Remember The Dad Who Bought His Son A Bat For His Birthday? He’s Back With A Sequel

A year ago the Internet was in tears when Devon Fowler uploaded a video where he surprised his son, Braheim, with a new baseball bat for his birthday. The boy was in tears. Dad was in tears. It was the feel good YouTube sports video of the summer. “I want to see some home runs,” Devon said as Braheim came in for a thank you hug. Chokes me up every single time.

The video went nuts and the father and son had themselves a viral video.

Devon said back in 2016:

“I didn’t expect this at all,” Fowler said. “It happened overnight. I’m not a social media kind of guy.”

Fowler, who is currently unemployed, shared advice for parents who are dealing with financial difficulties.

“Just keep trying to make your kid happy,” Fowler said. “If you got love for your kids they won’t care about what you get them.”

Devon’s back and once you watch the video up top, you’re going to get emotional all over again. Posted July 17, it shows Braheim cranking a ball out of the park while Devon was recording.

And Devon catches the home run ball off that bat he bought for his son.

Look, it’s ok to shed a tear today at work. Fire up these videos and tell the IT department not to sweat the bandwidth usage. We could all stand to feel good about life for a couple of minutes.

The original video of Braheim getting his bat:

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I Should’ve Bought a Lottery Ticket Like My Mom Told Me To

Somewhere in Southern California, a winning Powerball ticket is sitting unclaimed—lost in some crevice of a car seat perhaps or jammed into the back pocket of a pair of jeans. It might be rotting away in a trash can or forgotten about after being used as a bookmark. Wherever it is, that ticket is worth a ridiculous…

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The Internet Hates The Car Kendrick Lamar Bought For His Sister

Kendrick Lamar Barclay Card Presents British Summertime Hyde Park

Sometimes the people of the internet can be that catty, judgmental frenemy with nothing nice to say EVER. Even when there is a positive story, they feel the need to crack their knuckles, sit on their toilets with their phone and talk shit (I imagine that’s where most of those fuckfaces do their dirty work). Just ask Kendrick Lamar’s sister, Kayla Duckworth.

As a high school graduation gift, Kendrick bought his sister Kayla a brand new 2017 Toyota Camry, and the internet was none too pleased with his choice of car. Meanwhile, most of them are searching their couch cushions for bus fare to go dine off of the nearest dollar menu, but that’s none of my business so you ain’t hear that from me…

Rap Up reports that Kayla took to her Instagram page to show off her new wheels, thanking her big brother for his generosity.

Thank you big brother for my graduation gift! ❤️ @kendricklamar

A post shared by Kayla Duckworth (@silnovia) on

Well this angered the masses (aka the people who can’t even afford a pack of Hot Wheels let alone a whole car) and they immediately came for Kendrick’s life with their negativity.

Kayla was unfazed by the negativity and went so far as to retweet a few comments from people who supported Kendrick by shutting the haters down. The Boombox posted a few tweets over on their site, but my absolute favorite would have to be this one.

This isn’t the first time Kendrick has come under fire for his lack of big ballin’. Back in 2014 when he purchased a home an hour outside of Los Angeles, many were surprised that, since he’s a huge rap star, he didn’t run to the realtor’s office and throw ten thousand stacks in the air shouting “Show me the good shit!” as it rained down from the heavens. Not everyone is in a rush to go broke!

So let that be a lesson to all the punks of the internet. In the words of the only First Lady I will ever acknowledge, Michelle Obama: “When they go low we go high.” So y’all feel free to keep those twitter fingers active while waiting for the bus. Maybe Kayla will honk at you as she rides by blasting her brother’s hit song, Humble.




Hassan Whiteside Bought His Mom a New House

Instead of wasting your time with a blog about the ultimate scrub feud (Austin Rivers v. Glen Davis), I thought it would be best to give some love to Hassan Whiteside, who surprised his mom with a new home on Wednesday.

Hassan, of course, signed a four-year, $ 98 million max deal with the Heat last offseason, and he’s definitely spent some of that dough already on some “OG fish” and James Johnson’s fine. Fun stuff, but that obviously can’t compare to giving your No. 1 the perfect six-bedroom home:

Hassan had some tough years (playing with the Kings, various D-League teams, and overseas) before cracking the NBA, so it’s cool to see him be able give back after the struggle.

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Sharon Stone Still Killing It, Dak Prescott Is A Confused Fan & Deshaun Watson Bought Mom A Ride

Instagram Photo

Raptors-Cavs should get some attention tonight on Twitter. You’ll also get Rockets-Spurs in the late one. That should keep you guys busy tonight. Both are on TNT. You’ll also get Caps-Penguins on NBCSN. In other words, it’s going to be a pretty good Monday night on the couch. Enjoy.

Sharon Stone, 59, still in her prime, uploads this to IG

What if Russian model Anastasia Kvitko is a spy….HOLY HELL!

Proof that Guy Fieri is popular with NFL guys

Dak Prescott is one confused NHL fan

TY Hilton’s son out here breaking ankles & he’s just 4!

Deshaun Watson bought this for his mom after the Draft

This Florida Man is up to 11 DUIs

Here’s Taylor from Florida

Paul Pierce Heading Into Retirement Video of the Day

Chorizo Sloppy Joe Sliders of the Week

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