21 Times Asahd Khaled, a Baby, Was Cooler Than You, a Grown Adult

Asahd Khaled may only be 8 months old, but he’s already living one hell of a life. As the beloved first son of DJ Khaled and longtime partner Nicole Tuck, Asahd has already been exposed to a world of lavish vacations, glittery red carpets, and really nice sneakers. In his short time on Earth, Asahd has filmed a music video with Rihanna, stunted at the MTV Movie Awards, rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange, and given a talk show interview (sort of). When will your fave ever? Whether he’s lounging in a hot tub or producing hit albums, this baby boy is going places.

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Hey Ladies, Paulina Gretzky Had A Baby A Week Ago & Wants You To See Something

How ruthless is Paulina Gretzky? She’s ruthless enough on IG to post a “Hey, my body snapped the fucc back after having that 2nd kid,” story just to rub it in the faces of all those ladies out there struggling to lose like 35 pounds added during their pregnancy where things got out of hand via bonging some organic ice cream with 2000 calories per scoop.

Not Paulina. Her ass is officially back and Dustin Johnson will be showing it all off here pretty soon. Maybe at the British in mid-July.

As for this new kid who will eventually become a prodigy when I’m old and out of this game… his name is River Jones Johnson. He’ll probably win Academy Awards, a U.S. Open and an ESPY Lifetime Achievement Award. Save this post in case I call it.

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Proud Dad Jameis Spent His Father’s Day Playing Frisbee With His Fur Baby Girl

I like to check with Jameis from time to time during the offseason to see what’s going on in his life now that it’s quiet and his Florida State drama is long gone. From what I’ve come to learn about the guy from his social media trail, Famous leads a very quiet life at his Florida house and really seems to enjoy hanging out with his doodle. I know, it’s still shocking to me too.

And that’s how he spent his Father’s Day. With his fur baby girl doodle doing what dog dads do: throw the frisbee and make videos of the dog cooling off in the pool.

I don’t know why, but I’m mesmerized by Jameis baby talking his doodle. It’s stuff you don’t see in the media. Now I know what FSU fans were talking about when they said the media doesn’t show the good or soft side of Jameis. It’s definitely a media bias.

Not me. I’ve been on this Jameis/doodle train from the beginning. And I can’t stop watching him interact with that dog. I smell a Fox NFL Sunday feature brewing.

That’s a proud dad right here:

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Julia Stiles Is Pregnant With Her First Child — See Her Growing Baby Bump!

Julia Stiles is going to be a mom! The actress and fiancé Preston J. Cook are expecting their first child together, her rep confirmed to People on Monday. Shortly after the news broke, Julia debuted her baby bump while promoting her new series, Riviera, in London. The mom-to-be stopped by Magic FM radio and cradled her growing belly while posing for a photo with radio host Nick Snaith. Julia and Preston first met on the set of 2015’s Go With Me, where Preston worked as a camera assistant, and the two got engaged later that year on Christmas Eve. Congrats to the pair!

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Laura Prepon and Ben Foster Are Expecting a Baby Girl!

Laura Prepon and Ben Foster are expecting a baby girl. The Orange Is the New Black actress revealed the sex of her unborn baby when she stopped by Live with Kelly and Ryan on Thursday. «It’s so wonderful. It’s such a blessing,» she said reflecting on her first pregnancy. «She likes it here — she’s already kicking!» The pair first sparked romance rumors when they were spotted out together in NYC back in July 2016, and they got engaged three months later. Over the past few months, the parents-to-be have made a handful of sweet red carpet appearances together, including the premiere of Netflix’s Five Came Back in March. Congrats to the happy couple!

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Will Travel for Baby Blues

Joana Couto has always loved her grandmother’s green eyes. “Since I was a child, every time I’d visit her I’d just be mesmerized by them,” she says. “I wished I had her eyes.” And on November 15, the 32-year-old made her dream a reality when she flew to India to have artificial green irises surgically implanted.

In the past, the naturally brown-eyed Londoner experimented with colored contacts, but had found the shades of green too Halloween-ish and the process of popping a lens over her cornea too uncomfortable. Desperate for a solution, she scoured the web for ways to permanently alter her eye color. Finally, she stumbled on a story about R&B singer Tameka “Tiny” Harris, who had her eyes surgically changed to “ice gray” by a company called BrightOcular. “I thought, ‘Wow,’” says Couto. “It’s actually possible.” She immediately picked up the phone and made an appointment.

Since the first BrightOcular iris implant surgery in 2010, it has been performed over 3,000 times. The average cost of the procedure is $ 6,500, and in addition to India, the surgeries are currently offered in 14 countries around the globe. The most popular colors chosen by patients include ice gray and Couto’s choice of olive green.

While the BrightOcular implants are a U.S. design, the FDA has yet to approve the procedure domestically—with case-by-case exceptions for certain eye complications like iris abnormalities—and the technology is currently undergoing the approval process for a CE mark in Europe. Spencer Vessa, a rep for the company, says they hope to commence trials with U.S. ophthalmologists in the next two to three years. But until then, patients seeking the elective surgery are flocking overseas to places like India, South Africa, and Latin America.

On November 16, Couto landed in New Delhi and met with her surgeon, Dr. Udbhav Dorwal, MBBS, DNB, who performed a series of tests to confirm she was a viable candidate for the procedure. “We have to make sure there are no diseases in the eye and that there is enough space over the iris for us to put in the implant,” explains Dorwal, who notes that “not every eye can accept the implants.” Couto was sent back to her hotel with antibiotic eye drops to prepare herself for the operation.  Four days later, she arrived at IBS Hospital for her operation.

The procedure was done using topical anesthesia, with Couto lying down on the operating table. Dorwal made a 2.8mm incision into each cornea and, using an injector, implanted folded artificial irises made of medical-grade silicon. “The entire process took 30 minutes, about 15 minutes per eye,” says Couto. An hour later, she was back at the Eros Hotel New Delhi ordering a Caesar salad from room service. The only restrictions were to avoid getting water in her eyes and to administer a series of drops until the incisions healed properly over the next three to four weeks.

Four days after the surgery, Couto is back in London, eager to show off her new emerald features. “You probably think I’m crazy for doing this,” she says, as our Skype video chat loads. “But I’m really happy with it. It completely changed my face. I think it just looks so much better!” The Portuguese entrepreneur was experiencing post-surgery blurriness in her left eye, but Dorwal had reassured her that this was a normal part of the recovery and it has since resolved itself. Couto also admitted to being overly cautious about the healing process; she was wearing shades on a 24/7 basis. “I’m sleeping with sunglasses on—it’s quite funny!” she exclaims, laughing giddily.

Her friends and family have joked that she looks like “a different person,” but in truth, Couto says she feels more like herself than ever before. “I can’t believe that what I had wanted for so long has happened,” she says. “It’s almost like I know myself in the mirror now. I can’t stop looking in the mirror!” She blushes a little, allowing for how it sounds.

Toryn Green—the former front man of Fuel and New York–based rock band For the Taking—also underwent the procedure in 2015, and is equally happy with the results. “I’d needed vision correction for most of my life, so I’d grown accustomed to being photographed in blue contacts during concerts or TV appearances,” he says. “After I had laser corrective surgery, I didn’t need contacts anymore, and I was back to my natural hazel eyes. BrightOcular gave me the opportunity to have the color I’d grown used to, without ever having to wear contacts again.”

But not all stories of artificial iris implants have happy endings: Research shows that these types of surgeries have not always had the best track record. 

In 2013, Toronto–based ophthalmologist Dr. Allan Slomovic treated a 25-year-old patient who had undergone an iris implantation procedure in Panama that had left her severely visually impaired. “I saw her after she had bilateral advanced Glaucoma from the surgery and required several cornea transplants,” he explains. “She was an artist who ultimately had to abandon her profession because of this cosmetic surgery. She’s in misery!”

And a 2011 study by the American Journal of Ophthalmology advises that anterior chamber iris implants should not be used for cosmetic indications. 

Dorwal, Couto’s surgeon, agrees that there are eye enhancement procedures happening around the world he would
advise against. For instance, some doctors use a laser to burn the melanin out of the eye as a means of lightening the iris. “That can lead to an increase in eye pressure and glaucoma,” Dorwal explains. “And that type of procedure is not reversible.” But after personally performing 137 BrightOcular procedures over the last two years, he maintains that these implants are a harmless and effective way to alter the color of one’s eyes. “I have not encountered a patient who has had any kind of reaction to the implant,” he says. “We are introducing something into the eye; we are not manipulating its physiology or the anatomy. So this is a very safe and reversible process.”

For Couto, at least, the benefits far outweighed the risks. Two weeks after her surgery, she says she couldn’t imagine her life without green eyes. The entrepreneur—who is in the process of seeking investors for her upcoming dating app (called Pacebe)—says her new look has given her a boost of self-confidence, especially in the singles world. Over Christmas, she visited her grandmother, surprising her with her upgraded eye color. “Everybody was incredibly happy for me,” she says of her family’s first impressions. “And my grandmother made a comment about how my eyes are so much more beautiful than hers!”

When we checked in a month and a half after the procedure, Couto was still beyond content with the outcome—so much so, in fact, that she’s even consider doing it again. “I’m thinking of changing the color already,” she admits. “My brother loved my eyes and is thinking of getting the surgery done. He wants to get smoky gray, and I will probably go back to match him.” But she’ll sit tight for “a few years,” she says. For the moment, she is enjoying seeing green.

Main image: Sabine Villiard/Trunk Archive

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Lauren Conrad Reveals the Sex of Her Baby With a Very Lauren Conrad Announcement

Lauren Conrad is having a boy! The fashion designer, who is expecting her first child with husband William Tell, announced the sex of her baby in a sweet Instagram post on Friday. «I found this adorable birth announcement while helping my Grandma move and I thought it was the perfect way to share that William and I are expecting a baby boy,» she captioned an illustration of a boy driving a car that reads, «It’s a guy.» Since announcing her pregnancy in January, Lauren has been perfectly documenting her growing bump on social media. And she’s also not the only former star of The Hills that’s currently expecting. Her ex-boyfriend, Jason Wahler, is also going to be a first-time parent, and former friend Heidi Montag is expecting her first child with husband Spencer Pratt.

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Whoops! Venus Williams May Have Just Revealed the Sex of Serena’s Baby

The Williams sisters clearly aren’t good at keeping secrets. Just a month after Serena accidentally announced her pregnancy on Snapchat, her sister made a slip-up about the sex of the baby during an interview with Eurosport on Wednesday. After winning the second round of the French Open, Venus joked about possible baby names, saying, «She’s going to call me ‘favorite aunt.’ Every day we’re like, ‘Baby Vee, baby Isher, baby Lyn,’ so we all want the baby to be named after us.» Whoops!

Serena is engaged to Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian, and earlier this month, the couple made their red carpet debut at the Met Gala. Perhaps George Clooney’s mom has some damage-control advice for Venus?

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