Magic Johnson Was at the Gym with Byron Scott Before Trading D’Angelo Russell

Who was Magic Johnson hanging out with before sacrificing D’Angelo Russell (and mainly Timo Mozgov’s contract) to the Brooklyn Nets for 2018 cap space? Why none other than the tank commander himself, Byron Scott! As you can see in the above photo, Magic, Byron, and Cecilia Gutierrez (Byron’s GF) had a nice workout sesh at Equinox one day prior to the trade.

Now, Magic consulting with one of D-Lo’s old coaches is obviously something any thorough basketball man would do. But in this case… it’s fair to question how impartial Byron was in his assessment of D-Lo after their drama-filled (Swaggy P Snap incident, constant criticisms, general old-school coach BS, etc.) 2016 season.

Just last month Byron was back to slamming D-Lo’s work ethic (via The OC Register’s Mark Medina):

“I don’t know if his work ethic has gotten any better. Some of the people I’ve talked to in the organization said that it hasn’t,” Scott said of Russell.

Obviously Magic agreed so much that he’s picked up where Byron left off in the slander department:

Byron and his Girl:

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Before ‘Wonder Woman,’ When Robin Wright Played Diana (But Not That Diana)

A dangerous, powerful, all-consuming love.

Have you ever felt that?

Sometimes, with emotion that intense, especially if the love and lust are both jockeying for position, the experience can be captivating. That feeling, that sense, was on display in a small indy that I don’t think many people saw, starring Robin Wright.

There’s been a lot of well-deserved Robin Wright love out there lately. She’s built an amazing career. Her talent is impressive and important and, it seems, relatively timeless.

But not many people have seen my favorite role of hers. It’s only fourteen magical minutes long, and was in a tiny 2005 movie called Nine Lives. (And yes, obviously, I adore Buttercup, but this…this is different. This is like seeing something unique and unfathomable.)

If you haven’t seen it, it’s a film by Rodrigo Garcia. For less than the cost of a Big Mac you can rent it on Amazon. It’s a film that follows the lives of nine women in a series of vignettes. Just look at the names on this jacket.


I barely remember the other performances because the vignette with Robin Wright was so goddamn amazing. I just believed it. And it’s just her and one other person: Jason Isaacs. He holds his own and shows off his chops, as well. I’m absolutely dying to see him in Star Trek: Discovery because he’s always cast as an evil prick and in so many ways those actors who are type-cast as bad guys — male and female alike- can often make for legendary good guys.

If you can’t spring a few bucks to watch it in HD, here it is:

Nine Lives — Memorable escene (Jason Isaacs and… by ArtieOtt

This type of wildness, a sudden, unplanned wildness of emotion and spirit, is a difficult thing to chart, but Garcia does it here with grace and truth. It’s so powerful.

The only other film, off the top of my head, that affected me with regard to this emotion: this dangerous, all-consuming type of love was Nicole Kidman’s monologue about the naval officer in ‘Eyes Wide Shut.’ Where, in a microsecond, without even knowing a person, she would give up everything she holds dear just to be with him. My god that’s terrifying, and somehow exhilarating and so diabolically human. Listen to it:

That we can build a fortress of attention and care brick by intentional brick only to have someone come along who would make us not only turn our back on it, but kick it down ourselves? Whew. That’s some powerful peyote.

Is it love? A deep, inner knowing that calls to you from a more fortified place of spiritual integrity? Is it a primal connection with an absolute truth?

Or is it just good, old-fashioned lust? Lust sharpened to a razor’s edge. Is it an accidental meandering of a physical entity into the visible spectrum of a multi-generational line of genetic code? One written in permanent marker that was passed down from your ancestors? If you see this form, bind yourself to it.

I’ve experienced this type of passion in the past. I’m not sure where it came from. For me, it was option A. An inner knowing so certain that I felt powerless to resist it. Or more accurately, I had no reason or desire to resist it because it felt more right than anything I’d ever known before. I remember feeling woozy and disoriented, but also singularly focused. With a need so instant and powerful that the absence of the other person makes the void feel too close. It’s a bizarre sensation. When it works, mutually, it’s a cartoon dreamworld. When it’s uneven, or unrequited, it’s a place from whence a bounty of ugliness can spring.

My stomach drops out every time I watch Robin Wright’s Diana jog out of that store, looking for Damian. Because where is she now? One minute she’s casually tossing condiments into her cart and in the blink of an eye, you sense that her entire life is turned upside down. Where can she put this, whatever it is? How can she hold it alone? What will she whisper to her unborn child to explain it? It’s dumbfounding.

I think that kind of passion might be more prevalent in a certain subset of people who aren’t risk averse, and it probably helps if you have a bit of an adventure-seeking gene. That profound human magnetism is palpable. And if the magnetic poles line up? It’s a cataclysm. For good or ill. Captured, I think, remarkably well in the two films above.

Here endeth the sermon. Now tell me your most passionate love or lust story. It’s the weekend, after all.

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You’ve Seen GLOW’s Justine Before — on Grey’s Anatomy!

By now, you’ve likely marathoned your way through season one of Netflix’s fantastic new series GLOW, and have plenty of questions about the actors who brought this eclectic cast of lady wrestlers to life. If you are wondering who plays GLOW‘s resident anarchist Justine, the answer is Britt Baron. A relative newcomer to acting, Baron brings an impressive amount of nuance to her role as the B-movie obsessed, ’80s punk rock-loving character. There’s so much more going on with Justine than just a passion for grunge culture, and Baron does a fantastic job of bringing her character’s mixed emotions to the surface in subtle ways throughout the season.

While she doesn’t have many credits to her name just yet, there is a chance you’ve seen Baron before — especially if you’re a Grey’s Anatomy fan. The actor guest-starred in season 13’s «Don’t Stop Me Now» as Mary, a patient with an unforgettable condition. She has worms, and it’s all kinds of disgusting. On her Instagram page, Baron revealed she’s happy to hold the title of having what is a contender for the show’s grossest ailment ever. She even took a photo on the set and captioned it, «Surrounded by my heroes. Tonight on Grey’s I get to be one of the most disgusting patients of all time! Dreams man. Dreams.»

A post shared by Britt Baron (@brittbaron) on

In addition to her stomach-churning episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Baron has also appeared in two episodes of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, and done some video game voice-work for the Halo series. Her credits extend beyond television to include theater work as well. While it’s hard to imagine the rough-edged Justine embracing the stage, Baron seems right at home starring in plays. According to her Instagram, she’s starred in productions of East of Eden and Grand Concourse.

Her theater work may play a large role in her ability to disappear so fully into Justine’s disaffected shoes. The youngest member of GLOW is obsessed with director Sam Sylvia’s work, and it’s clear right from the start that she has a different reason for entering the ring than the other women. Baron is a true scene-stealer throughout season one, and thanks to a twist near the end, she has the potential to take Justine to new heights in season two. (Please let there be a season two, Netflix).

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‘Playing House’ Back Before We Were Trumpy

Hey, quick question. Do you guys remember 2015? That was way back when Trump was still a joke, and not an incomprehensible, living nightmare? Back before Republicans were writing secret bills to take away healthcare from millions of people, despite the fact that their constituents desperately don’t want this bill to pass? Back before the horror show of modern politics didn’t find a way to worm itself into every single goddamn topic? Back, you might say, before we were brittle?

That’s right. Tonight is the premiere of season three of Playing House: Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves: The Return of Emma and Maggie. Or it’s very possible that USA is sticking with the original name Playing House. We’ll have to double check. The important thing is the show is amazing, it’s back, and I’m here to refresh you on just exactly what’s going on:

— Emma and Maggie are best friends, played by real life best friends Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham.

— Maggie has a baby, Charlotte. Emma is helping Maggie raise Charlotte after Maggie kicked her cheating husband to the curb (the father, Bruce, is actually very present in Charlotte’s life, and he and Maggie have reached a comfortable place in their relationship as mostly friends. It’s rather complex, and kind of beautiful).

— Emma and high-school-sweetheart Mark, played by Keegan-Michael Key, are going to start boning again after Mark’s recent divorce. Literally every single person wants this to happen.

That’s all you need to know. There are other highlights and characters, but in terms of plot points, that’s it. Especially because season three will incorporate Jessica St. Clair’s real life battle with breast cancer into Emma’s storyline. As standard American sitcoms are wont to do. There’s also a new love interest for Maggie (which means, luckily, Emma can stop creating serial-killer-basement-dating-rooms), but the show is refusing to tell us who he is (we can unfortunately eliminate Jason Mantzoukas, who’s already appeared on the show, but guesses as to the mystery actor are welcome in the comments).

So season three might not be as light and breezy as previous season, but it should still be hilarious. And either way, it will still be significantly better than reality.


Before Gal Gadot Kicked Ass as Wonder Woman, She Slayed the Miss Universe Stage

Is there anything Gal Gadot can’t do? In addition to blowing audiences out of the water with her performance in Wonder Woman, the 32-year-old Israeli actress also does a lot of her own stunts, used to be in the Israeli military, has two seriously adorable daughters, and maintains an enviable relationship with her husband (with whom she used to run a luxury hotel, NBD). On top of all that, Gal also has «pageant queen» on her résumé.

When the aspiring star was only 19 years old, she competed in, and won, the 2004 Miss Israel pageant. With that huge honor under her belt, she moved on to the Miss Universe pageant in Quito, Ecuador, that same year, where she hit the stage in a gorgeous black evening gown (that slit!) and later in a colorful bikini. Jennifer Hawkins (aka Miss Australia) ended up taking home the big win, but fortunately these photos of Gal dancing with the other competitors will last forever.

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Jonah Hill Lets His Biceps Breathe Before Hitting the Gym in LA

Jonah Hill dropped a substantial amount of weight recently and hasn’t been shy about showing off his slimmer figure from coast to coast. Last week, the Wolf of Wall Street actor looked damn near unrecognizable while hitting the streets in a fitted t-shirt in NYC, and on Friday, Jonah was spotted putting his biceps on display in a blue tank top while picking up a smoothie before hitting the gym in LA. Jonah reportedly hired a nutritionist and kept a food journal to lose weight after gaining 40 pounds for his role in the 2015 crime film War Dogs, and also got some fitness advice from his 21 Jump Street costar Channing Tatum.

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Prince George Was Done With Trooping the Colour Before It Even Started

The royal family’s spectacular, annual celebration of the Trooping the Colour parade was a sunny, smile-filled affair, but there was one person in attendance who seemed a little, um, over it, to say the least. We’ll give you one wild guess who . . .

Yep, Prince George!

The adorable 3-year-old has a habit of letting his true feelings show, and while standing next to little sister Princess Charlotte at the parade, he unveiled some of his most hilarious facial expressions to date. Dressed in an adorable suspender outfit, George all but rolled his eyes at the Trooping the Colour festivities, while his mom and dad, Kate Middleton and Prince William, attempted to give him a few pep talks through out. Although we can’t know for sure what was going through the little royal’s mind, we have a few ideas . . .

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Before George Clooney Settled Down With Amal, He Dated These Famous Women

George Clooney wed human rights attorney Amal Almuddin in September 2014, but before that, he was a notorious playboy. While he was famous for his many girlfriends, George was actually married back in the early ’90s to actress Talia Balsam (she has since married John Slattery, who also played her onscreen ex-husband on Mad Men). Women young and old swoon over George, and he’s definitely spread the love around himself over the years, so let’s take a look at George’s former flames.

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They’re Cutting The Knee High Rough At Erin Hills A Couple Days Before The Tourney Starts

That didn’t take long, but don’t freak out over the Erin Hills grass crew working like crazy today cutting down the fescue on at least one hole for the U.S. Open. I’ve been researching into this fescue cutting a little bit and the Twitter golf experts are saying that the crew is just cutting down where the sprinklers have given the grass a healthy drink.

Have to trust the Twitter Golf Experts on this one. Nothing to see here. Just guys hurrying around to get that grass removed.

Normal Tuesday trim on the 4th:

Just a little trim on the 14th:

Everything is just perfect at Erin Hills:


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Braves Fan Gets Smoked In A Promo Race Between Innings, Face Plants Before The Finish Line

Without a doubt, this is the funniest thing you’re going to see at a baseball game this weekend. A Braves fan got a little too cocky while doing a “Beat The Freeze” promotional race in between innings last night.

He gets a massive head start, looks like he’s going to dominate the race, The Freeze turns on the afterburners and smokes him, the Braves fan then gets way too cocky and starts whooping up the crowd, and next thing you know he’s got a face full of dirt.

Ron Darling giving him the business makes it that much better. “Oh, it’s where he belongs, right in the dirt”.

Maybe my new favorite gif of 2017

 fan race atlanta braves GIF

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