Meet Andrea from NC State

Dennis Smith will be the first NC State lottery pick since TJ Warren in 2014, so we figured we’d give the Wolfpack some love today and dedicate today’s college girl post to one of their own — Andrea. She seems to be a fan of America and cats.

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Andrea Petersen’s New Book Gives Anxiety Sufferers Something to Hold Up

On Edge: A Journey Through Anxiety starts with the worst: our protagonist is 20 years old, and she thinks she is dying. For those who have had a panic attack, the feeling will be a familiar one—a racing heart, blurry vision, various symptoms that often cannot be explained by the circumstances. And like author Andrea…

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Review: The Tina Fey Produced ‘Great News,’ Starring Briga Heelan, Andrea Martin and … Nicole Richie

Great News comes from Tracey Wigfield, a writer/producer on 30 Rock and The Mindy Project, and exec producers Tina Fey and Robert Carlock, but it’s not a Tina Fey joint, exactly. There are flashes of 30 Rock in this workplace sitcom set behind the scenes of a cable news program, but the edges have been rounded down into something more like a cross between 30 Rock and Ground Floor, the TBS sitcom that also starred the lead in Great News, Briga Heelan. In other words, Great News is Tina Fey and Bill Lawrence lite, which is far from a bad thing (and far better than what we’ve come to expect from most network sitcoms).

Heelan is actually why I gave this show a shot in the first place, because she was terrific in Ground Floor, as well as in an arc of Undateable that I watched specifically because of her (the crush is that real). Here, Heeland plays Katie, a fledgling segment producer for the cable news program who is trying to advance her way up the ladder. Those plans are simultaneously derailed and re-railed by her mother, Carol (the fantastic SCTVer Andrea Martin), who decides late in life to become an intern for the news station. She’s both meddlesome and supportive, in the tradition of most sitcom moms.

Martin and Heeland have good chemistry together, but it’s the comedic repartee between Martin and John Michael Higgins — who plays the bullish, oblivious, and out-of-touch lead anchor — that really elevates Great News. Carol is the intern to Higgins’ grouchy anchor who never makes it more than a few weeks without firing an intern, and she manages to soften him, mother him, and stand up to him. These two veteran comics mesh together instantly.

Meanwhile, Nicole Richie plays the airhead co-anchor, who occasionally lets slip that she’s much, much smarter than she lets on (she is surprisingly good here) while Horatio Sanz plays the best friend who works in the booth. Adam Campbell, meanwhile, plays the obnoxious producer with whom Katie may or may not develop an interest (I really hope not).

Great News vacillates between witty and dumb, clever and silly, but it always remains pleasant and occasionally very funny (thanks, usually, to John Michael Higgins). It’s not a sitcom to go out of your way to watch, but for those who like to break up a steady diet of heavy dramas with an occasional dose of mindless but not dumb comedy, Great News fits the bill.


Andrea Tantaros Claims Fox News Spied on Her and Other Victims of Sexual Harassment

Former Fox News anchor Andrea Tantaros has filed a second lawsuit against the network, claiming that former CEO Roger Ailes, current co-president Bill Shine, and other top executives spied on private communications and authorized the creation of fake online social media accounts to intimidate her after she complained…

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Asshole Bill O’Reilly Calls Andrea Mitchell ‘Unruly’ For Doing Her Goddamn Job

Earlier today, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell attempted to get Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to answer a goddamn question or two, because that motherfucker has barely spoken to the press since he was confirmed. There’s a lot of shit going down with Russia right now, our foreign diplomacy is a fucking mess, the State Department is being ignored and downsized, and lots of reporting suggests that Tillerson is only a figurehead with no actual power, and maybe Andrea Mitchell wanted a goddamn answer or two from a guy who might be able to offer some perspective.

But rather than answer a single fucking question, Tillerson ignored Mitchell, whose job it is relay information to the American people. Nevertheless, she persisted. For her efforts, she was escorted from the premises.

Mitchell was doing her job. She was asking questions. This is what a journalist should do. But according to Bill O’Reilly, Andrea Mitchell was being «unruly.»

That wasn’t «unruly,» or «obnoxious.» That was persistence.

Bill O’Reilly should fucking look into it, because the only person being unruly here is me, who is about to lose it with this country-selling out motherfucker with a laundry list of sexual harassment settlements and who would call the same thing in a man «determination.»

Ass. hole.