Maxim Halloween Party Costumes, Johnny Was Back In College Station & Bama Bros Throw Fists

I need you to sit down, Eagles fan

How important is tonight for the Eagles? They can pretty much lock up a playoff spot with a win against the Redskins. NFL Playoff Probabilities has the Eagles at 92% probability of making the playoffs — heading into tonight’s game. The other big shocker after Sunday is that the Saints are all the way up to a 71% probability of getting in. Yes, the Saints. The Patriots are at 66%; the Dolphins are at 52%. And now the Bills are at 49% probability of getting in. This is a crazy NFL season in case you didn’t notice.

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Look Back on Last Year’s Sexy, Scary, Silly Halloween Costumes

Another Halloween is on its way in, and last year, celebrities made sure to celebrate with private parties and, of course, crazy costumes. We saw Cindy Crawford, Rande Gerber, and their kids decked out family-style, while Scott Eastwood channeled his dad, Clint, as one of his iconic film characters. DIY queen Lauren Conrad wowed with a circus-themed look, Bette Midler brought her iconic Hocus Pocus character back to life, and British journalist Jemima Khan even brought some humor across the pond with her savage Melania Trump costume. Keep reading to see all the best looks we were treated to last year.

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Silver Fox Rob Ryan Back On FS1, Fowler & Stokke Do A Little Wine Tasting & Sideline Piss Break In Houston

Have you guys seen this reported MLB realignment proposal? It is WILD.

I think we can all agree that baseball needs to shake some things up. This realignment proposal reported a few days ago wouldn’t just shake it up, it would take a nuke to how we know baseball.

From Baseball America:

One proposal would be to geographically restructure into four divisions, which would create a major reduction in travel, particularly for teams on the East Coast and West Coast, and add to the natural rivalries by not just having them as interleague attractions, but rather a part of the regular divisional battles.

Consider four eight-team divisions with the addition of teams in Portland and Montreal:

East: Atlanta, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Miami, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay and Washington.

North: Boston, Cleveland, Detroit, Minnesota, Montreal, both New York franchises and Toronto. 

Midwest: Both Chicago franchises, Colorado, Houston, Kansas City, Milwaukee, St. Louis and Texas.

West: Anaheim, Arizona, Los Angeles, Oakland, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle.

They also would shorten the season to 156 games and increase to four wild card games. I think it’s a genius Idea because they really need something new. Now we wait for the purists to lose their minds.

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Bulgari Brings Flagship Back to Fifth Avenue

Italian luxury brand Bulgari has made a triumphant return to where it all began 45 years ago; New York City. Their flagship store reopened on Fifth Avenue earlier this month. To celebrate the occasion, an exclusive jewelry capsule collection is available for purchase, inspired by the beginning of Bulgari’s relationship with New York in the 1970s. The 33 masterworks are a collaboration between the vibrancy of Rome and the avant-garde essence of Manhattan.

The architectural design concept of the flagship was established by influential architect Peter Marino, whose client list includes buildings across the globe for Louis Vuitton, Hublot, Dior, Giorgio Armani, Barneys, and Sotheby’s. It is a restyling of the store that first opened in 1989, which now highlights 308 square meters of the façade of the Crown Building. The entrance to the store is a replica of the Condotti door, which is often incorporated into storefronts of the most prominent luxury brands.

Bulgari 5th Avenue
(Photo by Massimo Listri)

Reminiscent of the layout of Italian theaters, the store’s interior is as extravagant as the exterior. The mezzanine floor transforms into a balcony, allowing customers to experience the beauty of the store itself, in addition to Bulgari’s exceptional jewels. The VIP area on the same floor simulates that of the Salottino Taylor, the lounging room on Via Condotti in Rome where Elizabeth Taylor escaped from paparazzi through a secret door at the Palazzo. The 1960s-inspired interior design of the room features vintage armchairs like those designed by Osvaldo Borsani, in addition to onyx coffee tables and exquisite carpets. Bulgari is back and better than ever.

Bulgari New York Collection

Bulgari New York Collection

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Chris Evans And Jenny Slate May Have Gotten Back Together

Film premiere of 'Gifted' - Arrivals

When Chris Evans and Jenny Slate reunited at the Gifted premiere back in April (seen above), it was a little awkward. Chris and Jenny had split a few months earlier, but they talked about each other in ways that sounded like they were pulled from the first chapter of a book called Avoiding Bad Breakup Publicity 101. As it turns out, they might have meant all the nice things they said. According to UsWeekly, Captain America and Niece Denise are possibly back together again.

Sources say that Chris and Jenny were seen on back-to-back dinner dates in Atlanta, GA last weekend. Avengers: Infinity War has been filming in Atlanta since the summer. On Friday, Chris and Jenny “seemed” like they were on a date.

“They seemed like a couple. [They were] laughing. He reached across and touched her arm a couple of times. They seemed like normal people on a date.”

The next day, they had a double-date with Robert Downey Jr. and his wife Susan at a restaurant called Better Half. The restaurant Instagrammed a picture of Captain America and Tony Stark with some of their chefs.

Sometimes we have the chance to feed heroes. Last night, it was these exceptional gents.

A post shared by Better Half (@betterhalfcook) on

A second source says that Chris and Jenny “looked very much together.” That’s probably my favorite way to describe someone’s couple status. “At what degree would you say they looked together?” “Oh, very much.

So Chris and Jenny had dinner twice, and looked “very much together.” But I won’t believe any of this until Chris or Jenny talk at length in an interview about how much they’re obsessed with each other. Normally that would be the sort of thing that would threaten to gag my larynx out. But with the news we’ve been having lately, that ship has sailed. I think I can handle their sappy grossness now.



Robyn Hayward Says Gordon “Will Come Back Stronger”

Don’t lose any sleep over Gordon Hayward and his horrible leg injury, because it looks like his fam knows God has his back for the long road back.

Gordon’s wife, Robyn, took to Instagram today to thank fans for their support and let everyone know her dude will be back better than ever because “he’s wired differently”.

I truly believe this! Thanks for all the prayers for Gordon and our family. It sucks, but this is what happens and you move on to the next step. Gordon is so tough and is the hardest worker, so I know he will come back stronger. He’s wired differently. Gordons a true competitor and will take this and use it as fuel to be that much better. This is an obstacle that he’s more than ready to over come. Keep praying for him though he needs some lovin! ❤️💪🏼🙏🏼

Gordon’s dad (Gordon) took a similar religious approach while addressing concerned fans:

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Bust Out Those Shin Guards, Supermarket Sweep Is Coming Back


Satisfying, uncomplicated, wholesome and fun. These are words we don’t get to throw around a lot in #thesetroubledtimes. But thanks to one of the best game shows of all time, there may be hope for us still. Supermarket Sweep is coming back! Why is this show so fucking great? I don’t know it just is! Why am I so exited? I don’t know I just am!

According to E! News:

FremantleMedia has just announced that they’re planning to bring back the classic game show of our grocery store dreams, Supermarket Sweep, which originally aired on ABC from 1965 through 1967. However, you probably remember the revivals on Lifetime from 1990-1995 and PAX (now Ion Television) from 2000-2003.


Fremantle says that they plan to update the show using “modern technology“”

“Now, modern technology allows us the opportunity to update the show, making it relevant for a 21st century audience. It is a great addition to this year’s MIPCOM slate and given the interest we’ve had already we’re confident that everyone will be as excited for its return as we are.”

Relevant for a 21st century audience? Are they going to film the new show at Whole Foods and give everybody a chance to scream “go for the kombucha and organic camel milk!!” at their TV? Or maybe it will be more of an actual Hunger Games type situation where instead of a buzzer going off at the end there is cannon fire and the face of a starving child is projected overhead.

There is no network attached yet. The producers will shop it at MIPCON, an annual trade show in Cannes, France. Hopefully it will get picked up quickly. Time to start doing wind sprints in the Safeway parking lot and lifting hams at the gym. (Everybody knows you should always go for the hams on Supermarket Sweep.) I may be too dumb for Jeopardy! but I’ve been practicing for Supermarket Sweep my entire adult life.

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Dr. Koracick’s Relationship With Amelia on Grey’s Anatomy Goes Way Back

Amelia finds herself with a pretty strong support system in the days leading up to and following her life-changing surgery this week on Grey’s Anatomy. The daring brain surgeon discovers that a benign tumor had spent a decade growing in her brain on the season opener a few weeks ago, with the irony of the situation leaving many fans wondering which trusty doctor would be tasked with saving her life. But as we quickly learned in the last two episodes, Amelia justifiably had no plans on backing down from the tumor, enlisting the help of a new character in order to fight it: Dr. Tom Koracick (Greg Germann), a neurosurgeon that she has a bit of a history with.

Dr. Koracick is the head of neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins, and he’s also one of Amelia’s old professors. Even though the most recent episodes of the show have basically attributed all of her risky behavior from past seasons to this brain tumor — something I refuse to buy into, by the way — watching any scene with Dr. Koracick seems to be an indicator of where a lot of Amelia’s slight arrogance comes from. Koracick believes he’s the best at what he does, even assuming that DeLuca has already heard of him when the two are introduced to each other.

«Oh, he’s heard of me,» he says in last week’s episode when he arrives at Grey Sloan to examine Amelia. «See these hands, DeLuca? All me. I have to charge every time she uses them.»

Thursday night’s episode also sees him extracting Amelia’s tumor while being a little insensitive to the situation by blasting the Beach Boys’ «Fun, Fun, Fun» in the OR. And even though the tumor that affected most of her behavior is safely removed early on in the episode, Dr. Koracick is sure that Amelia will end up back on the operating table for different reasons soon enough. You know, because he just knows her that well.

Greg Germann is apparently only a guest star on the current season, and though he’s new this season, his history with Amelia has sort of just been created. There’s no denying that his character would make a great permanent addition to the hospital, mainly because watching Dr. Koracick and Amelia’s consistent attempts to one-up each is pretty entertaining. But given the fact that the end of this week’s episode sees her leaving the hospital with Owen, it’s likely that the couple’s reconciliation is going to be a bigger part of Amelia’s storyline this season than anything else.

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Aaron Carter Banged A Uey Back To Rehab


People reports that the beleaguered Aaron Carter has returned to rehab after settling the pressing “legal and personal matters” that “required his immediate and in-person attention.” Carter exited rehab two weeks ago to attend to those “legal and personal matters.” This was in addition to proudly showing off the loss of his abs on social media. His publicist had said at the time that Aaron would return to rehab. And he did!

More power to Aaron and his (no longer drug-fueled) party!

“Aaron has taken care of the legal and financial matters that required his attention and returned to the wellness facility to complete his program.”

Aaron, who entered rehab on Sept 22, fit a whole lifetime of alarming celebrity meltdown behavior into just a few short months. There were arrests, confrontations at Walmart, multiple wellness checks called on him by neighbors concerned by alarming Faces Of MethTime chats, and televised HIV tests. Not to mention his professed plans to shoot back if terrorists attacked LA’s Gay Pride celebration.

Let’s be kind and encouraging for once and assume that Aaron actually had some contracts to sign, or real estate deals to work out, or amends to make with family and friends so they’d front the money for his mortgage while he’s off getting better (that’s probably it). Everyone loves a comeback and the kid’s got pluck! Or something. I’m really trying to be supportive here. Good luck, Aaron!

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Look Back at Kim Kardashian’s Sexiest Halloween Costumes

Celebrities love to dress up for Halloween, and Kim Kardashian is one of the few that usually go all out! Her many, often revealing Halloween looks through the years show that she’s mastered the art of a sexy costume with outfits inspired by movies, animals, and even fictional characters. Needless to say, we can’t wait to see what she does this year.

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