What Is The Deuce? James Franco Is Starring in Your New, Raw HBO Obsession

James Franco has become quite the renaissance man in recent years, from starring in 11.22.63 to executive producing Lifetime’s Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? update to teaching classes at USC, UCLA, and NYU. Now he’s coming to HBO on The Deuce, playing twin brothers Vincent and Frankie Martino, based on a real pair of twins who were part of the emerging porn industry in New York City in the 1970s.

This realistic, raw drama explores the world of prostitutes and pornography, race relations, the rise of HIV/AIDS and the drug epidemic of the ’70s and ’80s against a backdrop of scene-setting ’70s fashions, cars, and musical cues. It costars Maggie Gyllenhaal as a Times Square sex worker, Lawrence Gilliard Jr. as an NYPD officer, and Chris Coy as a bartender and LGBTQ advocate.

The show comes to us courtesy of David Simon, the mastermind behind The Wire and Treme (who is also a former police reporter), and his frequent collaborator, writer George Pelecanos. The pair are highly concerned with portraying this time period the way it really was, so they’ve brought in former porn actors and directors from the era. Pelecanos told the 2017 Summer TCA press tour audience that their «biggest fear» is that someone will say their show is «bullsh*t» and that they «got it wrong.»

Part of having such a realistic look at the porn and prostitution industry means that there is a lot of violence (and sexualized violence) toward women on the show. But Simon says that the objectification of women is not one of the currencies driving the show. It’s the actual subject matter, and it’s hard to make a show about the pornography industry and clean it up.

Gyllenhaal added that with The Deuce,, they have «an opportunity to pick [misogyny] up and lay it on the table and to do it in a way that’s thoughtful and smart, I think, and also real, so that includes having to see things that look violent and uncomfortable.»

The actress also added that the show should titillate audiences because that’s part of the conversation. «If the show also turns you on a little and then makes you consider what’s actually turning you on, and the consequences for the characters who are turning you on and what’s getting you hot, I think it’s a better show,» says Gyllenhaal.

The Deuce, which has already been renewed for a second season, premieres Sept. 10 — set your DVRs now, because this is going to be your latest HBO obsession.

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Something weird happened Friday night. I spent like 2 hours sitting on the couch watching the WSOP on Day 4 with like 500 players remaining. For some reason it was interesting again. I’m not sure how I could go like 8-10 years of not caring after the whole Moneymaker era and then all of a sudden caring again. Maybe I just needed a night off from caring about anything in the world. Idk.

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The Warriors RUINED Vegas Last Month

One problem with having such a top-heavy NBA is that gambling gets all screwed up when the playoffs come around. When you have 2 teams just running through everybody, Vegas is going to get crushed. And boy did they: The books lost $ 4.4 million on basketball in May. It was their worst basketball month ever, shattering the previous record loss of $ 3.5 million in April 1997.“The books got hammered with the public loading up on the favorite and over during the NBA playoffs,” said Michael Lawton, research analyst for the Gaming Control Board, which released the numbers Thursday. The Warriors and Cavaliers went a combined 16-1 straight up in May, 11-5-1 against the spread and 12-5 over the total. “The Cavs and Warriors crushed the books,” Caesars Palace sports book director Frank Kunovic said.

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Jon Gruden’s 5-Foot-6 Fire Hydrant Son, Deuce, Wins World Lifting Gold Medal

Deuce Gruden is having himself a good time at the IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships in Belarus. He already has a gold medal in his pocket and now he’s going to come back to the States as a viral sensation now that word is starting to travel around that the 5 foot 6 fire hydrant is a yoked beast. This is exactly the kind of news a legitimate blogger latches onto during June when all we have is the College World Series and some NBA draft stuff to fake care about.

How did Deuce Gruden get his name? His actual name is Jon David Gruden II, hence the ‘Deuce’ nickname. I know some of you were losing your minds over this one.

Deuce spent the 2016 NFL season as a strength and conditioning intern with Uncle Jay’s Redskins after graduating from Lafayette where he was a running back (16 carries, 46 yards over final two seasons). Legend has it that Deuce was a 350-pound bench pressing behemoth who played quarterback, wide receiver, linebacker and safety during high school.

Now he’s a competitive lifter with just 1,317 IG followers as I type this. That number is about to explode now that Deuce is out here dominating the world in powerlifting. Now he has a gold.

Instagram Photo
Instagram Photo

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