Prince George’s Favorite Disney Movie Proves He Just Can’t Wait to Be King

Turns out, Prince George loves Disney movies just as much as you do. During an appearance at London’s Paddington train station on Monday, Prince William revealed that his 4-year-old son «quite likes» The Lion King, as well as a few Lego movies. «Trying to keep him off the television is hard work,» the soon-to-be father of three joked. Seems pretty fitting that his favorite movie is about a cub who grows up and takes his father’s place as leader of the pride (you know, minus that whole heartbreaking death). We guess George just can’t wait to be king. See Will talk more in detail about his little man’s favorite things below.

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So Shines a Favorite Show in a Weary World

Supernatural on The CW at 8:00pm ET. 13th season premiere. Hey, these guys again! I know I usually tease about this show but it’s been a rough week. If this makes you happy than go be happy.

Thursday Night Football: Philadelphia Eagles at Carolina Panthers on CBS at 8:25pm ET.

The Good Place on NBC at 8:30pm ET.

Arrow on The CW at 9:00pm ET. Sixth season premiere.

The Chris Gethard Show on TruTV at 11:00pm ET. Sometimes clips from this will scroll across my twitter feed and all of it looks like a fever dream. I have no idea what the actual premise of the show is, but one memorable clip involved someone having to do pull ups to suspend the host above an ice bath and the camera stayed on them as his strength slowly and inevitably failed. I don’t know who that’s for. I hope they’re happy they have it.


How Yves Saint Laurent Picked His Favorite Models

These days, top models are hatched through a superficial science involving beauty, pedigree, Instagram followers, Tyra Banks, or some combination thereof. But for Yves Saint Laurent, deciding the model that would close each of his shows was so personal and subjective that he used a heart-shaped pendant, a kind of artist’s signature, to adorn his selection. This three-by-five-inch trinket, created a year after the house’s founding in 1961, will be a centerpiece of the inaugural exhibit at the Museé Saint Laurent Paris, opening on Oct. 3 in the designer’s former Paris salon.

The sentimental symbol may seem at odds with the fashion house’s latter-day hyper-edgy image, but from the start of his 40-year reign, Saint Laurent valued sincerity over appearances: “Without an elegance of the heart, there is no elegance,” he is often quoted as saying. Nor did he cling to material wealth: “I’d like to imagine that [costume] jewels are more spiritual than real rubies or diamonds,” he said in his first interview with the press in 1954.

Yves Saint Laurent’s heart-shaped pendant was worn by his favorite model in each show.

Yves Saint Laurent’s heart-shaped pendant was worn by his favorite model in each show.

Indeed, throughout Saint Laurent’s extended selection process, the bauble—inlaid not with precious gems but Swarovski crystals—became a mythical talisman. “He always had maybe seven or eight models that worked during the creation of the collection. There was a competition between all the models, of course,” says Head of Collections Aurelie Samuel. “He was a gentleman, but he always chose the heart for his favorite one.’” Those who wore it on multiple occasions, like Somalia-born Amalia Vairelli, instantly acquired “muse” status.

Encased separately from the rest of the jewelry collection, the pendant will—quite literally—be the museum’s beating heart: “The light on the display will open and close, mimicking the movement of the heart,” says Samuel. And there’s no better home for the late designer’s heart given the museum’s president—Pierre Bergé, Saint Laurent’s lifelong partner.

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Amber Rose Showed Up To Her 3rd Annual SlutWalk Dressed As Everyone’s Favorite Superhero

3rd Annual Amber Rose SlutWalk

Sluts, hos, tramps, and all other manner of shamelessly sex-positive people had nothing to fear yesterday, for Captain Save-A-Hoe was here!

When Amber Rose promoted her SlutWalk back in June, she did it by posting a NSFW picture of her butter-basted body and chestnut stuffing (aka her bush). The only way Amber could go one step further would be to arrive at this year’s SlutWalk with her LADBS special event permit folded into a little origami bird nesting in her bush. Instead, she arrived relatively covered up. Even her head was covered up. Sadly, it was covered up in a hair piece that screamed, “Someone save this ho from the horrors of a shake-and-go wig.

I love Amber’s costume. I don’t even mind that it looks like something that was bought online from a company trying really hard to avoid a lawsuit from the creators of Power Girl. Although I advise you not to look at the ugly white sneakers on her feet. But I am a little bummed out that Captain Save-A-Ho arrived in a very un-super way on the back of a golf cart and holding a sign like she’s advertising a prepaid cellphone store.

A true champion of hos deserves to arrive at the SlutWalk in a vehicle that honors their commitment to the people she serves. Like in an Oscar Mayer Weinermobile.

Here’s more of Amber Rose at the SlutWalk yesterday. Also included is Amber Rose’s BFF Blac Chyna.



Where to Follow Your Favorite Riverdale Stars on Social Media

Season two of Riverdale returns in all its foggy glory on Oct. 11, and since we were left with such a big cliffhanger in the season one finale, we really can’t wait for our new TV obsession to return. Because we are here to serve you, fellow Riverdale fans, we know that following the show’s stars on social media is extremely fun, so we put together a list of their accounts all in one place. From Cole Sprouse and KJ Apa’s bromance to Cole’s actual real-life romance with Lili Reinhart to the whole gang being like one big family in between takes, you won’t want to miss one moment once the new season starts. Oh, and who could forget other very important things to keep up with on a daily basis like KJ’s abs and the incredibly sexy new Reggie, Charles Melton? Grab a Pop’s milkshake and click «follow» ahead.

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In Honor Of #ReadABookDay, What’s Your Favorite Book?

According to Twitter, today is National #ReadABookDay. I was skeptical that it was real when I saw this:

But then someone more trustworthy tweeted as well and I knew it was legit:

In my early twenties, my favorite book was What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? by Peter Hedges. My now-husband bought it for me on our first Christmas and it will forever hold a place in my heart. I didn’t have an obese mother trapped in the house or a mentally disabled brother, but I could relate to Gilbert’s feeling of being stuck in his small town. I could also relate to having that feeling but not really doing anything about it but surviving.

I’m not so sure I have a favorite book now. I’ve read and loved Christopher Moore’s eccentric and loosely tied books over and over again. I’m attached to Mary Roach and her blend of humor and science. I’ll always read Stephen King books.

What about you? What’s your favorite book? Book genre? Author?


Princess Diana’s London: Her Favorite Spots and Her Secret Social Life

Diana, Princess of Wales, wasn’t born in London, but she loved the city that was her home for 20 years. She will forever be associated with Kensington Palace, where she set up home; St. Paul’s Cathedral, where she married; and Westminster Abbey, where her funeral was held — but what about the places that aren’t as well-known? The little corners and secret hideaways where she could still be herself, even though she was outside palace doors? Pizza dinners with William and Harry, raucous nights out, and main street favorites that she visited in disguise: we’re taking a look at the London that Diana knew and loved.

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The Voice of Mulan Is Actually 1 of Your Favorite Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Nearly 20 years after its initial release, Mulan is getting rebooted with a live-action film, and our childhood (and adult) selves are practically filled with glee. While the details are still being pieced together, we are excited to see one of our favorite princesses come to life on the big screen. As Disney searches for the perfect heroine to fill out that armor, we can’t help but reminisce about who played the original Mulan.

Broadway star Lea Salonga, who was also the singing voice of Jasmine in Aladdin, sang the melodies in the animated film. But Ming-Na Wen was the speaking voice behind the character. Not only did she reprise her role as Mulan in the sequel and a few Disney spinoffs, but she’s also still kicking butt today. After voicing the Chinese warrior, the Coloane, Macau-born actress went on to join Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. She currently stars as Melinda Qiaolian May, who is second in command on Agent Coulson’s team. Looks like some things never change.

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Mitch Vingle Is My Favorite AP Voter, Has Notre Dame #3 In Preseason Poll

I’m officially a Mitch Vingle guy. Ride or die with Vingle. Not because Mitch Vingle is clearly a Notre Dame guy’s guy. I could not care less about Notre Dame. Boring gameday experience, always playing at 5:30 on a rainy day in October….white guys wearing Irish sweatshirts, jeans and New Balance dad Js.

You guys know I love chaos because it’s great for business. Mitch Vingle from the Charleston Gazette is good for business and I’m officially announcing that I’ll be sweating Mitch throughout this season because of his AP vote. He causes chaos and fans lose their minds over Mitch’s ballot.

Take the ballot he turned in this week featuring Notre Dame at #3 and Florida State at #7. INSTANT FUCCING CHAOS! 

But this is Mitch being Mitch. He’s ride or die with Notre Dame. Look at his previous preseason poll ballots.

2016 preseason ballot:

2015 preseason ballot:

Of course those two ballots are nothing like the one he turned in this week in a poll where 50 voters didn’t have Notre Dame in the Top 25. The thing is, Mitch has thought this through. He loves to throw out the word “potential” when it comes to his preseason poll and I love ever minute of it.

Here’s what Mitch told a Penn State website about voting the Nittany Lions #14:

I try to do my own research. I don’t rely on magazines, etc., which I believe many do. I try to chart the teams with the most high-level talent. I don’t try to look into a crystal ball and predict outcomes. I rank the best talent in my mind from top to No. 25. Then whatever happens happens. We’ll then rank on what teams EARN.

Potential, baby!

More tidbits that I love from my research into Mitch’s chaos ballots:

• He didn’t have Houston ranked on his 2016 preseason ballot after coming off a 13-1 2015 season and a win over Florida State in the Peach Bowl

• A week into the 2016 season, Mitch had the Cougars ranked #5! From not ranked to #5! That’s Mitch being Mitch, baby! The Mitch effect!!

• He had Penn State #6 in his final 2016 poll; the Nittany Lions start this season #14 in Mitch’s ballot with the stud QB & RB returning

• Has Florida ranked #9 in his 2017 preseason ballot; Malik Zaire is probably going to be the starter. He got to Gainesville in June

• Mitch doesn’t think much of USC — has them 11th.


We’re officially Team Mitch. I’ll be checking in with Mitch and his ballot throughout the season. I’m begging him to keep the chaos going. College football is much better when there’s an enemy. Fans want to go off on a meaningless ballot and Mitch is there to play the heel role.

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18 Recommended Reads From Your Favorite Bookworm, Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon posts books she loves on Instagram on the regular. Here’s a roundup of her top picks from our friends at Off the Shelf, a daily blog that connects great books with great readers.

Reese Witherspoon is an Oscar-winning actress and producer, mother, Southern-inspired apparel designer . . . and book aficionado? Everyone knows she does it all, but we’re currently most impressed with her juicy reading stash. In addition to gorgeous photos of her covetable life, her Instagram account is brimming with remarkable book recommendations. Keep reading to get fourteen Reese–approved reads you’ll want on your own bookshelf ASAP.

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