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Least shocking headline of the year

This from Page Six: ‘Today’ show holiday party ‘more low-key’ than in years past

We’re told that amid the upheaval at the network’s “Today” show, the cast and crew celebrated the holidays on Thursday (or tried to?) at their annual party.

The party took place at noon, as is traditional for the show since its staff arrives to work so early.

I have zero idea why the party would be low-key. Said this a week ago on the Wednesday FB Live Show…you’re playing with fire if you go to a holiday party that involves any sort of alcohol. I’m even thinking you’re playing with fire if you go to an office party of any kind.

Just sit it out this year.

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Wait a Second — Can Dragons Breathe Fire If They’re White Walkers?

The following contains spoilers for Game of Thrones season seven.

Many of us Game of Thrones fans probably never saw ourselves sobbing over the death of a mythical creature before tonight’s episode, when saw the death of one of Daenerys’s dragons at the hands of the Night King. Watching Viserion die was like taking a bullet to the chest, but what made it even worse is that the White Walkers basically have the last say in this battle when they turn our fallen friend into one of their own. Things aren’t looking too good for Jon Snow and everyone else fighting the Great War, but the question at hand now is this: can a White Walker dragon breathe fire?

With the long-awaited meeting of Jon and Daenerys in season seven, there’s been a lot of talk of fire and ice, as the two are clearly significant symbols in the show’s overall storyline. It seems as though, given the climate that they live in, the White Walkers’ main weapon of choice is ice, and the spear that the Night King hurls into the air that ultimately causes Viserion to fall to his death is made of ice. Daenerys’s weapon is obviously fire, but as we witnessed on Sunday night, dragon fire can kill wights, though it doesn’t kill White Walkers. So with Viserion having been turned, it’s very possible that this undead dragon breathes something totally different than its live counterparts, as it decreases the likelihood of killing members of its own army.

There’s also the fact that Game of Thrones likes to throw curveballs at us. Daenerys has always had the upper hand, as she was the only one on the show with three dragons who no human was crazy enough to face — until now. The playing field has officially been leveled, and it’d be extremely easy to assume that zombie Viserion will breathe fire, but with this show, you should pretty much expect the unexpected once we’re finally able to see that dragon in the middle of a battle.

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Jonah Hill Lets His Biceps Breathe Before Hitting the Gym in LA

Jonah Hill dropped a substantial amount of weight recently and hasn’t been shy about showing off his slimmer figure from coast to coast. Last week, the Wolf of Wall Street actor looked damn near unrecognizable while hitting the streets in a fitted t-shirt in NYC, and on Friday, Jonah was spotted putting his biceps on display in a blue tank top while picking up a smoothie before hitting the gym in LA. Jonah reportedly hired a nutritionist and kept a food journal to lose weight after gaining 40 pounds for his role in the 2015 crime film War Dogs, and also got some fitness advice from his 21 Jump Street costar Channing Tatum.

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McKayla Maroney Lets The Puppies Breathe, Fake Woj Dupes ESPN & Charlie Sheen Hobnobs With Dodger Fans

The public isn’t scared to bet on Conor McGregor

Do I think McGregor is going to beat Mayweather on August 26th? No, but way too many people out here are giving him literally zero chance. No, he’s not a great boxer and yes, he’s going to have a lot of trouble touching Floyd. BUT (and it’s a giant but) if he catches Floyd, he’s going down. Now the chances of that happening are very low, but that’s not stopping people from throwing money down on Conor just in case. From the LV Review Journal: Money has already come in on the inexperienced underdog. The Westgate Las Vegas sports book opened Mayweather as a minus-2500 favorite in February with McGregor bettors fetching a plus-1100 return on their investment. A sampling of oddsmakers indicates the true line for the fight should have Mayweather as an even bigger favorite. It’s difficult to post such a number, however, because all of the underdog action would leave a sports book exposed too much to a fluke result. According to Westgate sports book manager Jeff Sherman, steady support for McGregor at the opening number as it was drove the price as low as minus-800, with McGregor at plus-550.

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Dewayne Dedmon Attempts to Breathe Life Into the Spurs, Takes a Shot Stephen Curry’s Knee

Is Dewayne Dedmon in the wrong for blindsiding Stephen Curry during garbage time? As you can see from the video below… probably:

Dirty for sure, but I can’t say I don’t respect the move. That’s not a popular angle to take considering cool Twitter is condemning Dedmon, but what are you supposed to do when you’re without Kawhi Leonard, Tony Parker, and now David Lee? Just die softly to setup the Warriors-Cavs rematch? Hell no.

Kawhi had his ankle taken out with some BS closeout by Zaza Pachula, so you might as well get some blood in return.

LaMarcus Aldridge’s attempted takeout from Game 1:

Aldridge on Durant in Game 3 (Can’t fault his effort):


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Kelce Bros Hit The Bar, More NBAers Get Mailed Potatoes & Beadle Let’s The Puppies Breathe

Mike Francesa responded to his horrible Maryland analysis

Back on Wednesday, before the tournament started, Mike Francesa went full-on, classic Mike by BSing his way through a segment breaking down the Maryland Terps. It was just awful, awful radio with about 100 cliches and minutes of dead air. Now Mike has responded to the mountains of criticism he got in the only way he knows how. From the New York Post: “I was kind of responding to something I had to respond to, and I should have gone to commercial, but I didn’t,” Francesa said. “and I was just basically not paying attention to the show for two minutes there when I was talking about Maryland, and I should not have done that. My fault, bad job, so it’s bad audio, but here’s the bottom line, they report it, and they report it completely erroneously!” “Everybody acts like they watch every one of these games,” Francesa said. “Let me tell you something, nobody watches every one of these teams! There was a time, many, many, many years ago, when I was responsible for knowing stuff about all of these teams, and it was a lot of hard work. “I watch certain teams. But to say I never watch a game is just offensive, if you listen to the show. Especially with the number of coaches that come on the show during the season. You have coaches that are fixtures on this show. So that’s just ridiculous.”

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10 Adele Quotes That Will Breathe New Life Right Into You

We love Adele for a few different reasons than we do other celebrities. While we definitely can’t get enough of the glamorous lives of A-listers, the mom of son Angelo is known for sometimes giving the middle finger to Hollywood, not trying to be a part of the «in» crowd, and refusing to change herself to fit other people’s standards. And what do we say to that? Hell yes! In addition to producing top-notch tunes year after year, the «Send My Love (to Your New Lover)» singer is also hilarious, blessing the world with all-too-real reactions that easily apply to everyday life. Long story short, girl knows her stuff and she’s not afraid to be comfortable in her own skin. See Adele’s best quotes on life, love, and body image, then check out 25 facts you might not know about her.

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The Election’s Almost Over. Breathe. You Can Get Through This.

Three days from now, the election will be over.

2016 has been a crap year. Bowie died. Zoolander No. 2 came out. And the sack of Cheetos-encrusted, sputum-shaped elephant in the room: Donald Trump is running to be the next President of the United States.

Less than a week from now, he won’t be.

Now, that’s not to say that the fact that millions of people are voting for such a racist, sexist blowhard as Trump doesn’t have implications for the future of this country, even assuming he doesn’t win. (God, please, let him not win.) There will be a reckoning. And I’m too pessimistic to assume this will be the last we see of him, that the media will let him slide into the obscurity he deserves—he’ll pitch a damn fit when he loses, and there are those rumors that this whole thing has been little more than a jumping-off point for a Trump TV network.

Trump, and the impact he’s had on our nation, won’t go away on November 9th.


All that aside. You guys. This election is almost over. That’s something, at least. Can you believe it? Before I’ve had time to write another shit-stirring yet still entirely correct opinion post, Donald Trump will have lost his shot at becoming President of the United States. (Assuming you vote. Go vote.) We’re almost there. We’re so close.

But we’re not there yet, which is why this weekend will be an anxious one for many of you, myself included. (But all of my weekends are anxious weekends. My weekdays, too.) I mean, Hell, the Cubs just won the World Series. If that’s not a sign the world is about to end, what is? But at this point, the Saturday before Election Day, there’s not much we can do. Vote, obviously. Encourage your friends and family to vote, if there are any who aren’t planning to. But stay sane, man. Practice some self-care. You can do this.

You can:

*Say «fuck you» to cooking (unless you like cooking). Stay indoors in your PJs. Order pizza. Talk to no one for a full 48 hours.

*Binge watch that show you’ve been meaning to catch up on.

*Speaking of, have you ever watched RuPaul’s Drag Race? Because it is A+++ «just give me some god damned entertainment I don’t have to think too much about» watching, and some earlier seasons are available for free on the Logo website. You’ll have so many «Oh, that’s where that gif is from» moments.

*Sleep in.

*Go on. Take a nap.

*»I really shouldn’t go to sleep yet, it’s like 8:30.» «DO. IT.»

*Do a face mask. Look out your window and terrify small children. At the end, you’ll have smooth, moisturized skin. Bonus!

*Rewatch that video of a guy who dressed up as his dog’s favorite toy several dozen times.

*Watch a stupid-ass rom/com and/or a stupid-ass action movie and feel good about yourself.

*Paint your nails.

*Pet a dog.

*Give yourself permission to not do any work whatsoever for two full days.

*Go to the gym! If exercise makes you feel better. If not: junk food.

*Gaze upon adorable gifs of puppies.