Riverdale Has Finally Cast Betty’s Older Brother, and He’s Really Hot

Riverdale is about to get even more complicated during season two. Not only will Veronica’s father (Mark Consuelos) stir up some trouble next season, but we’ll finally get to meet Betty’s long-lost brother, Chic. Newcomer Hart Denton, who previously appeared on an episode of Fox’s Lethal Weapon, has been cast as the eldest Cooper son. Even though he’s a bit younger than we were expecting (Alice gave the baby up for adoption when she was still in high school), he definitely has that Cooper family look. So, does that striking blond hair mean the popular theory that FP Jones is the father of Alice’s child isn’t true? We guess only time will tell.

Chic, who will be a recurring character on the series, is slated to come to town midway through the upcoming season. Seeing that Denton is already in Vancouver with the cast, fans are theorizing his big arrival could happen during the recently taped Christmas episode, «Silent Night, Deadly Night.» You know what they say: there’s no place like home (and a bit of family drama) for the holidays.

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Harvey Weinstein’s Brother May Have Been The One Who Exposed Him


Sibling rivalry is a bitch. And so is getting exposed after decades of alleged sickening behavior toward women. Page Six has a “former staffer” saying that disgraced film exec Harvey Weinstein’s downfall might have come courtesy of his brother Bob Weinstein. Guess you should have let him hold the Oscar for once, Harv.

The source says that Bob, who co-founded The Weinstein Company and its predecessor Miramax with Harvey, deliberately exposed Harvey as a piggish lech in order to take over their company.

“Bob’s wanted Harvey out for years,” said a former staffer, who added that the two brothers are becoming increasingly suspicious of each other.

The source say that Bob might have been the one to feed details to the New York Times, which ran an expose this week on Harvey’s alleged history of sexual harassment and multiple related settlements. Bob is said to have been plotting this for a long time. It sounds like a soap opera plot line except they had to include the tidbit that Harvey likes women to watch him shower. No one wants to think about that. There’s not a loofah with a long enough handle in the world to touch that.

Another “insider” says that Bob’s thirst for his brother’s destruction is deep.

“Bob wanted Harvey to get what’s coming to him.”

Yet another source says that several Weinstein Company staffers agree that “Bob’s trying to take over and push Harvey out,” and that he did indeed tip the Times off.

Bob has denied all of these allegations to Page Six.

In other Hideous Harvey news, The New York Times reports that his leave of absence from the Weinstein Company due to the recent allegations is being described as indefinite.” Perhaps he can spend his downtime rapping along to all of his Jay-Z records and getting the lyrics wrong.

Also, a third of the board has resigned. (Four Democratic senators have also said they’re returning any contributions that the Weinstein Company has made to their campaigns.)

Three members of the board — Dirk Ziff, a billionaire investor; Marc Lasry, owner of the Milwaukee Bucks and chief executive of Avenue Capital Group, an investment firm; and Tim Sarnoff, president of production services and deputy chief executive of Technicolor — have resigned.

In other other Harvey news, his attorney Lisa Bloom has resigned. Lisa, who has made a career from representing victims of sexual abuse, was on Harvey’s Damage Control Team, but she announced today that she’s jumping off that sinking ship, as more allegations come out.

I’m sure that before Lisa Bloom gave Harvey her resignation, she said to him, “But you’re still going to turn my book into a miniseries, right?

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Chandler Parsons Back At It… Asks Big Brother Contestant Jessica Graf to Show Her Cans on IG

Chandler Parsons has been known to comment in live IG streams of models (or anyone hot, really) from time to time, so it doesn’t surprise us to learn he was back on the prowl last night. Who’s the lucky girl this time? “Big Brother” contestant Jessica Graf.

Not exactly a name the BC office is familiar with, but all that’s important here is Chandler shooting his shot with the line, “Hey big fan, show ur tits?”

IG model Felicia Sanders probably remembers that one…

Sidenote: I went through Jessica’s “BB” profile and discovered information Chandler might find important.

Fun facts about yourself:
– I’ve lived in eight states
– I love doing yoga
– I’m very nocturnal
– Making people laugh makes me happy
My boobs are real

[H/t Krusty Sox Sports]

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Alexander Skarsgard Clowns Around With His Brother at the It Premiere

Bill Skarsgard may be playing the terrifying Pennywise in the remake of Stephen King’s It, but it was his older brother who was the ultimate clown at the film’s LA premiere. On Tuesday, Bill was joined by his famous siblings Alexander and Gustaf as he hit the red carpet at the TCL Chinese Theatre. Aside from giving us major Hemsworth brothers vibes with their group photo, Alexander also had a little fun with the cameras as he photobombed his brother by pretending to get starstruck behind him. Needless to say, we can’t get enough of their brotherly bond.

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The Hound’s Cryptic Warning to His Brother Could Mean This For Season 8

The Game of Thrones writers are basically Lucy jerking the football away from Charlie Brown at this point. Hype reached a fever pitch for Cleganebowl believers when The Hound and The Mountain came face to face in the dragonpit during the season finale. Instead of throwing down, The Hound looks into his brother’s undead eyes and says to him, «What did they do to you? Doesn’t matter, it’s not how it ends for you, brother. You know who’s coming for you. You’ve always known.» Wait one second, Sandor, who exactly is coming for The Mountain? The Hound may know, but fans are more than a little confused.

Let’s take a look at the simplest answer first — The Hound is referring to himself. His hatred for his vicious brother runs deep, and even though there is some serious debate on how alive The Mountain is, his little brother wants him dead. (Like, dead-dead.) After all, he’s the man responsible for The Hound’s scars, and in the books, the youngest Clegane also seems to believe his brother murdered their sister. For those reasons, his warning may have been a threat. Unlike Euron, The Hound isn’t interested in making a scene. He’s seen the army of the undead now, and he knows there will be another time and place for him to deal with his brother.

The Hound isn’t the only person gunning for The Mountain, though. Another option is Arya. The Mountain is on her list, and The Hound heard her recite it many times during their travels together. When you add in the Lord of Light sending The Hound a vision out of the blue earlier in season seven, it stands to reason that that vision may not have been his first. It’s possible he saw something in the flames all those years ago when The Mountain burned him for playing with his toys. Having The Hound know that Arya would come for his brother one day would be a cool twist — although it’s a stretch.

The most likely answer remains The Hound himself. With Oberyn Martell dead, he’s the one person who hates The Mountain most in the world. With the threat of the White Walkers weighing on him, The Hound likely made a decision upon seeing what’s left of his brother. Rather than strike now, he would simply remind The Mountain that the day would come when they would meet in battle. As far as The Hound is concerned, no one gets to kill his big brother except for him.

Either that, or Game of Thrones just dropped an 11th-hour prophecy on the fans, and seriously, can anyone handle another cryptic prophecy at this point? The Wall just fell, and that’s taking up all of our brain space at the moment. Besides, to believe any other theory would mean accepting that Cleganebowl will never happen, and let’s be real, the hype for that particular showdown is not going anywhere anytime soon.

In other words, Cleganebowl is totally happening in season eight, and we can’t wait.

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25 Things More enjoyable Than Watching This Season of ‘Big Brother’

Look, I’m going to keep watching this season of Big Brother through the bitter (and I do mean bitter) end, because I have done wrongs in my past lives and must atone for them. But this past week’s episode just confirmed what an unfun, off-putting dud this season has been. Last night’s double eviction was predictable, but also just left the show at this point utterly dull. Paul is in control, and will be as person after person gets picked off. The only ones who could possibly rock the boat are Alex (in a final two with him that honestly benefits both) and Mark (a competition beast, but not exactly a strategist). Does anyone think Raven’s been laying low this entire time waiting for her moment to strike? Did Jason’s utter meltdown under pressure last night give you any hope of his victory?

Exactly. The only real drama now seems to be whether or not Matt sets the Big Brother record for volunteering to go up as a pawn. Not exactly Must See TV. With that in mind, as I suffered through what should have been an exciting episode, I thought about 25 things that would be more enjoyable than what I was doing.

1) Flying to a destination inside the continental United States using no fewer than three connecting flights

2) Watching people at the gym take selfies while on treadmills

3) Counting the blades of grass in my backyard

4) Caillou cosplay (Publisher’s Note: Nope)

5) Sitting in coach between two manspreaders

6) Clicking through an online fifty-picture gallery with ads every 4th slide

7) Finding another old Trump tweet that criticizes the exact thing he just did

8) Listening to the audio commentary for The Emoji Movie

9) Going to the grocery store at 11 am on Sundays during American football season

10) Bingewatching Kevin Can Wait

11) Cleaning the bathroom floor with a spray bottle and my bare hands

12) Taking a day off from work in order to renew my license at the DMV

13) Thinking about Mike Pence calling his wife «Mother»

14) Talking with someone who insists you don’t like a certain TV show simply because you «haven’t gotten to the good stuff, which starts in season three»

15) Reading the Facebook feed of that one cousin you haven’t seen in years for reasons

16) Listening to a Soundcloud playlist called «Dentist Office Waiting Room Jamz»

17) Learning what «YouTube celebrities» are

18) Arguing with someone about how the Lost finale was actually excellent

19) Explaining to my mother why, if she gets a new computer, the good folks at Best Buy don’t have to transfer her email

20) Attempting to have a nuanced argument 140 characters at a time on Twitter

21) Looking at production stills of Iron Fist

22) Taking public transportation in and around Boston if it’s not 68 and sunny, and even then, it’s a crapshoot really because God may not exist

23) Reading articles about showrunners who insist their show is a «ten-hour movie»

24) Paying for mobile gaming content via microtransactions

25) Waiting for the garbage fire that is 2017 to finally be extinguished


‘Big Brother’ Is Trump’s America

Not like it was easy before, but after the past week it’s more impossible than ever to not look at television through the lens of the real world. Anytime you can go through a period of seven days in which the threat of nuclear war is only the second-worst thing that went down, you find yourself in a period of self-reflection. I argued last week that art is still vital in times like this, and TV at its best is art. But even when it’s not art, it can still occasionally provide insights into the real world that are almost assuredly coincidental, yet seem born from the same energies.

Which brings us to why Big Brother might be the perfect encapsulation of America’s Trump Era.

Now, the participants inside the house have no idea what’s going on outside of it. (Those lucky, lucky bastards.) But there are striking similarities to the energies and engagements on both sides of the CBS lot on which it’s filmed. To name a few …

Both feature a cult of personality.

Out here, we have the Trumpers: Those who blindly follow whatever the President does, even if it flies in the face of their best interests or even plain common sense. Inside, we’ve had Cody and Paul alternatively serve as house alphas, with just about everyone else following along to his/her almost certain dismissal from the game. Cody’s power is now gone (although if this completely shifted over the next two weeks, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least), and even Mark seems to have figured out that Paul’s presence ensures no one else has a good chance of winning. But on both sides, even those who see the false idolatry for what it is have a hard time understanding how to stop its proliferation. There’s a sad inertia that suggests people will generally complain but not risk stepping in to stop it.

Both demonstrate an utter breakdown in civil discourse.

Josh’s pots-and-pans chanting is just one example of the way these contestants use bullying tactics and screaming rather than actual dialogue. The fact that Kevin speaking civilly to Cody last night marks him AS A THREAT tells you all you need to know about the level of maturity on display. It’s like watching a Twitter thread staged under intensely bright lights. Part of this undoubtedly has to do with the way Big Brother is edited for TV, in which conflict rules the day and makes for the most compelling television. But I have yet to see more than two or three instances all year in which anyone involved in the game has even the basic amount of compassion for anyone else in this house.

Both involve people who seem mentally unprepared for the pressure they are put under.

To be clear, this has nothing to do with diagnosing any form of mental illness. I’m not an expert nor am I judging. But neither Trump nor these contestants seem prepared to handle adversity without lashing out or crumpling up. When you hear about some of the traumas these players have experienced, the only question is, «How in the world did CBS cast them?» Either CBS didn’t know (unlikely) or knew it would make for compelling content (more likely and fairly disgusting, although hardly out of the ordinary when it comes to reality TV casting). On one side, you have a group of people unable to distinguish what’s a game and what’s reality. On the other side, you have a President who…well, can’t distinguish it either. «Winning» is the only goal, which creates a self-sustaining circle of viciousness in which sharing anything takes a back seat for «avoiding defeat for as long as possible.»

Both make me physically uneasy to watch.

I’ve never 100% lost myself in Big Brother, even during the «good» seasons I watched. But I could more often than not appreciate how the smart players could adapt to the rapidly changing landscape, adjust accordingly, and eventually earn the respect of his or her defeated contestants. Now, I have to gulp down a few glasses of wine before tuning in, which is not unlike how I tune into CNN on the weekends. If Big Brother is a social experiment, it’s an experiment that happens within a specific time and place. The people who went into the house earlier this summer went in during the Trump Era, which is itself the logical if terrifying conclusion of the past few decades in America. For better or worse, they have absorbed that society, imbued it in their outlooks, and act accordingly. Their desire for shame, their inability to self-critique, and the propensity to shout down others rather than just shut up for a single second all reflect the real world a lot more than any of us tuning in to escapist television would care to realize.

There’s literally no way to compare banging pots and pans to the violence in Charlottesville this past weekend. But when you see the entire Big Brother house temporarily lose their minds and try to bully their way to victory through group intimidation, you see a microcosm of the rot of Trump’s America. CBS assembled this concentrated dose of stupidity and hate for all to see. They may have wanted ratings, but they instead got a level of reality that is uncomfortable to witness.


Liam Hemsworth Calls Big Brother Chris a «Massive Jerk» in the Cutest Way

Chris Hemsworth turns 34 on Friday, and it really wouldn’t be a proper birthday if his brothers didn’t give him a hard time. The Thor: Ragnarok actor’s youngest sibling, Liam, decided to wish Chris a happy birthday with a hilarious social media shout-out on Aug. 11. In addition to posting what appears to be a screenshot of Chris enjoying a bubble bath with a toy, he wrote, «Happy birthday Chrisso! Love u ya massive jerk 😉 xox @chrishemsworth #bathtime #rubberducky.» We love how close this family is.

Happy birthday Chrisso! Love u ya massive jerk 😉 xox @chrishemsworth #bathtime #rubberducky

A post shared by Liam Hemsworth (@liamhemsworth) on

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Taylor Swift’s Brother Nabs Role In “Pretty Little Liars” Star’s Film

Live By Night World Premiere

Believe it or not, the Swift Manor is home to not one, but TWO My Little Ponies. The first, as you may well know, spends her time at tea parties, Katy Perry fan club meetings, and occasionally in the recording studio. Her name is Taylor Swift. The other one has mainly been known for having an Instagram account with regular updates to keep the psychotic masses at bay while his sister has been dark on social media plotting her comeback. This one is named Austin Swift. Only, he’s apparently also been acting in a few things. I think I remember her referencing him as an actor a while back, but I kind of thought of that the same way I used to call myself a “struggling artist” when it meant I was struggling to string words together for a LiveJournal short story about my Beanie Baby collection.

Anywho, Austin had me eating my words when he published a ‘gram of him in Ben Affleck’s Live By Night earlier this year:

I mean, apart from having to share camera time with the second greasiest thing to come out of Boston (Marky Mark in present-day form being the first), it seemed like a big get. Naturally, I immediately wondered which cast member he promised he’d give his sister’s phone number to in order to get a part. Ben?? Too easy. Chris Cooper?! Nah, probably Sienna Miller. The squad needs a new Anna Wintour protegee since that snake Kendall Jenner is a member of the Kim Kardashian-Kanye West Koven of Snapchat sleuthing.

Well, Austin seems to have tickled Tinseltown, as The Wrap says he has a part in a new movie getting penned by one of the Pretty Little Liars chickadees. Tammin Sursok and her director husband, Sean McEwan, wrote an indie-flick called Whaling, and, no, it doesn’t mean Austin is going to dress like a whale and flop around his sister’s Rhode Island house at next year’s maybe/maybe-not 4th of July party (yep, still pissed over this year’s lack of one). Instead, this one involves two siblings who dispose of their mother’s ashes in “an unusual way.” Like… in the garbage after guzzling down some In-n-Out? They then run into a hustler played by Austin. I know that just means he probably is out to swindle cash, but I seriously hope this just turns into one giant Moby Dick/American Gigolo mash-up, because nothing is going to make me giddier than watching big Swift sis trying to feign supporting feels when her brother is playing some humped back ho working the mean streets. That’s an album’s worth of material!

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Stephanie Pratt Appears To Be Furious With Her Brother Spencer


Is it 2009, you may be asking yourself after reading that post title? No, but who doesn’t love a semi-celebrity social media war? Especially if it’s a broken down former reality television star sparring with his sister. Wait, Spencer Pratt has a sister? I knew I should have paid more attention to The Hills. Stephanie Pratt, 31, had a social media conniption on Friday and it would appear to be directed at her TV whore brother Spencer, 33. Spencer and his polyurethane-titted wife, Heidi Montag, are known for their extreme fame-whoring. Stephanie seems wrought over something smug asshole Spencer did and needed everyone to know.

She posted a “my family are deadly vipers“-type quote on Instagram (via People).

They never cease to amaze me -good thing I always pray for my enemies

A post shared by Stephanie Pratt (@officialstephpratt) on

If we weren’t sure that she hates anyone besides herself with the name of “Pratt,” the Vague-a-gram was accompanied by a snippy comment.

They never cease to amaze me -good thing I always pray for my enemies

Stephy elaborated further over on Twitter.

It seems that Stephanie wishes her parents would realize that her brother is pretty much Macauley Culkin dangling Elijah Wood out of that tree in The Good Son.

She also corrected a fan’s misconception of ole’ Spence.

Spencer, who is one of the more odious television and media “personalities” our society, has had to endure since the turn of the century, responded by brushing sis off as mentally ill.

She appreciated that.

As for their current career paths, Stephanie is a cast member on a reality show called Made In Chelsea and released a memoir about her life in 2015. In the book, she acknowledged how she was hooked on crystal meth as a teenager. Who wouldn’t be ingesting any mind-altering substance they could if that was their brother?

Spencer and a pregnant Heidi went on conservative conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ radio show to pledge their allegiance to something called the “New World Order.” It looks like they’re scrabbling for money and popping up anywhere they can. I’m guessing the Scientology Celebrity Centre wouldn’t let them in the front door. This is the couple who filed for a fake divorce in a career resurrection bid. These are some thirsty, thirsty people. He probably offered to wash Stephanie’s car if she would go off on him on social media to remind us who they are.

Pic: MTV


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