Cristiano Ronaldo Is A Dad For The Fourth Time


Hot on the heels of the birth of his surrogate-carried twins, Cristiano Ronaldo’s fourth child has been born. I’m sure Cristiano was thrilled to be where the action was on the day of his latest child’s birth. But you know just a tiny part of his soul withered and died when they asked him to cover up his Ken doll hair situation with that deeply unsexy paper shower cap.

32-year-old Cristiano announced on Twitter that his 22-year-old girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez gave birth to a baby girl they named Alana Martina Ronaldo. Cristiano tweeted that mama and baby are doing well, and they’re all very happy. Yeah, especially Georgina. Cristiano isn’t just football rich; he’s got hush money money. In the event Georgina and Cristiano ever break up, she’s set for life. When she deposits her first child support check, the ATM will start flashing and shout: “GOAAAALLLLL.

Baby Alana Martina joins Cristiano’s other kids, surrogate-carried 7-year-old son Cristiano Jr., and 5-month-old twins  Eva and Mateo. Now Cristiano is but seven players away from his own football team. If he keeps at it, he’s going to have a whole team, plus substitutes, referees, and several ball boys by 2021.

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In Its Fourth Season, ‘Transparent’ Tackles Politics without Getting Political

Transparent is one of my favorite shows, but one I don’t write about often because Transparent is a lot like my wife — it’s much smarter than I am, and I don’t pretend to completely understand it. I find Transparent to be an incredibly moving series about very selfish people dealing with challenging issues of identity. In a way, the selfishness of the characters actually contributes to the success of the series: The characters are intensely introspective, and they speak aloud about their issues, so we get glimpses inside the brains of various Pfeffermans going through their own crises. The level of narcissism can be off-putting — sometimes, it feels like a family of Lena Dunhams — but it’s honest, and it is instructive, and over the course of four seasons, I have gotten to know and love the Pfeffermans like family.

The show, too, has always been as much about Jewish identity as it has sexual and gender identity, but last season made their Jewishness the focal point. Interestingly, in its fourth season, it pulls away from that, even as they spend the bulk of this season’s episode in Israel. For many, traveling to Israel is about connecting with one’s Jewish roots, but for the Pfeffermans, it’s almost like something they take for granted. Israel, instead, is where Maura reconnects with her father (sort of), who abandoned the family when Maura was a young boy. For Josh, it’s a complicated journey, and I don’t even begin to understand it. He’s a sex addict, which dates back to the affair he had with an older woman when he was a teenager, and he’s still trying to come to grips with the fact that he was a victim. But his relationship with his mother is also mingled into all of that in sometimes uncomfortable ways (for both Josh and the audience). Nevertheless, Josh — I think — has grown more than any of the other characters on the series, who mostly don’t seem to mature as much as they simply gain more insights into themselves without ever really acting upon those insights.

Meanwhile, Len and Sarah continue to bring to the show much of its comic relief. They’ve reconnected this season, but in an attempt to ensure their marriage doesn’t grow stale again, they’ve invited a third party into the equation (Alia Shawkat). It goes about as well as one might expect of an older married couple sleeping with a younger woman, but it’s funny and sweet and somehow, Len and Sarah come out of it with an even stronger marriage (maybe some couples just need an extra person in the relationship to gain perspective?)

The focal point this season, however, is on Ali (sadly, Kathryn Hahn is missing this year), and this is where Transparent decides to get political without actually taking a position. In Israel, Ali hooks up with a woman in Ramallah and, overnight it seems, develops very strong, very aggressive positions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It’s fascinating, because so few television even make an attempt to humanize both sides of the debate. I don’t recall seeing a lot of Palestinian settlements on television that did not involve a terrorist cell, nor have I witnessed the check-point ordeal of passing from Israel into Palestine. Not that Transparent takes a position on any of this — Ali does, of course (often in clumsy, tone-deaf ways), but the show (wisely, perhaps) remains neutral. Likewise, visits by the Pfeffermans to the Western Wall and the Dead Sea do not provoke any great religious stirrings, at least not like the Sukkot did last season.

It would be uncharacteristic for Transparent to look outwards, anyway. It’s not a show about taking a political stand; it’s not even a show about trans rights. It’s a show about a selfish, flawed, but ultimately lovely family and it’s about getting to know them, and understanding them, and then taking positions in support of these characters and people like them. It’s a remarkably humanistic series, and in its fourth season, Transparent remains as defiantly brilliant as ever.


Jennifer Lopez Is Such a Proud Mom on Her Twins’ First Day of Fourth Grade

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Jennifer Lopez’s twins are growing up right before our eyes. Nine-year-old Max and Emme had their first day of fourth grade this week, and their famous mom couldn’t help but be a regular parent for a second — you know, amid her life as a glamorous performer and actress — to show off the momentous occasion on Instagram. «So proud of my babies… #notbabiesanymore #4thgrade #love,» she captioned the photo of them in their uniforms.

Jennifer and her ex-husband Marc Anthony blessed the world with their «coconuts,» as J Lo calls the twins, in February 2008, and ever since then, we’ve been obsessed with watching them and their fun lives. They are indeed the perfect combination of their mom and dad, looking adorable in their matching blazers and cute smiles.

Max and Emme had the Summer of all Summers before they started school. The twins spent time hanging out by the pool and beach in the Hamptons with their mom’s new boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, and even down in Miami at Alex’s home with his daughters.

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There’s Going to Be a Fourth Powerpuff Girl, and Yes, We’re Freaking Out!

If you were a fan of the Powerpuff Girls in the ’90s, prepare to lose your sh*t over this: there’s going to be a fourth (!) Powerpuff Girl, and she’s voiced by a black woman. Cartoon Network announced the exciting news on Twitter, revealing that a first look of the new character will debut on Sept. 17 at 5:30 p.m. Shortly after, South African singer Toya Delazy confirmed that she’s voicing the new character, writing, «AND JUST LIKE THAT, I BECAME A POWERPUFF GIRL 😆😆😆🇿🇦 Much love to my @cartoonnetwork for trusting me with this epic job 💋❤️️#lifegoals»

Another Twitter user uploaded a photo of what may or may not be our first look the fourth Powerpuff Girl, and while it’s unconfirmed, the new character definitely looks promising. As an African-American who enjoyed watching the Powerpuff Girls as a kid, it’s definitely inspiring to see the Cartoon Network include diversity among one of its most beloved cartoon series. Sept. 17 can’t come quickly enough!

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Girlfriend Is Pregnant With His Fourth Child


Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo is going to be father again, with the announcement that his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez is pregnant. This comes just two months after Cristiano welcomed twins Eva Maria and Mateo (who were born via surrogate).

People Magazine reports:

The 32-year-old Real Madrid player is set to become a father for the fourth time, he confirmed to Spanish news outlet El Mundo on Tuesday.

Cristiano replied, “Yes, very” when he was asked if he was excited about having another baby.

People added “Rodriguez and Ronaldo went public with their relationship in January when they attended the Best FIFA Football Awards alongside Cristiano Jr.” suggesting the twins may have already been gestating at the beginning of the couple’s relationship.

Last week, the Kenny Rogers’ broasted footballer posted a family photo on Instagram, featuring one of the twins chillin’ on top of Georgina’s baby bump. Cristiano also appears in the photo serving Tom of Finland, In The Navy realness.

Big family with love ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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Cristiano also has a 7 year old son, Cristiano Jr., who may also have been carried via surrogate. People says the Ronaldo clan is currently kicking it on a yacht:

The couple are currently on vacation in Ibiza with Ronaldo’s family during a pre-season break following the Portuguese sports star’s participation in the Confederations Cup.

At rate of reproduction going on in Ronaldo’s world, he’s gonna need a bigger boat.

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Lea Michele Pays a Beautiful Tribute to Cory Monteith on the Fourth Anniversary of His Death

It’s been four years since Cory Monteith tragically passed away, but Lea Michele is doing her part to preserve his memory. On Thursday, the actress shared a photo on Twitter of herself holding up a black and white photo of them while wearing Cory’s letterman jacket from Glee. «Hard to believe it’s been 4 years… We miss you C… love you more ❤️,» she wrote. Back in January, Lea, who dated Cory for nearly two years until his death, broke our hearts all over again when she posted a sweet throwback photo of them cuddling together.

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If Taylor Swift’s Fourth of July Party Didn’t Happen, Did Fourth Of July Really Happen At All?


That memory you have from yesterday of you deep throating two charbroiled hot dogs as your friend lit a sparkler that was stuck in your asshole in the name of freedom is just a figment of your imagination. That didn’t happen, because Fourth of July didn’t happen. There were no fireworks. There were no BBQs. There was no family party where your auntie got drunk on Svedka and La Vie (aka Aldi’s bootleg La Croix) while dropping it low on the concrete patio to Night Ranger’s (You Can Still Rock) In America. None of that happened yesterday because Fourth of July got canceled since it seems like Taylor Swift didn’t throw her annual Taymerica extravaganza. Every bald eagle is probably drowning in a puddle of their own tears while in the fetal position on the ground somewhere.

For the past three years, Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island beachfront estate became one giant patriotic diarrhea puddle on July 4. Tay Tay’s squad members gathered at the Rhode Island lair of their leader to fulfill the part of their squad contract that states that they must spend their Fourth of July at her house where they must spam their social media followers with pictures of them looking like they’re having OMG SO MUCH FUN! Tom Hiddleston will forever know the Fourth of July as the day he lost all of his dignity, because around this time last year is when he papped with that embarrassing skid mark (I Heart T.S.) on his tank top.

But this year, there was no sign of Taylor, her latest boyfriend or her squad members. Don’t me wrong, though. That doesn’t mean that Taylor’s mansion didn’t host a party. It hosted an even hotter party. A party that I’d actually want to go to. The paps got pictures of a group of oldies (including Taylor’s parents, probably) sitting around and most likely talking about riveting stuff like the difference in side effects between Trulance and Amitiza. Now THIS is a party:


So Taylor not going all out on Fourth of July is probably part of her transformation into ~oh-so-private~ Tay Tay. That’s great for everyone who is sick of seeing her, but it’s bad and sad news for America. America has already been through so much, and then yesterday its heart really broke from the true creator of Fourth of July not publicly wishing it a happy birthday. Yesterday America was a 5-year-old me, sitting by the window all day waiting for its dad (Taylor) to show up and take it to McDonald’s for its birthday. I hope Taylor at least does what my dad did: send America a recycled birthday card with a wrinkled, busted and ugly $ 5 bill in it.

And here’s two of Taylor’s (ex?) squad members, Karlie Kloss and Cara Delawhatever, spending their Fourth in Paris with one of Tay Tay’s arch rivals Kendull Jenner! This is probably the most interesting thing that Karlie Kloss has ever done.

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