10 Stars Celebrating Their Very First Father’s Day This Year

Father’s Day is on June 18, which means a new batch of celebrities will be ringing in the holiday as dads for the very first time. Actors like Steven Yeun and Jonathan Rhys Meyers welcomed adorable little boys, while Bradley Cooper and Adam Levine expanded their families with beautiful baby girls. Let’s take a moment to honor all the new famous dads.

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This Brand For Proud Papas is Perfect For Father’s Day

Singer and actor Matthew Morrison and photographer and travel expert Zach McDuffie are on a mission to break the stereotype of the frumpy dad. Their new line, Sherpapa Supply Co., aims to bring the modern family man a line of high-quality products like locally grown organic cotton shirts, “manly” diaper bags that last for every season of fatherhood, hats, bandanas, field kits and more.

As the proud father of a little girl, McDuffie understands the inconveniences that arise during fatherhood and the opening in the market for great dad products. Sure, men can carry a diaper bag or backpack when on baby-duty, “But the thing is, you have to carry all of your wife’s gear because they don’t make anything cool for dads,” says McDuffie. “Guys should have something of their own to be proud of.”

M4 Diaper Bags, the anchor products to the Sherpapa Supply Co. brand, make everyday father duty and family adventures more feasible. “It’s really the basis for our whole brand,” says McDuffie. “We just want that lovely classic look for the modern American family man. It’s something that’s meant to last as an heirloom piece as opposed to something that you just use once and then pass it on.”

The essential canvas bag comes with eight gusseted side pockets, easy to travel pouches, a leather changing pad and reusable containers, making it much easier to stay organized. The utilitarian bag functions as an overnight hospital bag for when the baby comes, a heavy duty diaper bag, and later (during the toddler years) an activity bag to fill with f coloring books and snacks.

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Even moms appreciate the variety of colors and patterns available. “Women appreciate a good bag,” says Morrison, “it’s the bag that everyone wants because it’s more functional.”

McDuffie explains the meaning of Sherpapa in a press release as “a strong family leader, guide, and protector of our children’s future. It is also is a term of endearment for a beloved father or grandfather. It is a combination of the words sherpa (expert guide or mentor) and papa (universal term for father), but also a reference to cher papa, which in French means ‘dearest papa.’” The term papa, Morrison adds, has an acronym the company supports: Protect Aid Prepare and Advise.

Sherpapa Supply Co. has collaborated with Gilt.com to expand their reach to the Gilt audience. “Gilt has a really good channel for the storytelling aspect, so it’s not just launching a brand with cool bags and cool apparel,” says McDuffie. “We’re really trying to tell a story of what a sherpapa is, and that’s a modern family leader.” Officially launching on June 1st, favorite Sherpapa items along with Father’s Day gifts (hand painted baseball bats and canoe paddles) and exclusive products curated specifically for the partnership will be sold on Gilt.com.

“Being a dad is the best job in the world and there’s a lot of great dads that are really proud of being dads,” says McDuffie. “But there’s not a lifestyle brand that really supports that, until now.” 

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Re: Reports Ivanka Trump Cried Over Her Father’s ‘Access Hollywood’ Tape

From The Daily Beast:

Ivanka Trump was reportedly «reduced to tears» after viewing the infamous Access Hollywood tape, in which then-reality-TV host Donald Trump bragged to host Billy Bush about grabbing women «by the pussy» without their consent. The video tape, released in early October 2016 by The Washington Post, had threatened to derail Trump’s presidential campaign, and according to The New York Times, Ivanka «made an emphatic case for a full-throated apology.

So, listen: I don’t give a fuck if she sobbed until her eyes fell out. You’re in the big leagues now, Ivanka. Suck it up. Put on your big kid clothes and stop acting like a fucking china doll, you goddamn brat. Act like a grown-ass woman. And media? Stop treating her like she’s a delicate flower made of spun glass and unicorn tears. Treat her like a goddamn grownup.

Can you IMAGINE a piece like that being written about Michelle Obama? Or even one of the Obama kids? What is this fucking bullshit? Why the hell does every goddamn reporter feel the need to sail in and tell the world what a lovely fucking flower Ivanka is? Fuck that and fuck her. Literal lives depend on her, and she’s being treated like one of the older kids pulled her hair during recess.




These Photos Are Proof Sosie Bacon Inherited Her Father’s Sense of Humor

While celebrating the premiere of his show I Love Dick on Thursday, Kevin Bacon had a very special date on the red carpet: his daughter, Sosie Bacon. While posing together at the Linwood Dunn Theater in LA, the 25-year-old 13 Reasons Why star couldn’t help but goof off a little bit in front of photographers, and (as usual) we couldn’t help but notice that she’s the perfect mix of her superstar parents. Kevin, who shares Sosie with wife of 27 years Kyra Sedgwick, has brought his daughter along to plenty of fun events, from a Knicks game with Norman Reedus to the Golden Globe Awards (where she served as Miss Golden Globe in 2014!). You might as well get used to seeing Sosie around now, because with all of the roles she’s been racking up recently, there’s probably going to be a lot more of her in all of our futures.

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Rico Rodriguez Opens Up About His Father’s Death: «He Was Like a Super Hero»

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Rico Rodriguez suffered a tragic loss on March 12 when his father, Roy Rodriguez, passed away. The 18-year-old actor, who plays Manny Delgado on Modern Family, memorialized his dad with a touching Instagram post not long after his passing. «This has been the toughest week of my life. My Dad was the most kind hearted, loving, hard working, determined, and funny man I have ever known,» he captioned a photo of the two of them drinking milkshakes. «He was like a super hero, he had the ability to get the best out of you day in and day out. I’m gonna miss your hugs. I’m gonna miss your advice. I’m gonna miss your smile, and I’m gonna miss your laugh. I know you’re looking down at us right now giving us the green light to move forward. I miss you Daddy. I’ll love you forever — Your youngest.»

Texas news station KBTX reported that Roy owned the Rodriguez Tire Service tire shop in Brazos County, Texas, and was heavily involved in the local La Compania Car Club in Bryan, Texas. Rico’s older sister and fellow actor, Raini, also spoke out about her father via Instagram. «My daddy was the greatest man in my life. His work ethic and sense of humor were two of his greatest characteristics, both of which he shared with me,» she wrote. «He has taught me so many life lessons and inspired me constantly to follow my dreams . . . I promise to make you proud daddy. I will love and miss you forever. — Your one and only baby girl.»

Roy is survived by his wife, Diane, and their children: Raini, Rico, Ray, and Roy Jr.

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Bindi Irwin Celebrates Her Late Father’s Birthday With a Touching Tribute: «Always in Our Hearts»

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Beloved TV personality and Australian wildlife expert Steve Irwin, aka «The Crocodile Hunter,» would have turned 55 on Wednesday. His 18-year-old daughter, Bindi, marked the emotional occasion with a touching photo on Instagram. «Always in our hearts,» she captioned the sweet shot, which shows her father smiling alongside a cockatoo. Steve was in the midst of filming the documentary series Ocean’s Deadliest off the coast of Australia in 2006 when he was fatally attacked by a stingray, but his tragic death hasn’t marred the enduring legacy of wildlife conservation that he shared with the world. Both Bindi and her younger brother, Robert, have followed in their father’s footsteps, feeding crocodiles at the Australia Zoo owned by their family and appearing on The Tonight Show with a whole bunch of animals.

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Bindi Irwin Continues Her Father’s Legacy by Working With Crocodiles

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Bindi Irwin is honoring her late father, Steve Irwin, in the best way. On Wednesday, the Dancing With the Stars alum channeled the former Crocodile Hunter star by feeding a crocodile at the Australia Zoo owned by her family. «Super excited to start school holiday shows TODAY in the @AustraliaZoo Crocoseum with my beautiful Mum and brother. Hope to see you! 🐊❤️,» she captioned the clip. This isn’t the first time Bindi has paid tribute to her dad on social media. Aside from posting a sweet throwback photo of them on the 10-year anniversary of his death, she also wrote a heartfelt note about him on her 18th birthday.

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Bobby Bowden Says Players Without Fathers Wear Earrings To “Be Like Their Mommas”


Oh boy, this is going to be a rough one for ole Bobby. I guess this is one way to promote a book. You go on a huge national radio show and stir up a little controversy, then boom, books flying off the shelves.

On Mike & Mike this morning the topic of players not having fathers came up which, right there sets up old man Bowden to say something crazy. Eventually he got around to the quote that Twitter is going to go crazy about, which essentially is “players who were raised by their mommas wear earrings to look like them.”

Not a good look. Not a good look at all. But I can’t really blame him. He’s 87 years old, what do you expect a guy that age to say? I don’t think he mean’t any harm by it. So I’ll give him a free pass, but just know the internet is going to lose their minds.

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