Tony Romo’s Broadcasting Style Is Interesting If You’re Into Psychics

You know how I know Tony Romo’s broadcasting career is off to a solid start? Tony wasn’t trending on Sunday for sucking and here we are on Monday without Twitter dbags calling for his head. You know the usual sites that would hammer the guy. They’re all quiet.

And for good reason.

It turns out that Romo’s style is actually pretty interesting. Watch above as Tony calls out plays before they happen. Turns out the NFL playbooks are pretty similar and makes me wonder how, if Romo in booth knows what’s coming, the defenses don’t know a run to the left is coming. Maybe they do. Maybe some defensive guy will come along and predict plays.

Peter King is officially in love:

He saw things before they happened: Late in the first half, Romo said the Raiders would carefully push the ball downfield to see if they could get into field-goal range without turning it over. They did. He called a Tennessee blitz with 29 seconds left in the half, and here came free safety Kevin Byard on an Oakland screen. And he praised the Raiders’ offensive coordinator, Todd Downing, in his first game as a play-caller, when he called eight straight runs down the stretch, forcing Tennessee to stop Oakland; the Titans couldn’t. “How about this offensive coordinator!” Romo hollered. “”Run, run, run with the game on the line.”

Richard Deitsch got a pretty obvious response out of the CBS execs:

“He had a really good day,” Rikhoff said on Sunday night. “I felt he was really prepared, did a great job on replays, and it gives us a great foundation to work with now. He’s so fresh from playing the game and sometime I immediately noticed in our production meetings with teams just how comfortable players were with him. We have some broadcasters who players have no idea who they are. But they know Tony, and I think he’s able to get interesting things out of them because he is so close to the game.”

Richard will have his gushing report at some point very soon. It’s just a matter of time.

Add it all up and you’re about to get Tony Romo for the next 25-30 seasons – at least. Cris Collinsworth joined Inside The NFL in 1989. That’s a 28-year broadcasting run with no end in sight. You can see where I’m going here. Tony’s 37. Most of us on here will be nearing death by the time this guy hangs up the broadcasting mic.

My only real complaint is that Tony has that one button thing going on. Need to either go two or none.

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Rule Britannia: Fox News Stops Broadcasting in the UK

Oh, Britain, bless you. You fuck up so frequently — Brexit, constantly voting in Tories, allowing Piers Morgan to become a thing again — but now and then, you throw a bone to common sense and remind us all that there is good in the world.

This week, it was announced that Sky, the primary provider of satellite broadcasting in the UK, will stop broadcasting Fox news due to low figures. How low, you ask? Try 2000 viewers a day low. Hell, I can get more viewers than that and I don’t even own a camera!

Obviously, this isn’t the worst news for Sky, also owned by sentient scrotum of malice Rupert Murdoch. But it does emphasise the massive gap between UK and US news, and how us Brits, for all our faults, just don’t give a shit about Sean Hannity.

This news comes three months after a woman who alleged sexual harassment while working at Fox News asked UK media regulators to block a planned purchase of Sky by 21st Century Fox. The company offered over £11bn for the 61% stake in Sky it doesn’t already own, which would essentially make it the most powerful force in British media. Obviously, this is a beyond shit idea, but our government don’t like to rock the boat too much on the Murdoch media problem since they’re one of their more effective peddlers of conservative propaganda.

Ed Miliband, the former leader of the Labour Party and frequent target of Murdoch media in a way that was totally never anti-Semitic, has been leading the political charge against the Fox-Sky take-over, and was cynical about their plans to drop Fox News being some sign of mercy given the damage they’ve caused to political discourse over the past couple of decades.

Fellow Brits: Did you ever do some channel hopping and accidentally turn on Fox News, only to scream in panic until the situation was rectified? Let us know in the comments.


Jay Cutler Is Apparently Looking To Start A Broadcasting Career

Instagram Photo

That right there is the ass of a man who might be hanging up the cleats and grabbing a microphone. There have been reports coming out today that Jay Cutler might actually be done with football altogether pretty soon and it looks like he wants to jump into the broadcasting booth.

After all, he’s unemployed right now and he’s been enjoying that life about as much as you can.

So is he planning on trying to start his media career this season? Mike Garafolo has the story:

The former Chicago Bears quarterback, who has received little interest from teams (at least as an unquestioned starter), is exploring a post-football career in broadcasting, according to multiple television sources and people with knowledge of Cutler’s thinking.

Cutler and his representatives have spoken with network executives about football-related TV roles and sources said Cutler has auditioned with at least one network in recent weeks. It’s unclear how far along Cutler is in the process and whether he’s negotiating a contract, but his audition indicates he’s serious about broadcasting.

I never pegged Cutty as the type who would want to break down games for us at home. He never seemed like that kind of guy. I always figured he’d just retire to Nashville with his hot wife and kids and we’d pretty much never hear from him again.

But now it looks like we’re going to see a lot more of him. Now that I think about it, I actually think his laid back personality would translate well to TV. But he’s not retired yet, at least as far as his agent knows.

Bus Cook, Cutler’s football agent, said Thursday the quarterback hasn’t retired and “as far as I know, he wants to play football and would play if the right offer came along.” Cook only handles Cutler’s NFL contracts, so he declined to offer any comment on his client’s broadcasting aspirations.

“You’d have to talk to Jay about that,” Cook said. “Any football player would be smart to explore his options in case he doesn’t play anymore. But Jay is as talented as any quarterback out there right now.”

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