Rachel Lindsay Finally Addresses the «Derogatory Word» Vanessa Called Her on The Bachelor

Though Bachelor Nation is currently in a dry spell — stuck between the end of Bachelor in Paradise and the start of Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season of The Bachelor — the reality show’s past contestants have been keeping our thirst for spilled tea quenched. Most of the post-BIP attention has been focused on Dean, Kristina, and Danielle’s cringe-worthy love triangle, but the spotlight has just shifted away from the trio and on to two women who competed for Nick Viall’s heart on the 21st season of The Bachelor: Vanessa Grimaldi and Rachel Lindsay.

*Cue dramatic background music*

It all started when Danielle Lombard, another contestant on Nick’s season and one-third of Bachelor in Paradise‘s most infamous love triangle, did a Reddit AMA («Ask Me Anything») to answer fan questions. In the thread (most of which has since been deleted), a participant asked D-Lo to touch on some apparent drama that was brewing behind the scenes between Vanessa and Rachel. Though much of said drama wasn’t really shown on screen, it was rumored that the two had bad blood, which D-Lo pretty much confirmed.

«Vanessa called Rachel something that was extremely derogatory,» she explained on the Reddit thread. «From what I heard it was bad. Vanessa had to be separated for the rest of the show.» Yikes. After this tidbit spread like wildfire among Bachelor Nation, Entertainment Tonight got to the bottom of things by getting in touch with Rachel for the scoop on what really happened between her and Vanessa — and it’s pretty shocking.

«Vanessa told me that I used ‘aggressive’ tones with her, and I was very upset by that.»

Rachel explained how she chose to distance herself from Vanessa while in the Bachelor mansion, but that Vanessa approached her one day to share how she felt about Rachel’s attitude. «Vanessa told me that I used ‘aggressive’ tones with her, and I was very upset by that,» Rachel told ET. «There are so many stereotypes placed on African-American women.»

And what about that «derogatory word» Danielle referenced in her Reddit AMA? «She called me a ‘bully’, and for her to use that phrase was offensive to me,» Rachel said. «She had no examples to match it . . . I also felt as a special education teacher who works with children, she was using the word frivolously.»

It looks like there’s way more than meets the eye when it comes to these shows. No word on whether Vanessa will respond to Rachel’s claims, but the fact large chunks of D-Lo’s Reddit thread were deleted certainly seems telling. We’ll update this when additional, tea-worthy information becomes available.

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Jay-Z Addresses That Solange Elevator Whooping

Celebrities at the Los Angeles Lakers game

While he won’t be inviting Kanye West over anytime soon for afternoon high tea (which really just involves sipping Hennessy and chowing down on crustless sandwiches while Beyonce walks around the pool doing vocal runs), Jay-Z finally opened up about that elevator throwdown back in 2014 with Solange Knowles. Surprisingly, it wasn’t to break down Bey’s “Flawless” remix to say “Of that billion dollars in the elevator, Solange represented somewhere around $ 40 and a Duane-Reade gift card.

I guess Jay figured if he could bamboozle millions of fans into buying Tidal, he sure as shit could do it again in a simple interview and played the she’s-like-a-sister card. People magazine says he discussed it during a recent Rap Radar podcast.

“We had one disagreement ever. Before and after we’ve been cool. She’s like my sister. I will protect her. That’s my sister, not my sister-in-law. My sister. Period.”

In case you forget how this bro and sis treated each other, lemme refresh your memory. Sometime after the 2014 Met Gala, the Knowles sisters and Jay shimmied into an elevator at the Standard Hotel with their security detail. Shortly after the doors closed, Basement Baby let everyone know she had just finished reading Harry Potter, because she turned into the Womping Willow on Jay. Beyonce kind of just stood in the corner checking out her manicure and the new tile on the floor. The fight was rumored to be about alleged Becky with the good hair Rachel Roy, who these days can’t open Instagram without seeing at least a million notifications with bee or lemon emojis. BUT that’s all behind them.

‘Yonce looked up from her acrylics long enough to assemble a team to write her emotional response with “Lemonade,” and now Jay is on a giant mea culpa tour with 4:44, because he’s getting TWO million notifications with bee and lemon emojis. He doubled down on how elevator slaps are totes normal, bro:

“We’ve always had a great relationship. I fought my brothers and argued with my brothers my whole life. It just so happens, who we are, these things go into a different space. But it ain’t nothing.”

I’m pretty sure normal brother/sister spats are when you’re seven and throw your little brother off a slide at the PlayPlace at McDonald’s or, I dunno, use your mother’s kitchen shears to decapitate his favorite Cabbage Patch doll. Not go to Slap Town at the Standard as grown ass adults. That being said, next time Bey curates a photo of those two smiling and choking each other by a ball pit, we’ll know they’re just being a couple o’ crazy kids!

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Jito Kok Addresses Getting Punched By Danilo Gallinari on Reddit

On Sunday, a rooster tangoed with a Kok, and the Kok came away victorious.

What we’re talking about, of course, is new Los Angeles Clippers forward Danilo Gallinari fracturing his hand after delivering a blow to Netherlands forward Jito Kok. It may be the NBA dead season, but you better believe the Clippers Curse is alive and well — even in a supposed “international friendly”.

To provide further context to Gallo’s stupidity, Kok hit R/NBA to give his side of the incident:

That’s me getting hit right there. By the way there was no build up either, I do think I hit him on that box out tho. He wasn’t too happy with that

Kok on his face doing damage to Gallo’s hand:

Yeah it caught me off guard, I was actually just running to offense and the dude just swing at me. Lucky I didn’t fracture my cheek bone, he’s definitely worse off haha

He also addresses his inadvertent elbow during the box out:

Yeah looks like that’s what happened but I assure you that wasn’t intentional. And no there was nothing between us up until that moment, they were getting chewed out by their coach though because we kept the game pretty close till the end. Probably just frustration on his part

Plus side for Gallo: he left a small mark.

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Jesse Williams Addresses Infidelity Rumors in JAY-Z’s Footnotes For 4:44

Jesse Williams is currently in the middle of a custody battle with estranged wife Aryn Drake-Lee, and in an 11-minute Tidal video for JAY-Z’s latest album, Footnotes for 4:44, the Grey’s Anatomy actor opened up about their divorce. Jesse joined JAY-Z, Chris Rock, Will Smith, Kendrick Lamar, Anthony Anderson, Aziz Ansari, and other celebrities for a chat about relationships, and without mentioning Aryn by name, Jesse addressed cheating rumors. «I was in a relationship 13 years, 13 real years, not five years, not seven years – 13 years,» he said. «All of a sudden motherf*ckers are writing think-pieces that I somehow threw a 13-year relationship. Like, the most painful experience I’ve had in my life like with a person I’ve loved with all of my heart – that I threw a person and my family in the trash because a girl I work with is cute.»

Jesse and Aryn split after nearly five years of marriage back in April and share son Maceo and daughter Sadie. Aryn is also a cofounder of Jesse’s Ebroji app.

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Kesha Addresses Her Awkward Jerry Seinfeld Encounter: «I Should Have Known Better»

Remember when Kesha attempted to hug Jerry Seinfeld and he totally rejected her? Well, Kesha is finally opening up about the cringeworthy moment. The singer, who is currently promoting her new single, «Praying,» told SiriusXM’s Hits1 on Friday that she felt like she was «5 years old» after the incident. «I instantly was like, ‘Oh f*ck me.’ And I like somehow ended up in my very own mini episode of Seinfeld for like five seconds.» She then added that she’s a huge fan of the show, saying, «I’ve seen every episode a thousand times. I used to carry the whole season package with me everywhere on my carry-on. Like DVDs . . . That’s why I wanted a hug so hard.» «He’s not a huggy guy, that’s fine,» Kesha concluded. «I should have known better. I’ve seen the hugging episode. That was my fault.»

Days after the video of the awkward embrace went viral, Jerry explained the encounter, telling Extra, «I’m 63. I don’t know every pop star. . . . I don’t know everyone. I’m not [a hugger].» It’s also pretty clear from the clip that Jerry meant no ill intent; he simply just didn’t know who Kesha was.

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Joe Buck Addresses Misidentifying Brooks Koepka’s Girlfriend

27-year-old Brooks Koepka may have won the U.S. Open at Erin Hills on Sunday, but that became nothing but a side story thanks to Joe Buck whiffing on his girlfriend situation:

Poor Brooks. Dude had a major career breakthrough to win his first major but Joe’s gaffe got Twitter so frenzied that Brooks’ ex started trending for all the wrong reasons. Hell, even her Wikipedia page got torched:

Buck’s defense for ruining that moment? Some staffer handed him a card with old information:

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Swaggy P Addresses D’Angelo Russell, Ball Family in Exit Interview

For the most part the Lakers were straight trash this year (hell, they couldn’t even tank correctly), but surprisingly Nick Young distanced himself from that by having an unlikely bounce-back season. Yes. Swaggy somehow managed to put that D’Angelo Russell drama behind him and lit it up from behind the arc — now he’s set up to earn a nice contract in free agency… if he opts to not pick up his $ 5.7 million player option.

He addressed that, and much more during his Lakers exit interview this morning.

Swaggy knows the Lakers can’t have him and LaVar Ball “talking crazy” next season:

Swaggy on the snitch:

Yeah, he’s not coming back:

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Chandler Parsons Addresses the Bella Thorne-Savannah Chrisley Drama


There’s a lot going on in the world of Chandler Parsons these days: he’s got two 19 year olds — Bella Thorne and Savannah Chrisley — sparring over him, and he’s still trying to return to form on the hardwood. Basically, some good and some bad, with the latter exacerbated by annoyed Grizzlies fans who want more buckets than IG posts from their $ 94 million man. (Not his fault he received the max.)

But we’re not here to talk about the basketball, especially with Chrisley firing shots on Twitter:


Pretty spicy shit, especially for the NBA — but Chand Dog downplayed it all in a Q&A with The Commercial Appeal’s Geoff Calkins:

Q: On radio, people were deciding whether they are Team Bella or Team Savannah.

A: That’s crazy. Listen, both of them are my friends, I’m cool with both of them, and they’re trying to make this thing, like, they’re going to fight over me, and who’s going to win. I see all that stuff. But it’s not like that. It’s very casual, they’re both really, really cool chicks, and as I’ve said, that’s not my priority.

Translation: He bones both, and if they fight, they fight. Great answer.

He then got the thirsty chicks all excited by stating his relationship status:

Q: Have you ever claimed a girlfriend? Like, “This is my girlfriend?”

A: Yeah, I actually just got out of a two-year relationship in October with an actual girlfriend.

Q: But not now?

A: No girlfriend right now. I have a lot on my plate right now.

Chand Dog’s out there playing the game like every single NBAer should. Respect.

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Katy Perry Addresses Her Breakup From Orlando Bloom and Debuts a Bold New Look

Katy Perry is celebrating her new single status with a sexy new ‘do. On Thursday, just a few days after news broke of her split from Orlando Bloom, the «Chained to the Rhythm» singer revealed a supershort pixie cut and even blonder strands than she had at the Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty over the weekend. In addition to showing off her new hairstyle, Katy addressed her recent breakup via Twitter, urging «a new way of thinking» and insisting that «no one’s a victim or a villain.»

Katy and Orlando dated for a little over a year before ending their romance. In a joint statement, reps for the two explained that they would be «taking respectful, loving space at this time.»

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John Legend Addresses His Racist Encounter With Paparazzi: «It’s a Shame That Still Exists»

Chrissy Teigen tweeted about an awful encounter that she and husband John Legend had with a photographer after touching down in NYC last week. «Paparazzi at JFK just asked me ‘if we evolved from monkeys, why is John Legend still around?’ — and people wonder why celebs lose it in pics,» she wrote. On Saturday, John sat down with Variety Studio at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival and spoke about the incident, saying, «We were right next to each other and we looked at each other like, ‘Did he really just say that?’ And he really said it. He basically called me a monkey.» While the encounter was horribly racist, John reveals that he’s «not hurt» because he’s «stronger» and «smarter.» Well said, John.

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