I Will Not Rest Until This Dirtbag Michigan Fan Is Arrested For Stealing A Humane Society Donation Box

There are lowlife Michigan Man scumbags and then there are scumbags like this Michigan Man who clearly walked out with a Monroe (MI) Humane Society donation box from an A&W in southwest Michigan.

According to the Humane Society:

We need your help! Please watch this video of a man stealing our HSMC donation box from A&W on 10/18. We rely on our community’s support and efforts to fund our organization on a monthly basis.
If you have any information or can help I.D this individual, please contact Deputy Bills, from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, at 734-240-7753

Clearly wearing a Michigan shirt. Now I’ve already heard from Michigan Man(s) who say it’s probably an Ohio State fan wearing a disguise. Folks, we’re talking about a donation box from an A&W in Monroe, MI. I can see someone wearing a costume during a bank robbery like the Michigan Man who robbed a Columbus bank wearing Ohio State gear. That happened back in 2016.

There have been some scumbag moves over the years, but this might be the lowest of the low. Stealing from those poor dogs and cats has me furious. I won’t rest. Team BC will put this guy behind bars. There will be no rest for this dirtbag until he’s sleeping in the county jail.

Here’s the area where this scumbag was operating, south of Detroit by about 30 miles:


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Popped Collar Dirtbag Shakespeare Who Fucks, Coming Soon to TNT

Guys. I know why the «H.G. Wells, but hot» show Time after Time was cancelled after five episodes. No, it’s not because ABC failed to properly advertise that its episode titles were lyrics to Cyndi Lauper’s «Time After Time».» (I’d have watched it if I’d known!) It’s not because it looked painfully cheesy. No. It was because Hot H.G. Wells Who Fucks and Hot Shakespeare Who Fucks couldn’t possibly be on the air at the same time without causing some sort of world-shattering cosmic cataclysm. Behold:

«YOU CAHN’T JUST MAKE UP WORDS» guy is my favorite character of 2017. And look at this promo image.


I think Willy Shakes is wearing chainmail Uggs and some sort of chainmail dick kerchief? Even A Knight’s Tale, which Will is clearly heavily inspired by, didn’t put anybody in a chainmail dick kerchief. I have so many questions. A) Seriously? And: Where can I buy this outfit? Is Paul Bettany going to show up? Can Anne Hathaway play Anne Hathaway? Am I hallucinating? I know it’s technically the weekend but I haven’t started drinking yet, I swear.


Dirtbag Notre Dame Fan & Her Baby Daddy Overdose, 5 Year Old Calls Cops, Thought Parents Were Dead

Rally sons of Notre Dame:
Sing her glory and sound her fame,
Raise her Gold and Blue,
And cheer with voices true:
Rah, rah, for Notre Dame.

You think Notre Dame fan Sarah Williams was singing that Saturday night when she hammered home 30mg of “Roxy” in Sharon, PA while her baby daddy was firing up a syringe of heroin to get right after a busy day of life? Doubt it, too. What a world we live in.

From WFMJ:

Two Sharon residents have been arrested after a five-year-old boy called 9-1-1 to report that he thought his parents were dead.

But police who arrived at the Pine Hollow Village Apartment Complex on East Connelly Boulevard Saturday night say that Sarah Williams and Timothy Kolsky Jr, both 30, were suffering from drug overdoses. Police found the child’s parents unconscious, inside a small closet near the kitchen.

According to police, Kolsky Jr. had overdosed on heroin, and Williams was under the influence of painkillers.

Inside a small closet? Seems like a comfortable spot. Of course these two dirtbags were shot up with Narcan, they survived and are likely headed right back to the heroin.

Just another day in America.


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Podcast: How Old Is Too Old To Be A Dirtbag Adult Autograph Hunter & When Was The Last Time You Asked For An Autograph?

It’s TBT on Milk The Clock so we hammered out a podcast on Charles Oakley channeling his 1980s & 90s ass-kicking days at the Garden, making Paul and I miss the old days when the NBA had enforcers like Chuck. That leads into discussion on how if your NBA team is going to suck, why not implement a run & shoot offense like the Denver Nuggets of the 1980s.

Eventually we get into Jordan Spieth getting pissed at grown men autograph hunters today at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am. Spieth went off on these dirtbags and then they taunted him with “You’ll never be Tiger Woods” lines.

So here’s the question: How old is too old to be asking for autographs. Paul claims he hasn’t asked anyone for an autograph since he was like 10.

Dive in, I think you’re going to like this one.


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DeAndre Levy Doubles Down, Calls Paterno A ‘Dirtbag’ Again


On Thursday, Lions linebacker DeAndre Levy went semi-viral for his comments on Joe Paterno. He said his proudest moment as a player was breaking Joe Pa’s leg when he was in college, and then kept going with the criticism by calling him a ‘dirtbag’.

When something like that happens and everyone picks it up and writes about it, you normally see these guys back track and clarify their statements so they don’t have to deal with the bullshit and can move on. DeAndre Levy isn’t that kind of guy, though. He wrote a guest article for the Detroit Free Press this morning and doubled down on his comments.

I hope me speaking in jest about my “proudest moment” doesn’t distract from the serious sentiment. Any person or institution, Joe Paterno included, that turns away from or fails to act against sexual assault is a “dirtbag.”

Imagine your son, nephew, cousin or young male person in your life goes away to football camp or has a trusted relationship with a coach, but their vulnerability is taken advantage of and their trust violated in an act of sexual assault. Years later, a story breaks and sheds light on a decades-long pattern of sexual abuse. And then it becomes known that one of the most powerful figures in that football program knew of it at various points but failed to act diligently. In broad strokes, that’s how I understand the case of Penn State, Jerry Sandusky and Paterno.

I don’t blame him because he’s not wrong. Joe Pa did turn away and ignore that stuff. So good on you, DeAndre. I love when athletes stand by their opinions and don’t fold with public pressure.

So let’s watch this video again for old time’s sake.

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DeAndre Levy Says Proudest Moment Was Breaking ‘Dirtbag’ JoePa’s Leg…SHOTS FIRED!


Hey, look at what we have here! We have someone from the NFL actually saying something controversial and it’s about football. Sorta. DeAndre Levy called Joe Paterno a “dirtbag” and told Men’s Journal that his proudest moment was breaking JoePa’s leg while he was playing at Wisconsin. Hell yes Men’s Journal was pumped up when that came out of Levy’s mouth. Magazine pageviews…FOR DAYS…well, maybe HOURS!

This is a dream really. You throw out something simple to an interview subject like, “Hey, what was the one moment in college that made you proud?”

And then DeAndre’s like, “You know that piece of shit JoePa?” Interviewer: [trying to remain calm because he knows something great is about to hit his microphone] “Yeah, it was sad how it all ended,” knowing that will send DeAndre into a frenzy.

And it’s on.

Here’s what DeAndre Levy had to say in Men’s Journal:

Born and raised in Milwaukee, where his mother is an assistant at a medical office and his father works on the line in a steel factory, Levy was a star linebacker at Wisconsin. He was most famous for a 2006 play against Penn State, a sideline tackle that accidentally drove him into coach Joe Paterno, breaking JoePa’s left leg. Ten years later, Levy now calls that incident “my proudest moment in college,” as history has since revealed Happy Valley’s sad secrets. “That dirtbag, man,” says Levy of Paterno, who was recently implicated as being aware of child sexual abuse committed by his assistant Jerry Sandusky as early as 1976. “We’ve gotta stop prioritizing sports over humanity,” says Levy. “Just because somebody can throw a football or coach football, they’re excluded from their wicked acts.”

Go over to DeAndre’s Instagram page. That shit should be turned into a reality show on HBO. Dump Simmons’ whiny ass and get DeAndre on there doing crazy shit. I’d watch. You know what’s not on DeAndre’s IG page? Football.

By the way, Levy has one teammate — rookie Anthony Zettel — who was at Penn State while Joe Paterno was still around.

Of course Penn State lifers aren’t taking this very well:


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