Meet Alex From Ryerson University

It’s been a minute since we featured someone outside of the states for our College Girl of the Day, so here’s Alex from Ryerson University (Ontario). She seems to have a good number of IG followers already, but ahead and give her one:

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Meet Alex From Marshall

I don’t think we’ve made it out to West Virginia to meet a MArshall girl since we started our daily college girl feature. Outside of IG superstar and Marshall volleyball player Kayla Simmons, let’s just say we haven;t put focusing our attention on the Thundering Herd. That changes today.

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Alex Jones Is Somehow An Even Worse Person Than You Thought

So on the one hand, hooray! He’s back! Last Week Tonight was out for most of July which in Trump-adjusted-terms is like a solid year-and-a-half for normally scandal plagued administrations. But on the other hand, why you gotta ruin our dreams, John?

Because before the airing of last night’s episode, we got to believe that Alex Jones was simply a madman. One who had tapped into a rich vein of xenophobic anger, but a simple madman nonetheless. He might reasonably believe in Lizard People (who looked suspiciously like Hispanic people on Jones’ racist fevered dream drawings), and that meant that for a brief moment we could all enjoy the gentle hate screams of a legitimate lunatic.

And Oliver ruined that. Because of course Jones isn’t just a crazy person screaming at all threats foreign and domestic (mostly foreign though), and real or imagined. He’s a crazy person screaming at imagined threats for the express purpose of selling garbage that no one needs to people who probably can’t afford it. (Not that I’m defending Jones’ viewers. Not only are those assholes actively consuming these bullshit conspiracy theories, but they’re also actively supporting a man who attacks the parents of Sandy Hook victims because they’re existence disproves his theories on how exactly their children were murdered. Infowars viewers are garbage in their own way, but no one deserves to be swindled.)

Which makes Alex Jones worse than just a hate spewing, insanity machine. It makes him a fucking hack. He doesn’t believe in the accusations he’s making against gay water frog bombs. At least not enough to do so for no money. He’s not interested in protecting anything more than his own pockets. In fact, he as much as told everyone that when his ex-wife tried to keep their kids away from him (although I’m sure he had a very reasonable explanation for that for his viewers. Probably something about what he had to say to remain in the «system.» And I’ll bet he used the word «Jew» a lot).

Here I thought Jones was some kind of shining example of the power of true insanity, but really he’s just a charlatan. A snake oil salesman. And we’ve always had though. They’re ordinary. Poor Alex is so much worse than being a true believer (of incredibly vile things). He’s basic.


Meet Alex from Miami

We’re just one day away from the Fourth of July, so we have obviously have to do it big for today’s College Girl of the Day — Alex from the University of Miami. According to her Twitter, she has a dope life and does “dope ****”. Love it.

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Alex Morgan Trying To Fish, The Clausens Looking Perfect & Chris Christie’s Perfect Weekend

Chris Christie’s approval rating is gonna go up after this weekend…just kidding

You know who doesn’t take off the holiday weekend? The photojournalists at The guy who caught Chris Christie’s fat ass lounging on a New Jersey beach after the beaches were closed to the public because of government stupidity tells how he got the shot of Chris enjoying the beach. put a plane up in the sky and got the shot that should win a Pulitzer.

But when Sunday’s weather looked good, and the governor’s schedule was open except for an afternoon press briefing in Trenton, I wondered, “What are the chances …?”

I called the pilot.

“Let’s take a shot,” I said. “Worst-case scenario is we get some great aerial shots of the crowded and empty beaches and we try again on Tuesday.”


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Pool Beers With Alex Banister, Lab Shotgunning A PBR & BC Shirts Continue To Be Spotted

Cody Friggin’ Bellinger

Are you kidding me right now? I was sitting at my dad’s house over the weekend catching like two innings of the Dodgers-Reds game and Bellinger (he’s only 21!) smashed a waist high fast ball about half the way up the seats in right at whatever they call that ballpark. Last night…I’m barely watching Mets-Dodgers…and Bellinger smashed a ball into the right field seats. Not some long pop fly that barely makes it over. It was a laser. That’s his third home run since I was at my dad’s house.

Guys, it’s time you stop what you’re doing and catch Bellinger ABs. He’s just under Bonds’s home runs per AB average for the 73 HR season.

His game log this month is getting ridiculous:

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Megyn Kelly’s Alex Jones Interview Got Worse Ratings Than an America’s Funniest Home Videos Rerun

Megyn Kelly’s Alex Jones interview was more uneventful than its actual content previously suggested. Deadline reports that per early ratings reports, 3.5 million people watched the episode of Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly, making it the lowest viewership her new Sunday show has received in its short run.

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It Looks Like Alex Jones and Megyn Kelly Are Set To Destroy Each Other’s Careers

Not long ago, we brought up that Rebel Wilson was suing a media outlet for defamation and I’ll admit, my initial thought was, «You’re suing because someone is publishing your correct age and background? Good luck with that!» Well, she won her suit! Good for her. — (Lainey)

Three weeks into her stint as a journalist for NBC, Megyn Kelly has created considerable controversy with her decision to interview Sandy Hook truther Alex Jones, who is calling the piece — which airs on Sunday night — a hit piece, a smear job. Jones apparently taped the pre-interview, and says he has proof, I guess, that Kelly was being dishonest with him. He also says that he has the full interview, which will put into context the edited hit piece. I don’t know what’s going on, but seeing these two try to destroy each other? I’m here for it. (THR)

Commissioner Gordon Mayor Garcetti and LAPD Chief Beck are lighting the Bat-signal tonight in LA to honor the late Adam West. — (LATimes)

Demi Moore, who still looks ridiculously amazing even without a front tooth, says she lost a tooth due to stress. Like, it just fell right the fuck out! I’m seriously seriously hoping she’s talking about a veneer or a cap and not an actual tooth, because dear god, I don’t need more things to stress about. — (Celebitchy)

A blimp crashed and caught fire near the US Open at Erin Hills in Wisconsin. The pilot is ok, thankfully! I grew up seeing the Goodyear blimp (which this was not part of the Goodyear fleet of airships) fly overhead almost daily and then later worked up the street from the blimp hangar. I haven’t seen a blimp/airship that looks like this one in, oh, I don’t know, 30+ years? If ever, really. That one kind of looked like a giant balloon. — (JSOnline)

The jury in the Cosby case is deadlocked. That’s depressing. What’s more depressing (or infuriating — yeah, infuriating is a better word) is Keshia Knight Pulliam (Rudy from The Cosby Show) walking all arm-in-arm with the rapey jagoff. — (Dlisted)

Ladies, is your vagina still leaking that pesky menstrual blood and disturbing your «quiet night studying», «The Big Game», «weekend brunch», «day drinking», «boardwalk on your longboard» (yeah, I don’t know…), or your «book club»? Well! Worry no more! Remember the unbelievable idiot behind the Mensez «Feminine Lipstick» that glues your snootch together so you don’t bleed out or something like that? Well, that unbelievable idiot is unbelievably back with a NEW product that still has no idea how women’s bodies work. h/t AsscrackBandit roctavia— (Patheos)

Lorde may or may not be an onion ring expert! I don’t actually know and truthfully, you guys? I don’t actually care. I just wanted to use this time to remind everyone that Lorde’s new album is FINALLY coming out tomorrow! I have been waiting, like, 2 years for this. It feels like Christmas Eve. — (LG)

TK eloquently wrote about the Public Theater earlier this week. And now here’s a fantastic interview with the artistic director, Oskar Eustis, at the Public. He roasts both the NYT and Fox over the Caesar play. — (NYTimes)

Book of the Month Subscription Box featured The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo this month and it looked really interesting. Now Go Fug Yourself is offering you the chance to win a copy! — (GFY)

This? Just because:

The Mama loves Judy Blume, but did not love her most recent book, In the Unlikely Event. Told mostly in a series of vignettes, the story is good, but dispassionate in places. It just doesn’t have the magic of earlier books. Did we know that Judy Blume is still writing books? (Cannonball Read 9)

And finally, these lovely and thoughtful women did *not* make me tear up. I don’t care what anyone else says!


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