron checked himself into rehab after tweeting this:

At the time, his publicist told People he was working on his overall wellness and health, which is a good thing. In September, he ended up on The Doctors, where the panel may have given a stern warning for him to go to rehab. Aaron had been concerned he might be HIV-positive and said he was dealing with major shit like grieving the loss of his sister and father. He wasn’t HIV-positive, but he did clock in at a mere 115 pounds even though he’s six feet tall! He also tested positive for weed, opiates, and benzos.

While some may raise their eyebrows at Aaron leaving rehab after only two weeks, his publicist said he’s continuing to work on himself:

“Aaron has left the facility where he has been working on his wellness. Several legal and personal matters arose that required his immediate and in-person attention. He is still very much committed to his wellness and will be continually working toward being the best person possible.”

A source told Us Weekly Aaron had started to gain some healthy weight back and did really well, but a pressing financial matter in Florida needed his attention. Considering he paid for his Walmart bill in fan autographs a few months ago, I’m not exactly shocked. But can’t an open tab at the turkey leg cart at Disney World (or wherever his financial problem is) wait so he can fully learn how to have Aaron’s (sober) Party?

Pic: Wenn.com


Ask Pajiba (Almost) Anything: Free Advice From Unqualified People On The Internet

Let’s face it — the Internet can be a dark and dubious place. Sure, there are sexy John Cho gifs. But there are also WebMD pages you probably shouldn’t have looked at, and unsolicited dick pics, and Breitbart. For every random retweet that makes you feel warm and fuzzy, there’s a troll just waiting to jump in your thread and ruin your day.

But through it all, we found each other. The faceless Pajiba Overlords, and you, the readers we get up and write for every day. Together we’ve forged this little happy place amidst the chaos of the World Wide Web. We may not always agree on the Best Chris, or that pie is obviously superior to cake (OBVIOUSLY SUPERIOR). But we share our outrages and obsessions, and hopefully we all click away feeling a little less alone.

Which is why we’ve decided to launch a new sort of experiment: an advice column. We know, we know — advice columns are hardly a new idea and everyone seems to be offering free advice on the Internet these days. But here’s the thing about free advice…

You get what you pay for.

And we’re taking that to heart! Which is why our advice column, «Ask Pajiba (Almost) Anything» (APAA), is not striving to be your definitive resource for good judgment. Heck, we’re not even promising that our advice will be particularly sound. It may, in fact, be actively bad — and we’re in no way recommending you actually listen to us! We’re not therapists — we’re a collection of neurotic writers with day jobs and our own messy lives to be getting on with. But between us we have vast and in some cases surprising experience, which we can leverage to answer your burning questions. Provided your burning questions are only smoldering at best, and you’re not relying entirely on us to fix your life.

Basically, think of us less as your own personal Dr. Phil, and more like an opinionated, unreliable Ask Jeeves.

Do you need:

— A recipe to cook to impress your in-laws?
— The perfect date if you’re gonna dump someone?
— Daily coping mechanisms to help you not yell at your jerk boss and get fired?
— The proper gift-giving etiquette for attending the wedding of a circus clown?
— The exact amount of velvet that could be considered TOO much velvet?
— The specific reason why Ansel Elgort’s face is so punchable?
— Confirmation that Face/Off is, in fact, the best American movie of all time?

We can help with all of that, and more! Here’s how it’ll work. Send your inquiries to advice@pajiba.com and each week we’ll select a few to answer. This will be an entirely subjective process based on how interesting the question is and/or how interestingly we feel we can answer it. We will share our advice each Tuesday. We will not post your name, though we encourage you to sign off with a fake name you’d like used with your question. Otherwise, we’ll come up with our own nickname for you… and you might not like it («Sincerely, Smells Like Grandma’s House»).

We can’t promise that every question will get a response, but we also can’t prevent you from sending us the same question each week… so we’re already at an impasse and this thing hasn’t even begun yet! LET THE GRAND EXPERIMENT BEGIN!

Disclaimer: If you are experiencing a serious life crisis, please seek professional help. In case of emergencies there are a number of free resources available, such as the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255), RAINN’s National Sexual Assault Hotline (1-800-656-4673), and SAMHSA’s National Helpline for Substance Abuse and Mental Health treatment referrals (1-800-662-4357). Here is a list of other resources.


O.J. Simpson Could Be Free As A Bird By Monday


NBC News is reporting O.J. Simpson could be released from jail as early as Monday, and I’m waiting for Hertz to pull the ultimate #TBT by announcing today it will provide official prison transportation. Kidding, if anything, Kris Jenner will have Khloe Kardashian greet him at the gates for a season 10 mid-season cliffhanger!

Nevada officials are finalizing the deets to release O.J. after he spent nine years in the slammer for his 2008 armed robbery and kidnapping conviction. O.J. had been sentenced to up to 33 years behind bars, but he got parole in July, making the Monday release possible. Nevada Department of Corrections spokeswoman Brooke Keast said, “We’ve been trying to keep things as normal as possible.” One of those ways is by providing the public with video of the release, which, last time I checked, doesn’t happen when a normal ol’ crook gets sprung from the pokey!

O.J.’s friend Tom Scotto has offered to house the soon-to-be ex-con in his home in Naples, which is a real shame. First, Hurricane Irma rolls through, and soon Hurricane O.J. could close out the season.

An attorney for the Goldman family (Ronald Goldman was the waiter also murdered the same night as Nicole Brown Simpson) said the family will continue to seek payment on the $ 33.5 million a judge ordered O.J. to pay for the killing in a civil suit two years after he was found not guilty in the criminal suit. The number has ballooned to $ 65M in interest, which is a real shame since I’m sure Faye Resnick was really hoping to add O.J. to her interior design client list once he springs free.

Pic: Getty


If You Like Free Money, Use MyBookie For This Weekend’s Fight

Credit: WENN

Let’s be frank with each other for a moment: there is zero chance that Floyd Mayweather loses to Conor McGregor on Saturday night.




As much fun as it is to root for “The Notorious”–and it is fun–Floyd Mayweather is walking out of the ring on early Sunday morning a winner. Put aside your emotions, your wishful thinking, and then actually use your brain on this one. There are a lot of distractions this weekend, and that’s exactly what the bookies want.

You need to ignore news stories that Las Vegas will “go broke” if Conor McGregor defeats Floyd. That’s part of the misinformation game. Sure, Vegas bookies actually would go broke if McGregor wins, but he won’t. The truth is that everyone in the world wants Vegas bookies to lose, but by betting on McGregor and buying into that possibility, you’ve already lost.

They don’t want you to bet on Floyd Mayweather. So what are we going to do? We’re going to bet on Floyd Mayweather.

Here’s the deal: at of the time of this posting, MyBookie.ag has Floyd Mayweather at +160 for a win “by decision” and -200 for a Mayweather win by “KO, TKO, or DQ.” The less exciting choice between those two options is obviously a win by decision, but that’s what you should go for. Because that’s the smart money.

Even if you don’t care about this boxing match, I know that you care about betting on football. So what I propose is that you 1) sign up to bet on MyBookie.ag, 2) bet a sizable chunk of your deposit on Floyd Mayweather winning “by decision” and then 3) plan on using that money (which we’ll call “interest” because it’s so automatic) for the NFL season.

MyBookie.ag online sports betting made easy – and they accept your bets anywhere, anytime. They even offer live, in-game betting to bring the action anywhere you go. Trust me when I say they’re the best, and I would never use any other sportsbook.

Bet the fight, bet any game – college or pro, MyBookie.ag makes it easy to sign up and even easier to play. They have some of the fastest payout times in the business with 48 hour processing – and right now, for our listeners, you can head over to MyBookie.ag and use the promo code BUSTED for a bonus of up to 100% on your first deposit.

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Sophia Phalen & Her Eclipses, LBJ & Drake Have Dinner, Plus ‘Free Zeke’ Shirts Popping Up In Columbus

College football can now start…all of my August obligations are over

Golf outing, canoe trip and the Gulch golf outing…all done…my summer is pretty much over. Team BC shot -11 on Saturday while going harder than anyone on the course. And I snapped the hockey stick being used for Longest Drive With A Hockey Stick. Tried to go Happy Gilmore, swung & sent half of the shaft at least 20 yards. That wraps it up. I can now get focused on football. The only thing remaining on the list is some sort of TV mount for the patio. Need to have the ability to watch games out there with the boys. Don’t forget, we have like four FBS games on Saturday. You’re getting an extra Saturday of college football this season. Be thankful.

Numbers from :

Stuff You Guys Sent In & Stuff I Like:

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Chargers Continue Fight for LA By Offering Fans Free Tattoos

How serious are the Chargers in their quest to gain fans in Los Angeles? So serious that they’ve rolled out a “Fight for LA” campaign in which they acknowledge no one in SoCal gives a damn they’re here. But hey, that will supposedly change because the Chargers fight for every yard and take NO DAYS OFF!

If that snazzy underdog campaign doesn’t do it for you Angelenos, perhaps the free Chargers tattoos being offered at the Shamrock Social Club in Hollywood on Tuesday will do it for you — because who doesn’t want permanent ink of a squad that just San Diego hanging high and dry?

Sports teams people in LA care about, ranked:

1) Lakers
2) Dodgers
3) USC football
4) UCLA football
5) Kings
6) Clippers
7) Rams
8) Chargers

I’m sure this free tattoo campaign will go swell.

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