Elton John Mourns the Death of His Mom in a Heartbreaking Tribute: «Travel Safe Mum»

Elton John’s mom, Sheila Farebrother, has passed away. «So sad to say that my mother passed away this morning,» Elton wrote alongside a photo of the pair on Twitter on Monday. «I only saw her last Monday and I am in shock. Travel safe Mum. Thank you for everything. I will miss you so much. Love, Elton.»

While John didn’t explain the circumstances surrounding his mother’s death, Elton announced this past Spring that he had reconciled with his mom after being estranged from her for almost a decade. Sheila was 92. Our thoughts go out to Elton and his family.

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‘At Home With Amy Sedaris’ Brings You Holiday Cheer… And Death

‘Tis the season, ya’ll! It’s time for our favorite shows to get all gussied up in holiday cheer — and naturally At Home with Amy Sedaris beat everyone else to the punch by airing their holiday special in November (specifically: last night). So how did Amy & Pals put their mark on this festive occasion? With crafts, songs, and some truly killer gifting ideas. So killer, in fact, that the special guest star is slaughtered off-screen.

It all started innocently enough, with this straight-faced song-and-dance throwback about building snowmen:

And then things… went a little pear-shaped. A sorta-racist haunted nutcracker, which Amy purchased as her Secret Santa gift (for special guest Neil Patrick Harris, who does not appear in the episode and maybe doesn’t even know it exists), goes on a violent spree. Amy takes care of the threat in her unique way, which [SPOILER] involves flailing around on the ground with her underwear on full display. But as you can imagine, the experience puts a serious damper on her holiday spirit. And so when Chassie shows up for their duet, Amy announced that the holiday special is off.

«Does any of this chaos and blood raise any question marks for you?»

What follows is a bonkers mash-up of A Christmas Carol and , complete with an argument between a ghost and a guardian angel, and all of it teaches Amy (and the rest of us!) a Very Special Lesson. And then she sings about glue with Jane Krakowski.

(This clip was one of the first ones they released in promotion of the series, so if you’re wondering what episode it came from — it was this one!)

If the usual saccharine holiday programming leaves a bad taste in your mouth, this episode just might be the perfect solution. I, for one, feel prepared to face the onslaught of joy and merriment that awaits me next month. If nothing else, I’ll be ready to defeat any nutcrackers that step out of line.


Kristin Cavallari Pays Tribute to Her Brother on the Second Anniversary of His Death

Kristin Cavallari is remembering her brother Michael on the second anniversary of his death. The former Laguna Beach star shared a black and white photo of her late brother, who was found dead following a fatal car accident in 2015, writing, «This past week has been hard- it’s the 2nd anniversary of losing my brother and even though the date we go with is the 27th, for me it will always be the Saturday after Thanksgiving (we will never truly know the exact date even though we have a pretty good idea).»

Although Kristin says dealing with Michael’s untimely death has been rough on her family, she ended her touching Instagram post by revealing that she receives signs from Michael that give her peace. «We lost him completely unexpectedly and it’s been a rough road for me and my family. I’ve had some incredible signs from him though- which give me a lot of peace- including one today 🕯. We love and miss you every day Mikey.»

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Chinese Movie Theaters Promoting ‘Justice League’ Use Poster Showing Brutal Death of Marvel Heroes

So this is pretty nuts.

And hilarious.

Hilarious and nuts. On a Tuesday. Don’t ever say that I don’t give you anything.

Reports have been coming in from China that a number of movie theater chains there are using quite a…unique…piece of art to promote the latest DC juggernaut. No, not a clip of Sad Batffleck—rather a mocked-up poster featuring several Marvel characters, freshly slaughtered by their DC counterparts.

According to Reddit it’s not just movie theaters either, but also a video hosting site (‘iQiyi’) doing promo for the movie, as well as the ticketing app of China’s largest cinema chain, Wanda Cinema.

I mean it’s like something out of South Park and I’m in love with it.

Let’s have a look at this thing:


We’ve got Diana, striking her model pose while impaling Logan who prepares to bite off of Henry Cavill’s trouser snake in retaliation.

There’s Batffleck, holding Thor’s head as a trophy to bring home to Alfred.

Also featured is Aquaman, impaling Deadpool on his trident, finally having gotten sick of all the, ‘What’s he gonna do, call in the fish cavalry?’ cracks at his expense.

Aaaaaaand bits of Iron Man strewn across the colourless DC landscape as well as a gigantic Captain America squashed underneath Ezra Miller’s super fast feet.

And as a cherry on the cake we get the hashtag #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty crammed into the corner of the poster, which—well, I dunno what the hell that means or what it’s got to do with this carnage, but sign me the fuck up!


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Here’s How Justice League Deals With THAT Death From Batman v Superman

Warning: major spoilers for Justice League below!

Going into Justice League, it’s natural to have a lot of questions. Is it even good? Will there be a postcredits scene? Did they really switch out the Amazonian armor for bikinis in Themyscira? But before any of these questions were even really questions, there was once major point of confusion that landed right after the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Um, is Superman really dead?! Luckily for all of us, Justice League manages to address everything that happens in Batman v Superman and provide a pretty reasonable way for our favorite Kryptonian superhero to jump into all that Justice League action.

As a refresher, Superman straight-up dies at the end of Batman v Superman. He literally grabs a krypton spear, launches it into Doomsday, and loses his life after touching the material that is, well, deadly to him. There’s a funeral in his hometown and a service in Washington DC. Everyone is a wreck. At the beginning of Justice League, we very much get the same story. Superman is gone, and there’s nothing to be done about it . . . until, of course, Batman figures out a way to bring him back.

So, here’s a brief breakdown of Justice League. There are three powerful boxes in the universe, and they can be combined to wield incredible power — the kind of power that could destroy the world. These three boxes are being protected in separate locations around the world: one is being guarded by the Amazonians in Themyscira, one is with the Atlantians deep in the ocean, and one is technically «lost» but also technically being protected by mankind. Anyway, this guy Steppenwolf is trying to get his hands on all the boxes so he can essentially destroy Earth. He manages to get two of the three boxes before his first face-off with the partially assembled Justice League.

At this point, the team is Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, The Flash, and Aquaman. They put up a pretty good fight, but they’re ultimately wrecked by Steppenwolf. They know they can’t defeat him by themselves. He’s too powerful. If only Superman wasn’t dead as hell! That’s when they discover the location of the third box. Batman gets a crazy idea: since this box contains so much power, couldn’t they use it to jump-start Superman’s cold, dead heart?

They dig up our fallen hero, who really is very dead. They take him to his ship and immerse him in some kind of pool that I guess will help resuscitate him. (Listen, I’m not a scientist.) Unfortunately, even an alien ship from Krypton isn’t powerful enough to ignite the power inside the box. Here’s where the Flash comes in. The Flash thinks he can stir up enough electricity to wake up the box if he runs fast enough. Hopefully, the electricity will cause a reaction in the box, which will jolt the water in the pool, which will bring Superman back from the dead.

Long story short, their crazy plan works! As first, Superman is really pissed off. He beats everyone up and then goes back to his hometown to sulk for a little bit. Eventually, though, he comes around. The Justice League is finally fully formed, and together, the six heroes defeat Steppenwolf! Isn’t it great when things just, like, work out like that sometimes?

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The Walking Dead’s Khary Payton Has a Beautiful Message About THAT Gut-Wrenching Death

Big spoilers for the most recent episode of The Walking Dead below!

I can give you a long list of characters on The Walking Dead who I would’ve rather seen bite the dust on Sunday night than Shiva. That’s right — King Ezekiel’s beloved pet, a massive tiger the former zookeeper has had throughout the apocalypse, dies a brutal, tragic death in season eight‘s fourth episode, «Some Guy.»

Shiva’s death didn’t exactly come as a surprise, given the sad scene is a near-identical re-creation of a similar moment from the comics, but it still hurt. No one put up with Ezekiel’s over-the-top monologues quite like she did, and now the days of her dramatic sneak attacks are over. Why can’t we have one good thing, AMC? Why?

We may still be mourning the end of the fiercest CGI cat in history, but we’re not alone. Khary Payton, the actor who brings Zeke’s larger-than-life persona to life each Sunday, spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the death of his digital costar. After calling the loss of Shiva the removal of a «rare beauty [from] this dark, apocalyptic world,» he explained why she’s been so vital to his character’s arc:

«That’s the symbol she carries for Ezekiel. She’s the symbol and embodiment of the Kingdom itself. Who knows how many tigers there are left in the world? At least in [The Walking Dead world], she is a rare creature. I think he felt that way about the Kingdom. It’s a rare place. Seeing that symbol that got him through the early stages of the apocalypse, that was the breakdown for me. It’s all she represented. I wasn’t just thinking about a CGI character necessarily. I was thinking about the embodiment of this rare and beautiful thing he had willed himself into believing could happen.»

All I can say is that if Jerry goes next, AMC will have hell to pay.

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20 People Who Will Never Recover From That Truly Heinous Death on The Walking Dead

BIG spoilers for The Walking Dead below!

I hope you’re sitting down, because the worst death in The Walking Dead‘s eighth season just happened. Sure, the show might only be a few episodes into the new season, but I have a hard time believing any future scene will trump the emotional, heartbreaking, and drawn-out end of King Ezekiel’s pet tiger, Shiva.

To be fair, a lot of people die in «Some Guy.» The episode kicks off with Ezekiel pulling himself from a pile of his dead comrades, who soon turn to zombies and start shuffling their way towards him, clearly starving for some brains. After spending the rest of an incredibly tense hour going back and forth between Ezekiel and Carol’s struggles with their mission against the Saviors, the episode finally wraps up with the worst death of all: Shiva’s.

Like in the comics, Shiva saves her master from a swarm of zombies, sacrificing herself in the process. It’s devastating, to say the least, and Twitter obviously had some thoughts.

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Why Harrison’s Death Is So Vital to Kai’s Twisted Plans on American Horror Story: Cult

When American Horror Story: Cult first introduced the blue-haired Kai Anderson (Evan Peters), it took us all of two seconds to realize just how crazy he is (remember that Cheetos scene?). A lot of our initial intrigue centered on how and why Kai recruited his cult members, but now things are starting to become clear thanks to the show’s most recent death. During episode seven, «Valerie Solanas Died For Your Sins: Scumbag,» we say goodbye to one of Kai’s first recruits and, honestly, someone we thought was in it for the long haul — Harrison Wilton, played by Billy Eichner.

After Harrison’s wife, Meadow, takes her own life in the previous episode as per Kai’s request, Harrison ends up giving new meaning to Ivy’s «Butchery» when the frustrated women within the cult break off and form their own group. But is that a part of Kai’s plan all along? Are they falling right into his trap? Slowly but surely, Kai seems to be offing each of his cult members — R.J., Meadow, Harrison — and we have a strong feeling the next corpse will be Beverly’s, Ivy’s, or Winter’s. But let’s back up for a second.

In the middle of the seventh episode, Kai confronts his sister with the «SCUM Manifesto,» the antidude bible of Valerie Solanas, which Winter impulsively tells Kai is an old book from one of her feminist classes at Vassar. (Seriously, that was an impressively quick excuse, Winter, good work.) He doesn’t mention anything about her receiving the book from feminist activist Bebe Babbitt (played by Frances Conroy), but it does get him thinking about slogans for the cult.

Kai’s suggestions include acronyms like F.I.T. for «Fear Is Truth» and M.L.W.B. for «Men Lead, Women Bleed.» Then, in an incredibly tense moment, Kai says that M.L.W.B. was actually Harrison’s suggestion, saying Harrison has «something against women.» Winter leaves her brother in the room with the bodies of their parents (casual), and he says, «Say hi to the girls for me.»

Immediately after, the girls turn on Harrison, leading him into the Butchery and laying him down like a brick of Boar’s Head ham ready to get chopped up. When Beverly asks Harrison for answers, he claims that «Kai’s the genius, he’s the author of everything.» Unfortunately for Harrison, that’s not enough for them, so off goes his head. Harrison was right, though — this is clearly all in line with Kai’s master plan. During the last scene of the episode, we see Kai and Bebe sitting on his couch watching Beverly report Harrison’s death on the news. «They’re at their best when they’re angry,» Kai says to Bebe, to which she responds, «Aren’t we all?»

That final smirk shared between the two evil leaders sets the tone for the rest of the season. Now that we know these two are working together, we have to wonder: did Kai ask Bebe to make up the Valeria Solanas story to turn the girls against him and have them kill Harrison?

We can’t know for sure, but given Kai’s manipulative history, we have a strong feeling the answer to that is «yes.» This begs the question, why would Kai want to kill off his most loyal followers one by one? The best guess is that he wants absolute power. The new brainless recruits who show up in episode seven are the kind of underlings Kai really wants. He doesn’t want free thinkers or people who are hungry for their own power. That could be why Kai wants Harrison out of the way. And the fact that he is able to make the SCUM revivalists do it for him means there isn’t any actual blood on his hands. He gets what he wants without the consequences, just like plenty of cult leaders before him.

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Eric Bolling Asks Bill O’Reilly Not to Invoke His Son’s Death To Defend Himself Against Sexual Harassment Claims

Hey, happy Monday! Or happy Tuesday! I don’t know your life or what day you’re reading this or where you are in the world. Or when you are in the world.

Stick with me a second here: So, when the NYTimes reported that Bill O’Reilly paid $ 32 million to settle another sexual harassment lawsuit on the same month that his contract was renewed, they interviewed him for the story. In the audio, an angry O’Reilly lashed out, calling the article «bullshit, berating the reporters. «Why don’t you be human beings for once? This is horrible. It’s horrible what I went through. Horrible what my family went through.» He also said, «I urge you to think about what you put in your newspaper. Eric Bolling’s son is dead (he reportedly committed suicide the day Bolling was fired by Fox News for sexual harassment). He’s dead because of allegations made — in my opinion and I know this to be true— against Mr. Bolling.»

OK, a couple of things: I know it’s obvious, but it bears repeating: No one did this to Bill O’Reilly and his family except Bill O’Reilly. Two: Bill O’Reilly’s children hated him long before any of this. They hated him because he was abusive and reportedly dragged their mother down a staircase by her neck.

Finally, Eric Bolling himself asked O’Reilly not to drag his son into this. «I believe it is beyond inappropriate for anyone to bring in the tragic death of my son Eric Chase Bolling,» he wrote in a statement to the Times. «Just as Bill O’Reilly had wanted to shield his children from the allegations against him, I hope he will honor my request and avoid any future mentions of my son.» (The Daily Beast)

The captions here are dumb, but the photos of casual museum visitors who match the paintings they admire? Those are phenomenal. — (Metro)

Jenny Lawson, The Bloggess, works with miniatures often to work through her anxiety. One of her projects is a haunted dollhouse she’s been working on for 14 years. It’s goddamn phenomenal! — (The Bloggess)

George Michael’s «Freedom» video may have been my first clue to myself that I wasn’t as low on the Kinsey scale as I thought. Cindy Crawford recalls her bathtub scene and I recall my reaction to said scene. — (Celebitchy)
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Trump is selling Halloween hats. They’re as stupid and as orange as you would imagine. — (Teen Vogue)

You could take those hats and then burn them in your fire pit full of SKULL FIRE LOGS! OMFG, how cool are these? They’re not cheap, but man they are so wicked looking! — (PopSugar)

I get that acting is about *acting* like you’re the character/person you’re portraying and make-up and wigs can help one look the part more, buuuuuuuuuut then also, just in general, why the hell would Renee Zellweger be cast as Judy Garland in a biopic? -(Dlisted)

Genre movies don’t really get nominated for Oscars, especially thrillers, but Get Out shouldn’t be considered «just a thriller» or «just an anything» really. — (Lainey)

A horrible(ly funny) person named Jesse McLaren hid images of Pennywise in all of the pictures he took for his sister’s engagement photos.

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt’s face is cracking me UP! So Brad, and also so (pre)teenager. — (GFY)

Sarah_jwh was looking for a fun audiobook. Already a Julia Quinn fan, What Happens in London was a good choice for a stress-free escape. There’s a curious lady, a spy, a Russian prince, and a grumpy butler. "It isn’t groundbreaking or amazing, but it’s well written and has an interesting story with characters you can care about, which is what I’m looking for in escapist fiction right now." What kind of book do you like to use as an escape? (Cannonball Read 9)

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *breathes* hahahahahahahahahahaha!


Happy Death Day Is the Unexpectedly Great Horror Movie You Should Go See Tonight

Let’s get something out of the way right now: yes, Happy Death Day is like a mix between Groundhog Day and Scream. You know what, though? It works. Somehow it really, really works.

While walking into the theater to watch the new slasher, which comes from Blumhouse Productions and the minds behind the Paranormal Activity franchise, I definitely wasn’t expecting to be blown away. To be fair, I wasn’t. But Happy Death Day, despite its mind-numbingly bad title (couldn’t they just have left it at Death Day?), is a solidly entertaining entry into the horror-thriller genre. If you’re looking for something scary to watch this October (especially with Friday the 13th weekend and Halloween happening), this movie is worth the $ 15 ticket. Here’s why:

The Premise Is Not as Annoying as It Sounds

Like I mentioned above, Happy Death Day ripped off the «person relives the same day over and over» premise from the 1993 Bill Murray comedy, but it manages to keep things fresh until the very end of the movie. Mean girl Theresa «Tree» Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) wakes up severely hungover on the morning of her birthday in the dorm room of hipster classmate Carter (Israel Broussard) and navigates her way through basically the same major events: stumbling across the quad to her sorority house, running into an ex-flame, having a chat with the hilariously nasty sorority president (Rachel Matthews), getting a cupcake from her roommate (Ruby Modine), going to class, and, finally, heading to a frat party.

The days vary in certain ways (sometimes she talks to the professor she’s hooking up with, other times she spends more time with Carter), but the day always ends the same: Tree ends up murdered in some gruesome way by a hooded figure wearing a mask featuring the college mascot (a cherubic baby-faced monster with one tooth). What keeps the story from getting repetitive is how the movie wisely turns the plot into a mystery, more so than a horror film.

In fact, there’s very, very little gore. Instead, the focus is Tree uncovering the identity of her killer. This results in a hilarious sequence of her strutting naked through the quad, dying her blond hair neon pink, donning military face paint and tactical gear to spy on a potential suspect, and getting taken out in increasingly brutal, splatter-free ways (including taking a jagged piece of a bong to the neck).

Jessica Rothe Nails It

Before starring as Tree, Rothe popped up as one of Emma Stone‘s roommates in La La Land and played pot-dealing Paige in the MTV comedy series Mary + Jane. Although she begins the movie as a one-note sorority girl stereotype, she’s a completely new character by the time the last butcher knife stabs her way. As in every movie that centers on a character reliving one day over again, there’s the requisite «This experience has taught me so much, I’m going to change my ways» monologue, but it doesn’t sound as hokey coming from Rothe. She’s genuinely hilarious, and during the sequence when Tree gets to act out once she realizes none of her wild actions truly matter, Rothe really shines.

There Are Multiple Twists

Remember what I said about the plot not dragging? The introduction of a few twists definitely keeps the audience on the edge of their seat, although one could argue that the biggest twist is a bridge too far. Regardless of how you feel, the unexpected avenues Tree careens down as the movie picks up will have you fully engrossed in the mystery.

The Ending Leaves a Few Things Up For Interpretation

Without giving too much away, there’s a major part of the plot that isn’t explained or wrapped up in a nice little bow by the time the credits roll. For some, this might be annoying (*raises hand*), but for others (*my boyfriend raises hand*), going into detail about how the mythology of what’s happening to Tree might have bogged down the movie (which moves at a pretty breakneck pace). Clearly the move was intentional, since director Christopher B. Landon told Insider that he already has plans to continue Tree’s story.

«The whole idea for my sequel is actually already in this movie. It’s hiding in plain sight,» he said. «The answer to why she’s literally stuck in a time loop — it’s something I have the answer to. It’s in my back pocket, because, knock on wood, you never know how things are going to go, and we’re not counting our chickens, but if I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to make a sequel, the answer to that question is the premise of my sequel.»

Could Happy Deathiversary be next? Perhaps Happy Death-intine’s Day or Happy Fourth of Death-ly? Whichever poor day on the calendar is chosen, I can confidently say I’m looking forward to it.

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