A Round-Up Of Uplifting News, Because We Just Need It Sometimes Fer Chrissakes (And Also A Bunch Of Puppies)

I feel the need to preface this with very little. There’s a lot of bad shit happening around the world, and a lot of dark, horrible stuff being uncovered from the past. Sometimes, in between fighting injustice, we need to be reminded that good things happen too. After all—what’s the use in fighting, if we can’t even remember what we’re fighting for?

So here is a round-up of news of a more uplifting variety:


An Iranian Olympic weightlifter is auctioning off his medal to help victims of a terrible earthquake.

Last week a devastating earthquake hit the Iranian-Iraqi border. Over 400 people were killed. More than 10,000 injured.

Kianoush Rostami, 26, an Iranian of Kurdish descent and the winner of the Olympic gold medal in weightlifting at Rio 2016, has announced that he will be auctioning off his medal to help those in need. In an Instagram post, he wrote:

I am returning my Rio 2016 Olympics gold medal — which actually belongs to them — to my people. I will put my medal up for auction. All the proceedings will go to those hit by the earthquake.


A train in Tokyo left 20 seconds early. The company responsible apologised for this.

According to NPR:

The train was traveling northbound on the line that connects Tokyo’s Akihabara station with Tsukuba to the northeast — a trip that takes less than an hour. After passengers had boarded, the crew didn’t check the time, resulting in the slightly early departure «around» 9:44 a.m., the company said.

The train had arrived at the station on time, at 40 seconds past 9:43 a.m. It was supposed to leave one minute later, at 9:44:40 — but instead, it left at 9:44:20.

«We deeply apologize for the severe inconvenience imposed upon our customers,» the Metropolitan Intercity Railway Company said, in a translation by Sora News 24.

The company also added in its statement that it had received no complaints for the incident. On the other hand, here in England, our atrocious, over-priced, fractured privatised rail network means that a train might still be considered kinda on time if it’s 20 minutes late; there probably wouldn’t be any apology for it; and we would certainly complain about it.


In another ray of hope coming from an unlikely place, a baby was found alive and well, buried in rubble, three days after the Iranian-Iraqi border earthquake struck.


In Kerala, India, the life of a 58-day old baby suffering from a critical heart condition, hung in the balance. The baby was due for a critical transfer from one hospital to another. Because of the child’s condition, however, air ambulance was a no-go. The roads were the only option. Time was precious, and Indian traffic would not make things easy. But then the whole state came together via social media to clear traffic and to ensure an easy passage for the ambulance.

According to India Times:

The whole operation went on so smoothly that the ambulance driver Tamim said he just had to stop the vehicle for 15 minutes on the way, only to feed the baby and nowhere in between.

The thousands who were glued to their phones for hours had a sigh of relief when Rinto the paramedical staff onboard sent out the message that the ambulance has reached its destination successfully.


Australians recently voted overwhelmingly to legalise gay marriage. Because in the end love will always win. This was certainly good news for Arthur Cheeseman, 85, and John Challis, 89, who have been together for 50 years, and who will now get to marry.


A Scottish dog, who lost his tail after too much wagging, has finally been adopted.


The first hijab-wearing Barbie is here, in honor of the American Olympic gymnast, Ibtihaj Muhammad.


And because you can’t ever say I don’t love ya, here are some Friday puppies:


Petr Knava lives in London and plays music


Anna Faris “Adores” Chris Pratt, But She’s Also Dating Again

Premiere The Emoji Movie

It’s been over two months since Anna Faris and Chris Pratt announced that the love story between the human equivalents of a high-energy pom and a dopey golden retriever was over after eight years of marriage. Since then, Chris has been filming movies and working on his relationship with Jesus, and Anna has jumped back into the dating world.

Sources tell E! News that 40-year-old Anna has been seen on a few dates with  47-year-old cinematographer Michael Barrett. Both dates took place early in September at the same Italian restaurant in Los Angeles, and they appeared to be “romantic.

“It was definitely a dinner date,” the source notes. “It seemed romantic in the way they were looking at one another and how they were laughing at the table. No one in the restaurant realized it was her, but she definitely looked to be on a date.”

Here’s the thing. I believe you can’t technically call an Italian dinner date “romantic” unless both parties involved are seen accidentally kissing after sucking back the same piece of spaghetti, Lady and the Tramp-style. But for the sake of argument, let’s say it was romantic.

A few days after said Italian dinner date, Anna and Michael were seen with her 5-year-old son Jack at a carnival in Malibu.

E! points out that he was the cinematographer on the remake of Overboard that she’s working on.

Anna hasn’t said anything publicly about Michael, but she has been talking about her soon-to-be ex-husband. Anna spoke to People about the release of her upcoming memoir Unqualified, the foreword of which was written by Chris before they split up. Anna totally doesn’t hate Chris and they still love each other.

“We’ll always have each other and be incredible friends. There is still so much laughter in our lives together, and he is so proud of me, still. We watched each other grow, and he still cracks me up all the time. And I think I crack him up – unless he’s a really good actor and great at faking laughter.

It’s understandable that people seemed so invested in our happiness together. All I can say about that is, it’s all true, that we truly adore each other, and we love each other, I think it still comes through.”

I call bullshit on that. If Chris was such a good friend, he would have warned Anna that no good could possibly come from remaking what is arguably the greatest rich snob-falls-off-a-boat-and-gets-amnesia comedy in the history of cinema.

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Life & Style Says That Kourtney Kardashian Is Also Knocked Up

Kourtney Kardashian leaves Church Service in Beverly Hills

According to Life & Style, Kourtney Kardashian is joining Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner in creating jobs for the nannies of Calabasas. A source tells Life & Style that 38-year-old Kourtney got knocked up by her 24-year-old boy toy Younes Bendjima.

“She was thrilled to learn she was expecting. She loves being part of a large family and having so many siblings, and she wants the same for Mason, Penelope, and Reign.”

Life & Style’s source says that she wanted to have a fourth kid, and heavily implied that Younes will be a great dad simply because he’s not Scott.

“She needs a man who will be both present and sober,” the source explained. “With his charming personality and intelligence, Younes will make the perfect father.”

Kourtney hasn’t said anything about the possibility of her fourth pregnancy, but then again neither has Kylie or Khloe said anything about theirs. In all likelihood, this is probably just some uncreative fiction written by a bored Kris Jenner. But even if it’s true, it’s like – okay? Sure I guess? Of course Kourtney would be rumored to be knocked up again! Being pregnant and eating gluten-free snacks are literally her only KUWTK story lines. If we really wanted some shocking Kardashian news from Kourtney, someone should have leaked a video of her eating a Kit Kat like a normal person.

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In Case You Missed It, Amy Sedaris Has The Best Beauty Tips/ Is Also The Best

From the looks of things, In Style released this adorable video of Amy Sedaris talking about her beauty tips a week ago. But it’s never too late to indulge (or re-indulge!) in the glory that is Amy Sedaris. Besides, I almost posted this as a «Happy Hump Day» thing before I realized that it’s not actually Wednesday, so don’t look to me to keep things «timely.»

The best thing about Amy’s new show, At Home With Amy Sedaris, which premieres next month, is… well, simply that we have a wacky new Amy Sedaris homemaking show to enjoy. But the SECOND best thing is that we’re going to get to enjoy fresh interviews and marketing stunts like this one in the run up to the show’s premiere. Things that will hinge less on her show and more on HER.

Within the first few seconds of this piece, Amy’s sweet little face lets out a demonic «QUI-ET!» And in the following two minutes she:

— Offers up a surprising use for a lip balm cap when entertaining strange kids in the park

— Presents an alternate pronunciation of the word «oil»

— Explains the effects that having hair «the consistency of a coconut» will have on your beauty routine

— Acknowledges her love of wigs (she has 30!)

— Somehow spins drinking Visine as the «craziest beauty treatment» she’s tried (the story… doesn’t go the way you probably expect)

— Calls a bartender a «cocktologist»

— And promotes dolling up with glasses and lipstick if you’re going out while high. You know, to distract from the eyes

But it doesn’t even matter what she says, so much as how she says it. For a woman who slips into characters so easily, it’s refreshing to see just how naturally charming she is. So let’s pretend it’s still Women’s Crush Wednesday (that’s still a thing, right?) and love up on Amy Sedaris a bit. Besides, time is a construct.

At Home With Amy Sedaris premieres on TruTV October 24th at 10:30pm EST.


Jared Leto Is Also Confused By All Those Joker Movies

Jared Leto at BBC Radio One Studios

Joker movies are breeding like rabbits these days, with THREE of those suckers in the pipeline. Meanwhile, I’m still waiting on the first Ambiguously Gay Duo movie to hit the screen, and, no, I’m not talking about a VHS tape of me and the other guy in my sixth grade class who also happened to show up to our piano recital dressed up as the Phantom of the Opera.

One of the Joker flicks is an origin story that takes place outside of the DC Extended Universe that Leonardo DiCaprio is reportedly being courted for. The other two include a Joker/Harley Quinn spinoff from Suicide Squad, AS WELL AS the sequel to Suicide Squad that, um, people are begging for?

The most recent Joker, Jared Leto, is a little confused by all these Joker flicks hitting Hollywood like Kelly and Brenda going to prom in the same dress on 90210. He spilled his thoughts during a recent interview with UK YouTube channel On Demand Entertainment (via Entertainment Weekly). When asked to clarify the confusion between all these Joker movies, Jared answered:

“I’m a little confused too. I love the Joker. He’s a great character and really fun character to play. But it’s a big universe, and when you play the Joker, there’s no ownership there. You have the honor of holding the baton for a little while and then passing it off. But there are other films that are in development and I’m excited to see what comes from them.”

Those on the receiving end of Jared’s gifts of dead rats and used cock socks are probably so jealous that Martin Scorsese might get to trade-off Jared’s Joker for Leo. I mean, the worst Leo does when he goes method is reenact 1980s Saturday morning wrestling with CGI animals.

Check out more of Jared at the BBC Radio One studios today below looking far less WTF than the last time we saw him:

Pics: Wenn.com


E! News Also Claims That Brangelina’s Divorce Has Been Put On Hold

'The Normal Heart' New York Screening

Earlier this week we learned that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, two people who, by all accounts, seem like they’d really like to be legally done with their marriage, were allegedly dragging their feet on their divorce. E! News is now co-signing that rumor and say that Brad and Angelina have hit the snooze button on divorce proceedings.

A source explains that there are a few things that made Brad and Angelina reconsider their divorce. Like Angelina moving into a new house with their six kids, and Brad getting sober.

“It’s true that the divorce is not moving forward right now. They are taking a breather and seeing what happens.”

“They don’t take divorce lightly and want to make sure they are doing the right thing. A lot has changed since Angelina filed,” the source notes, adding that Pitt’s sobriety has “really changed” their relationship. A separate insider adds, “Brad has been working on self-improvement.”

That doesn’t mean you should expect to see Brad and Angelina beaming from ear to eat on the cover of People behind a headline that reads: BRANGELIN-LOVE AGAIN! A source tells E! News that their future is “up in the air.” A different source tells Entertainment Tonight that as right now, they’re not getting back together and divorce “always takes a long time, and right now their main focus is on their family and the kids.”

How cryptic. And is that a subtle hint? Up in the Air, like the movie with Brad’s Hollywood BFF George Clooney? Is that source trying to say that not only are Brad and Angelina getting back together, but they’re thinking about moving into some kind of multi-family, eight-child compound with George and Amal Clooney and their kids? I mean, if we’re entertaining the craziness that is the implication that Brad and Angelina are thinking of calling off their divorce, we might as well go full fanfic with this story.

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Fake Pajiba T-Shirt Model Also a Fake Donald Trump Supporter

I know that there are a ton of bots out on social media disseminating fakes news and propaganda for our President. I never really see them, but I know that last week, Russian bots generated thousands of tweets with #FireMcMaster and #deepstate hashtags, designed to undermine the National Security Advisor, and that Russian-linked bots have created a surge in #ResignPaulRyan in the last two days.

I rarely see these tweets because even on Twitter, I live in an echo chamber. But I know they’re out there. In fact, over the weekend, Donald Trump himself tweeted one of those pro-Trump bots. The dumbass still hasn’t deleted it, either:

You can’t see Nicole’s tweet there because the account has been deleted. Why? Because «Nicole» does not exist. Nicole is a bot. The original tweet, by the way, said: «Trump fights for us … Trump working hard for the American people….thanks,» followed by emojis of a heart and the U.S. flag.

«Nicole,» however, is a bot using a stock photo.

It’s bad enough that Russian bots are stealing stock photos of T-shirt models, but they’re lightening skin complexion, which is stupid fucked up.

There are scores more of these accounts, many of which use these fake T-shirt models.

You might actually recognize that fella up there from the header photo wearing a Pajiba T-shirt. Turns out, he’s both a fake Pajiba T-shirt model and fake Trump supporter.

He’s very convincing as a Pajiba T-shirt model, however. In fact, I am wearing that very shirt as I type this, in part because I wanted to be as good looking as that guy. It totally works, too! You should buy one. The other day, in fact, a woman at the grocery store approached me about my T-shirt, and I excitedly thought, «Whoa! Does she recognize the Handmaid’s Tale quote or the Pajiba logo?»

«Is that Spanish?» she asked.


In the meantime, remember this: While Donald Trump continues to insist that he has 100 million social media followers …

… he actually only has 31 million Twitter followers, and HALF of those (or more than 15 million) are FAKE. Meanwhile:

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 2.24.13 PM.jpg

I bet that keeps him awake every damn night.


Jennifer Lawrence And Darren Aronofsky Relationship Update: Serious, But Also Not That Serious

Berlin Photocall for 'Passengers'

We’re on the cusp of a promo tour for mother!, the horror film directed by Darren Aronosky and starring his girlfriend, actress Jennifer Lawrence (maybe you’ve heard of her). And with that comes many more potential stories of barfing, pissing, rubbing her ass on things, but also many updates on Jennifer’s relationship with Darren. Strap in, it’s going to be a busy couple of months.

A source has been talking to E! News about Jen and Dar’s almost year-old relationship, and they’d like you to know we can now upgrade them to “getting serious,” and possibly in love. I know, I too can hardly contain my excitement!

“Things are getting serious with them. They are so in love with each other.”

What really connects the two of them is their shared sense of humor, adds the source. “Jennifer always cracks jokes and Darren just gets her humor. They laugh all the time!”

The source goes on to say that Jennifer and Darren had an “amazing dynamic” on set while filming mother! last year. Was the dynamic that he told her where to stand, and then she would go stand there, and say the lines, and he’d yell “Cut! That was great.” Because I think that might be most actor-director dynamics?

But back to their relationship. They’re reportedly getting serious and allegedly love each other. So will Jennifer make Darren her first husband? Eh, maybe.

The source says that the two have indeed discussed their future together but are “not in any rush to get married.” However, marriage is “something Darren would love.” The insider also noted that, “[Darren] adores Jennifer so much.”

An almost-50 dude that is head-over-heels for a hot blonde in her mid-20s? How unheard of. What’s not surprising, is that Jennifer and Darren aren’t in any rush to get married. Of course they’re not. Awards season is, what, five months away? They still have to get in a couple appearances first before she shows up on a red carpet with a ring. Getting publicity is a marathon, not a sprint.

Pic: Wenn.com


BREAKING: Steven Moffat Confirms The Doctor Is An Alien! Also Backlash is FAKE NEWS!

Our own Kristy Puchko got a chance to join Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat and writer Mark Gatiss for a roundtable discussion at San Diego Comic-Con, and — well, head over to CBR to read her full piece, which is chock full of delightfully bombastic Moffat-isms. But in a nutshell, she heard first-hand their thoughts on the supposed «backlash» to Jodie Whittaker’s casting as the new Doctor, as well as their response on Fifth Doctor Peter Davison’s remarks on the matter (which you may remember I dug into yesterday).

Expanding on his claim that Whittaker’s casting got an 80% approval rating on social media, Moffat said, «There were more people talking about the backlash than there were people backlashing.» (And try to imagine Moffat’s natural Scottish accent delivering this next bit, because as Kristy notes, the emphasis is all his) «There’s a few people, but there always are. It’s the comments section for God’s sake! It’s where the lonely go to die. They don’t matter. The approval has been huge

(I may or may not be getting a «It’s where the lonely go to die» tattoo in the near future, FYI)

Their concern isn’t just that the media is drumming up this backlash drama, but that by focusing on a few vocal outliers online it vilifies the whole Doctor Who fandom, who by and large are embracing the casting. And the real story, they believe, is in fact the positivity of the response.

As for Davison, they reject that anything he said was a «slam» against Whittaker in any way. As I noted yesterday, that bit had been blown out of proportion — he does in fact compliment her and says he hopes viewers will watch «with an open mind.» As for the rest of his comments (where he worries about «the loss of a role model for boys»), Moffat defends Davison as a «committed feminist and absolute liberal» who was «making some perfectly sensible points, which you can agree with or disagree with.» That was largely how I read them as well — the key is the idea of the Doctor as an important role model, which he/she absolutely is. But does the gender of the Doctor impact who will be influenced?

As far as Moffat is concerned, gender has never played into the role of the Doctor in the slightest. In fact, he went into this season knowing the next Doctor would be female (though not knowing who would get the job), so he thought about playing up the Doctor’s manly qualities for this last go round… only to hit a road block. «He hasn’t gotten a single manly quality. He’s not remotely masculine in any way whatsoever that I could find. And then it occurred to me that he’s not a man, is he? He’s an alien who has taken the form of a human male. He’s about to take the form of a human female. He herself will probably not notice. It’s not like he/she checks a lot. It’s not like he’s about to get pregnant for God’s sake!»

While we could sit around and quibble about the idea of a Gallifreyan taking on the form of a human male or female (wouldn’t they in fact be taking on the form of a Gallifreyan, who happens to resemble a human male or female?), it’s hard to argue with his logic. I certainly can’t, since it echoes what I said yesterday (wherein I pointed out that the Doctor is a «FUCKING ALIEN,» which I’m pretty sure is how Moffat would have liked to have said it, had he not been doing press interviews for a BBC kids show).

So, in summary: let’s focus on the fact that we’re getting a woman in the TARDIS and that the vast majority of folks are actually supremely chill with the idea, and cut Davison some slack for saying some shit that got taken out of context, because he’s really a pretty swell guy. And also, I totally NAILED IT yesterday. Really, those are the big takeaways. *cue happy dance*


Open Posted: Hosted By Liev Schreiber, Also Known As Super-Dad


When I was a little kid, I discovered comic books and fell in love with jacked men in tights the art form. My mom checked out an issue to make sure they weren’t actually porn, and drove me to the comic shop exactly one time. This was probably to make sure I wouldn’t be bullied by the two mouth-breathing dudes who were always at the counter ready to throw punches over who was the better Green Lantern.

But anyway, whilst there, my mom was pretty much “eh” over the hobby, but I’ll never forget when I brought a stack up to buy (I think it was my birthday), she was like – where are you going to put all those? Instead of telling her the truth (“I’ll throw it on my bedroom floor where I throw everything else.“), I merely shrugged. That’s when she asked Green Lantern #1 where comic book collectors store their treasures (Green Lantern #2 was much too busy eyeing a ceramic bust of Vampirella and her ridiculous boob hammocks to help out.)

Green Lantern #1 took Ma Harvey over to the collector’s boxes, and my mom grabbed a couple and put them on the counter beside my stack. It’s a small thing, but when a parental unit takes even a tiny interest in one of your childhood hobbies or at least facilitates it, it means a lot to a tyke. Which is why this Instagram pic of Liev Schreiber and his kids in super-hero gear is almost… touching? He could probably care less about comics, but he’s obviously a good dad. And one of his boys is done up as Harley Quinn, which is even cooler. Go Liev.

This is normally where I’d mention Liev and his hot-ass Ray Donovan violent hairiness, but why spoil this post featuring children, with my thirst?

Pic: Instagram


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