If You Like Free Money, Use MyBookie For This Weekend’s Fight

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Let’s be frank with each other for a moment: there is zero chance that Floyd Mayweather loses to Conor McGregor on Saturday night.




As much fun as it is to root for “The Notorious”–and it is fun–Floyd Mayweather is walking out of the ring on early Sunday morning a winner. Put aside your emotions, your wishful thinking, and then actually use your brain on this one. There are a lot of distractions this weekend, and that’s exactly what the bookies want.

You need to ignore news stories that Las Vegas will “go broke” if Conor McGregor defeats Floyd. That’s part of the misinformation game. Sure, Vegas bookies actually would go broke if McGregor wins, but he won’t. The truth is that everyone in the world wants Vegas bookies to lose, but by betting on McGregor and buying into that possibility, you’ve already lost.

They don’t want you to bet on Floyd Mayweather. So what are we going to do? We’re going to bet on Floyd Mayweather.

Here’s the deal: at of the time of this posting, MyBookie.ag has Floyd Mayweather at +160 for a win “by decision” and -200 for a Mayweather win by “KO, TKO, or DQ.” The less exciting choice between those two options is obviously a win by decision, but that’s what you should go for. Because that’s the smart money.

Even if you don’t care about this boxing match, I know that you care about betting on football. So what I propose is that you 1) sign up to bet on MyBookie.ag, 2) bet a sizable chunk of your deposit on Floyd Mayweather winning “by decision” and then 3) plan on using that money (which we’ll call “interest” because it’s so automatic) for the NFL season.

MyBookie.ag online sports betting made easy – and they accept your bets anywhere, anytime. They even offer live, in-game betting to bring the action anywhere you go. Trust me when I say they’re the best, and I would never use any other sportsbook.

Bet the fight, bet any game – college or pro, MyBookie.ag makes it easy to sign up and even easier to play. They have some of the fastest payout times in the business with 48 hour processing – and right now, for our listeners, you can head over to MyBookie.ag and use the promo code BUSTED for a bonus of up to 100% on your first deposit.

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Sophia Phalen & Her Eclipses, LBJ & Drake Have Dinner, Plus ‘Free Zeke’ Shirts Popping Up In Columbus

College football can now start…all of my August obligations are over

Golf outing, canoe trip and the Gulch golf outing…all done…my summer is pretty much over. Team BC shot -11 on Saturday while going harder than anyone on the course. And I snapped the hockey stick being used for Longest Drive With A Hockey Stick. Tried to go Happy Gilmore, swung & sent half of the shaft at least 20 yards. That wraps it up. I can now get focused on football. The only thing remaining on the list is some sort of TV mount for the patio. Need to have the ability to watch games out there with the boys. Don’t forget, we have like four FBS games on Saturday. You’re getting an extra Saturday of college football this season. Be thankful.

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Chargers Continue Fight for LA By Offering Fans Free Tattoos

How serious are the Chargers in their quest to gain fans in Los Angeles? So serious that they’ve rolled out a “Fight for LA” campaign in which they acknowledge no one in SoCal gives a damn they’re here. But hey, that will supposedly change because the Chargers fight for every yard and take NO DAYS OFF!

If that snazzy underdog campaign doesn’t do it for you Angelenos, perhaps the free Chargers tattoos being offered at the Shamrock Social Club in Hollywood on Tuesday will do it for you — because who doesn’t want permanent ink of a squad that just San Diego hanging high and dry?

Sports teams people in LA care about, ranked:

1) Lakers
2) Dodgers
3) USC football
4) UCLA football
5) Kings
6) Clippers
7) Rams
8) Chargers

I’m sure this free tattoo campaign will go swell.

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Hey Hollywood: Here Are Some Free Revival Ideas. You’re Welcome.

If you have eyes and ears or any combination of senses, you may have noticed a lot of recycling going on in the movies and TV coming out recently. There’s the endless sequels (Transformers) and pointless remakes (Baywatch) which are being blamed for this summer’s poor box office haul. And we’ve already talked about network TV’s current hot trend of rebooting or reviving shows to cash in on our sweet nostalgia.

Frankly, I’m exhausted just thinking about it all. And I’m not alone, since the trend doesn’t seem to have a consistent rate of success. Battlestar Galactica is still the gold standard of reboots, while the return of Twin Peaks is a shining example of how a revival can feel new and satisfying. In both cases, they were not trying reproduce exactly the thing that came before. And they also came back to our screens after plenty of time had passed, which I think matters for two reasons: it opens the show up to a whole new generation of fans rather than catering solely to the original base, and it opens the concept up for innovation because the original isn’t as fresh in people’s minds.

Logic seems to dictate that the whole point of a reboot or revival is the recognition factor. Why rehash an old idea unless it’s one you know people care about? That’s why Star Trek has been rebooted and Star Wars keeps getting sequels, but nobody has touched, I dunno, fucking Zardoz. But that is also a nakedly cynical and money-grasping point of view, because it’s stacking the deck with an audience before bothering to consider the artistic value of the endeavor. Fargo on FX took the name recognition, but used it to build entirely new stories in a universe that felt like the one the Coen Brothers had created. As an artistic exercise, it had merit. Even the rise of the modern anthology series seems like a safe way to build new concepts, all protectively couched within an umbrella of brand recognition. A sub-par season of American Horror Story won’t necessarily tarnish the brand or keep people from coming back for the next season, which is the TV equivalent of having the cake and eating it too.

On the other hand, trying out new concepts doesn’t guarantee the huge payday, which is perhaps why we’re seeing a dearth of mid-budget films in a sea of indies and blockbusters. And sure, cable channels, networks and streaming services like Netflix are throwing tons of cash around for scripted shows — but the landscape is becoming so cluttered with options that any guarantee of buzz (from casting, reviews, or yes, even nostalgia) to help a given show rise above the others becomes a valuable asset.

It’s all got me wondering: is there a way to split the difference? And I think there is: just rehash shows that were failures the first time around. See, that way you get to leverage an existing concept without investing as much time and resources into developing it from scratch by remaking/reviving/rehashing something that a) isn’t so beloved it could alienate people, and b) still has room for artistic license. It can’t be a boring property, obviously, but maybe it doesn’t have to be so beloved either. So, Hollywood: I’ve put together a short, targeted, carefully curated list of random shows that are perfect — and if you don’t recognize them, thats ok! Remember, they’re failures. Simply put: you have the chance to make these better. You’re welcome.

Earth 2
This sci-fi show aired on NBC for all of one season (1994-1995), meaning it left even less of an impression on the collective imagination than the original Battlestar Galactica or even Earth 2‘s channel partner SeaQuest DSV. To be fair though, SeaQuest had the benefit of a talking dolphin in basically every episode, while Earth 2 made the mistake of hiring Tim Curry in a reoccurring part but only sticking him in like 5 episodes. Still, the premise has promise: A small expedition, lead by a wealthy woman with a sick kid, sets out to colonize an Earth-ish planet. Only they have to contend with the planet’s existing predominant species, one of which is has telepathic powers and the other of which has magic healing spit. So, you know, you get a lady leader AND immigration issues! Talk about topical! Also, Clancy Brown was in it, being fucking rad as always. He should definitely be involved in any reboot. Duh.

Cleopatra 2525

Never heard of it? I don’t know why not! It was exec produced by Sam Raimi/Rob Tapert (the guys behind Hercules and Xena, not to mention the awesome American Gothic) and starred the always incredible Gina Torres (Firefly). But forget pedigree — this is a show that is all about the plot: a stripper named Cleopatra awakens from her cryogenic sleep (induced by doctors after complications from a botched boob job…) over 500 years in the future, to find that robots have driven mankind off the surface of the planet and into an elaborate system of underground shafts. Also, genetic mutation is a black market business, and bared midriffs are apparently considered formal attire. Reboot it, revive it — hell, buy the rights and just air it as is and pretend it’s new. This is the show we need in our lives.

Happy Hour

Whatever Happy Hour you think I’m referring to, I guarantee this isn’t it. For a brief stint lasting only a few short months in 1999, Dweezil and Ahmet Zappa hosted a variety/game show on USA. Weird Al, Lisa Loeb, Patton Oswalt, Chuck Woolery, and a coterie of other deeper-cut quasi-celebs showed up as panelists. The party games were bizarre (at one point, contestants had to identify candy bars based on cross-section pictures), and the prizes even more so. The dancing girls seem unnecessary, and while Dweezil is a great guitarist… let’s just say Ahmet isn’t half the singer Tom Jones is. A lot of the segments involved sing-alongs that encouraged home participation (and, let’s be honest, drinking). And yet, there is just so much batshit weird potential to the show, which feels like a themed bar night with a shoestring TV show budget and bartender hosts. It was ahead of it’s time. Give this one a full revival. I’m sure the Zappa boys would be down. Here’s a clip, for your edification:


Marisa Miller Signs Free Agent Contract With Natty Light

For those of you who were still in elementary or junior high when BC started, there was a period of Internet time when Marisa Miller was a Pageview Goddess. She was undefeated. One of the hottest modeling stars on the Internet and she always seemed to pop up at sporting events. You might remember her first pitch duties at a Cubs game way back in 2008. It’s legendary stuff.

That led to some work with Harley, then I would see her pop up doing some NFL modeling from time to time, then kids and then we didn’t hear from Marisa much.

Now 38, Miller is back and…it’s with Natty Light. I know, wasn’t expecting this news.

From the Natty marketing team:

Although a Miller, supermodel Marisa Miller has partnered with Natural Light for its latest campaign. In this campaign, Natural Light and Marisa Miller will leverage their partnership to answer to Miller Lite who announced they will be challenging drinkers to blind taste tests.

Announced today, the partnership between the supermodel and this challenger brand will feature Marisa in a series of digital content appearing across the beer brand and Marisa’s respective social channels throughout the summer and fall. As you can see in her first video here, Marisa ups the ante by stating, “My name might be Miller, but I prefer to act ‘Natural’ – Natural Light that is.”

It’s a bold strategy from Natty since most of the people already drinking Natty were in 4th grade or so when she threw out that first pitch. However, maybe the play here is nostalgia. Miller takes guys turning 40 back to their college days and reminds them what it was like in 2008.

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Feel Free to Write a Song About Thomas Rhett’s Adorable Family

Thomas Rhett’s career as a country singer has massively taken off in the last few years, and he has his family to thank for being the inspiration behind emotional songs like «Die a Happy Man.» The star, whose hit «Craving You» is currently climbing the charts, is married to his childhood friend Lauren Akins. The two first met when they were in sixth grade and were friends for years before dating as teenagers. After breaking up and going their separate ways, they found their way back to each other and made things official in 2012. And their family has grown in a huge way this year. In addition to adopting their first child, daughter Willa, from Uganda in May, Lauren is also pregnant! Luckily, they’ve brought their fans on their beautiful journey through social media. Keep reading to see some of their best family moments.

POPSUGAR Celebrity

Junior High Students in Utah Sent Letters to Free Agent Gordon Hayward

How desperate is the state of Utah to keep Gordon Hayward away from the thirsty Boston Celtics? So desperate that some middle schoolers from Tooele wrote the free agent forward letters to convince him to stay:

The first letter from teacher Kristine Jakins reads:

Dear Gordon Hayward,

I teach language arts at Tooele Junior High School in Tooele, Utah. In this envelope, you will find handwritten letters from seventh and eighth grade students. They heard that you are in the midst of making a choice about whether to renew your contract with the Utah Jazz or not, and you will see that they feel very strongly about what your choice means for them (as well as the rest of Jazz nation). I’m sure you will agree that they are quite persuasive.

THank you for taking the time to read their letters, and thank you for everything you have done for the Jazz. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.

These letters probably won’t do much to sway Gordon, but I respect the handwritten element here. I’m sure Gordon also prefers it to 11 and 12 year olds blowing up his mentions on Twitter.

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Associated Press Reports that the Leader of the Free World is Literally Yelling at TV Sets

OMG, did you guys hear that Mark Hamill DIED? Mr. Hamill was bummed to hear the news.

Franco vs Leto. — (W)

Michael Phelps is going to race a Great White shark because he truly lives every week like it’s shark week. — (Mashable)

Jada is not ok with the Hollywoodized depiction of her friendship with Tupac in All Eyez on Me and she used Twitter to set the record straight — (Dlisted)

Bring more happy little trees into your life with a Bob Ross Funko Pop! — (Funko)

Actions have consequences. And sometimes those consequences are staring at bug guts forever. (Shamelessly stolen from TK’s fb) — (Kotaku)

Some adorable Tom and Zendaya for you before you head off for the weekend. Oh and also, SPOILER: There’s an adorable doggo in the pictures, too! — (GFY)

Patton Oswalt has a girlfriend and they look very happy and cute together. Awwww! — (Celebitchy)

The President of the United States is yelling at TVs, so says the AP. I’m not sure which outlet wrote it, but there was an interesting piece on Trump, suggesting that the only thing worse about Trump’s erratic behavior right now is if he’s actually not guilty of anything, because that would simply make him insane. (AP)

Here are some fun details about this week’s episode of Better Call Saul like, for instance, did you know that Kim Wexler’s ponytail literally changes depending on her mood. That’s how detailed this show is. (Uproxx)

We told you that Tyler guy from the S-Town podcast was no good. He’s been arrested for shooting his brother’s dog. (NYTimes)

If you enjoy reading reviews of kissing books that include phrases like "sundry machinations" and "performative femininity," Mrs. Julien is the reviewer for you. As a reader, Mrs. Julien’s relationship with Penny Reid has been tumultuous. Reid’s Beard Science was neither damning nor redemptive, but it does have a hero named Cletus, and Cletus does have a beard. (Cannonball Read 9)

Have a lovely weekend!


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