Rihanna Gives Advice to a Fan Struggling With Heartbreak, Proves She Has a Heart of Gold

Rihanna is known for her edgy, take-no-sh*t persona, but the self-proclaimed «bad gal» does have a softer side. The Unapologetic singer recently gave advice to one of her biggest fans on Twitter who shared with her that he is struggling to get over a recent heartbreak. Luckily for us, Samer, who goes by @WaladShami, on Twitter uploaded the screenshot of the direct message Rihanna sent him. «Just believe that the heartbreak was a gift in itself!» she wrote. «Cry if you have to, but it won’t be forever!»

After reassuring him that everything will be OK in the end, Rihanna told him to stay hopeful about love. «You will find love again, and it will be even more beautiful!» she said. «In the meantime enjoy all that YOU are!!!!»

Samer said he felt compelled to share Rihanna’s advice with his followers because «her advice is so important,» he tweeted. He also revealed that Rihanna has given him advice on several other occasions, but something tells us Rihanna’s latest words of wisdom will become his new daily motto. Read her full, inspiring message ahead.

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John Daly Gives DUI Advice To Tiger Woods

If we’re being honest, there’s only one guy in the golf world right now who’s really qualified to give advice to Tiger Woods on the situation he’s currently in. That man is John Daly.

He’s been through this sorta stuff not just once, but multiple times, so if anybody knows how to get through it, it’s him. TMZ caught up with him and asked him what he would tell Tiger right now.

Pretty simple advice. Next time use your millions of dollars and get a ride, lay low for a while and then get back on the course whenever that back heals up.

You couldn’t ask for a more perfect person to get that from.

Here’s the transcript of what Daly would tell Tiger:

“Call a friend. Call a friend, call Uber, carry transportation. The tour has been so great to us, I mean anybody will come pick you up, but Tiger probably didn’t think he was feeling that bad.”

“I feel bad for the guy, man. I mean he’s gone through all these surgeries an I’m not saying just because he’s an athlete he should get away with it.”

“Just get back on the golf course, man. This stuff will pass, it always does and you know, hey, it proves he’s human, it proves he’s one of us, baby. I love him.”


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Alexis Ren Destroying One Piece, John Daly’s DUI Advice & John Clayton’s Out

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Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals on NBCSN…the French Open is on the Tennis Channel all day…there’s the normal baseball to ignore and check your local listings for WNBA action. I’m still trying to figure out why the French Open is on a specialty channel that’s hard to find. How does this happen to a major?

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Alexis Ren owning the one piece game right now

John Daly’s DUI advice for Tiger

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Goldie Hawn’s Life Advice Will Make You Want to Kick So Much Professional Ass

Goldie Hawn is, and will forever be, a badass. The legendary actress recently sat down with Interview magazine for an in-depth chat with none other than her daughter, Kate Hudson. (Note: Before the two even get started, Kate’s brother Oliver calls. After Kate says, «Yo, I’m interviewing mom right now,» Goldie says to tell him she needs her car back. When he says he still needs it, Goldie tells Kate to hang up on him.) The incredibly close mother-daughter duo then chat about everything from why Goldie took a 15-year break from Hollywood (she costars in this year’s Snatched with Amy Schumer) to how she handled her haters over the years. See her best quotes below.

  • On what first brought her to California: «I was almost 20, and I was going to dance in a show in a theater across from Disneyland. I had never flown over the entire United States before. I had 250 dollars saved, but my mom bought my ticket because I’d taken 200 of those dollars and bought a dog. [Hudson laughs] My priorities might have been mixed up, but this little puppy poodle came with me on the plane, and I’ll never forget flying across the desert. I wrote — granted this was after one or two Bloody Marys — but I wrote in my diary, ‘If anyone could doubt the existence of God, then they have to look again.’ It was a profound spiritual experience, going to where I could see space and nothing else. As far as I could see was as far as my spirit went. And I had no idea where my life was going. I believed this was a short gig and that I would come home and marry a Jewish dentist and have a beautiful little house with a picket fence and raise children and have a dancing school.»
  • On standing up for herself in Hollywood: «Liberation is an interesting word, because you can be liberated from external things, and also from your internal dialogue. During the era when women were burning their bras — which, by the way, they never actually did — but when women were first becoming liberated, I was 23. And I met a woman who asked, ‘Don’t you feel bad because you’re sort of acting like the stupid airhead blond?’ And I totally surprised myself. I said, ‘Liberation can also come from the inside.’ My sense of liberation and the freedom to speak the way I want to and to feel solid in my shoes was getting stronger and stronger. That’s what helps me move through other people’s perceptions of how I should or should not be liberated. I would never listen to those rules. Don’t tell me I can’t do that. Watch me. Don’t tell me I can’t direct this movie. Watch me.»
  • On why she waited so long to make another movie: «Because I believe that life is about doing. It’s about changing. It’s about transitioning. I can’t imagine, as a human being, not being able to grow. When I turned 50, I asked some of my girlfriends, all actresses of the same age, ‘What are we going to do now?’ I wanted to go live somewhere for a while, learn archaeology, or take part in healing the world on some level. I wanted to dig deep and say, ‘Who am I now? What do I have to offer? What do I have to learn?’ I started learning about the brain, psychology. And after 9/11, I decided, ‘I know what I’m going to do.’ I ended up writing two books and creating MindUP [a neuroscience, mindfulness, and positive psychology-based curriculum for children, grades pre-K through 12]. It’s now in Jordan, Serbia, the UK, America, Canada, Hong Kong. I never looked back. I never wished to be acting again. I was so engaged.»

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Is Orlando Bloom Taking Dating Advice From Leonardo DiCaprio?

You’ve likely heard that Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry recently concluded their year-long romance. Now Bloom—the man I most associate with elves who state the obvious—is sowing his wild oats. He’s “casually” dating Nina Dobrev and putting moves on model Ashley Haas. In fact, Dobrev was even present during the…

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Jim Harbaugh Gives Us Some Easter Egg Hunting Advice

Since it is Easter Sunday we’re going to keep the holiday theme going this afternoon. Gronk wished us all a happy Easter is his weird bunny costume and now we get some advice from Jim Harbaugh on how to go about hunting those eggs.

You think Gronk takes an Easter egg hunt serious? You haven’t seen anything. Harbaugh attacks eggs with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind.

You have to think like an egg and feel it’s innermost wants and desires in order to find it. Or just look in a bush or something.

I see a theme here




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Kurt Russell’s Advice to Kate Hudson After She Lost an Oscar Proves He’s the Best «Pa»

There’s no denying Kate Hudson‘s special bond with her mom Goldie Hawn’s longtime partner, Kurt Russell. The actor, whom she affectionately calls «Pa,» has been her main father figure for most of her life, and that includes dishing out fatherly advice when she needs it most. During a recent interview on ABC Radio’s No Limits With Rebecca Jarvis podcast, the actress revealed the encouraging words Kurt gave her after she lost the Oscar for best supporting actress for her role in Almost Famous in 2001. «Something Kurt said to me at the Oscars after I lost [was], ‘Congratulations. You can now go have your career,'» she said. «[That] was, like, such a great thing to say, because it’s just starting, I was 21, so it was kind of amazing to have that so young and then just start working and having that kind of demand at a young age is just incredible.»

While coming from a family full of stars can be a lot of pressure, Kate admitted that they don’t focus on awards. «The work ethic in our family is really huge,» she added. «They definitely instilled that in all of their kids . . . it was just basically, ‘Do your job, do it the best you can.'» And if she’s being completely honest, she never really saw her parents the way the rest of Hollywood does. «Obviously, as you get older, you start to realize that people see your parents differently, but to us, they’re our parents, and we had a great childhood because there was so much love. They were very present parents, surprisingly, for how big their careers were.»

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Goop Has Some Advice For Doing Anal

Frederique Constant Horological SmartWatch Launch.

You laugh, but let’s face it: I can’t think of a better person to discuss the ins and outs of anal than someone who appears to permanently have a stick up their ass. Goop’s second annual Sex Issue was released today. Gwyneth Paltrow must have been listening when everyone read last year’s issue and muttered “I’ll tell you where you can stick that $ 15,000 dildo“, because this year she’s talking anal, the hetero kind.

Goop interviewed a psychoanalyst named Paul Joannides for a piece called Reality Check: Anal Sex, the purpose of which is to educate about anal. Here are just a few of Goop’s tips:

– Practice teaching your sphincter muscles to relax
– Use lots of lube
– Don’t have anal while drunk or stoned
– If the dick hurts, use a lubed-up finger

Good luck with Step #1, Gwyneth. The second Tracy Anderson hears that one of your muscle groups have gone soft, she’s going to throw a fit.

Goop also asks Paul about enemas and what people should be teaching their kids about anal. He says there are more-important conversations to have, like talking about masturbation and exploring while learning. As for the enema thing, Paul is on the fence and says it’s an either/or situation. Tsk tsk tsk Paul, that is NOT the answer Gwyneth wants to hear. You’re supposed to say yes, everyone should pregame with an enema. Specifically Gwyneth’s personal favorite, a $ 130 Danish-made ecologically sustainable rubber enema bulb and $ 98 bottle of organic Hawaiian onyx salt solution.

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Selena Gomez’s Advice to Her 15-Year-Old Self Is So Relatable

Selena Gomez stuns on the April 2017 cover of Vogue, and on Tuesday, the magazine released a video with the singer for its beloved «73 Questions» series. Selena answered a slew of questions with her signature sweet personality, gushing about her incredible fans, her biggest inspirations, and what advice she would give her 15-year-old self («Go ahead and do it, because you’re going to do it anyway»). In addition to dishing out fun facts about herself, she also acted like the ultimate hostess as she walked around her gorgeous home. See what else she had to say above!

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