Shirtless Gronk Tore Up a Casino Over the Weekend

Where did Gronk take his shirt off this weekend? That would be the Shrine Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut, where Gronk got crazy with Flo Rida and reportedly dropped over $ 100K on alcohol.

The deets from TMZ:

In total, Gronk’s gang tore through 160 BOTTLES OF CHAMPAGNE including:

– 18 bottles of Ace of Spades Rose: $ 18,000
– 15 bottles of Dom Perignon Rose: $ 27,000

There’s more … including 16 bottles of Grey Goose for $ 10,400, 45 orders of Maker’s Mark, 24 shots of Jim Beam Fire, 3 bottles of Don Julio 1942. These guys weren’t messin’ around.

Seems excessive, but you gotta do what you gotta do to make Flo Rida’s music tolerable.

Proof that Gronk was wearing a shirt at one point:

Before the thirsty chicks put their hands all over him:

Tomorrow on First Take: Could Cam Newton get away with shirtless partying like Gronk?

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Guy Jumps Through Vegas Sports Book Window, Shows Gun, Robs Silverton Casino


Nothing gets me fired up like a good Vegas sports book robbery story. There’s something about a guy who’ll roll into a Vegas sports book, pull a gun and start grabbing cash. The part that constantly amazes me while I’m on the toilet enjoying a good sports book robbery story is that these guys never seem to be gunned down in the parking lot. How is that even possible?

I walk into Vegas casinos and all I see are casino cops ready to defend the turf. How does a guy go from a sports book cage to his car and not take gunfire from a casino cop? I’m starting to think that casinos don’t want bullets flying for marketing purposes. Makes sense, but still, you’d think one of these robbery bros would take a bullet.

From CBS-8 Las Vegas:

According to officers, the suspect entered the sports book, jumped into the cage area where the money is distributed, showed a handgun and demanded money.

Police said the man told employees to put the money in a duffle bag and the employees complied.  Metro said the suspect left using an exit by the garage and got into a gold SUV, possibly a Chevy Tahoe before he left.

The vehicle was last seen going east on Blue Diamond Road.

I’m starting to wonder if this is the same guy who robbed the Hooters sports book back in May.


There was also a sports book robbery last week at a casino on the Nevada-Utah line where a guy wearing a Packers hat had a gun and made a withdrawal.

Seems like it’s sports book robbery SZN.

Want to read a great Vegas casino robbery story? You need to read the Rolling Stone report on the Bellagio Bandit, who got away with a $ 1 million craps robbery, but the Bandit got greedy and ultimately was caught.


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Another Year Come and Gone and Daniel Craig’s Casino Royale Is Still the Only Good Bond Movie

Over the last 54 years, we’ve had short Bonds and tall Bonds, British Bonds, Scottish Bonds, and even an Asian Bond. But the only Bond that matters (besides your word and I guess the kind issued by the Treasury) is a recent addition to the canon—Daniel Craig in Casino Royale. This movie is literally all about a card game, and it still rules.

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Man Who Beat Girlfriend Nearly to Death Sues Casino Where the Attack Happened For Serving Him 15 Drinks 

A Pennsylvania man who spent four years in state prison for beating his girlfriend nearly to death is suing the casino where the attack happened, alleging that they served him at least 15 drinks and thus bear some responsibility for what he did. “His life is the one that got ruined here,” the attorney of Nicholas…

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Mike Napoli Celebrated Losing Game 7 By Hitting Casino, Walking Around Cleveland Shirtless


How did Mike Napoli celebrate losing Game 7 of the World Series early this morning? He hit up the downtown Cleveland casino and eventually got shirtless and walked around downtown Cleveland, according to spotters on the ground. It appears there was also a Napoli appearance at Barley House, which was where Charlie Sheen took control of the mic after the 8-7 loss.

This is pretty much Napoli being Napoli. The season was over. Yeah, he struggled in the Series, but the guy finally made it to the finish line and wanted to celebrate one helluva run by a team that probably shouldn’t have been able to put together that kinda run, especially with the pitching injuries.

So Mike went full Napoli. His 35th birthday was on Halloween and he couldn’t really let loose like Naps usually lets loose so it appears he made up for it early this morning.

My only question from the party: Where was Mike’s girlfriend Sophia Phalen?



Sounds like they had fun at the Barley House:

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More Fire From Charissa Thompson, Leebs Is Back & Joe Montana At Washington Casino



Which ranked road team(s) are going down today?

I’ll go with Michigan State and Oregon. Of course most of you are hoping that Ohio State goes to Oklahoma and loses. That’s not a very smart move if your team is in the SEC or ACC. Think about this for a second. If Oklahoma loses today, they’re out of the Final Four. Is there a Big 12 team that can run the table and make it to the Final Four without a conference title game? Not likely. Texas? With a true freshman QB? Then we start looking at the Pac-12. They’re going to beat up on each other. That means we may be looking at the first year where two teams get in the Final Four from one of the other three power conferences. Notre Dame has that lose to Texas. Houston might not have enough big wins. Be careful during that Buckeyes-Sooners game.

Numbers from :

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