Nicole Kidman on How Keith Urban Helped Her After Her Father’s Sudden Death: «He Literally Picked Me Up»

Nicole Kidman opened up about life, love, and family during a recent interview with CBS Sunday Morning. In the segment, the Lion actress recalled how her husband, Keith Urban, helped her through her father Dr. Antony Kidman’s sudden death in 2014. «I called him screaming and crying,» she explained. «And he was about to go on stage. And he walked off stage and he got on a plane — he had just gotten there. He flew six hours and he was right back there. And he literally picked me up and pretty much carried me through the next two weeks.» She also added that Keith and their daughters, Faith Margaret, 5, and Sunday Rose, 8, were a huge support system during that difficult time. «I had my children going, ‘It’s gonna be all right, Momma,'» she said. «It’s interesting the way children view things, ’cause they’re like, ‘You still got your mommy.'»

On the topic of motherhood, the 49-year-old actress couldn’t help but get emotional when the reporter, Tracy Smith, asked her what impression she would like to leave on the world. «I would just like to — it makes me sad — I would just like to be here long enough to have my children grow up and for me to see them thriving,» she said through teary eyes. «That’s all I ask. And that my husband and I are with each other. I’m an older mother, so, you know . . . It’s that prayer of, ‘Gosh, let me be here.'»

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Max Landis To Remake His Father’s Classic ‘An American Werewolf In London’

Presented here, without comment, is some trade news:

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Max Landis is set to write and direct a remake of his father’s classic An American Werewolf In London.

THR is also reporting that Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead, and David Albert, executive producer of the very same show, will be producing the remake. Landis and Andy Trapani (The Haunting In Connecticut) will executive produce.

Funnily enough, Max has already been involved with John’s much-loved 80’s horror staple, in the shape of a short he starred in for CineFix:

We look forward to the inevitable reboots of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air starring Jaden Smith and The West Wing with Charlie Sheen.


Ivanka Trump Flounders in Interview On Her Father’s Child Care and Maternity Leave Policy

In an excellent interview with Cosmopolitan published Wednesday, Ivanka Trump addresses the Trump campaign’s recently-announced child care and maternity leave policies with the evasion and quietly-simmering panic that colors every interaction her father has with the press.

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