The Walking Dead: The Plausible (and Disgusting) Reason Father Gabriel Might Be Sick

In typical Walking Dead fashion, the most recent episode saved almost all of the action for the last few minutes. In addition to a mysterious helicopter and a heartbreaking revelation about Negan, Father Gabriel appeared to fall gravely ill. Actor Seth Gilliam would only reveal to POPSUGAR that his character is «Uh . . . sick,» rather than any concrete details, but a fan on Reddit seems to have uncovered an interesting (and disgusting) reason for why the ill-fated preacher might be suffering.

If the show follows the comics, we know that Father Gabriel won’t meet his demise until much later. That being said, it doesn’t mean they won’t thrust the character right up against the edge of death to pump up the drama in the meantime. Now, if you watched the last episode, «The Big Scary U,» you got to see Gabriel and Negan escape the trailer surrounded by a thick horde of walkers by covering themselves in zombie guts. They pass through the walkers without much incident, and the next time we see them Negan is inside the Savior compound making a speech to his riled-up followers, with Gabriel kneeling beside him. Negan then has him brought to a prison cell.

At the end of the episode, Eugene visits a very sweaty Gabriel in the cell, where he’s huddling in a Savior prison cell looking decidedly worse for wear. Did he get bitten in those minutes we didn’t see? Is Negan so repulsive that he’s making him physically ill? Or, is there a third option?

«The way I interpreted everything is that the walkers around this area are irradiated from the chem plant,» Reddit user zorbinski theorized in a recent post. «THAT is why Gabe is sick, and Negan made the comment on how everyone gets sick from gutting up — to which Gabe replied ‘We’re from Georgia.’ It’s a joke, but it’s also true to the situation. I don’t think the Saviors know that those barrels are dumped in the woods, or realize the walkers are getting radiation from it.»

As out-there as the idea might seem at first glance, there are certain aspects of the theory that definitely appear to hold water. «They’ve been building this ‘mysterious dangerous substance’ now the whole season,» zorbinski continues. «Carol & Ezekiel came across the walkers that were glowing or whatever (and commented on it). Shiva saved Ezekiel, and the camera panned over to the barrel in the creek. Negan and co. are always mentioning ‘The Chem Plant.’ Then, finally, Negan warns Ezekiel about getting sick from wearing guts — but Gabe doesn’t know about the irradiated walkers . . . THESE zombies, AROUND THE SANCTUARY, are irradiated and toxic, as a result of the Chemical Plant nearby. Father Gabriel isn’t faking, he doesn’t have heat stroke, and I would even go as far as betting he WAS NOT BITTEN . . . He has RADIATION POISONING.»

As usual, The Walking Dead never fails to find new ways to gross us out.

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The Walking Dead: What’s Really Going on With Father Gabriel?

Warning: spoilers for The Walking Dead ahead.

Father Gabriel opens The Walking Dead‘s «The Big Scary U» episode Sunday night with a prayer: «You’ve given me redemption,» he prays, «and it’s that redemption that makes me no longer fear death.»

Sounds like a harbinger. Is it?

There’s definitely a big reveal involving Father Gabriel at the end of the episode, but it’s more complicated and uncertain than the opening scene implies. POPSUGAR spoke to Father Gabriel himself — actor Seth Gilliam — to get some insight on the episode.

«Uh, he’s sick,» Gilliam said with a laugh when asked whether Father Gabriel was turning into a walker in that final scene. «That’s as far as I can go.»

Father Gabriel spends most of the episode with Negan, confined to a trailer that they retreat to after Rick & Co.’s attack on the Sanctuary a few episodes back. The trailer is surrounded on all sides by walkers, and Father Gabriel and Negan spend much of the episode in there trying to figure out whether the walkers or each other are the bigger danger.

«We were shooting in an actual trailer, so it was very tight quarters,» Gilliam said. «It also got exceedingly hot in there, and we were already wearing hot costumes.»

Gilliam said he enjoyed watching Jeffrey Dean Morgan turn on the bravura and become Negan: «The character is charming to begin with even though he’s a psychopath, and Jeff taps into that charm very seamlessly,» Gilliam said. «It’s a little unnerving, but the fun of acting is seeing people transform in front of your eyes. He can tell you a fart joke and 30 seconds later be threatening your life. It’s fun stuff.»

When the walkers are beginning to burrow into the trailer, Father Gabriel and Negan decide to make their escape by draping themselves in walker guts — a trick we’ve seen before on the series — to mask their scents and make them more or less invisible to the flesh-eating walkers. The walkers swarm them, there’s an in-episode cliffhanger where walkers are collapsing onto them, and it’s not entirely obvious whether Gabriel has been bitten.

Characters who have been bitten by walkers without getting killed in the process go through a flu-like sickness that can take minutes or hours before «turning» them into walkers. At the end of the episode, we see Gabriel on the floor of a cell at the Sanctuary looking like he’s just eaten a plate full of rotten shrimp.

If this is the end for Father Gabriel, we’ll almost certainly get to see him at least one more time. If he’s turning, he’s not turned yet.

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Jahlil Okafor’s Father Rocked a ‘Free Jah’ Shirt to the Warriors-76ers Game

As you all know, Jahlil Okafor isn’t part of the 76ers’ “process” and is still logging DNPs as he waits for the team to trade or buy him out. When will that no happen? Who knows. The Sixers reportedly have no interest in a buyout so his career has effectively been paused indefinitely.

Big Jah’s father has apparently seen enough of his son in a suit, and wore a custom “Free Jah” shirt to Saturday night’s Warriors-76ers showdown:

Can’t blame the man. His son won’t have an opportunity to shed his bust label until he gets the hell out of Philly and starts putting up stats on a team like the Bulls.

Jahlil last played on Nov. 7 against the Jazz when he recorded an assist and two missed shots in three minutes of action.

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Mr. Bean Will Father Another Child – At 62

American Buffalo Cast Afterparty

And, no, that isn’t the baby in the photo above! That silly Mr. Bean (aka Rowan Atkinson) gets up to the craziest shit…and apparently that includes knocking up his 33-year-old girlfriend.

Rowan has been with actress Louise Ford for three years. The Telegraph reports she grew up south of London and went to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art with the likes of Tom Hiddleston. No word on if she also tells insufferable acceptance speeches about how her craft is the one thing to bring a smile to those afflicted in war-torn nations, but it does appear she is a fertile turtle who is able to harvest Rowan’s Pepaw seed. The two met back in 2013 when they were both in a play, The Quartermaine’s Terms, in London.

I’m sure it was love at first monologue and all that artiste shit. It is reported the two are oh-so-delighted to be expecting a child, but I don’t know what’s so delightful about having to change smelly diapers when you should be coasting by on a life of senior citizen discounts down at Dairy Queen.

Interestingly, Rowan and his ex-wife Sunetra Sastry split in 2013. Those two have two kids, a 23-year-old son and a 21-year-old daughter, so I’m sure Christmas this year might get a little testy knowing Santa is going to divvy up his loot by three going forward.



Here’s the Famous Actor Who Will Be Playing Veronica’s Infamous Father on Riverdale

Riverdale is taking things to the next level with season two. Along with even more mystery, it’s also adding a few fresh faces to the mix. While Charles Melton will be taking over the role of Reggie after Ross Butler’s departure, we will also get to meet Veronica’s corrupt father, Hiram Lodge, played by Spain-born actor Mark Consuelos.

While the actor is well-known for being a loving family man to Kelly Ripa and their three children, make no mistake, Consuelos has had plenty of experience heating up the small screen. Just like his wife, Consuelos got his start on the soap opera All My Children before scoring a few starring roles on series like American Horror Story, Kingdom, Queen of the South, and The Night Shift and the short-lived Fox series Pitch. And you better believe he made us weak in the knees on every single one. Needless to say, we can’t wait to see him slip into that fitted suit when Riverdale season two premieres on Oct. 11.

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‘As a Father of a Son … ‘

But now, as the father of four daughters, this is the kind of sexual predation that keeps me up at night. This is the great fear for all of us. — Matt Damon, yesterday.

Last Friday, my son was out of school for a Jewish holiday, and I wanted to go to see Battle of the Sexes, and I didn’t want to leave him home alone, so I brought him with me. He’s 10, and Common Sense Media said that it was appropriate for 14-year-olds, but their reasoning — kissing and a lot of smoking — felt suspect, especially the kissing part. You need to be 14 to see people kiss? Or do you need to be 14 to see women kiss? Because to most 10-year-olds in 2017 (in New England, anyway), men kissing, women kissing, or men kissing women — it’s all the same. It’s just people kissing. I don’t think you need to be 14 to see that, and to suggest that you need to be older to see two women kissing is kind of fucked up.

Anyway, I brought him, but on the drive to the film, I wanted to warn him ahead of time that Steve Carell — whom he best knows as the voice of Gru — was a male chauvinist, and what that means, and why that’s not OK. Then we brought it around to my particular industry and I told him about some of the stuff that’s been going on with men in the film world. He’s 10, so I didn’t want to get graphic about it or anything, but I also got really serious and told him that he should never, ever, ever kiss a girl who doesn’t to be kissed, and to be respectful and kind. He said, «I know that, Dad!» like I was an idiot, and I said, «I know you know that. Of course you know that, but you need to hear it again.»

And he will probably need to hear it a lot more times in the coming years. Because you know what? I have two daughters, and you know what my worst fear is, Matt Damon? That my son grows up to be someone like Harvey Weinstein. I mean, obviously, I hope to God that my daughters never encounter someone like Harvey Weinstein, but they will. Because if there’s anything I’ve learned from the last few years, and from living with a woman and working with women on a daily basis, is that they’re fucking everywhere, and no matter how kind, good looking, or harmless they seem, always be vigilant and on guard because these fuckers are your neighbors, friends, co-workers, family members, and randos you run into on the subway. But I hope that their mother and I can help prepare them for those situations, tell them how to navigate them, how to best avoid men like that, and then console them when all that advice goes up in flames at their first college party or their first job interview.

But we can also teach our son how not to be a person anyone ever has to navigate or avoid. Also, how to alert others when he sees men that need to be avoided. How not to put up with that shit if he has friends like that. As I always say to my son, «Don’t be a snitch, unless your friends are sexual predators, and then goddamnit, you better fucking snitch.»

I don’t want my children to be subjected to sexual predators. But I also don’t want my children to be sexual predators. But also and this is important: Neither the number of children I have, nor the gender of my children has anything to do with the fact that I find the behavior of men like Harvey Weinstein horrifying and abhorrent, and I don’t need daughters or sons to reinforce that because I am not a fucking sociopath!


Owen Wilson and Ed Helms Go on the Father of All Road Trips in Their New Comedy

A movie where Owen Wilson and Ed Helms play brothers? Sign us up. The pair has joined forces on Father Figures, a comedy that follows fraternal twins Kyle and Peter on their journey to find their real dad, since it turns out their mom (Glenn Close) has been lying about it for their entire lives. They take off across the country to narrow down the possibilities — which include Terry Bradshaw (playing himself), J.K. Simmons, and Christopher Walken, among others — resulting in one hell of a road trip. Check out the trailer above before the movie hits theaters on Dec. 22.

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Tyra Banks Is No Longer Smizing At The Father Of Her Baby

Tyra Banks and new boyfriend out for lunch

Erik Asla woke up to Tyra mail recently, and it was just a slip of paper saying, “When I come home, your shit better not be in any of my Tyra closets.Page Six says Tyra Banks and Erik, a photographer and her baby daddy, have quit each other after five years. The two have a son, York Banks Asla, who was born in January 2016.

Page Six spilled back in the summer of 2016 that the two were on the skids because parenthood was a lot harder was supposed to be aka Erik was finding it difficult doting every waking hour of the day to a cooing crier AND a new baby! Erik moved out of their LA estate, and a source says what all sources say, “It came drama-free and they’re co-parenting their young son.” Yeah, whatever you say source. They said back in ’16 that Tyra was bringing her tough TV persona home, so that means the breakup went more like this:

Although, this pair really might be friends. Erik’s been hired to shoot photos of the reboot of America’s Next Top Model now that Tyra gave Rita Ora the old heave-ho and is back to terrorize aspiring models and scream at them for not being able to walk down the side of a building in a torrential downpour rocking the latest Kohl’s Kollection. For me, I’m just hoping the PLOT TWIST episode is when she pulls that “Two girls stand before me…” nonsense and then says, “JK, girl! Y’all good! Erik, get the fuck out of here.



The Sweetest Moments Jason Ritter Shared With His Famous Father Before John’s Untimely Death

Legendary actor and comedian John Ritter passed away suddenly on Sept. 11, 2003, from an aortic dissection, but his memory lives on through his family. The Three’s Company star, who was only 54 when he died, was a loving father to four children, including actor Jason Ritter. Over the years, the two shared a number of sweet moments in the spotlight as Jason slowly but surely followed in his famous father’s footsteps. From presenting John with an award on stage to goofing off on the red carpet, it’s clear that Jason shared a very special bond with his dad. See their best moments together ahead.

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23 Beautiful Photos Bindi Irwin Has Shared of Her Late Father, Steve

It’s been 11 years since wildlife expert Steve Irwin tragically died, but his daughter, Bindi, is carrying on his legacy. On Instagram, she has posted several messages about losing her dad and even shared the last photo she ever took with him, and that’s not where the love ends. When she was on Dancing With the Stars in 2015, Bindi had the audience constantly transfixed, especially when she paid tribute to Steve with one of the most moving dances in the show’s history. It goes without saying that her vulnerability is ultimately why she eventually took home the trophy. Keep reading for all the pictures she’s shared over the years, including the heartfelt captions that accompany them.

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