Boris Johnson’s Sister Thinks That ‘Theresa May is a Victim of the Grenfell Fire As Well’

Rachel Johnson is a journalist. She is also Boris Johnson’s sister. Just the other day she called in to London radio show LBC to air some of her views on the recent and horrific tragedy that has shaken the city: the Grenfell Tower fire. The fire, which, according to most recent figures, may have claimed over 70 lives—and which likely burned as viciously as it did due to the cladding that was added to its outer shell in order to improve its appearance to nearby wealthy residents—is one of the worst things to happen in a city that has taken its fair share of knocks in recent years. It is also a terrifyingly resonant incident, revealing as it does the colossal levels of inequality that underpin so much of British society. How so? Like so so:

And a screencap for those who can’t click through:

Our sitting strong and stable khaleesi, Theresa May, has been facing some criticism for her handling of the Grenfell tragedy. While Jeremy Corbyn visited the victims at ground zero and said that the nearby, empty mansions of absent Kensington millionaires should be used to house them, May has offered nothing but empty platitudes and reassurances that her government—


—would step in to help. Mrs. May’s absence was also noted at ground zero, as she did not visit any of the victims. So some criticism has been incoming.

This criticism of Mrs. May is what Rachel Johnson, who lives in aforementioned Kensington—you can take a guess whether in a tower like Grenfell or some other means—was calling into LBC to address.

You can listen to it yourselves here.

But in the interests of brevity let’s splash a quote here too:

I think she is getting the most unbelievable pasting. It’s a weird thing to say but it is like she is one of the victims of the fire as well. She can do nothing right.

This has been the Tone Deaf Olympics. Thank you, and good night.

And a screencap for those who can’t click through:



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Prince William Breaks Royal Protocol to Console a Victim of the Grenfell Tower Fire

Following the deadly fire at Grenfell Tower in London last week, Prince William and Queen Elizabeth II paid an emotional visit to a crisis center on Friday. The royals met with some of the survivors, the victims’ families, and the rescue workers who were affected by the inferno — and William even broke royal protocol to embrace a woman who was reportedly desperate to locate her husband who was trapped in an elevator during the time of the fire. There is a royal protocol in place that states one shouldn’t go beyond a handshake when greeting a member of the British royal family, but people still manage to break it all the time, especially when emotion takes over.

William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry also donated to a fund that assists the families who lost their homes to the tragedy. «The tragedy at Grenfell Tower has left a number of local people in need of urgent assistance,» a spokesman for the three royals at Kensington Palace said. «The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry are pleased the Evening Standard’s Dispossessed Fund has immediately swung into action. As residents of the local area, they are keen to offer their immediate support.»

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Jon Gruden’s 5-Foot-6 Fire Hydrant Son, Deuce, Wins World Lifting Gold Medal

Deuce Gruden is having himself a good time at the IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships in Belarus. He already has a gold medal in his pocket and now he’s going to come back to the States as a viral sensation now that word is starting to travel around that the 5 foot 6 fire hydrant is a yoked beast. This is exactly the kind of news a legitimate blogger latches onto during June when all we have is the College World Series and some NBA draft stuff to fake care about.

How did Deuce Gruden get his name? His actual name is Jon David Gruden II, hence the ‘Deuce’ nickname. I know some of you were losing your minds over this one.

Deuce spent the 2016 NFL season as a strength and conditioning intern with Uncle Jay’s Redskins after graduating from Lafayette where he was a running back (16 carries, 46 yards over final two seasons). Legend has it that Deuce was a 350-pound bench pressing behemoth who played quarterback, wide receiver, linebacker and safety during high school.

Now he’s a competitive lifter with just 1,317 IG followers as I type this. That number is about to explode now that Deuce is out here dominating the world in powerlifting. Now he has a gold.

Instagram Photo
Instagram Photo

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Reports: U.S. Open Blimp Catches Fire, Crashes, People Parachute Out (Updates)

Patrons at the U.S. Open at Erin Hills are reporting that the blimp providing television shots to Fox Sports has caught fire and crashed.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that a witness saw a pilot apparently parachuting to the ground.

From the BC DMs:

hey..I used to work for AirSign…I was txting the owner about an hour ago….the PenFed blimp was @the us open…and from the video reports of the crash, it looks like it was the PenFed

but- those blimps are helium propelled….so if there was a fire, that is pretty scary

usually they will have 3/4 large tanks for a 3/4 hour flight

More information as we get it.

Smoke from the U.S. Open blimp crash:

Here’s earlier video of the PenFed blimp flying over Erin Hills:

This appears to be the blimp that was flying over the U.S. Open with advertisement from PenFed Credit Union:

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Adele Offers Hugs as She Comforts Victims of Grenfell Tower Fire in London

Image Source: Getty / Samir Hussein

Adele has a lot of love for her hometown. Following the deadly fire at Grenfell Tower in London on Wednesday night, the English singer paid her respects by attending a vigil for victims and survivors. According to reports, Adele and her husband, Simon Konecki, were on the scene, asking if anyone needed help. A few users even posted emotional photos of her wiping away tears and hugging fans and strangers. This certainly isn’t the first time Adele has used her star power for good. Shortly after the London Terror Attack in March, the singer dedicated her emotional song «Make You Feel My Love» to her beloved hometown.

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House Majority Whip Steve Scalise Shot as Shooter Opened Fire at GOP Baseball Practice 

Five people, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (LA), were shot Wednesday morning during a congressional baseball practice. According to reports, a gunman walked up to practice and opened fire on the baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia.

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