Maisie Williams And Gwendoline Christie Rehearsing a Sword Fight is Maybe Even Cooler Than the Actual Sword Fight

What I love about this is: everything.

If you don’t completely lose your shit at Maisie Williams’ little hand-to-hand dagger then you might as well be a wight. (Arya is left-handed, but Maisie isn’t, so Maisie learned to fight left-handed.)


Raiders Fans Fight Raiders Fans Over Stolen Uber

I’m sure going to miss Raiders fans whipping each others ass in Oakland over an Uber, as happened over the weekend, according to the uploader who caught this street brawl outside the Oakland Bart station.

How does this even happen? Someone can’t just steal an Uber ride. I’ll need to hear some clarification on this one.

I’ll give Oakland this: It’s pure content. Myself, L.A. James and Danny the Intern spend most of Sunday searching our asses off trying to find that one special video of Oakland being Oakland. Turns out this week the video comes via YouTube.

Maybe it was this guy fighting:

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Syracuse Fans Get Lit, Harass Central Michigan Cameraman, Fight An Usher, Go To Jail

I remember my first football game at the Carrier Dome — Toledo and Syracuse in 2003. I had never been inside a college football stadium where they served beer. It was so odd, yet so damn exciting. I could literally drink a cold one and watch Bruce Gradkowski and the Rockets get blown out 34-7.

From the look of things over the weekend, the Carrier Dome still serves beer and it’s believed that a couple of Cuse fans tied one on and decided to fight an usher….after harassing a Central Michigan cameraman.


Two men were arrested Saturday after brawling with security during a Syracuse University football game. A Syracuse police officer said he was injured in the fracas, which was caught on video by others in the stands. Both men were led out in handcuffs after the 6:07 p.m. incident in the first row of Section 108.

Michael Staubner, 38, of 710 Helen St., Syracuse, was charged with misdemeanor resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, a violation, city police said. Greg Hurley, 31, of 207 Draper Ave., Solvay, was charged with disorderly conduct. Both men appeared intoxicated and had been warned about their behavior earlier in the game by a police officer, according to court papers.

Not sure how this adds to the story, but Greg — wearing the vest in the video — has been married since July. Really wonder how this went over at home. New marriage and his ass is spending the night in jail for harassing a cameraman and fighting an usher.

Looks like Big Greg’s a Syracuse superfan…definitely owes that usher an apology

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The Chargers’ Fight For LA Doesn’t Seem to Be Going Well

Are you a Chiefs or Eagles fan wondering if you should pull the trigger on game/plane tickets to LA to see your squad beat the Chargers in dramatic fashion? Wonder no more — the StubHub Center is what we thought it’d be from the very beginning: a home away from home for visiting fans.

In not-so-shocking news, the Chargers, much like the Rams, also fell short of selling out this afternoon:

But hey, at least all the Dolphins fans had a great time watching the Chargers choke away a W again. Watch this place erupt for Cody Parker’s 54-yard game winner:

One of the many “Let’s go Dolphins!” chants

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Teddy Atlas And Stephen A Smith Went Nuts Again Discussing The Canelo-GGG Fight

Obviously, the big story this morning, outside of college football of course, is the Canelo-GGG fight that had all the makings of some funny business going on after it ended in a draw. I won’t get into the details of the fight and who should or shouldn’t have won (it definitely shouldn’t have been a draw), I just want to present to you Teddy Atlas and Stephen A Smith’s post-fight discussion.

At this point, I think we need to have a fight every weekend just so we can get this two sharing more air time. Every time they put them on TV together, we get nothing but gold. Teddy is always freaking out about something, ranting about the business, which just makes Stephen A mad causing him to yell even louder. Then it just divulges into chaos on the SportsCenter set.

You want to fix First Take. I think we found the answer.

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Jennifer Lawrence Says She Got Into A “Bar Fight” In Budapest


Jennifer Lawrence went on Late Night With Seth Meyers to promote mother!, which is making audiences scream refund!  And it wouldn’t be a Jennifer Lawrence appearance without some goofy story about how she’s a wreck like the rest of us. Also, Jennifer and Seth were drinking wine during the interview and JLaw seemed way relaxed and it’s not like she’s a quiet drunk. So – fun story (via EW)! She says she got in a “bar fight!” Quotes are being utilized because it doesn’t sound like an actual bar fight. Traditionally, bar fights include fists being thrown, skulls being cracked, and the authorities being summoned. This involved a lot of beer being splashed around.

Jennifer was filming the upcoming “deadly KGB hooker” movie Red Sparrow in Budapest when she went out for beers with her Red Sparrow friends. And things ended up smelling like malt and hops after someone asked for a selfie with her. (3:37 below)

“I was like, ‘No, thank you. No.’ And then he was like, ‘Please, my girlfriend will never believe [me],’” the mother! star said, “and my friend was like, ‘If your girlfriend won’t believe you, then she’s not the one.’”

JLaw’s friend sounds funny. Unfortunately, Budapest Selfie Guy didn’t think so.

Aggravated, the man told Lawrence, “Fuck you,” and she turned into a girl on fire. “I don’t know, something in me just snapped. It couldn’t have been the alcohol,” she joked, “and I was like, ‘Did you just say fuck you to me?!’”

Jennifer then claims that she proceeded to pour every beer she could grab off their table over the guy’s head. The guy supposedly went to exit when she noticed he’d left his suitcase behind. She then said she poured beer on the suitcase. Her friend finally calmed her down.

“My friend Chris came up, grabbed me from behind, and he goes, ‘Don’t waste beer! Don’t waste beer!’ And I instantly relaxed,” she said. “I was like, ‘Of course! What was I thinking?’”

Celebrities are cute. But all that entitlement has rendered them clueless. You’re gonna get into a fight in a foreign country with some weird guy who brings a suitcase to a bar? And throw beer on him? She’s lucky it would have been an international incident if the dude had tried anything. If Maizie the Iowan tourist pulled that shit, who knows what he could pulled out of that suitcase! Knives, guns, a nuke! I obviously need to travel more.

You can watch the trailer for Atomic Blonde Meets The Black Widow Solo Movie Red Sparrow below.



Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna’s Nasty Custody Fight Is Finally Over


Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have been feuding over their 10-month-old daughter Dream since March. It has been messier than Kim in skanky Ursula cosplay. TMZ says the clouds have parted and Rob and Chyna are officially done fighting over custody.

Sources tell TMZ that Rob and Chyna agreed to joint custody of Dream, although technically he will get a bit more than 50% custody. They also worked out a child support deal. It was revealed last month that neither would ask for support because Chyna makes way more money than Rob. Whoever assumed Chyna wouldn’t come for cash deserves a hug and a pat on the head, because that is just too adorably naive. Of course an expert-level schemer like Blac Chyna would try to sink her claws into some of that sweet Kardashian child support money.

According to TMZ’s sources, Chyna asked for $ 50,000 a month. Rob was thinking somewhere in the neighborhood of $ 10,000 a month. Chyna reportedly negotiated $ 20,000 a month in exchange for dropping her allegations of domestic violence against Rob. Rob has also agreed to pay Chyna’s legal bills.

TMZ says that a chunk of that $ 20,000 a month will go to paying for nannies. Apparently Rob doesn’t trust Chyna to stay away from the clubs and take care of Dream.

This comes after TMZ reported earlier this week that Chyna’s parenting was under investigation by the LA County DCFS. Chyna’s lawyer Lisa Bloom denied any such investigation.

I highly doubt this custody agreement will prevent Rob and Chyna from acting like complete fools in the future (this is really just more like a temporary holiday from the drama). If there’s anything upside to all of this, I guess it’s that Kris Jenner has a less-embarrassing answer for when someone asks what her son does for a living. “He used to be a failed sock designer, but now he’s a part-time father! I’m so p-p-p…for some reason, I’m having trouble saying the word proud.

Pic: Instagram


Florida And Michigan Fans Have The First CFB Fight Of 2017

Most years in college football, I feel like we have to wait at least until conference play kicks off before we start seeing these die-hards pick fights with each other in the stands. These opening weekend, neutral site games usually lead to nothing when it comes to drunk fans causing mischief. You need that inter-conference hate boiling up to get some action.

And not only that, it’s well known how much the NFL dominates college football fans when it comes to fighting. I’d say we see on average about 2-3 fights almost every NFL Sunday. College football fans don’t even come close to that.

But Florida and Michigan fans broke the mold this year when that Florida fan lady picked a fight with a Michigan fan, only for her husband to come in and save the day. It’s not the greatest fight in the world, it’s not the Alabama mom trying to murder some Oklahoma students, but it’s setting the tone early for what could be a good year of college football fan fight videos.

If anyone deserved to be punched, it was this guy

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KimYe Have Better Things To Do Than Fight Taylor Swift


Like…um…research new Kimojis…aaaaand…make “fashion.” Come to think of it, I really don’t know what’s more important to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West than getting into a Candyland slap-fight with the singing Teenie Beanie Baby that is Taylor Swift. What’s that? She’s nearly 6 feet tall? Oh, suddenly we expect her to act her age AND her height?!

Everyone’s mean girl panties have been on fire since Friday when Taylor dropped her new single, “Look What You Made Me Do.” Look what you made me do, Taylor! I’ve gained a nervous twitch listening to your song on a loop and watching the accompanying video in an attempt to analyze who is on your Santa bad list of names you’re checking twice this year. Finger wags obviously went to KimYe, who have more beef with Tay than a cold fridge at Shake Shack. So you think they’d be very obsessed with it. But a source tells People magazine, they’re like, too busy to care.

“Kim and Kanye don’t care about Taylor’s new music. They find it pathetic that she still tries to keep an old feud going. They are not going to give her or her new music any attention. They have more important things to focus on, like their family.”

Aka it’s pathetic how the upper hand got seized from a perfect Keeping Up With The Kardashians/Snapchat receipts tie-in, and returned to Kinda Fergie/Kinda Alanis Barbie’s latest album!

TMZ adds the feud is soooo one-sided because Kanye has bigger fish to fry, like getting a Tidal check and an invite back to Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s house. Who can blame him? It must get old watching the Koven sit around eating salads and plot their next sacrifice. Kim conveniently thinks the fight ended over a year ago when she said it ended, so NYAH on you, Taylor!

One-sided or not, Tay is Swiftering away (I tried) the streaming record with her new music video for “LWYMMD.” Variety says the video clocked over 31 MILLION views in less than 24 hours, and I represent about 29 of those millions because I kept checking to see if Karlie Kloss was on the squad shirt (she’s not). The video was seeing 3 million views an hour at one point, surpassing music industry savior Adele’s record for “Hello.” Of course, what will be of most interest to gays, gayelles, and everyone else in the Lambily is that it appears to be outperforming “Despacito.” It may have tied, but it will likely not surpass Mariah Carey’s number-one song record streak. Christmas (and our ear drums) are saved!

Pic: Instagram


Conor McGregor May Not Have Won the Big Fight, but His Adorable Son Is the Real Champ

Despite all the craziness that is currently going on in the world, everyone seemed to come together on Saturday night for one common purpose: to watch Conor McGregor fight Floyd Mayweather in what is considered to be one of the biggest sporting events in recent history. While fans seemed pretty divided in who they wanted to win, Floyd came out on top (and took home an easy $ 300 million). But despite Conor’s heartbreaking loss, he’s still winning in every other aspect of life. In addition to being so good to his fans and constantly expressing how grateful he is for the life he’s worked so hard to get, the Ireland native is also a proud family man. Conor and his longtime girlfriend, Dee Devlin, welcomed their first child, Conor Jr., in May. And despite all the harmless smack he talks leading up to his fights, he’s such a softie when it comes to his son. Keep reading to see some of their sweetest moments together.

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