Why Outlander’s Producers Completely Changed Jamie and Geneva’s Sex Scene

Outlander season three arrived at a pivotal moment from the book in Sunday’s episode when Jamie is blackmailed by Geneva Dunsany into sleeping with her, which leads to the birth of Jamie’s illegitimate son, William, a plot point that resonates throughout the book series.

But in the books, the scene between Jamie and Geneva is controversial because she tells him to stop and he doesn’t, which puts readers into the uncomfortable position of wondering if their hero has just raped someone. Fans have argued about it all over various message boards, with some flat-out saying it was rape, others arguing he couldn’t have stopped and Geneva blackmailed him into it, and still others saying we shouldn’t thrust our 21st-century ideas of consent onto an 18th-century man, much the way Claire objects so fiercely to Jamie laying his hands on her in season one but comes to realize he had to punish her for running off and endangering his men.

Author Diana Gabaldon addressed this scene in a 2016 Facebook post, saying that Geneva’s blackmail (which threatens the lives of Jamie’s entire family) actually makes Geneva the rapist.

By the mores of the early 21st century . . . plainly Geneva is a sexual predator, and Jamie is the one who very clearly says «No.» («No means no,» right? Right? More about that in a moment . . .)

Geneva is blackmailing an innocent person, and a man who is a captive, without power or resources, coercing him into committing a serious crime (fornication with an unmarried young woman being technically a crime, even if consensual) as well as an immoral act — as well as something he patently, clearly, totally doesn’t want to do and has so stated in the baldest of terms. It’s obvious that it’s Geneva who’s committing rape, not Jamie.

Gabaldon goes on to say that «no means no» is a construct of the last 50 years and not an «immutable law of physics, true throughout all times and places.» She also says that Geneva is «panicked» at the pain she experiences because it is her first time having sex, and that Jamie knows if he doesn’t just do it, this encounter is going to drag on all night, so that’s why he just goes ahead and gets it over with. Gabaldon also cites the facts that Geneva asks Jamie to have sex with her again after their first time and tells him she loves him as evidence that he did not rape her.

Some fans found Gabaldon’s explanation satisfactory, but others argued that if you use modern standards to call Geneva a rapist, then you must apply those standards to Jamie as well — either they’re both rapists or neither one of them is a rapist. As you can see, it’s a complicated issue, which is why the show’s creators wanted no part of it, choosing instead to make the scene sexy, intimate, and tender.

«We were aware of the controversy,» executive producer Maril Davis told us at the 2017 summer TCA press tour. «In the books, at some point she says no — although he does say, ‘Listen, once we start, I won’t be able to stop.’ That doesn’t make it any better, but . . . we didn’t really want to tackle that. It didn’t seem like such an important part of the scene. The real important part of the scene is that Jamie is forced to go to someone else’s bed.»

Davis went on to say that this encounter is an important part of Jamie’s time without Claire, both because of his son and also because it shows what kind of man he is. That’s what they wanted to convey with the onscreen version of the scene.

«Obviously, Jamie doesn’t feel the way about Geneva the way he felt about Claire, but he does have a tenderness for this spoiled child, despite himself, because Jamie is a really caring person,» said Davis. «And he knows what it’s like to lose his virginity with someone more experienced, and he wants it to be a good experience for her, even if he feels like he was coerced into her bed. We wanted it not to take anything away from Jamie-Claire, but we wanted it not to feel like ‘was it rape or not rape?’ That wasn’t the point. It was trying to show Jamie as a very feeling, caring gentleman at the end of the day. Even though he doesn’t want to be there, he’s going to try to make it the best experience for her possible.»

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Kim Kardashian Reveals How Her Life Has Changed Nearly 1 Year After Paris Robbery

Kim Kardashian’s life was changed forever when she was robbed at gunpoint during Paris Fashion Week last October, and now, nearly a year later, she’s opening up about how much her life has changed. The reality star, who is not going back to PFW this year, was robbed after a group of thieves planned their attack by following her frequent social media updates on Snapchat and Instagram. They escaped with more than $ 10 million in jewelry, including her massive engagement ring from husband Kanye West. «I definitely get a lot more anxiety now, just people knowing your every move,» she recently told T Singapore. «When you realize you can put a message out there and there’s so many people listening, you look at life differently.»

The mom of North and Saint also revealed that her priorities have shifted to be more family-oriented since the robbery. «My whole world is my kids, it’s all I care about,» she continued. «From literally every last thing that they do, to what they wear, to all their activities. I love being their mom. I definitely don’t hang out with my friends as much just because I have to be with my kids.» And she confirmed that just because she doesn’t post as much as she used to, that doesn’t mean anything is wrong. «It’s funny — so much can go on at home but if you don’t post about it, people think it never happened,» she said. «So they’ll say, ‘She hasn’t posted with her sisters, she must be in a huge fight.’ But it’s not what consumes me anymore, like how it used to.»

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It: This Disturbing Scene Would Have Completely Changed How You See Pennywise

Part of what makes Pennywise so terrifying in It is the mystery that shrouds the character. The origin of the demonic entity known as «It» — which typically presents itself as the shape-shifting, dancing clown before chowing down on the children who live in Derry, ME — is actually pretty trippy if you’ve read Stephen King’s 1986 novel.

It might appear as Pennywise most frequently, but the ancient evil’s natural form truly exists in a cosmic realm between worlds (a plane referred to as the Macroverse) and is therefore unable to be processed by the human mind. The closest approximation to It’s true form, other than swirling orange lights (known as the «deadlights»), is a giant female spider. Otherwise, anyone who views the lights is said to go insane. It’s mentioned in the film that It has been in Derry for thousands of years, but how did It get there in the first place?

While appearing on Variety’s Playback podcast, Bill Skarsgard (who plays Pennywise in the reboot) revealed that a scene that was eventually cut from the final film would have explained how It came to be.

«There was a scene we shot that was a flashback from the 1600s, before Pennywise [was Pennywise],» Skarsgard said. «The scene turned out really, really disturbing. And I’m not the clown. I look more like myself. It’s very disturbing, and sort of a backstory for what It is, or where Pennywise came from. That might be something worth exploring in the second one. The idea is the ‘It’ entity was dormant for thousands and thousands of years. The [flashback] scene hints on that.»

Variety further noted that a previous draft of the film written by director Cary Fukunaga, who left the project in early 2015, included «a scene featuring Pennywise playing a saloon piano in the 1800s to spur on violence, as well as a colonial-set sequence where It devours a child.» Clearly clowns are spooky in every decade. Skarsgard hinted that the scene might actually end up appearing in the sequel, and there’s a chance the second chapter will dive deep into the book’s more out-there ideas.

«The book is very abstract and metaphysical about what it means to exist and the idea of fantasy and imagination and all of these things,» he added. «I think that could be cool to explore as well. It’s like, what is Pennywise? He only exists in the imagination of children. If you don’t believe him to be real, then he might not be real. There’s an interesting aspect to explore there.»

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Bryce Harper Changed His Hairstyle Up a Bit and Got Cornrows

One of the best parts about watching Bryce Harper play baseball is witnessing an epic hair flip after he does anything that requires a dive. It seems like he loses his hat or helmet on purpose sometimes, then you see that 80-grade flow in action and realize that a helmet can’t contain that — until now.

Sadly for the fellow Harper flow lovers, the man has apparently gone crazy while rehabbing his knee and decided to get corn rows this afternoon. This doesn’t seem like something Kayla Harper would approve, but here we are crying about Bryce going full-Swanson:


Hopefully this is some weird phase and the usual look returns for the postseason…

Bryce Harper Change His Hairstyle Up a Bit and Got Cornrows

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15 Major Ways That Princess Diana Changed the Royal Family

When the 20-year-old Lady Diana Spencer married into the royal family in 1981, there was much about the institution that had remained unchanged for decades, even centuries. As she began to feel her way through royal life, Diana’s fresh, informal, and progressive style initially sent shock waves through the corridors of the palaces, but the changes she brought about have helped the family evolve with the times — and her children and grandchildren continue to benefit to this day. See 15 major ways that Diana changed the royal family.

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Apparently Not Much Has Changed With Madden Over the Years

Remember the good ol’ days when you abused Michael Vick in Madden 04 and scored ridiculous rushing touchdowns at will? Yeah? Well, 13 years later it doesn’t look like much has changed in the dumb AI department — at least judging from this bonkers plays featuring a Bengals QB running all the way back to the Steelers’ endzone before busting ass back for the touchdown:

No need to buy the new Madden! Just dust off that PS2, buy an old copy of Madden, and pull off the same crap:

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Miley Cyrus Changed Up Her Look Because She Felt “Sexualized”


A little over a year ago, I wrote about how Miley Cyrus was reportedly hanging up her g-strings and nipple covers and living that modest wifey life for Liam Hemsworth. And maybe I was naive, but I refused to believe it. The proudly slutty Miley I knew would never! Then Miley appeared on the cover of Billboard looking like she was fixin’ to go to a demure hoedown thrown by her flower arranging club. Then she let it be known she shudders to think of herself naked and swinging from a wrecking ball. Well, Miley recently explained her new look, and she’s definitely really over her chipmunk-on-spring-break phase.

Miley tells Harper’s Bazaar that she’s in the middle of a “transition” away from the unicorn horns, day-glo wigs, and holographic fetish wear. Miley just couldn’t keep stepping out with her intimate bits covered in six ounces of fabric held together with a few stitches of thread, glitter glue, and a prayer, because – if you can even believe it – Miley was starting to feel “sexualized.

Her previous over-the-top persona, she decided, had served its purpose. “It became something that was expected of me. I didn’t want to show up to photo shoots and be the girl who would get my tits out and stick out my tongue. In the beginning, it was kind of like saying, ‘Fuck you. Girls should be able to have this freedom or whatever.’ But it got to a point where I did feel sexualized.”

But she is also putting her tits away because, according to Miley, it’s way more shocking and edgy to be covered up like a dainty lil’ lady.

“Even at the Met Gala, everyone had their boobs out, everyone had their ass out, so what’s punk about that now? It’s more punk actually for me to not.”

Although she would like you to know that just because she used to put her tits out there as much as humanly possible, it doesn’t mean she considers herself any less of a role model. She’s still the same ol’ Miley young critters can look up to.

Speaking of, Miley also talked about quitting weed by quoting Canadian philosopher Justin Bieber. She may not be puff, puff, passing at the moment, but…

“Just for now. To quote the wise Justin Bieber, ‘Never say never. But right now I want to be clear.”

Back to Miley’s thoughts on being sexualized. I kind of always through that’s what she was going for? Like, goodbye Hannah Montana, hello Billy Ray’s hyper-sexualized daughter. I’m curious to know what the turning point was. Her lightbulb moment could have come one day as she was sitting on the porch in a pair of crotchless Dolfin shorts squirting Mountain Dew into her mouth from a penis-shaped water gun. Or maybe it was seeing an old pic from her Bangerz tour of her humping the hood of a car with her ass out. Both of those have the potential to make one pause and think: “Hmm…perhaps this is a tad sexual.

Miley Cyrus performs live

Pics: Camilla Akrans/Harper’s Bazaar, Wenn.com


20 People Whose Lives Were Forever Changed When Beyoncé Unveiled Her Twins

A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

While everyone was sleeping on the night of July 13, Beyoncé gave the world a first look at her twin babies, Rumi and Sir Carter, with a beautiful Instagram photo reminiscent of her maternity shoot. In true Beyoncé fashion, the queen did not warn us or give us any sort of indication that our lives would be forever altered on that fateful night. While fans were certainly overjoyed, Twitter was most definitely abuzz. We scoured Twitter, and here are the best reactions we found.

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The 1 Royal Marriage Rule That’s Changed Since Princess Diana Married Prince Charles

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship is giving many people serious hopes for another royal wedding, but before the Suits actress even makes the trek down the aisle, she has to receive the royal seal of approval from the queen herself. Luckily for her, she has one less rule to follow: the virginity rule. The UK royal bride’s virginity rule suggested that women had to be virgins before marrying a royal, which was the case when Princess Diana married Prince Charles in 1981. Before Diana could marry Charles, Diana’s family had to confirm she was indeed a virgin. In fact, according to Tina Brown’s biography The Diana Chronicles, Queen Elizabeth II specifically chose Diana for her son because she was «irresistibly innocent» and had no ex-boyfriends to sell their steamy stories to the tabloids. Oh, how the times have changed.

While there is no fixed rule that states a royal bride has to be a virgin, there is a code of behavior that has since evolved. Today, royals are encouraged to live their own lives without carrying such a heavy weight of society’s expectations, and like many modern couples, Prince William and Kate Middleton even lived together before they got married.

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How Nikki Bella’s Life Has Changed Since Getting Engaged to John Cena

Nikki Bella is looking forward to walking down the aisle with John Cena. The WWE wrestler got engaged to her longtime love last month, and she recently told E! News how her life has changed since becoming engaged. «It does feel different because I guess now there’s a sense of security,» she said. «I feel like I have a bigger smile and I’m like, ‘Yeah I’m taken.'» Despite John’s previous protests against marriage, Nikki revealed, «He told me the other day, ‘You know Nicole, I never thought like I would have done this again, but I know I’m gonna be with you forever.'»

Nikki also touched on their relationship, saying, «We’re best friends. We literally love to just hang out together and have drinks or go swimming.» As far as the wedding goes, Nikki said she’s going for «classic bride . . . black-tie wedding,» adding, «I’m just happy to be marrying my best friend.» Could these two be any cuter?

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