This 1 Major Clue Could Explain How the House Fire Started on This Is Us

This Is Us has had us going through tissue box after tissue box with every episode in the second season, but we’ve still yet to find out how Jack died. It’s the story that has been referenced throughout the entire series thus far, and it’s likely the story that will make us ugly cry the hardest. At this point, we know that the Pearson patriarch dies in a house fire, and now the details that surround that heartbreaking night are starting to come together.

Season two’s eighth episode, «Number One,» focuses on Kevin’s present-day battle with substance abuse and alcoholism, and the troublesome teenage years that lead up to it. The episode opens with a power outage and Jack working on the breaker box to make sure the power is back by the time a Pitt football coach arrives to meet with Kevin. Breaker box? House fire? Maybe, but following Kevin’s ruthless hormonal attitude to the coach, Jack sends him upstairs to write an apology letter.

Before Kevin walks upstairs to see his father reciting the AA serenity prayer on his knees, the camera focuses on the lamp on Kevin’s desk for a long enough time that we took note. Reddit user _daath theorizes that the lamp could be what started the fire or that it started in Kevin’s room (he’s living in the basement at the time). «It would explain the theory that Jack is able to get his other kids out of the house and him having to go back in and ‘save’ Kevin in his room with Jack not knowing that Kevin wasn’t home,» they wrote.

During the season two premiere, when it’s confirmed that Jack dies in a fire, Kate tearfully tells Randall that they have to go find Kevin and tell him the sad news. She immediately knows where he is — with Sophie, and in a full leg cast, presumably following his knee surgery. But could this understanding of Kevin’s location during the fire be the reason both Kate and Kevin feel so much irreparable guilt for their father’s death?

Well, the same Redditor seems to think so, and we can’t help but really wonder about this theory. «It’s possible Kevin snuck [sic] out the night of the fire without anyone knowing except Kate,» they wrote. «She either covers for him, or sees him sneak out without Kevin knowing. Jack goes back in the house to save Kevin before Kate and can tell him that he wasn’t there. So Kate feels guilty that he never told her father and Kevin feels guilty because maybe he left his lamp on, it started the fire, and he didn’t tell anyone he was leaving which lead to Jack going back in to save him.»

Adding fuel to the _____ (we don’t have the heart to write it), is at the time, Kevin is in a full leg cast, so it does make sense that Jack would run inside to save him knowing that he wouldn’t be able to get out of the house on his own.

We also couldn’t help but notice the obvious washing machine in the basement near the exposed breaker box, which practically screams «electrical fire waiting to happen!» And remember the season one episode «The Best Washing Machine in the Whole World,» which sees teenage Kevin move into the basement because he can’t deal with Randall’s late-night studying? He complains to Rebecca about how the new washing machine won’t turn off. Is there anything this kid doesn’t complain about?!

It’s all incredibly heartbreaking to watch Jack’s impending death unfold, and equally as difficult to watch present-day Kevin struggling with addiction like his father did. Fortunately it’s all starting to piece together, even if it’s painful. We can speculate as much as we want, but all the theories in the world won’t change the fact that we’re going to cry like babies when we finally find out what caused the fire that led to Jack’s death. Until then, we’ll never let go, Jack.

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Justice League Is Already Under Fire For an Extremely Disappointing Reason

Image Source: Everett Collection

The mostly positive hype for Justice League just took a bit of a hit. The latest foray into the DCEU focuses on the combined talents of Aquaman, The Flash, Batman, Cyborg, and Wonder Woman. At the moment, though, all anyone can talk about is what the Amazonian warriors of Themyscira wear in the film — or rather, what they don’t wear.

As pointed out by The Golden Lasso, as well as on Twitter by freelance writer Atte Timonen, it looks like the battle armor worn by the Amazons in this year’s Wonder Woman has been redesigned for Justice League, and fans aren’t thrilled (for obvious reasons). In Wonder Woman, the fierce soldiers rock costumes designed by Lindy Hemming that cover their shoulders and torsos, which makes sense since they’re constantly dodging deadly spears and swords. But in costume designer Michael Wilkinson’s hands, the revealing garb the Amazons wear in Justice League makes them look like they’d be better suited lounging on a beach rather than fighting enemies to the death on one.

Now, it should be noted that the trailers for the upcoming superhero flick imply that we’ll be seeing an older version of Themyscira. Maybe the Amazons started off wearing skimpy bikinis before realizing that their stomachs would be far better off covered by some impenetrable armor? Maybe the photo going around is from a more casual scene, rather than a hardcore battle?

Another Twitter user pointed out that Zack Snyder, who was originally on board as Justice League‘s director before exiting following the death of his daughter, had other ideas for the Amazon costumes in mind before his departure. As you can see, they’re on par with the ones seen in Wonder Woman.

The new Justice League looks are also pretty reminiscent of these training costumes that the Amazons wear in Wonder Woman:

Then again, promotional imagery for Justice League (specifically for actress and CrossFit champion Brooke Ence) make it seem like the modern-day battle armor for the Amazons will be of the belly-baring variety. The cliché bikini style can also be seen in the trailers, where some of the Amazons go headlong into battle with very little coverage. Not exactly the kind of outfit you want to be wearing when all of your vital organs are under threat from bullets, spears, and other weaponry, right?

With so many different images floating around, it’s hard to pin down anything concrete ahead of Justice League‘s Nov. 17 release. That being said, seeing these kickass female characters who were a part of Wonder Woman‘s strong feminist message reduced to little more than eye candy wouldn’t exactly be surprising, given Justice League‘s predominantly male production team. Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins was championed for presenting female characters whose appearances didn’t adhere to the male gaze; they weren’t merely on screen as sexy set pieces. It was a major, positive step forward, so let’s hope Justice League stays true to form.

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Ring the Alarm! These Unreleased Beyoncé Songs Are Actually Fire

Beyoncé is known to drop surprise albums in the middle of the night and make the world stop whenever she releases new music. But what if I told you that you haven’t heard all of Queen Bey’s best songs just yet? The «Irreplaceable» singer, who admitted to recording up to 70 songs for an album in the past, has an arsenal of unreleased music that has (thankfully) made its way onto the internet over the years. With themes ranging from being dangerously in love to songs about heartbreak, I’ve rounded up 15 rare Beyoncé tracks that are actually fire. Scroll through and listen to them all ahead.

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Tennessee Fan May Have Taken The “Fire Butch” Movement A Tad Too Far

I get that Tennessee fans are fed up with this season and Butch Jones, and I get that this is a play on the 10+-year-old “Bush Did 9/11” internet meme, but maybe don’t do this? Just a thought. Butch Jones 1000% deserves to be fired and I’m still not sure how he wasn’t fired like 5 weeks ago, but this is a little much.

“Fire Butch” signs showing up in all facets of life is hilarious. But when you start mixing it in with national tragedies, you just look like an a-hole who’s not creative and has to recycle dumb old internet jokes.

Let’s keep it to cookie cakes and The Rock

Or maybe a Planned Parenthood protest

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This Will Make You See Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in a Whole New Way

Image Source: Everett Collection

Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix, aka Harry Potter and That Time He Got Pissed a Lot, is known for its oftentimes frustrating portrayal of the young wizard. As he tried to come to terms with his notoriety, his friendships and relationships, and the worst villain of all time (talking about Dolores Umbridge, of course), it’s understandable that Harry’s 15-year-old teen angst could be a bit much.

However, one recent analysis on Reddit argues that Harry Potter’s true leap into adulthood, and the growing pains that accompany that shift, actually were most notably portrayed in the series’ fourth installment, Goblet of Fire.

In fact, a theory goes as far as to say that Harry’s Triwizard Tournament opponents each represent a significant phase of his teenage years — and our teenage years in general. Are Fleur Delacour, Viktor Krum, and Cedric Diggory metaphors for the trials of adolescence? Here’s the theory:

In «Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire», the Triwizard Tournament is a metaphor for the trials of adolescence, and Harry’s three opponents represent different aspects of growing up. from FanTheories

In summary: «Harry’s three opponents all represent different aspects of puberty and growing up. The hulking manly man Viktor Krum represents Harry’s burgeoning manhood, the alluring, nymph-like Fleur Delacour represents his burgeoning awareness of his own sexuality, and the wrongfully murdered Cedric Diggory represents his lost innocence.»

This theory actually makes total sense if you consider the phase of life that Harry was in and the particular characteristics of his «adversaries.» Either way, it can certainly be argued that the loss of Cedric Diggory was a turning point for Harry (and for many other Hogwarts students). It brought the realities of life (and death) into the forefront of their minds in the most painful way possible — something they unfortunately would soon be facing again as war in the Wizarding world broke out in full force.

Image Source: Warner Bros.

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‘Halt and Catch Fire’ Was an Impossible Show

Halt and Catch Fire reaches the end of its four-season run this Saturday as it airs the series finale, always a sad moment for fans of a given show. But instead of feeling sad at the loss, I am happy for the four seasons we got to see.

That’s because Halt and Catch Fire is a show whose very existence feels impossible, considering how many hurdles it has overcome in the course of its existence. And while a million different things have to go just right for any show to make it on the air, this one had a few extra obstacles, like:

It was created by two writers (Christopher Cantwell and Christopher C. Rogers) who had never sold a show before, or even been on a television writing staff. While it is true that relatively new writers do, on occasion, sell pilots, the risk-averse nature of the industry means it’s incredibly rare that they get to film the pilot, let alone get to series.

Just to add a little more to the tale of how impossible all of this was, they wrote the script as a sample, to try and find work as staff writers. They wrote the show they wanted to see, the one they (and their agents) assumed would never get made.

Every television writer has those scripts. They’re always wonderful and smart and showcase what you can do. And the really good ones get you attention and meetings and jobs. But those scripts never get made.

Except this one did.

The show managed to make it on the air despite not having any big names in the cast — another rare feat, considering how many shows these days have at least one recognizable name attached these days, someone you can put on the poster.

The original Halt poster, meanwhile, looked like this:


(Because my father worked for them, the IBM logo font was instantly recognizable to me, but even then I still had no idea what this show was supposed to be about or why I should watch it.)

It’s a little tough to remember now, but when the show premiered in 2014, it starred, depending on how much film and television you consume:

— Four people you had never heard of.
— Three people you had never heard of and the pie-maker from Pushing Daisies
— Two people you had never heard of, the pie-maker from Pushing Daisies, and the woman who took over narrative duties in the last season of Scrubs
— The pie-maker from Pushing Daisies, the woman who took over narrative duties in the last season of Scrubs, a guy you might have seen if you went to film festivals in the mid-2000s, and Mackenzie Davis, who was still unknown at the time (unless maybe if you saw That Awkward Moment, which was released a few months before the show premiered? I don’t know. I’ve never seen it, though. Is it good? Oh shoot, I’m on a tangent. Back to Halt).

It also starred Toby Huss, who everyone should know because he is a goddamn delight whenever he’s on screen, but has remained to this day one of those actors where you see (or hear him, in the case of his voiceover work) and you say oh that guy! I recognize that guy. What’s his name again?

Shows with a mostly unknown cast don’t get on the air. They usually disappear quietly after filming the pilot, lost to a pile of rejected show DVDs stacked unceremoniously in a mid-level network executive’s file cabinet.

The show was never a hit from a ratings standpoint: it broke a million viewers a grand total of one time, when it premiered. The week to week ratings eventually settled somewhere between three to four hundred thousand viewers per episode, which is low, even for a beloved cable show.

For comparison, the ratings started out somewhere around Low Winter Sun-level numbers, and ended up around Feed The Beast-level numbers, two shows that were canceled after one season on AMC.

Shows with ratings this low don’t get a second season. Or a third. Or a fourth. Of course, ratings aren’t the only metric that a show is measured by, and the show did receive a lot of well-deserved critical acclaim.

But about that…

The show was renewed, despite the fact that just about everyone agrees that creatively, the first season was the weakest and the least defined, back when the show (and the network, if the marketing is any indication) was focused more on pushing the plot than our heroes, before they discovered the beautiful, quiet, human moments we’d get once we fell in love with these characters.

But after the show survived, Cantwell and Rogers took that opportunity, and pulled off something almost creatively impossible for a heavily serialized drama: they essentially rebooted the show each season, taking the narrative from PC cloning to gaming to online communities to the birth of the web.

In addition, the two flipped the gender balance on the show — taking a show that focused mostly on the two male leads in the first season and made the second season primarily about the women (and in doing so, made their biggest name, the pie-maker Lee Pace, the least important character to the narrative), before ultimately settling into a place where all four leads became equally important.

(The show also quietly brought all four co-stars to salary parity in the final season, a small but nice gesture to the way the show evolved.)

This last bit is purely anecdotal, but the stories shared by people who worked on Halt and Catch Fire suggest that it was a great, supportive place to work, which makes the show even more enjoyable as a fan, as too often film and television is borne out of difficult (or worse) work environments.

It was almost impossible that Halt and Catch Fire was picked up by AMC. It was an almost impossible sell to viewers. It could have been canceled early for creative or financial reasons, and nobody (from the outside, at least) would have been surprised.

The odds of a show with these kinds of roadblocks getting to four seasons are astronomically low. The fact that it also became such a beautiful, emotional, heart-wrenching forty-hour journey is simply incredible, a feat of artistic vision and collaboration and love that deserves to be celebrated.

So while I will miss the show when it’s gone, I won’t be sad that this journey is over. Because it’s a miracle we got to go on this journey at all.


The Heartbreaking Detail From Goblet of Fire That We Never Noticed Before

Image Source: Everett Collection

Rewatching the Harry Potter films over and over and over again is one of my favorite pastimes, and I never fail to notice something new each time. Sometimes it’s silly — like that dirty joke in Order of the Phoenix — but sometimes it’s just really, really sad. Fair warning: this is the latter.

In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, after the Death Eaters attack the Quidditch World Cup campsite, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley find themselves targeted by Ministry of Magic wizards who think they are involved due to being at the «scene of the crime» below the Dark Mark. As spells are cast in their direction, Arthur Weasley yells, «Stop! That’s my son!»

Now, flash forward to a pivotal and gut-wrenching scene toward the end of the film. When Harry returns to Hogwarts using the Triwizard Cup portkey, he brings with him the body of fellow student and Triwizard champion Cedric Diggory, who has been killed by Wormtail. The crowd’s cheers and the celebratory music quickly die down as everyone comes to the quiet, terrible realization that Cedric has died. His grief-stricken father, Amos Diggory, rushes through the stands to Cedric, yelling, «That’s my son! That’s my boy!»

It’s a moment that still gets me every damn time I watch the movie, and now it has another layer of sadness. Because while this important quote sandwiches a film plot that’s heavy on the father-son themes — with Barty Crouch, who is killed by his son (Barty Crouch Jr.), and Voldemort, who is literally reborn on the grave of his father (Tom Riddle Sr.) — it has one more heartbreaking connection. Arthur’s son Ron is spared in this film, but in the final film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, one of his other sons, the fun-loving Fred, dies in the Battle of Hogwarts.

Image Source: Warner Bros.

BRB . . . sobbing.

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Steelers Fan Pennsylvania Fire Chief Says Sorry For Racial Slurring Mike Tomlin On Facebook

Cecil Township Volunteer Fire Department Chief Paul Smith now says he’s sorry he called Mike Tomlin the n-word during a meltdown over the Steelers not taking the field as a team for the national anthem Sunday in Chicago. And Paul would like to add that he’s on vacation and the n-word in no way reflects on his responsibilities as a fire chief.

Ahh, OK. Glad he cleared that up.

From WPXI:

“I am embarrassed at this,” he told Channel 11. “I want to apologize. I was frustrated and angry at the Steelers not standing for the anthem. … This had nothing to do with my fire department. I regret what I said.”

I’m curious what other “no good [n-word]” are on Paul’s list.

It appears Paul has taken time out of his vacation to delete his Facebook account.


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Would You Hit It? One Dude Said Yes And The Fire Department Had To Be Called 



This story makes me think of the famous line from Field of Dreams: If you build it, he will come… after fucking it.

Metro UK brings us yet more proof that dudes will stick their dicks in any hole. Now, most dudes stick their peen into normal, regular things like an overripe honeydew melon that’s been furthered softened by gentle taps from a rubber hammer, or a hallowed-out Pillsbury dough log that’s been dipped in slightly warm olive oil (it’s just the right kind of greasy). But then there’s some extra kinky, next level (and dumber than a barbel) dudes who like a challenge and will look at a 5 pound weight at the gyn and think, “I’m here to pump that up.

The Guinness World Record for the longest laugh ever was probably made last Friday morning by a German emergency operator who got the call that a man got horny for a weight and got his dick stuck in its hole and needed help from firefighters. I’m no weightfucker, but I can’t blame that dumbass. That 5 pound weight does look pretty hot. But he should’ve played with something more his speed, like a lesser weight, because that 5 pounder has obviously been doing its kegels and is tighter than a frugal grandma on your birthday.

By the way, this happened in the German city of Worms. Worms.

The dude apparently stuck it to the weight at the gym, and had to go the hospital where doctors couldn’t help him and had to call the fire department. The hell kind of doctors are those? Didn’t they learn in med school that the surefire way to shrivel up a dick is to show it a picture of Woody Allen sucking on an ice pop? When firefighters showed up, it took them three hours and a bunch of rescue tools to free the dick. The Rock is laughing at that. He wears a 50 pound weight as a cock ring, and if he wanted to free himself of it, he’d just have to dick flex real quick and his peen’s muscles would break that bitch in two.

This is the Facebook message that the fire department in Worms wrote about the weight fuck gone wrong situation:

Einsatzbericht: strange accident – help for the hospital

How sensitive to the use of our fire department can be a message of the somewhat different kind that was received on Friday morning, 15.09.2017, at the control centre. The Boroughs was called to the hospital in worms. One person had a very sensitive part of the body trapped in the hole of a 2,5 kg-dumbbell disc. With the help of the grinder, a vibrations saw and a hydraulic emergency, the dumbbell weight could be removed after three hours.

The and a fireman of the volunteer unit centre were in use.

Please do not imitate such actions!

A Redditor posted what they claim is a before picture of the dick in the weight. It’s NSFW, but if you’re at work and someone catches you looking at it, just tell them that it’s not what they think. It’s really a picture a baby elephant playing with a flat, black donut. If you’ve got a dick, pull out a tiny defibrillator, because it’s going to have a coronary after looking at this horror show.

And this is an after picture of the weight:


I bet that dude keeps a picture of that destroyed weight on his phone and shows it to his bros while saying, “Dude, look at this pussy, I really tore that shit up!” Please, if anything got tore up it’s that dude’s dick. That 5 pound weight’s pussy game is so damn hardcore that the Jaws of Life had to be brought out.

Pics: FacebookPerform Better (that source name is just too perfect for this story)


Vols Fan Soaks Butch Jones Autographed Jersey In Moonshine, Lights It On Fire

It’s one of the most fascinating defensive strategy videos in my 10 years (in December) of doing Busted. Never seen anything like it. There’s :09 left on the clock, you’re tied 20-20 and you let a wide receiver get behind the defense. AND YOU DON’T TACKLE THE WIDE RECEIVER! TACKLE THE FUCCIN RECEIVER. TAKE HIS ASS OUT!!!

Give them the 15-yards, make them use that kicker who claims to have hit an 81-yarder in pads and there’s a 99.9% chance you’re going to OT.

And then Florida completes a game-winner.

Butch took control after the game and said anything is possible when a QB flushes from the pocket. Bold, Butch. Very bold.

Tackle HIM!

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