10 Times Princess Diana Was the Most Badass Member of the British Royal Family

Princess Diana, while undeniably classy, poised, and well-spoken, was also kind of a badass. Whether she was shaking up tradition by changing her wedding vows or revealing the cracks in her fairy-tale marriage, Diana had moments of true bravery and backbone. Here are 10 times Diana proved she was a force to be reckoned with in the royal family.

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Serena Williams’s Reason For Thinking She’s Having a Girl Is Really Badass

Serena Williams and her fiancé, Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian, announced their pregnancy back in April, but the two have decided not to find out the sex of their baby until the little one’s arrival. Despite their dedication to being surprised, Alexis revealed they do have some theories about their baby during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday, and one of them is pretty amazing. Watch the video above to find out why Serena thinks she’s having a girl.

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The Meaning Behind Lady Olenna’s Final Speech Makes Her the Ultimate Badass

At the end of the latest episode of Game of Thrones, titled «The Queen’s Justice,» Lady Olenna Tyrell serves up a rather glorious mic drop when staring down imminent death at the hands, er, hand of Jaime Lannister.

After being assured her death will be painless, Lady Olenna downs her poisoned wine in one gulp and then says to Jaime, «I’d hate to die like your son: clawing at my neck, foam and bile spilling from my mouth, eyes blood-red, skin purple. Must have been horrible for you, as a King’s Guard and a father. It was horrible enough for me. A shocking scene, not at all what I intended. You see, I’d never seen the poison work before. Tell Cersei, I want her to know it was me.»

At this news, a stricken Jaime strides out of the room as Lady Olenna presumably succumbs shortly thereafter to the poison. But what is that epic speech all about?

Back in season four, Lady Olenna’s granddaughter Margaery is betrothed to King Joffrey. The marriage will form a good alliance between the two houses but also means Margaery is forever tied to a psychotic monster. So Olenna conspires with Petyr Baelish (aka Littlefinger, who is now Sansa Stark’s right-hand man) to kill Joffrey. They stage the death at the wedding, poisoning Joffrey’s cup with a jewel from Sansa’s necklace. As Joffrey chokes, vomits, and dies right there at the banquet . . .

. . . Petyr has Sansa spirited away to a ship and Cersei blames the absent Stark and her husband, Joffrey’s uncle, Tyrion, for the death. But neither Tyrion nor Sansa have anything to do with it. It’s Lady Olenna all along, which she reveals to Jaime in what is perhaps the best predeath speech Game of Thrones has ever seen.

Lady Olenna FTW. We will miss you terribly, Tyrell matriarch (and actress Diana Rigg). You fought well, and now your watch is ended.

The Lannisters (and Samwell Tarly’s father, Lord Tarly) now control Highgarden and all its riches. After taking out what had remained of the Martells from Dorne and the Greyjoy fleet in season seven’s second episode, this is another blow to Daenerys’s bid for the Iron Throne. Maybe aligning with Jon Snow isn’t looking too shabby anymore.

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The Defenders: Marvel’s Unlikely Heroes Band Together in Badass New Trailer

At this point, waiting for new episodes of Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Daredevil is nearly unbearable. What’s a superhero binge-watcher (who has already raced through Iron Fist) to do? Well, in hopes of giving you an exciting distraction, we have some news. The Defenders has released a new trailer, and it’s full of action. Even though details are sparse, we’re breaking down all the information we’ve gotten about the show so far.

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Eternal Badass Alysia Montano Runs 800 Meters Five Months Pregnant

Olympic track runner Alysia Montano has never been one to let the presence of a fetus developing in her womb keep her from competing, and this year is no exception. On Thursday, she finished seventh in her 800-meter heat at the U.S. Track & Field Outdoor Championships, despite the blistering 110 degree heat and, uh,…

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Dwayne Johnson Gushes Over His «Badass» 15-Year-Old in a Sweet Father’s Day Post

Dwayne Johnson had his best girls by his side as he celebrated Father’s Day on Sunday. The actor shared two sweet posts on Instagram as he gushed about being a proud dad to 15-year-old Simone, whom he shares with his ex Dany Garcia, and 1-year-old Jasmine, whom he shares with longtime girlfriend Lauren Hashian. «As busy and complex as my life is, these simple core moments with my ohana will always be my anchor for balance and gratitude,» he captioned a shot of him with Jasmine propped on his shoulders. While we can’t get over how big his little girl is getting, it’s his lengthy post to his eldest daughter that will really bring a tear to your eye.

Even though it was his special day, he couldn’t help but gush about how inspiring his daughter is. «I’m so proud to call her my daughter and so grateful that my influence as the #1 man in her life (for now) are two fundamental things that can take her and any young girl or boy far in this world . . . hard work and kindness,» he wrote. «She also bad ass with the most razor edge, wicked sense of humor, so you know I’m proud this apple didn’t fall far from the tree.» So cute! We always love seeing Dwayne’s beautiful blended family.

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Gal Gadot’s Husband’s Wonder Woman T-Shirt Is Almost as Badass as She Is

#mywife #therealwonderwoman ❤️

A post shared by JaronVarsano (@jaronvarsano) on

Gal Gadot’s husband, Yaron Varsano, is celebrating his wife’s Wonder Woman box-office success with an adorable graphic t-shirt that says it all. Yaron recently uploaded a picture of himself wearing a t-shirt illustrating that even he knows his wife is a real life Wonder Woman. «#mywife #therealwonderwoman ❤️,» he captioned the sweet photo. Gal Gadot appears to approve of his loving gesture, smiling widely in the photo with him and pointing at the illustration of herself. Her smile could also be due to all of the rave reviews Wonder Woman has received or the fact that the film is already slated for a sequel!

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17 Badass Facts You Should Know About Literal Wonder Woman Gal Gadot

After nabbing smaller parts in movies like the Fast & Furious franchise and Triple 9, Gal Gadot is poised to take over Hollywood thanks to her starring role as Wonder Woman, the HBIC of the DC superhero universe. Since we’ll be seeing plenty of the 32-year-old while she plays the titular hero in three blockbusters over the next few years, there’s no better time to bulk up on your knowledge of the charming Israeli actress.

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The Badass Move Princess Diana Pulled After Finding Out About Charles’s Affair

Image Source: Getty / Anwar Hussein

Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s 11-year marriage was fraught with scandals, affairs, and, well, the fact that they weren’t really all that in love to begin with. But after the birth of Prince Harry in 1984, Diana experienced what she called «some of the happiest years of her life» as a wife and mother — sadly, it didn’t last too long. In 1986, Prince Charles rekindled his pre-Diana romance with Camilla Parker Bowles, a relationship that first started back in the early ’70s. According to interviews and conversations with friends, Diana never believed that Charles and Camilla had fully broken things off; she even alleged to have found photos of Camilla in Charles’s journal during their honeymoon and made the famous statement of there being «three of us» in the marriage, telling Martin Bashir in 1995, «It was a bit crowded.»

Diana and Camilla Parker Bowles at Ludlow Races, where Prince Charles competed in 1980. Image Source: Getty / Hulton Archive

In Andrew Morton’s controversial biography Diana: Her True Story, first published in 1992, Diana recalled «one of the bravest moments» of her marriage — a calculated confrontation with Camilla herself at a 40th birthday party for Camilla’s sister, of all places. The year was 1989, and Diana decided that, after putting the pieces together and realizing that Charles and Camilla were carrying on an affair, she would turn up at the event unannounced and talk to Camilla face to face, once and for all.

Nobody knew Diana was going to show up — she wasn’t even invited — and in a truly badass move, the princess interrupted a conversation between Camilla, Charles, and another male guest to speak to Camilla. She looked «really uncomfortable and put her head down,» and Diana continued: «OK, boys, I’m just going to have a quick word with Camilla and I’ll be up in a minute.» The two men «shot upstairs like chickens with no heads,» Diana said, adding, «I could feel, upstairs, all hell breaking loose — ‘What is she going to do?'»

What Diana did was exactly what she planned to do. Though she admitted to being «terrified» of Camilla, Diana recalled staying «deathly calm.» «The voice inside me had said, ‘just go for it,'» she said in a taped conversation. «I said, ‘I know what’s going on between you and Charles and I just want you to know that.'» The princess called Camilla’s reply «very interesting»: «She said to me, ‘You’ve got everything you ever wanted. You’ve got all the men in the world fall in love with you and you’ve got two beautiful children, what more do you want?'» «So I said, ‘I want my husband,'» Diana said. «I said to Camilla, ‘I’m sorry I’m in the way . . . and it must be hell for both of you. But I do know what’s going on. Don’t treat me like an idiot.'»

The aftermath from Diana and Camilla’s standoff was swift. Diana said that after the party, Prince Charles «was over me like a bad rash, and I cried like I have never cried before,» and that in the days after the confrontation there was a «tremendous shift» in their relationship. In frustration, Diana began her own string of extramarital affairs until she and Charles eventually separated, then divorced at the behest of Queen Elizabeth II. The couple managed to stay civil while co-parenting their sons until Diana’s tragic death in August 1997. Prince Charles and Camilla were married in 2005.

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Charlie Hunnam, Forever Badass, Gets Candid About Being Picked On as a Kid

Charlie Hunnam may be known for playing badass characters (cough, Jax Teller, King Arthur, cough), but back in the day, he was actually picked on as a child. In a recent interview with The Red Bulletin, the actor opened up about getting into his leading role in King Arthur and the traumas he suffered as a child. «I got into a lot of fights, losing some and getting severely beaten a few times,» he said. «When that happens to you, you just feel like, ‘I’m going to do everything in my power to never be in a situation like this again.’ Hence you go out and learn how to fight.» He explained that he still does martial arts, but he realized at one point that he started to carry that tough attitude into every room. «You realize you’ve become a slave to the thing you’re afraid of,» he said. «In a lot of ways, I started channeling my father.»

Charlie’s father was a «formidable guy,» he said, adding, «What I did was play a lot of really hard characters. I felt that I exorcised those fears by being a macho dude on screen.» Later, that feeling bled into his real life. «It’s not that I was a bully, but I identified with having the respect of the men in any circle I was a part of,» he said. «Now I realize that’s just a bunch of nonsense, because I know who I really am.»

He’s certainly shown his softer side lately, recently charming fans everywhere while talking about his heartbreak at 13 years old and the time he rescued his cat. Yep: super hot and super sweet.

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