InTouch Weekly Says That Ben Affleck Was Drinking At An Emmys Party 

Ben Affleck departs from LAX Airport

I’m not going to say that’s the face of someone who knows their way around a bottle. No really, I’m not going to, because that’s what my face looks like after a two Egg McMuffin breakfast. But in Ben Affleck’s case, at least according to InTouch, that’s the face of a dude who might not be sober at the moment.

Last month, Ben Affleck his girlfriend Lindsay Shookus were spotted at a liquor store in Maine. It was a little weird considering that earlier this year, Ben Affleck admitted that he had gone to rehab for alcohol issues. Cut to this week when InTouch’s source claims that he was drinking at an Emmys after-party on Sunday night.

“He ordered water at the bar, but a server brought him over the alcoholic drink once he sat down at the table. He drank all of it.”

The source adds that Lindsay drank champagne, so the drink brought over to the table wasn’t hers. A source close to Ben told InTouch: “Ben continues to focus on a balanced lifestyle.

However, Gossip Cop claims In Touch’s source must have mistaken Ben for another bloaty award-winning actor. Gossip Cop “has learned” that InTouch’s story is inaccurate. A source close to Ben tells Gossip Cop that it’s just not true that he was drinking after the Emmys.

So Ben might be drinking again or he’s still sober. One thing is for sure: Ben was papped leaving a liquor store in Los Angeles on Tuesday night, and he was carrying a big brown paper bag. A bag most likely filled with bottles of alcohol, but who says they were for drinking? It could have been beer Ben bought to rinse into his hair to add body and shine. Who knows what kind of fancy upkeep that mane on his head requires.



Ben Affleck Was Lindsay Shookus’ Date To The Emmys


Oh, what a magical moment; the night a famous couple takes the next big step in their relationship. In Ben Affleck and and Lindsay Shookus’ case, that would mean going from getting papped while jewelry shopping to joining each other in a giant venue filled with people whispering about seeing them in the wild for the first time. “Holy shit, Ben Affleck is here? Oh yeah, he’s dating what’s her name…Snooki-something.” Truly one for the scrapbook.

Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus had a reason to be at the Emmys last night. Lindsay works for Saturday Night Live, which may or may not have been where she and Ben first got together two or possibly more than two months ago. SNL won the Emmy for Outstanding Variety, Music, or Comedy Series. So now Ben can introduce himself as “Award-winning actor and director Ben Affleck and my award-winning producer girlfriend.” Come on, let’s not act like that’s something Ben wouldn’t do at a party.

Ben and Lindsay didn’t walk the red carpet at the Emmys last night (oh, suddenly they’re camera shy, huh?). But People magazine says they were seen together inside the theater. They were also seen backstage together.

And after the ceremony, they were seen together at HBO’s after-party.

Ben has a look about him that says he’s the type of boyfriend to get in about fifteen minutes at a party before coming up behind you with a mouth full of miniature quiches and announcing he’s “gonna split.” But he played it smart and stuck around for the ceremony and the after-party. Lindsay Shookus didn’t put in all that effort to look like a 90s Versace-wearing Cammy from Street Fighter to take pictures alone.

The 69th Emmy Awards - Press Room

Pics: Twitter,


Ben Affleck Made a Low-Key Appearance at the Emmys With His Girlfriend

Ben Affleck made a low-key appearance at the Emmys to support his girlfriend, Lindsay Shookus, on Sunday night. Shortly before the Saturday Night Live producer took the stage to accept the award for variety sketch series with the rest of the show’s team, the actor was spotted entering the Microsoft Theater. Even though the two didn’t pose on the red carpet, they looked quite comfortable with each other as Lindsay joined arms with Ben before taking their seats. Following the show, the two snapped a quick picture with Jeff Garlin, Charissa Thompson, and Larry David during HBO’s Emmys after party. From their smiley tennis outings to their award season moments, it’s clear that the two are getting closer.

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It Looks Like Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus Had a Ball at the US Open

Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus have officially taken their relationship to court — the tennis court that is. On Sunday, the actor, who is currently in the middle of divorcing Jennifer Garner, flaunted his romance with the Saturday Night Live producer as they watched the US Open Tennis Championships in NYC. Aside from showing sweet PDA as they cuddled up and held hands, Lindsay couldn’t help but let out a huge laugh as they chatted at their table. And the fun didn’t stop there. Following the game, Lindsay was all smiles as they took a casual stroll around the Upper West Side.

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Ben Affleck And Lindsay Shookus Were Papped At A Jewelry Store

Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus get late night dinner at the "Mas Farmhouse" in the West Village

Ben Affleck may not be playing Batman anymore, but that doesn’t mean he’s not open to performing exciting stunts in front the cameras. And because every good superhero needs a sidekick, he was joined by his current favorite partner in publicity Lindsay Shookus. Maybe it’s the angle, but they’re kind of giving me 10-years-later Brittany Pierce from Glee if she left Santana for a guy who flips Pontiac Sunfires on Kijiji.

Ben celebrated his birthday last week with his family, sans Shookus, in Los Angeles. Ben and Lindsay have been public for over a month now. Someone obviously thinks that’s not long enough to get an invitation to the family birthday party. And Lindsay wouldn’t show up unless she wanted an angry passive-aggressive confrontation with Jennifer Garner. “Hi sweety, listen – I’m going to have to ask you to make like an inflatable house and bounce, bitch.

Ben and Lindsay were photographed this weekend in Manhattan on their latest lover’s getaway (more like getaway from Los Angeles and Jennifer Garner’s death stare) a few days after Ben’s birthday. People magazine says that Ben and Lindsay spent Sunday night at a fancy restaurant. Before they had dinner, they were seen at the jewelry counter of Barney’s New York. A source says they had a great time.

“Ben had a fun weekend with Lindsay. On Sunday they went shopping at Barney’s New York. Lindsay tried on bracelets. Later they had dinner at Mas. Ben was in a great mood, accepted belated birthday wishes and signed autographs.”

Jewelry is sort of an awkward theme in Ben’s love life. When Ben and Lindsay first got together, Radar Online claimed that Jennifer Garner had been tipped off that her husband was screwing around after she allegedly received a phone call from a fancy jewelry store about a ring. Except it wasn’t a ring that Ben bought for her; it was a ring Ben allegedly bought for Lindsay. The Love Actually nerve of him! At least Ben seems to have learned his lesson and is sticking to bracelets. Stay clear of the rings for now, Ben. They’re cursed. No good ever seems to come when one of Ben’s ladies slips a ring on her finger.

Pic: Backgrid


Casey Affleck Says Ben Affleck Won’t Be Playing Batman In A Solo Flick

'Manchester by the Sea' Premiere

Problematic Oscar-winner Casey Affleck claims that his big brother, Maine liquor store connoisseur Ben Affleck, will not be playing a probably hungover-looking Batman in a planned DC Comics Universe solo movie. He said this during a radio appearance yesterday, here in Affleck Land – Boston! I’m not sure why Casey didn’t let me know he was in town. He IS my enemy of old and we’re due for a rematch. I’ll explain in the last paragraph.

The Hollywood Reporter reported on Casey’s appearance on WEEI’s Dale & Holley With Keefe radio show. (WEEI is the big sports radio station here in the Hub. I’ve never heard the show because I was in Drama Festival in high school, but I find “Keefe” intriguing. It’s not his show, but he’s important enough to get a “with…” How have I not heard about this Bostonian celebrity? Unless it’s “Keefe” Richards? Stranger things have happened, like the President of the United States finding white supremacists to be “very fine” people and… nevermind, that’s the strangest.)

The hosts asked Lil’ Affleck about big bro’s role as a somehow pissed-off yet completely lackadaisical Batman. Casey responded by confirming the rumor that Ben’s not about to squeeze those chest bigguns into the suit again. Casey said:

“I thought he was an OK Batman. No, he was great. He was great. He’s a hero, so he had something to channel and work with there. But he’s not going to do that movie [The Batman], I don’t think. Sorry to say.”

Oh, oh. There’s a Batman-led Justice League flick coming out on Nov. 17, and that’s supposed to be followed by a solo The Batman adventure. One that they’ve being going on, and on, and on about. Are you sure about that, you gossipy lil’ alleged sexual assailant? Realizing he probably just spilled some tea that should have remained in the Batman collectible teacup (you know that there’s one of those somewhere), he reversed himself.

When the interviewers reacted with shock, Affleck attempted to walk the statement back.

“Is that breaking news? Because I was just kind of making that up, I don’t know.”

So Casey Affleck isn’t great at the art of lying, despite that Oscar on what I assume is his grimy eco-hut’s vegan tofu mantle. Warner Bros. has refused comment. This revelation follows Ben’s supposed directing spot AND his script being thrown out. So things are looking dire for those of you who wanted Ben in a completely unnecessary solo Batman film.

Speaking of Drama Festival, my high school team competed against Casey’s team back when we were kids. Our play was about serious stuff like teen pregnancy, abortion, and child abuse. (It was obviously a comedy.) I played a doctor with only one line – “maybe we can save the baby.” That was it, but I gave it my all! HIS play was about a magic pasta pot. The Cambridge Rindge and Latin School won. A friggin’ magic pasta pot beat out abortion! Those judges were obviously related to the Affleck and Damon families. No one would investigate my accusations of cheating, because they were too busy scoffing at my one line. Casey Affleck (and his magic pasta pot) are my sworn enemies because of that!



Ben Affleck And His Girlfriend Shopped For Booze


Ben Affleck, his new (?) girlfriend Lindsay Shookus, and the slight paunch that he’s probably hoping will function as his escape hatch from the current Batman franchise were spotted at a liquor store in Maine. This could be problematic for Ben, seeing as he revealed back in March that he had completed a stint in rehab. Ben’s drug of choice appears to be booze. So moseying around a packie probably isn’t doing your sobriety a favor. It’s like me trying to get my diabetes in check and touring the Little Debbie factory.

Both Radar and People report that Ben and his lady were spotted at the Umbrella Factory liquor store in Naples, ME on Sunday. An employee said that Ben had this to say:

“He said he and his girlfriend were just up for a couple days.”

Batman and Throbbin’ mentioned that Sunday was their last day in the state with the goddamn coldest ocean water you will ever encounter. Go to a beach in Maine, go for a swim, catch hypothermia. It should be on their state seal. But I digress.

Ben didn’t seem concerned with anyone recognizing him, because he posed for the above pic with a store employee. She later posted it online as well as posting a snapshot on Twitter of security footage (!!!) of Ben and Lindsay in the store the day before. Umbrella Factory Girl really wanted people to trust and believe that she’d met his ass. She later deleted her Facebook post (“Met Ben Affleck at work today“) as well as the tweet. Pissy phone call from Matt Damon?

A source told People that Ben recently finished filming Justice League and is “enjoying his summer.” Another source says Ben’s way into showing off his new action.

“He also really enjoys spending time with Lindsay. It won’t be surprising to see them out and about and together in the coming weeks.”

Does this mean that she’s going to be replacing his ex Jennifer Garner on that recurring pap stroll for coffee that they always seem to be on, so people don’t think they’re trying to kill each other?

An alcoholic in a liquor store isn’t an automatic relapse. He could have just been helping her carry it to the car. What’s more alarming about this story is what they bought. Two bottles of rosé. Okay, that’s fine. AND SKINNYGIRL MARGARITA MIX. Ugh, one or both of them is supportive of that shrieky Bethanny Frankel‘s hag drink empire. What if she makes enough money to buy another talk show for herself? Relapse all you want Ben, but don’t enable televison harpies.

Pic: Twitter


Ben Affleck Might Be Too Out Of Shape To Play Batman

Ben Affleck departs from LAX Airport

Ben Affleck’s face showed up in a trailer for Justice League at Comic-Con this weekend, and I hope everyone got a good look, because Justice League and Justice League Pt. 2 might be the last times you see Ben as Batman. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ben’s secret wish of putting his Batsuit into mothballs might come true sooner than he hoped.

The upcoming standalone Batman movie, The Batman, was originally supposed to be written, directed, and starring Ben. But then Ben decided to step away from the director’s chair, and then his script was dumped. The only thing he had left was growling “I am Batman” while tightly packed into a leather-look onesie. He could be without that as well. A source tells The Hollywood Reporter that Warner Bros. are quietly making plans to “gracefully” get rid of Ben Affleck’s Batman, and they’ll address the change in a future DC film.

Ben turns 45 in August, and THR notes that he’ll be pushing 50 by the time The Batman hits theaters. If new director Matt Reeves makes a trilogy out of The Batman, then Ben could still be playing Batman in his mid-50s. If Ben was ripped to hell, age probably wouldn’t be an issue. But to quote The Hollywood Reporter, Ben’s body “hasn’t exactly been a temple.” Sure, maybe not his body. But you can’t deny that Ben’s head does bear a strong resemblance to Olmec from Legends of the Hidden Temple.

Warner Bros. tells THR they “love” Ben as Batman, and claim they have no plans to get rid of him. Matt Reeves said the same, and Ben’s rep had no comment. Ben recently dropped out of Netflix’s Triple Frontier, so his schedule isn’t set in stone.

Ben reportedly doesn’t want to do Batman anymore, and being out of shape is a great excuse to get out. Of course, the bad-luck version of this story ends with Warner Bros. crushing Ben’s dreams by informing him they want a middle-aged Batman. DC films are all about realism, and what’s more realistic than a middle-aged dude who can’t fight crime like he used to? There’s a villain on the roof – to the elevator! The elevator is out of service? To the Batphone! “Hello, Wonder Woman? Can you do me a favor?



Ben Affleck To Take Some “Me” Time


Despite going public with his new lady-friend Lindsay Shookus, Ben Affleck has been having a rough go of things lately. His brother is a sleazeball. He was deemed uninspiring. He had to go to rehab again. His wife Jennifer Garner finally filed for divorce. Nobody wants his Batman script. Evan Rachel Wood told him to grow up.

These days it seems like everybody hates Ben. What’s a sad sack like Ben to do? Well, according to Deadline (via People Magazine), Ben is dropping out of Netflix’s film Triple Frontier, adding that Ben “is going to take some time to focus on his wellness and his family.”

Ben was supposed to star in Triple Frontier since both Tom Hardy and Channing Tatum declined due to scheduling issues. The film will still go on without him. Ah, poor, Benny. That sounds like a good idea, to take some time; get a manicure, take your kids to Disneyland, eat some ice cream with a fancy spoon. Try not to focus on the fact that you came third after Tom and Channing had passed. I came after Tom Hardy once. I mean, it was a picture of him from the book of pictures I keep under my pillow. Somehow I always seem to come after looking at my special little Tom Hardy book.

Sorry, what were we talking about? Oh, right, Ben.

Good luck Ben, I hope you feel better soon.



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