Joe Buck Did Not Love Odell Beckham Jr.’s Dog Pissing Celebration

Odell Beckham Jr. hit a milestone this afternoon as he caught a touchdown pass for his 300th career reception, but no one is going to give a damn about that after he got his creative juices flowing and busted out a dog pissing celebration:

You’re not going to believe this, but OBJ was flagged with an unsportsmanlike penalty.

Sidenote: Isn’t Joe Buck the luckiest guy? He’s now seen Randy Moss moon Packers fans and this OBJ move live… too bad he’s uptight as hell:

TD celebration No. 2 was a different story:

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Joe Buck Addresses Misidentifying Brooks Koepka’s Girlfriend

27-year-old Brooks Koepka may have won the U.S. Open at Erin Hills on Sunday, but that became nothing but a side story thanks to Joe Buck whiffing on his girlfriend situation:

Poor Brooks. Dude had a major career breakthrough to win his first major but Joe’s gaffe got Twitter so frenzied that Brooks’ ex started trending for all the wrong reasons. Hell, even her Wikipedia page got torched:

Buck’s defense for ruining that moment? Some staffer handed him a card with old information:

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Nick Saban Recruiting Daughter, One Piece Kim DeJesus & Frat Joe Buck

Brent Musburger seems to love life

So Brent is out at ESPN. That’s how the news starts via the AP. Then Brent opens a Twitter account (verified), says he’s not done and then there’s the little tidbit in the AP story that Brent’s going into the sports gambling business world with his family. The guy turns 78 in May. I’ve said this before about Brent: he’s one of us. He likes women. He loves gambling. He loves football. He loves the pop culture of it all. There are days I just want to kill all of my social media and disappear forever. Then I think of how Brent has kept it fun. Don’t stop loving hot women. Don’t stop loving a good gambling story. Don’t stop loving the absurdity of it all. Thanks, Brent.

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This Way Out®:

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Meet Natalie Buck — Joe Buck’s Daughter

Bet you didn’t know that Joe Buck has a daughter that goes to Indiana and has aspirations of joining the family business. Natalie Buck is a Telecommunications Engineering major at IU, according to her Facebook page.

Natalie has already served an internship at Fox 2 St. Louis where she was given the opportunity to sit at the news desk to give an editorial on fans running on the field at a Cardinals game. Can’t say I’d blame Buck’s kid for going into the family business…connections for days. And Natalie’s stepmother is Michelle Beisner, who is now an ESPN reporter.

It’s almost impossible to go into the business and not get a kickass job at FS1 or ESPN if your last name is Buck.


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Buffalo Chick Wants Kaep’s D, Roll Tide Girls Hit The Beach & Joe Buck Is Zodiac Killer?


What did we learn this weekend?

My Bengals are officially done. The Steelers aren’t nearly as good as I thought, especially with Big Ben on the shelf. The Patriots couldn’t have an easier path to home field and the Super Bowl. The Cowboys look like a Super Bowl team. People are out of their minds questioning what’s wrong with Aaron Rodgers. Guy has a bad game and suddenly the Packers need to look for a new QB and Mike McCarthy is on the hot seat. That’s just how good the Cowboys are. They’re making coaches like Marvin Lewis and McCarthy look like trash — I already called for Marvin to be fired; Mike will be fine. We learned that the Panthers will likely end up with a Top-10 pick. We learned the Bills will make the playoffs and that’s incredibly good news for the Internet. We need snow flying, temps in the single digits and some pretty boy QB going in there in January. Let’s see (3-3) Mariota go in there on Jan. 7. Looking for something to do Christmas weekend? Miami at Buffalo on Xmas Eve. That’s going to be a decent scene. We also learned that there seems to be only one team that can beat Bama: Ohio State. It appears the Big Ten will get a dream scenario on Thanksgiving Weekend: undefeated Michigan and Ohio State. Five more games to go until the matchup of the year.

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Meet Laura Buck — Girlfriend of Boise State QB Brett Rypien


Boise State quarterback Brett Rypien opened eyes last year tossing 20 touchdowns (and leading the Broncos to a Poinsettia Bowl victory) as a true freshman. How’s his sophomore season going? Business as usual thus far — his Broncos are 4-0 and currently rank 19th in the AP Top 25.

Brett’s also killing it off the field, as he’s dating fellow Bronco Laura Buck. She’s a San Diego native who plays forward for the Broncos’ women’s soccer team.

You can check out more photos of Boise State’s power couple in the gallery below.

[Laura Buck- IG]

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Kim Kardashian Ass-aulted, Carson Wentz Drops Buck & Peyton Toboggans Great Wall of China


There are going to be two blowout football games tonight: Poor Connecticut and Kansas. They’re in big trouble. Connecticut goes to Houston, which needs a massive blowout on national TV to look good to the voters. And Kansas goes to Texas Tech. Kansas gave up 37 to Ohio a few weeks ago and 43 to Memphis the last time out. Tech has scored 69, 55 and 59 points in its first three games. Oh, and the Dolphins are in Cincy. It’s a must-win for the Bengals. No joke, must win.

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