Read This If You’re Still Sobbing Over That Shocking Game of Thrones Death

The following contains spoilers for Game of Thrones season seven.

Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by Game of Thrones. For one, we never expected to sob actual tears over a dragon. Neither, it seems, did the entire GOT fandom, because after Viserion meets his icy end in season seven, the entire internet about lost its mind. Between the overall grief of losing one of Daenerys’s three children and the heartwrenching realization that Viserion will have to fight his two brothers as an undead slave of the Night King, the entire ordeal was just too much.

If you’re still lost in your emotions over the saddest moment of the season — perhaps the entire series — then join with your fellow fans in mourning Viserion. But don’t feel too depressed . . . at least we have the newfound friendship of Tormund and the Hound to look forward to, right?

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George R.R. Martin’s Original Game of Thrones Pitch Hints at Another Stark Death

Big ol’ Game of Thrones spoilers below!

Gruesome deaths and Game of Thrones go together like HBO and leaked episodes, but the latest spoilers have come from a surprising source: George R.R. Martin himself. The original 1993 pitch for the author’s A Song of Ice and Fire series has been uncovered, and it could hold the key to which of the show’s beloved characters make it out of season seven (and season eight, for that matter) alive and well.

As Mashable points out, Martin’s three-page letter to his agent actually first surfaced in 2015 when British bookstore Waterstones tweeted out photos of it, before the account quickly took them down. Luckily, Reddit user TheNextRobin was able to screenshot the images before they were deleted and subsequently shared them on Reddit themselves. In the letter, Martin wrote that «five central characters» — Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen, Arya Stark, Bran Stark, and Jon Snow — are destined to «[grow] from children to adults and [change] the world and themselves» along the way. «In a sense, my trilogy is almost a generational saga, telling the life stories of these five characters, three men and two women,» he explained. «The five key players are Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen, and three of the children of Winterfell, Arya, Bran, and the bastard Jon Snow.»

So, is this the definitive answer as to which of the Starks, Lannisters, and Targaryens will make it to the end of the series? Maybe, since all five of those characters are currently kicking it around Westeros. Then again, it’s worth noting that Martin made it clear in the letter that the ideas he initially had for the series were likely to change dramatically over the course of publication, so don’t count Sansa out just yet:

«As you know, I don’t outline my novels. I find that if I know exactly where a book is going, I lose all interest in writing it. I do, however, have some strong notions as to the overall structure of the story I’m telling, and the eventual fate of many of the principle characters in the drama.»

He wasn’t joking about that, either, since his original idea for Game of Thrones included a romance between Arya and Jon Snow (excuse us while we hurl ourselves off a cliff), Tyrion deciding to light Winterfell on fire, Robb dying somewhere other than the Red Wedding, and Sansa having Joffrey’s baby (extremely hard pass). The author, who is reportedly hard at work on Winds of Winter, also emphasized that clinging to any one character in the story would be unwise:

«The cast will not always remain the same. Old characters will die, and new ones will be introduced. Some of the fatalities will include sympathetic viewpoint characters. I want the reader to feel that no one is ever completely safe, not even the characters who seem to be the heroes. The suspense always ratchets up a notch when you know that any character can die at any time.»

Although Martin’s initial vision for the series relied on the survival of Dany, Tyrion, Arya, Bran, and Jon, his own warnings about the unpredictable nature of the story could mean that those five characters are no longer safe. Arya, what with her murderous vendettas and all, has found herself in a perilous position lately, so we wouldn’t be surprised if she and Sansa have been switched. Daenerys could also be in trouble, and many fans have speculated that the Dragon Queen might sacrifice herself beyond the Wall, because it ties in to a vision she has while in the House of the Undying.

Will Sansa Stark make it to the end? Will the Night King ride in and turn everyone in Westeros to a popsicle? As we’re all well aware, «when you play the game of thrones, you win or die.» Here’s hoping the show concludes with more winning than dying.

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Chelsea Handler Mourns the Death of Her Dog: «I Couldn’t Bear to Have Her Fight Anymore»

Chelsea Handler is mourning the death of her dog, Tammy. The outspoken comedian announced the sad news on Instagram Friday night. Along with an adorable photo, Chelsea shared an emotional farewell letter that reads as follows:

«I lost my bear today. She was struggling and I couldn’t bear to have her fight anymore. Anyone who doesn’t believe a dog changes your life has never rescued one. I only had 2 years with Tammy, but she made sure I never went to bed once without hearing her little paws mount my stairwell 2 paws at a time. If my door was closed, she slept outside my room like a security guard. Dogs give you something you never knew was missing. I love you, bear. Thanks for being such a girl. I will get another dog that needs a home and it will remind me every day how much I miss you. Lub lub lub.»

In 2014, the late-night talk show host ended her popular E! series Chelsea Lately before launching her self-titled Netflix talk show, Chelsea, in 2016.

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Reddit Asks the Question: ‘If You Were a Dictator What is the Pettiest Thing That Would Be Punishable By Death?’

Simple one, this. Tapping into all that righteous, terrible fury that we all feel for the little things, Reddit asked the question: ‘If You Were a Dictator What is the Pettiest Thing That Would Be Punishable By Death?’

You can check out the whole thread here, but below are some highlights:


Not clearing the microwave of unused time.



Forcing yourself on to the bus/tram/train before people have properly gotten off.


China has 5 people remaining now.


Half of London sent to the acid mines



Leaving a perishable food item in a random aisle of the grocery store.


My husband recently pulled a Larry David and confronted a woman who did this at Costco. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.

He’s staring at her like WTF.

She looks directly at him.

They lock eyes.

«What» she says.

«That’s the laziest thing I’ve ever seen.»

«What did you say?»

«You heard me. If you don’t want it. You put it back»


«If you don’t want it, put it back. If you don’t want it you put it back.»

She started flipping out. It was hilarious. He became my hero that day. I hate confrontation and would never do that, but I was so glad someone did. That shit melts!



Inviting me to Facebook groups that involve selling your pyramid scheme products.


Playing music on public transportation without headphones


Not dimming your high-beams when approaching another car at night.


Taking a phone call while we’re watching TV and asking me to turn it down. It’s a cell phone, there’s no cord. Find a different room.


Forwarding those stupid ass texts/emails/posts that say something like «Send this to your 5 best friends in the next 10 seconds or you’ll wake up with no legs!»


Trash out a car window, for sure.

Second is probably groups of power walkers or whatever who like to go to beautiful quiet areas and scream office gossip at one another so they can hear over their headphones.

Off with their heads.


The pettiest thing? When the person in line before you waits till they get to the register to decide what to order. OFF WITH IS HEAD!


If you use more than one parking space for your vehicle.


Leaving a toilet clogged when the plunger is RIGHT THERE.


Walking slowly and taking up the whole sidewalk with your friends/family.


People putting their used gum on things. If you’ve been chewing the damn thing for so long what’s a minute more to find a proper place to throw it away? Public execution for putting it on anything in a grocery store you are not buying.


Playing music from your phone in public. WHAT MAKES PEOPLE THINK THAT SHIT IS APPROPRIATE?!


Hardcore riding someone’s ass in traffic, aggressively passing, then slowing down to slower than the person you passed.


Driving very slowly until the light turns yellow then slamming the gas so you’re the only one that gets through. Immediate public beheading, if a civilian executes you before the police get to you they get free ice cream for a year.


Chewing food with your mouth open / «smacking» sounds while eating.


Sneezing into your hand and then immediately opening a door.


Mowing your lawn before 9 A.M.


Putting eyelashes on your car.



Littering. Your trash is your problem, do not throw it on the ground and make it everyone’s problem. I have often wondered if you could correlate the psychological profile of habitual litterers with other personality disorders of some sort. Man, it just irritates me.


Sentence: All of their litter will be shot at them out of a cannon until death



Using a tea covered spoon to get sugar from the pot. I don’t want to have to sift through lumps of crusty brown sugar


Having more than 12 items in your cart for the express lane.

«Oh, sorry, I miscounted.»

Bullshit, lady. You just wanted to checkout faster. To the chair with you!


Using another seat for your fucking bag in the bus when it’s full. Off with their heads


People who talk on their phones during movies.


This is supposed to be petty reasons, not 100% justifiable reasons to be killed.


Petr Knava lives in London and plays music


Did Sansa and Arya’s Game of Thrones Reunion Hint at Jon Snow’s Eventual Death?

As the battle for the Iron Throne continues and the White Walker threat gets closer to the people of Westeros, there’s a Game of Thrones question I’m kind of afraid to ask: is Jon Snow going to die — again? Like, for real this time? As one half of the ice-and-fire equation, he obviously has a large role to play, and theories suggest that he’ll lead the fight against the White Walkers. But I’m starting to worry that he won’t survive the fight.

A single line in the latest episode might hint at Jon Snow’s fate. The moment comes during Sansa and Arya Stark’s Winterfell reunion as Sansa talks about their siblings’ whereabouts. She mentions her reunion with Jon Snow, acknowledging that he’ll probably be more excited to see Arya than he’d been to see her. Here’s what she says:

«I hope he comes back soon. I remember how happy he was to see me, and when he sees you, his heart will probably stop.»

Heart will stop? HEART will STOP? I know I’m taking her line literally, but crazier things have happened on this show (understatement) and it wouldn’t be the first time that words carried more meaning than you might think at first.

What if he, I don’t know, first sees Arya on the battlefield and throws himself in front of a White Walker to save her, sacrificing himself? What if Arya goes after Littlefinger and Jon shows up, sees what’s happening, intervenes, and dies? Meanwhile, if he dies again, will Melisandre bring him back to life again? Can my OWN heart handle seeing him die again?

When people are brought back to life by the Lord of Light, it’s because they still have a role to play. Jon Snow’s role could be to bring his family back together, or spread the message of the White Walkers, or team up with Daenerys Targaryen to defeat them. But once his destiny is fulfilled, then what? He’s . . . free to die again?

Listen, I honestly hope I’m wrong and I’m reading into that moment too closely. I hope none of the above takes place and he’ll be among the last characters standing. Or, even better, sitting. On the Iron Throne. Fingers crossed.

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How Jaime’s Death Would Change Game of Thrones Forever

Daenerys hits the Lannisters hard during the deadly battle in «The Spoils Of War,» and now Game of Thrones fans have to ask themselves a hard question: if Jaime Lannister dies in the aftermath of the attack, what does that mean for the rest of the season? There’s no denying Jaime is in a precarious position at the moment. In the episode’s closing scene, he seems to be sinking in the river after someone (most likely Bronn) knocks him off his horse. This could be the end for the Kingslayer, but if it is, then his death will be just the beginning for Cersei, Tyrion, and Brienne, and his passing could shape the next phase of the great game in ways no one could possibly see coming.

Jaime is meaningful to many of the characters, and if he becomes a casualty of the war between Cersei and Daenerys, there will be major repercussions for everyone involved. Here are just a few ways Jaime’s death would alter the course of the final episodes of Game of Thrones.

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Suge Knight Indicted For Death Threat Against Director F. Gary Gray


Poor Suge Knight just can’t catch a break. Despite already being in jail on murder charges (this is basically Suge’s default position. If you’re not sure where Suge is at any given moment, check the L.A. County lockup. If he’s not in there, check behind your shoulder, because he’s probably about to murder you), Suge was just indicted for making death threats against F. Gary Gray, the director of Straight Outta Compton.

TMZ reports:

TMZ has obtained a copy of the Grand Jury indictment, which reads in part, “On or about August 8, 2014, Suge … threatened to commit a crime which would result in death and great bodily injury to Felix Gary Gray.”

Suge was extremely unhappy with his portrayal in the movie and we’re told he sent the threat by text.

As previously reported, that murder charge Suge is currently locked up for was also related to the Straight Outta Compton movie; he ran over two people with his car on the set. I guess what they say is true: Big man, big distorted cognitive sense of self coupled with psychological projection, intermittent explosive disorder, sociopathic tendencies and narcissistic personality disorder. Suge maintains his innocence on those charges, despite the video evidence that clearly shows him hitting two men with his car, then backing up and coming back in for the kill. TMZ says:

Sources connected with Suge claim the murder charge against him is falling apart and they believe law enforcement is simply out to get him.

If Suge’s claims of police conspiracy don’t get him off (hey, it worked for O.J.) then maybe he can try for a “Boy Named Sue” defense given the fact that Suge’s real name is Marion. Or, even better, he could become Marion the Prison Librarian. If he ever gets out, he’ll have a legitimate career to fall back on. If that happens we all better watch out, because his late fees are MURDER.



Matthew McConaughey Has a Tearjerking Reaction to Sam Shepard’s Death on the Red Carpet

Matthew McConaughey is making the press rounds to promote his new science fiction film The Dark Tower, but things took a decidedly sad turn when the actor stopped for an interview during the red carpet premiere of the movie in NYC on Monday night. After an Associated Press reporter asked him a question about the sudden passing of actor and playwright Sam Shepard, who died of complications from ALS on July 27, Matthew looked stunned, asking, «Sam Shepard moved on?»

While visibly trying to process the news, Matthew gave a heartfelt tribute to Sam, whom he costarred with in 2012’s Mud: «I’m not going to trivialize that situation . . . But I always told [director] Jeff Nichols this, I said the whole trailer for Mud could be Sam Shepard sitting in that green chair telling the boy about who Mud is.» He added, «We lost one of the great ones. Great writer, great mind.» Matthew then pointed to the sky and said, «See you at the next one, Sam,» before moving down the red carpet. Watch the touching moment now.

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Billie Lourd on Healing After Her Mother’s Death: «Now I Get to Be Just Billie»

Billie Lourd is making a name for herself in Hollywood with her roles in Scream Queens and the upcoming season of American Horror Story, but she knows she has some big shoes to fill. Following the tragic losses of her mother, Carrie Fisher, and grandmother Debbie Reynolds, the actress is trying her best to carry on their legacies and ultimately make one of her own. In her first interview since their deaths, Billie opened up to Town & Country in its September issue about fame, mental illness, and how for the first time, she feels like she can finally be herself. See her best quotes ahead.

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Game of Thrones: What Will Jaime Do With Joffrey’s Death Reveal?

Diana Rigg’s time on Game of Thrones has sadly come to an end, but at least she got to go out with one of the most epic mic drops the show has ever seen. In Sunday’s episode, «The Queen’s Justice,» Lady Olenna downs her poisoned wine like a boss and proceeds to use her last few moments on earth to tell Jaime Lannister that she is responsible for his son Joffrey’s death by poison at his own wedding back in season four.

To his immense credit, Jaime digests this news (with emotions playing across his face), but he still lets Lady Olenna succumb to the poison rather than running her through with his sword right here on the spot. But what will he do now?

Take It Out on the Remaining Tyrells

After Mace, Margaery, and Loras are killed at the Great Sept of Baelor explosion, Olenna says that Cersei took away her «future,» but Olenna can’t have been the very last of the entire bloodline.

In the books, there are many other Tyrell cousins, stemming from several places: Olenna’s brother-in-law Moryn’s children, Olenna’s daughters (Mace’s sisters), and Mace’s two other children, Willas and Garlan (brothers to Loras and Margaery). These characters have not been mentioned on the TV series, but back in season three, episode four, one of Margaery’s handmaidens calls Olenna «Nana,» so clearly there are at least some Tyrell cousins lurking around.

Jaime may decide any remaining Tyrells need to pay for the crimes of their grandmother and go on some kind of revenge rampage.

Appeal to Cersei’s Better Nature

Will Jaime tell Cersei what he has learned? It’s hard to say. What good would that do now? Cersei has moved on from Joffrey’s death, plus she doesn’t need an excuse to hate on her brother Tyrion — blaming him for Joffrey’s death was just the latest in a long line of reasons Cersei hates Tyrion. But maybe Jaime will try to reunite his family anyway, telling Cersei about Lady Olenna’s confession in the hope of convincing her to extend an olive branch to their brother and invite him back into the fold.

This seems unlikely, though. We can’t really see her forgiving Tyrion, let alone giving him the apology he definitely deserves.

Fight For Tyrion

Jaime doesn’t hate Tyrion the way his sister does. In fact, Jaime actually loves his younger brother, so maybe Jaime will tell Cersei about Lady Olenna and won’t ask if he can invite Tyrion back; maybe he’ll just do it whether his sister approves or not.

Go to Dragonstone Himself

This is most certainly a long shot, but perhaps this revelation about Joffrey will open Jaime’s eyes to what monsters his family members are and he’ll flee to join up with Tyrion and fight against his sister. Like we said, long shot. If Jaime has not yet realized his family is full of monsters, he never will. Or maybe he has realized it, but he just doesn’t care. Either way, it doesn’t seem like he’s going to leave Cersei’s side anytime soon.

Reach Out to Tyrion

This seems like the likeliest scenario. Jaime won’t tell Cersei, he won’t invite Tyrion to rejoin them, and he won’t go to Tyrion himself — but he will at least send a raven to his brother informing him that he knows for sure Tyrion is innocent and that he’s sorry for everything that has happened. Jaime is mostly an honorable man, so it would be weird if he does nothing with this latest revelation.


It would be a little weird for Game of Thrones to give Lady Olenna such an outstanding send-off then have Jaime do nothing with the information he has just been given, but stranger things have happened. Perhaps he’ll just keep the information to himself, seeing it futile to either tell Cersei or try to mend fences with Tyrion. You know, come to think of it, that might actually be his best course of action.

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