Why the Penultimate Episode of Game of Thrones Is Always the Best

Once again the inescapable phenomenon is approaching: the end of a Game of Thrones season. A lot has happened in season seven, but if promos are any indication, the next episode might just eclipse all the rest. Not to say that important things haven’t happened in the final episodes of past seasons (three words: «For the Watch»), but the penultimate episode of every past season of Game of Thrones has always left audiences in awe, sometimes confused and usually heartbroken. Take a look.

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2 of the Funniest Game of Thrones Characters Are Officially Best Friends

The following contains spoilers for Game of Thrones season seven.

Tormund Giantsbane and Sandor «The Hound» Clegane aren’t exactly the Game of Thrones characters you’d expect to become fast friends, but their time Beyond the Wall is enough to create a bond between the two lovable funnymen of the series — at least on one end. Tormund takes to The Hound quickly, warming to Clegane’s snarky exterior and constant barrage of insults like only he could.

«I want to make babies with her. Think of them: great big monsters,» he gushes to The Hound about his adoration for Brienne to an annoyed Hound, attempting to forge a friendship. Naturally, fans of the series took to the pairing quickly, instantly holding a torch for Tormund and The Hound as the officially new BFFs of the Game of Thrones universe. Check out some of the most hilarious reactions to their friendship, then relive the entire emotional episode with us.

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The Complete List of the Best ’90s Movies

The ’90s was an iconic decade for many reasons. We had TV shows like Salute Your Shorts and Animaniacs, stores to browse like Delia’s and Limited Too, and songs to listen to on the radio like Britney Spears‘s «Baby One More Time» and and TLC’s «Waterfalls.» When we weren’t doing all of those things, we were begging our parents to take us to the movies. Sometimes they did and we saw age-appropriate flicks, and other times we snuck in with our friends to catch those R-rated ones. So many gems came out in the ’90s (not like today, when everything old seems to be getting rebooted). There were some underrated films, some with killer soundtracks, and some that are perfect for showing your own kids today. To prove that storytelling was at its highest during the ’90s, I made a list (in no particular order) of the best movies to come out of that decade. It’s a lot, but you’re going to want to scroll through the whole thing to see so many movies you probably loved (and forgot about).

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15 Big-Screen Best Friends Who Turned Into More

People fall in love with their best friends in real life all the time, and it happens a lot on the big screen too. Harry and Sally found that it’s hard for men and women to be friends at all, while a couple of modern romantic comedies have shown us that it’s tough to be just friends with benefits. Sometimes the sweetest love stories are ones that start with a friendship. Check out the best movies where the onscreen buddies go from platonic to romantic.

-Additional reporting by Shannon Vestal Robson, Maggie Pehanick, and Kelsie Gibson

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The Folks at Droptree are Living Their Best Lives, Probably

I’ve never worked in commercials, but friends of mine have. They’ve told me that, especially because of the time and budget constraints, the work can be tough, the schedules brutal, and sometimes (not always, but sometimes) they’d be working for employers who were bitter. Those employers usually were people who felt burned out, people who felt that their work in commercials left them creatively drained.

But don’t tell that to the gang at Droptree Productions.

If you’ve never heard of this Portland, Oregon-based commercial production company, don’t worry, there’s absolutely no reason why you would have (I hadn’t, until today). Although you may have seen some of their work! They’ve worked on ads for all sorts of companies, like:

Nike — "Your Unlimited Starts Now" from DROPTREE PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

GNC — "Just Ask — Sarah" :30 from DROPTREE PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

Coors — "Persistence" Director's Cut from DROPTREE PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

Ricola — "Immunity Strength" from DROPTREE PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

Oh, and as they’ve been making a name for themselves as a production company, they’ve also apparently been SECRETLY SHOOTING A MUSIC VIDEO ON THE SETS OF THEIR COMMERCIALS OVER THE LAST TWO YEARS, built largely out of B-roll, shots picked up behind the scenes and, from the looks of it, sometimes right in the scenes.

The result is a Beastie Boys-inspired song about, well, making commercials, that manages to make their work process look like WAY more fun than any of my friends have ever had.

It’s also a nice reminder that the opportunity for creation and fun are all around you, if you know where to look.

Or, at least, if you know when the client isn’t looking.




The Best Beach Reads For a Summer Getaway

Looking for poolside page-turners you can dive into while you’re away on vacation? With a mix of popular classics, romantic novels, thrillers, and modern fiction, we’re highlighting a range of options you can tote along on your next vacation. Before you start packing, take a look at these must-have beach reads, plus some of the best books of 2017.

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The Best and Worst of MLB Nickname Jerseys

As most of you guys know, MLB players will be wearing special “nickname jerseys” on the final weekend of August to celebrate Players Weekend. It seems tacky AF when you factor in the alternate youth-league inspired uniforms, but to our surprise some MLBers came through in the clutch with witty aliases. Others, however, failed miserably and displayed a disappointing lack of creativity.

The best of the best

Haven’t seen Andre Ethier play for like a year, but this is strong:

Kyle Seager knows what the deal is:

No idea who Michael Blazek is, but I like him:

Gotta give love to Lil’ D:

Big Fudge checking in:

Josh Phegley keepin’ it real:

Triggs getting nerdy:

Brad Hand created a classic that will be seen at music festivals for years to come:

The worst

Shocker. Nicknames aren’t Trout’s thing:

Carlos Correa, just as boring as Trout:

Kyle Seager’s brother isn’t very funny:


Sorry, tired of hearing this one already:

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The 10 Best Performances From Season One Of J-Lo’s ‘World Of Dance’

I got hooked on World of Dance earlier in the season after my better half made me watch it with her, and while I often end up fast-forwarding through much of the cheese (basically anything that isn’t dancing and scoring) there were some really great performances this season, especially if you’re new to the reality TV dance game like I am.

Last night was the grand finale, with the winners of the three main categories competing. The categories were Junior, Adult and Group.

A 14 year old superstar dancer with basically no joints named Eva Igo won the juniors by a country mile.


I know that looks like her screaming in pain as she blows out her hammy, but from what I saw, she was born without hamstrings.

A supercharged Latin dance troupe called Swing Latino won the Group competition. That was tough because I love the Kinjaz, whom they knocked out. But saying that, Swing Latino was probably the most fun, energetic, and spectacular performer in the competition — as in ‘spectacle.’ They were both amazing and kind of nuts, but in the best way. Loved them. They brought so much raw, exciting passion to the stage. And consistently the flashiest costumes.


The international sensation duo of Les Twins represented the Adults, winning the division while one of them danced in a wheelchair.

The Highs and Los of the Season

Bad: I felt like the show really wasted ‘host’ Jenna Dewan Tatum. They put her in the worst outfits, with her hair often changing length during the show. They reduced her to this sort of depressive concierge — relegated to hugging the losers and saying ‘I’m really gonna miss you guys!’ over and over and over again.


Good: The Judges: Ne-Yo can do zero wrong in my mind. Ditto for Derek. J-Lo was great all the way through.

Really Bad: But there were a few moments where I was like HUH? In one of the cut challenges, a group of dancers called ‘Ian Eastwood and the Young Lions’ knocked international award winning supergroup Jabbawockees out of the competition. It could be just me not understanding dance, but that was nearly enough to have me quit. With every other group, it was a group. But with ‘Ian Eastwood and the Young Lions’, it was just this insane vanity project for one guy. Everyone was there just to put him in the spotlight. And he’s really talented, but the whole design of it and the inherent arrogance, it just turned me off. Of course he’s a YouTube sensation with like a trillion subscribers. I don’t get humans sometimes.

Bad: The judges saved their big scores for the division finals. Most weeks, you’d be lucky if you saw a 95. But in the divisional finals we got two 99’s and a 100. So by then you kind of know where the bar was and then, out of the blue, with dances that were clearly not like VAST improvements, performers were getting like a thousand points from the judges. It was weird. Then, nothing like that in the finals.

Good: Real, honest to god talent, everywhere you looked. Or kind of almost everywhere. Some performers were a bit over their heads, but the show sped past them.

Bad: The team that got the 100, Keone and Mari, were great, and should have absolutely beaten Les Twins. But somehow, Les Twins, with one dude in a fucking wheelchair, beat what was essentially a near-flawless performance. I love Les Twins but one of them was in a wheelchair!.

That said: If I was the producer I would have done the same thing. (God I hate admitting that.) You don’t shelve an international sensation for a quaint and adorable duo. You don’t say, ‘we have the Boston Red Sox or the Murray Point Tarantulas. Let’s give the Tarantulas the win.’ Nope. It doesn’t happen. I don’t care how good the Tarantulas are. Television is all about ratings. And when Les Twins are healthy, I don’t think anyone can hang with them.

Strong: Camera work was almost always on point. Some people hate the cuts to the judge’s reactions during the performances, but it didn’t bother me and that’s an editing decision anyway. For the most part, we saw what we needed to see and from the right places.

The Million Dollar Winner

It was Les Twins who won it all last night, and a prize of One Million Dollars.

I thought they were the best out there, across the board, so they deserved it, but they’re also the only ones who are already rich. That million dollars for Swing Latino or Eva Igo would have changed lives. When Swing Latino started crying when they were eliminated I wanted to bury my face in a pillow and sob for a week. They’re the loveliest. I wish we could just crowdfund them a million dollars to take back to Colombia.

But, based on skill alone, this was the right choice. One of my favorite shots of the season was this one, of one of Les Twins opponents, after they saw them dance for the first time:


Yep. That more or less sums it up. That’s how skilled they are. They’re from another planet.

It was a fun season, outside of some very, very questionable judges decisions and some extra thick Velveeta. I’m not sure I’d watch it again because of those ‘rigged’ decisions. I’m almost positive they knew the elimination order, roughly, from the beginning and just tweaked the scores to make those scenarios moderately believable. So then, if it’s not really a competition, is it worth investing in? It might be the kind of thing where you just catch the 3-minute clips on YouTube and go from there.

Then again, I’d probably miss Ne-Yo. He’s rad as fuck. I’m questioning all my life decisions that somehow didn’t get me to grow up and be best friends with Ne-Yo. He has the best smile in the universe.


It was a fun season. My rank of the dancers would have been:

1. Les Twins
2. Kinjas
3. Keone and Mari
4. Eva Igo
5. Jabbawockees
6. Swing Latino

The Top 10

#10: Les Twins — They’re just in a class by themselves.

#9: The Lab — was from the junior division. This was another performance where a better team was knocked out by a lesser one. That happened way too much this season. The better team should win. Period. I think The Lab should have gone up against Eva Igo in the divisional final, but whatever. Anyway, this is all like 8-12 year olds from broken homes. The :50 mark of this blows my doors off. And they have this 8 year old dancer who is FIERCE!

#8: Les Twins — Their performance in the finals. They’re kind of astounding.

#7: Swing Latino — Their performance in the finals. They’re so much fun to watch.

#6: Jabbawockees — This was their opening performance. These guys are fucking amazing. Knocking them out early felt like a preposterous slap in the face.

#5: Kinjas — their opening performance. I can’t get enough of it. Love them, love the song, love the performance, love everything.

#4: Eva Igo — She went from timid young rabbit to million dollar runner-up asskicker in one season. Hot damn, she’s talented. This is her performance in the finals:

#3: Keoni and Mari — A husband and wife team, they’re all about telling a story. I love them.

#2: Les Twins — This was their first performance and my favorite.

#1: Kinjas — This is, hands down, the coolest and most entertaining performance of the season.

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Goldie Hawn Mourns the Loss of Her Best Friend: «Please Treasure Each Other»

Goldie Hawn is currently dealing with the heartbreaking death of her best friend. The legendary actress posted a throwback photo of her and her unnamed friend on Instagram on Sunday, writing, «My best friend has passed. Please treasure each other. Best friends get us through. Blessings to all this Sunday.» Goldie, who is undoubtedly leaning on her famous family for support, ended her message on a lighter note by sharing an adorable photo of her granddaughter, Rio Hudson, hugging her own best friend. She posted the photo again on its own, writing, «Says it all! Xx.»

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The Best Parts of ‘Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later’ Don’t Feel Like ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ At All

There is a brand new 8-episode season of Wet Hot American Summer on Netflix. It brings the franchise into the early ’90s, focusing on the long-awaited 10 year reunion the camp counselors all promised to gather for, so long ago. If you have stuck with the tale of Camp Firewood since David Wain and Michael Showalter’s WHAS film in 2001, then chances are you know what you’re getting into. Or at least you’ll think you do. This new season may push even the most loyal fans to the «WTF?» brink, but if you manage to hang in until the end, there are enough surprises to justify the whole journey. The thing is, those surprises feel like they’re from a different cinematic universe. In a good way. Spoilers to follow, in case you’re reading this but still plan to watch the show …

The previous iterations of Wet Hot American Summer (the movie, and the First Day Of Camp prequel series from 2015) played on the nostalgia of a very particular kind of ’80s teen summer coming-of-age movie, blown out to absurd proportions and stuffed with a huge number of comedic performances from people we know and love. The meta joke seems to be that Showalter and Wain can rally these folks again and again to gamely hammer every joke into the ground while pretending they’re 20-30 years younger than they really are. It’s so much fun, they even attract new faces to add to the mix each time — Adam Scott, Alyssa Milano, and Jai Courtney join the fun this time around, in addition to a number of surprise returning characters from the prequel season. But the difference with the Ten Years Later concept is that … well, they aren’t teenagers anymore. I mean, obviously they never WERE teenagers, but even within the framework of Wet Hot American Summer having the central group of counselors return to Camp Firewood in their twenties opens up whole new storytelling possibilities. Rather than spoofing ’80s teen movies, or sticking to the obvious ensemble films where a bunch of high school friends return home and realize they aren’t where they thought they’d be in life, they can and do spoof almost any late ’80s/early ’90s adult genres.

The first few episodes have to do the legwork of reintroducing us to the characters at this point in their lives, and start laying the groundwork for each storyline surrounding them. Because basically each character is involved in their own genre. And the attention to detail, though impressive, may be off-putting to even the most die hard fans — not to mention the constant shifts in tone as they jump from one character to another. There are 3 distinct romance film tropes (none of which work out in the end), in addition to some John Grisham-esque conspiracy uncovering, some hidden bunker madness, a few presidents — and of course they still have to save the Camp. Again.

It doesn’t always work, at least at first. But as the season goes on, a couple of threads emerge that justify the entire endeavor: the hard-core Lethal Weapon/The Fugitive action romp starring Mitch, the Can of Vegetables, and the psycho-babysitter storyline surrounding McKinley (Michael Ian Black), Ben (Adam Scott), and Renata (Alyssa Milano). These feel so separate from everything Wet Hot America Summer has ever been in the past, and in fact they sort of take place on the fringes of even this new season. But they also best demonstrate the comedic possibilities open to the cast now that they don’t have to pretend to be teenagers stuck at a camp.

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Can of Vegetables has been a part of WHAS from the get-go, but it wasn’t until the prequel season that we learned the tragic tale of Mitch (H. Jon Benjamin), the former camp owner who fell into some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-style ooze and became the talking can we all know and love. He’s been there to offer guidance, but being a can of vegetables, it was hard for him to really step up in the action department. This time around he gets his own plot, escaping from the camp to bang waitresses and round up Christopher Meloni’s Gene (who lives in a camper on the beach because OF COURSE he does). More Can of Vegetables is a good thing, but that is sort of a given. He’s basically the mascot of the franchise. Also hearing the voice of Sterling Archer and Bob Belcher coming out of a can of vegetables will never not be funny.

The real surprise is the babysitter storyline: Ben hires Renata to join them for the reunion to take care of their infant daughter, so he and McKinley can have fun and not worry. But McKinley has a bad feeling about Renata — though every time he tries to prove she’s crazy, everything gets flipped on its head and he looks like a fool. The thing about WHAS is that it manages to be both meta-aware and still earnest, both commenting on the rules of the genre while also playing them straight. And so McKinley alienates Ben and everyone else in his quest to prove that Renata is psychotic, only to have played into her hands perfectly. Now that no one will believe him, she can proceed to take everything that’s his.

It is a dark, twisted, and well-executed little psychological thriller in the midst of all the usual Camp Firewood chaos that leads up to a hysterical fight sequence and a moment of true consequence — they kill Renata. Then formulate their gruesome plan for how to dispose of the body (sprinkling her teeth along the highway and burning her torso stand out). Only to discover, during the grand climactic reveal that everything the camp had gone through that day was because Ronald Reagan and George Bush the senior wanted to teach them all a lesson (just roll with it…), that Renata was an actress. They killed an innocent woman for no reason.

So the final episode keeps going, following up with a group dinner at a fancy new restaurant. And as everyone toasts and acts happy, the camera catches McKinley and Ben in the back, staring ahead blankly. Shell-shocked. It’s such a tight little moment, the weight of all that they’ve been through and will have to continue to live with, and the fact that nobody else is even aware of it. If I was on the fence in the early episodes because the focus seemed to be all over the map, this one shot sold me on what Wet Hot American Summer can do with adult storylines. Well, this and Can of Vegetables jumping off a waterfall.


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