11 Shows You Should Watch Right This Minute If You Miss The Bold Type

It didn’t take long for The Bold Type to emerge as one of Summer’s best new shows. The absolutely delightful Freeform dramedy following the ups and downs of three best friends who work at a Cosmopolitan-esque magazine in NYC quickly racked up legions of fans, but now that season one has ended, what are we supposed to do until season two (and three, for that matter)? If you’ve already watched the first season way more than a few times (#noshame), there are some other TV shows out there that can help tide you over until Kat, Sutton, and Tiny Jane come strutting back into your life.

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Lindsay Lohan Takes A Bold Stand In Defense Of Harvey Weinstein, Because Of Course She Did


At this point in time, you’d have to be one daffy fucking broad to issue a statement in defense of Harvey Weinstein. Previously, Donna Karan was the daffiest with her diatribe about ladies asking for it. Now the queen of dafficity, Lindsay Lohan has deigned to school us all with her deep thoughts and wisdom about Harvey via an Instagram story, because, well, it’s Lindsay. According to Deadline, it was up just long enough to catch the day’s news cycle and then swiftly deleted.

Whenever Lindsay pops her head out of whatever hole she’s currently burrowed in (this time she’s in Dubai), she never fails to disappoint. Lindsay is always a combination of obtuse, self-centered, illogical and yes, daffy AF. At any rate, Lindsay has worked with Harvey a couple of times and is therefore qualified to exonerate him of any wrongdoing and to instruct Harvey’s wife, Georgina Chapman, on how to proceed.

Here’s the message in it’s entirety, complete with haloed angel emoji labeled “Harvey”.

Yep, that’s some classic Lohan logic at work there. He didn’t do anything to her therefore he didn’t do anything to anybody else. She doesn’t think what’s going on is right (what’s going on is people are speaking publicly about their personal experiences? Isn’t that what you’re doing, you twat). She thinks Georgina needs to “take a stand” for her husband and that people need to “stand up”. This cuckoo clock really thinks she’s championing some underdog instead of defending a Hollywood tycoon who allegedly used his power and influence to molest and harass hundreds of women (oh, and rape, allegedly, there’s that too)! He’s got lawyers he can pay to “stand up” for him (or he did).

Look, we all know Lindsay’s probably just in it for a sweet burst of publicity, which I am currently paying her. It was worth it. She’s so delightfully dumb. Maybe she thinks he’s gonna make a giant comeback and thank her for her loyalty with an Oscar winning role of a lifetime. Uh huh.

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Fall TV Scorecard: CBS Has Already Made a Bold Renewal Move

The Fall season is synonymous with brand-new TV, and even though quality programming comes out all year long, Fall is still very important, especially to broadcast TV. There are a ton of new shows this season, and as they premiere and either land — or bomb — we also get news on whether the new series are getting picked up for a whole season (or longer). We have the first news on the new shows, plus some updates on your favorite shows that were previously renewed. (Not seeing what you’re looking for? Check here.)

What’s Been Renewed




What’s Been Canceled


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The Austin Designer Bringing Bold Back

Kyle Bunting did not plan on being a designer—let alone having an eponymous line of contemporary hide rugs, wall pieces and artwork. When Bunting tells the fortuitous tale of his path to design, he begins with his childhood in Dallas, Texas. Bunting’s father, a businessman working in manufacturing facilities for textile companies, liked to dabble in the creation of hide rugs and art pieces as Kyle grew up. He’d take his creations to the Fort Worth stock show, Kyle in tow, to sell to ranchers. Kyle remembers the enthusiasm that locals had for the unique creations, but at the time, never imagined following in his father’s footsteps.

Designer Kyle Bunting’s contemporary and vibrant rugs

Designer Kyle Bunting’s contemporary and vibrant rugs

Bunting wouldn’t catch the design bug until years after graduating the University of Texas at Austin and moving to San Francisco. Bunting remembers, “I ended up literally waking up one night and just sort of thinking about the carpets [my father] had made and started drawing and envisioning how they could be completely changed. Maybe more contemporary, we could be using color.” These thoughts drove Bunting to jump on the next flight home to Texas, where he asked his dad for a tutorial in his craft. “He transferred the knowledge to me and gave me the business and said, ‘Here, whatever it was, you can have it.’ All the intellectual property and all of the tools, everything, which was really special.” Bunting took his very first creation to Union Street Fair in San Francisco. Since then, his pieces have appeared in luxury hotels, glossy magazines and stunning private homes across the country.

Designer Kyle Bunting’s contemporary and vibrant rugs

Designer Kyle Bunting’s contemporary and vibrant rugs

Now, Bunting will debut something completely new: a bright, surprising take on the hide rug. “We’re seeing a lot more vibrancy,” he says, “Bold is back.” And it’s back, specifically, on the floor. Bunting says the bright new shades came from interior designers’ requests for colorful styles they could add to an otherwise neutral, muted room. “I think they’re treating it as art for the floor, and I couldn’t be happier,” he remarks.

This vivid collection, called Prisma, marks the second collaboration Bunting has completed with renowned New York City–based interior designer Amy Lau. A frequent client of Bunting, Lau often called in custom pieces for her clients. He remembers, “I was so enamored with some of the custom work that we were doing for her that five years ago, I asked her if she wanted to create a collection together.” A huge proponent of collaboration, Bunting frequently points out that his brand’s success wouldn’t be possible without the designers he works with and his team. “The truth, for me, is not until you’re really collaborating with other people and feel that energy of doing something positive together, do you really find that higher level of creative work.”

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Introducing Lindsey Kevitch, ARod Ex-Girlfriend Drama & TV Stations Getting Bold

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I suppose you’ll want to watch Game 5 of the Stanley Cup. I never thought the NHL season would go longer than the NBA, but here we are with at least two more to go between Pittsburgh and Nashville — Game 6 is Sunday in Nashville. Meanwhile, the NBA will be over once the Cavs roll over and die Friday night at home. You’ll also get the St. Jude Classic today at 4 on the Golf Channel.

Uhhh, Lindsey Kevitch

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Michael Rapaport begging to get his ass kicked in Cleveland during Finals

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Here’s Katie from U. of Tampa

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Sports Gossip, Sexy WAGs, NFL and Hot Cheerleaders: BustedCoverage

Best Of SI 2017 Casting Call, Terry Bradshaw’s Bold Vols Claim & Matt Elam’s Mugshot

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The Cavs have work to do tonight in Cleveland at 8:30 on TNT. Expect LeBron to go off for 33, 12 and 9. No way Bron Bron lets the Internet disrespect his legacy like they did after Game 3. NOOOOO WAY. You’ll also get a full day of SEC Tournament baseball. And Penguins-Senators is still rolling along.

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Terry Bradshaw just called out Alabama fans like I’ve never seen before

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NFL’s Matt Elam mugshot

Bullets start flying during Memphis TV news report

This Florida Man was allegedly trying to bang a cat in public

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Manu Didn’t Just Retire Press Conference Funny of the Week

Sandwich of the Day

Sports Gossip, Sexy WAGs, NFL and Hot Cheerleaders: BustedCoverage

Katy Perry Addresses Her Breakup From Orlando Bloom and Debuts a Bold New Look

Katy Perry is celebrating her new single status with a sexy new ‘do. On Thursday, just a few days after news broke of her split from Orlando Bloom, the «Chained to the Rhythm» singer revealed a supershort pixie cut and even blonder strands than she had at the Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty over the weekend. In addition to showing off her new hairstyle, Katy addressed her recent breakup via Twitter, urging «a new way of thinking» and insisting that «no one’s a victim or a villain.»

Katy and Orlando dated for a little over a year before ending their romance. In a joint statement, reps for the two explained that they would be «taking respectful, loving space at this time.»

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4 Celebrities Who Were Bold Enough to Approach Queen Blue Ivy at the Grammys

The Grammys were all about the adults on Sunday night, but one child still managed to steal some of the spotlight. Beyoncé and Jay Z’s 5-year-old daughter Blue Ivy attended the big night, and in addition to being adorably proud of her mom’s performance and jumping into a Carpool Karaoke session, she was also one of the most sought-after stars in attendance. While she relaxed in her seat with her dad, a few musicians decided to try and say hello. Nick Jonas, Rihanna, Busta Rhymes, and the night’s host, James Corden, all worked up the guts to attempt to mingle with Blue. Nick even shared a photo on his Instagram account and poked fun at the moment. While she was gracious enough to engage in small talk, her facial expression of «how cute of you to stop by» kills us.

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