14 Tweets That Perfectly Captured Your Feelings During the AMAs

The only thing better than watching an award show in 2017 is the ability to follow along on Twitter and feel validated about all your feelings during the show. As usual, Twitter didn’t disappoint during Sunday night’s AMAs. From the night’s best performances to Diana Ross’s special moment with her family, there were plenty of big moments that got fans talking on social media. See some of the most hilarious, heartfelt, and relatable reactions to the AMAs, then check out the complete list of winners.

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Torrey Smith Captured The Best Side-By-Side Jersey Name Phrase

I can never get enough of when we see football players standing next to each other whose names create some random phrase. We see it in college football all the time for some reason and I get a simple pleasure out of every single one of them. I don’t know what it is, but when two Louisville players sitting on the bench side by side creates “Samuel L. Jackson”, it’s hilarious to me.

Examples like “Dingle Berry”, “Clark Griswold”, and “Fish Fry” come to mind immediately when I think of these. But today I think we’ve officially found the pinnacle of jersey name phrases by way of Torrey Smith with his teammates.


Nothing is topping “Long Cox”. It’s so simple and so to the point, it’s just perfect. And luckily for us, Chris Long and Fletcher Cox both play on the defensive line, so this is a combo we’re going to see a lot this fall. Get ready for lots of Long Cox coming after your quarterback

Chirs Long admits it was his idea

Rovell gives us some good ones from past


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Jacques Kapralik, Master Caricaturist, Captured the Essence of Old Hollywood

In August of 1935, Jacques Kapralik arrived in America as a Jewish refugee of Hitler’s Germany. Born in Bucharest in 1906, he left behind a successful career as a cartoonist that had already brought him to Vienna, Berlin, and Paris. Two decades later he would tell the Los Angeles Examiner that he “still chuckles when…

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The Indiana Hoosiers Bandit Has Been Captured


Did BC break this case open or did BC break this case open? That’s the question I have for the FBI. I clear as day remember posting the Indiana Hoosiers fan who wouldn’t stop robbing banks. I remember the dad Jordans. I remember the IU hoodie like it was yesterday. I remember people getting mad at me for tagging him a Hoosiers fan because he could be a fan of another school just using the IU hoodie as a cover.

That’s fine, but the Hoosiers angle makes this a sports story and maybe one of his coworkers (see below) is a BC reader and turned his ass in. I hope. It’s been one of my goals to see a person go to federal prison because someone saw them on BC and went to the FBI.

From KFDA:

According to the FBI, 50-year-old Anthony James Lane is accused of robbing multiple banks in area states, two of which were here in Amarillo.

FBI agents and the Tucson Police Department arrested Lane on Tuesday in Tucson, Arizona, connecting him to 11 bank robberies in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado between August of last year and the latest this month.

After seeing media coverage, Lane’s co-workers in Tucson contacted the FBI to inform them they believed he was the suspect.

Do you know someone at the FBI? Tell them to hit me up and let me know if BC broke this case wide open.



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Kristen Stewart Says Twilight Captured Her «Uncomfortable, Terrible, and Weird» Stage

Kristen Stewart took a trip down memory lane when she talked about her Twilight days on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday. During her visit, the actress looked at pictures from her last appearance on the show with the cast almost five years ago, including snaps with Taylor Lautner and her ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson. «I look at those photos and I feel like I’m looking at a college yearbook,» she explained. «I don’t jump right back into those memories, but as soon as you see a picture you’re like, ‘Oh god, it’s like yesterday.'» She also touched on how the popular franchise greatly affected her personal life, adding, «It kind of forced me to stand at attention in this way.»

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