Chicks That Fish, Barry Bonds At Tour de France & BC Fans Invade Louisville

The NFL can’t be happy with what they’re seeing out of the NBA

Remember when the NFL would crush its competition with a simple news dump that would smash that competition and dominate the news cycle. Now the NBA is doing the same thing. Drip, drip, drip. One day it’s Melo. Next day it’s D-Rose being wheeled into Chicago. Lonzo/Lavar. Then Paul George. On and on and on. Now we have Kyrie wanting out of Cleveland. You think Goodell’s going to stand for this? No f-ing way. He’s going to shove Adam Silver in a locker, it’s just a matter of time.

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Kevin Durant & OKC Chick Argue About Him Liking Chicks Farting In His Face

What a Father’s Day for Kevin Durant. (Does he have children? I know zero about him off the court.) He spent part of his day arguing with an Oklahoma chick over the news she dropped that KD likes when chicks rip farts in his face. I mean, you can’t let that slide without a comment even though you’re in the middle of celebrating a championship, right?

The chick mentioned something about some chick at Coyote Ugly in OKC, farts, KD, etc. I assume this is just a story being passed around OKC by chicks while they’re at a nail salon or while they’re getting their hair done. It’s not like they’re talking weather with their stylist like us guys do. Think about that. You go into an OKC Great Clips and hypothetically the conversation turns to KD enjoying a nasty fart in his face.

Just mindblowing stuff, right?

But here we are with KD spending like two hours of his night arguing it out with Kaylee and a bunch of other people over rumors.

That’s the sign of a guy who wants to dick slap OKC with his Larry and that MVP trophy.

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Couple Of Thickies Got Into It With Some Other Chicks At A Migos Set & A BC Fan Sent It In

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Why do I love BC fans? Because they’ll send videos of a couple thickies fighting it out at a Migos show in Miami when I’m pretty sure the word/name/etc. ‘Migos’ has ever been mentioned on BC. Not from me. I’m so far removed from that scene I had to go out and get a couple of workers who are in their 20s and can clue me in on this stuff.

Anyway, Greg sent in this video of a minor hoochie fisticuff action. And I appreciate it. I appreciate all the stuff you guys send in. Sometimes it’s worthless, other times it turns into some sort of viral madness. I’m just some guy in Ohio who is glad you guys will pretty much direct the editorial direction we take around here.

I’m one of you. I cut my grass. I pick up the dog shit in my yard. I have flowers to plant. I sit through Moana on a Sunday night instead of watching the NBA or NHL. We’re in this together…that’s why a video of a couple of thickies fighting at a Migos show makes me smile. We’re just a bunch of guys who still want to see dumb shit and have a laugh from time to time.

See something? Say something. or tag me/BC on social. We’ll get to it eventually.

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These Chicks Were So Thirsty for Roman Reigns

Other than John Cena, there’s no wrestler WWE fans love to hate on more than Roman Reigns. No moves, a little dull on the mic, title pushes — it’s the trifecta diehards just loathe. And judging from last night’s “Raw,” we can add another reason for WWE nerds to boo Roman… the female demo absolutely adores him.

Seriously. These three chicks forked up money for ringside tickets last night to enthusiastically cheer on their man. One in particular really wanted him to notice her:

As per usual when antlers steal the show, hit us up if you can ID that cleavage: mail@bustedcoverage or @bustedcoverage on social.

The thirst is so real:

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College Chicks Crushing Beers, Osama Bin Saban Shirt & Giambi Police Sketch

Self-driving shuttle bus!

And guess where they’re testing the bus? Yes, VegasThe driverless vehicle — called Arma and developed by the Paris-based company Navya — will be making trips down Fremont Street from today to Jan. 20 as developers test the product. “What a wonderful day for all of us to witness this,” Goodman said. “Being the control freak that I am, I was very nervous to get on this vehicle, but it is clean, has beautiful air and moves sort of swiftly but so beautifully down Fremont East.” The vehicle holds a dozen passengers and operates safely at up to 27 miles per hour but will be limited to 12 mph during the trial period. Normally I’m pro-humans having jobs, but I’m pro-self driving shuttle buses. You ever been on one of those buses out in Vegas? Those drivers are maniacs. I’m even more pro-self-driving taxis on the Strip. I’m tired of hearing some Middle Eastern dude go off on politics when all I can think about is going on a craps heater. Thanks Vegas. Automate it all.

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The Dixie Chicks Never Would’ve Performed at the CMAs Without Beyoncé

On Wednesday afternoon, news broke that Beyoncé would be joining the Dixie Chicks for a duet of her country-inspired song «Daddy Lessons» at the CMA Awards later that night. Although a handful of die-hard country music fans were rankled by the idea of a pop and R&B superstar performing at a show dedicated to the country genre, the Super Bowl performer and the Dixie Chicks brought the house down with their electric performance. Early on Thursday morning, Dixie chicks singer Natalie Maines broke her silence on the top-secret collaboration with a pair of heartfelt tweets and a silly photo. «Ok! I can finally talk about one of the greatest weeks of my life! Thank you @Beyonce! You slay. All day!» she tweeted first. «I’m pretty sure I’ve uttered the sentence, ‘I will never perform on the CMA’s again as long as I live.’ And then came 🐝 :).»

The Dixie Chicks have had an up and down relationship with country music fans after their infamous 2003 concert in London, when Natalie told the audience, «Just so you know, we’re on the good side with y’all. We do not want this war, this violence, and we’re ashamed that the President of the United States is from Texas.» The comment resulted in a number of radio stations banning their music and brought their blossoming music career to a standstill. Beyoncé similarly drew ire from fans of country when she recently denounced police brutality in her «Formation» music video. Despite all this, their duet proves that great musicians can’t be pinned down to just one genre. Listen to the official version of their song now.

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Beyonce And The Dixie Chicks Performed At The CMAs And I Don’t Think Everyone Lived To Tell The Tale


It was a night of exploding heads last night. Heads exploded during the never-ending final game of the World Series. Heads exploded while watching Diggle get topless on Arrow (and yes, a different kind of head exploded.) And heads exploded when the Dixie Chicks and Beyonce shared the stage at the Country Music Awards in Nashville. My thoughts are with the ears of the receptionists at ABC who are probably getting hit with a thousand tornados of blood-curdling anger screams from country fans who still hate those unpatriotic traitor trollops the Dixie Commies and who also hate that police-hating non-country ass Beyonce!

Some OUTRAGED country fans have marked November 2nd as the day country music died a sad death. But the Beyhive have marked November 2nd as the day country music was truly born, because their Lord and Savior hootin’ and hollered out her song Daddy Lessons along with the Dixie Chicks at the CMAs. The Dixie Chicks have performed that song during their tour before, so the pairing wasn’t totally random. They weren’t put together by Hillary Clinton to destroy Trumps supporters. Or were they? I see you, Hillary. But the real question is, why was Beyonce wearing the Las Vegas version of Lucy Westenra’s wedding dress?

And while Matthew McConaughey slapped his chest to the beat (or maybe he had heartburn?) during that performance, some didn’t do much. Kenny Chesney may end up like Macaulay Culkin in My Girl, because the Beyhive may sting him to death for having the audacity to not smile during Beysus’ performance. If you don’t freak out over Beyonce, you are instantly an enemy to The Hive!


I think the Beyhive should stand down, though, because Kenny Chesney’s stoned face was directed at Beyonce. I know who it was really directed at. The CMAs is sort of a formal event and so Kenny had to put on his dress-up shirt and his dress-up shirt has sleeves on it. So no, he was not amused when he laid his eyes on the pucker-inducing sight of Mugatu’s hot hillbilly cousin playing the saxophone in a sleeveless shirt!


So calm the hell down, Beyhive. Kenny wasn’t hating on Beyonce. He just had sleeveless-envy, that’s all.