Reddit Asks The Question: ‘Which ‘Good’ Character Is Actually a Horrible Person?’

Newsflash! Everyone you love is actually an arsehole, as Reddit asks the question: ‘Which ‘Good’ Character Is Actually a Horrible Person?’

You can check out the whole thread here, but below are some highlights:



Just because hes actually on the good side doesn’t mean all those times he acted creepy and acted like a cunt (especially to harry) just magically go away.

Saying that, most of the main characters are annoying, If I were a random kid in hufflepuff or something I’d be so done with their shit.


Everyone from any romantic comedy ever.


Lara Croft.

-Destroys priceless ancient pottery by rolling into it.
-Kills everybody in her way.
-Kills endangered tigers.
-A tomb raider is essentially a grave robber.

Edit: And killed the last living T-Rex.
Edit Edit: And locked her butler in a freezer.



Renegade Shepard from Mass Effect 1-3. I love how he goes from «lose cannon bad cop that gets the job done in ME1 to «Genocidal maniac» in ME3.


They kept having to up his asshole stakes. In 1, you can punch out that scared scientist in the first mission, which is kinda what an asshole cop would do. In 3, he can SHOOT MORDIN IN THE BACK FOR TRYING TO DO WHAT SHEPARD TOLD HIM TO DO WHILE DOOMING A RACE OF SPACE RHINO FROGS AND LYING ABOUT IT. Kinda a big leap.



Steve Urkell now would be considered a stalker and serial killer in the making.


Tigger. The idiot wrecked Eeyore’s house and sings about how great he is. The only good thing about him, as he says, is that he’s the only one. There are no more of him.



Peppa pig is a horrible brat and a bully.


My favourite scene is when she calls Suzie Sheep on the phone to ask if she can whistle (because Peppa can’t) and when Suzie whistles Peppa just hangs up on her without saying anything.



The good witch from wizard of oz


Piper Chapman from Orange is the new black



Lily (Alyison Hannigan) in How I Met Your Mother.


I would say all of the characters from HIMYM except Marshall. He’s the only one who is willing to go out of his way to make the world a better place while the others are content with being, at best, totally self-absorbed, and at worst, downright evil.



Does Old Testament God count. Because he was savage af.


«Go to this village, and kill everything that lives.»
«OK. We killed all the men, women and children.»
«We let some of the livestock live.»



Scarlett O’Hara

I hear folks romanticizing her and her relationship with Rhett like «oh I want a love like that!» Bitch were you even paying attention? Scarlett is a raging asshole who cheerfully and willfully destroys the lives of people around her just because they’re not her so fuck ’em who cares. She’s so heavily damaged that she can’t see anything good in her life, all she can focus on is what she doesn’t have and it becomes an all consuming need to get that thing, which is then discarded the second she gets it. And Rhett isn’t much better, because he thinks Scarlett’s inability to care about anyone but herself is great and encourages it at all times, but then, when she doesn’t care about him either he gets furious about it. It’s not a switch you can flip on and off Rhett, and she needs therapy, not encouragement.

Gone with the Wind is a fantastic book and I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve read it, but Scarlett is one of the biggest assholes in literature and her relationship isn’t something to be admired


Greg Heffley from Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a son of a bitch that bullies his friends to satisfy his own personal agenda.


Anna from Frozen. Literally everything bad that happens (except the parents situation) happens because of her pushing things too far. First, she keeps jumping when Elsa tells her to stop and it leads to the first «accident», which leads to Elsa being isolated, worsening her condition. Then she takes Elsas glove and keeps badgering her in front of everyone, causing Elsa to lose control of her emotions and freeze everything. Then when she goes to see Elsa in the ice castle, Elsa keeps telling her to leave her alone, and even though Elsa is clearly so upset that she’s causing a blizzard to appear inside, Anna keeps at it, causing Elsa to accidentally strike her. Plus she’s the one that introduced Hans to the whole situation.

Sure, she redeems herself at the end, but the entire issue is her fault from the get go.



Caillou, fuck that whiny little shit.


I had to scroll WAY TO FAR to find this little bitch boy.

I refuse to let my kids watch that insufferable little turd. Get some real problems you bald pudgy fuck.



Not sure if horrible is the right word, but he’s definitely no saint. James, your dad from Fallout 3.

— He is directly responsible for your friend’s death and put the entire vault at risk by leaving abruptly.
— He never tells you his plans, and doesn’t even seem to know you.
— He tries to guilt trip you into helping him finish his life’s work. And criticizes you for disarming the Megaton bomb. If you decide to blow up the town, his opinion of you changes in no way at all.
— Even though you rescued him, he orders you around like you owe him money. He basically strips you of your agency.


Rory Gilmour


Dany in Game of Thrones seems to be everybody’s favorite, but it’s impossible to ignore that she’s starting a war, during which thousands will die, in order to obtain a throne she deems «her birthright» despite

1) The land was conquered by her ancestors. They didn’t have a right to take it.

2) Her family was legitimately ousted because the last Targaryen was such a bastard.

She has no claim to the throne beyond «I have the means to take it». She has even less of a claim that Cersei does, who is a bitch, but we can’t pretend as though Dany would just leave if it was revealed Cersei was a good person. She also freed slaves, but nobody in Westeros likes slaves anyway, she’s doesn’t really possess radical ideas.

She’s interesting because she’s clawed her way up from almost nothing to a powerful Queen, and that’s cool and all, but I really want her to be the final villain in the show. It would be so interesting if she was.


Petr Knava lives in London and plays music


Game of Thrones: An Investigation Into How Much They Actually Freeze While Filming

There are so many different cities and landscapes in Game of Thrones that it’s sometimes hard to keep up, but no matter where the main characters are in Westeros, one thing is for sure: Winter is coming. While places like Dorne and King’s Landing haven’t been hit with snow and blustery winds just yet, other places, like Winterfell, the Wall, and the scary place beyond the Wall, all have. While watching some of those brutal Winter scenes, we can’t help but wonder: how cold are the actors in real life? Is it really that chilly, or is it all just a bit of Hollywood magic? Well, it turns out that everyone is miserable.

Stars like Kit Harington (Jon Snow), Liam Cunningham (Davos Seaworth), Joe Dempsie (Gendry), Rory McCann (Sandor), and Kristofer Hivju (Tormund Giantsbane) are usually the ones stuck in the cold areas. They shot a good chunk of season seven in Iceland and had to deal with 100 mph winds and temperatures reaching as low as -25 degrees Fahrenheit. «Daylight is scarce here [five to six hours a day],» a set source recently told Page Six. «Super jeeps are needed to bring in equipment, and much is then transported by hand. The actors are made up and dressed in hotels and driven to location 90 percent ready to shoot. Shelter is provided by ‘Russian tents’ that are anchored down, and able to be heated, and [can] withstand 100 mph winds.»

The show’s creators, Daniel Weiss and David Benioff, also spoke about the harsh conditions on a UFC Unfiltered podcast, saying, «Winter is here and that means that sunny weather doesn’t really serve our purposes any more. We kind of pushed everything down the line, so we could get some grim gray weather.» Stars like Gemma Whelan (Yara Greyjoy) have also confirmed the harsh conditions with frozen fingers via social media. She posted a photo with costar Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy) in 2016, writing, «Here we are trying to warm up last year during the shooting of ‘the moot.'»

So, to quote Leslie Knope, «Everything hurts and I’m dying.»

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Prince Charles Made a «Joke» After Harry’s Birth That Actually Broke Diana’s Heart

Princess Diana was many things to many people, but above all else, she was an adoring and doting mother of two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. While much is known about Diana’s special connection with her boys, there’s one thing people may not know about Harry’s birth in particular: Prince Charles «desperately» wanted a little girl, and Diana, knowing that she was carrying a baby boy, kept the secret from her husband throughout her entire pregnancy.

About a year after Prince William was born in June 1982, Diana was under pressure to produce a spare to the heir. In September 1983, Buckingham Palace announced that Diana was pregnant for a second time, but sadly, she suffered a miscarriage later that week while at the Balmoral estate in Scotland. Cut to early 1984, when Charles and Diana found out that they were expecting again. During her difficult pregnancy, Diana told friends, «I don’t think I’m made for the production line, but it’s all worth it in the end.»

In September 1984, Diana gave birth to a baby boy, Henry Charles Albert David Mountbatten-Windsor, after nine hours of labor and zero drugs. In Andrew Morton’s Diana: Her True Story, the princess revealed her husband’s «dismay» after welcoming their second child: «Charles always wanted a girl,» she said. «Harry was a boy. His first comment was, ‘Oh God, it’s a boy.’ His second: ‘And he’s even got red hair.'» Charles discounted the comment as a joke, but Diana was extremely hurt and offended: not only had she just endured nine f*cking hours of natural birth, but her older sisters and younger brother, Earl Spencer, all happen to have red hair, a trait that runs in the Spencer family. What’s worse, at Harry’s christening in December, Charles reportedly told Diana’s mother, «We were so disappointed — we thought it would be a girl.»

Diana went on to explain that she and Charles were «the closest we’ve ever, ever been and ever will be» in the weeks before Harry was born, adding, «Then, suddenly, as Harry was born, it just went bang, our marriage. The whole thing went down the drain.» She went on to admit that «something inside me closed off,» after Harry’s birth — especially because Charles had picked up his longtime affair with Camilla Parker Bowles. «By then, I knew Charles had gone back to his lady,» she said of the rekindled romance.

Harry’s red hair led many to believe that his biological father was actually James Hewitt, an English Army captain who was hired to teach Diana, William, and Harry horseback riding. While Diana and James did carry on an affair in the late ’80s, they didn’t meet until two years after Harry’s birth. And Charles’s desire for a baby girl has held strong after all these years, as evidenced by his excitement over the birth of Princess Charlotte in 2015. «I was hoping for a granddaughter — someone to look after me when I am very old,» he told reporters during a public engagement that year. «I am really rather thrilled.»

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Before Chris Pratt, Anna Faris Was Actually Married to Another Actor

Anna Faris and Chris Pratt are the latest couple to call it quits this year. Over the weekend, the couple announced their decision to legally separate after eight years of marriage, and needless to say, we are devastated. But the news also got us wondering about Anna’s past loves. As it turns out, the Mom actress has only opened her heart up to one other man (that we know of). Keep reading to find out more about Anna’s former flames.

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NASCAR Fans Are Mad At NBCSN For Broadcaster’s British Accent…Guy Is Actually Australian

That’s Leigh Diffey. He’s Australian, but that didn’t stop NASCAR fans watching Sunday’s race at Watkins Glen from thinking his accent was British and they weren’t exactly happy with this decision to turn a NASCAR race into a F1-sounding broadcast. The NASCAR bluebloods are pissed. As if having the second half of the season on NBC isn’t bad enough, now the Peacock is forcing them to listen to Diffey for hours.

Look, let’s take the whole redneck listening from his holler out of this. It’s a very bold decision from NBCSN to go with an unknown Aussie guy as the lead broadcaster for a race series that is floundering. Diffey has called pretty every form of racing there is, but that doesn’t really seem to matter to the loyal NASCAR viewer. They want to be wrapped up in a blanket of nostalgia with the voices they’ve grown to love like biscuits and gravy with a side of grits on a chilly fall morning.

All NBCSN is doing here is agitating the viewer. I don’t get why NBC hasn’t gone full redneck with its broadcasts. Throw on a couple of good old boys, sit back and soak up whatever money you can possibly make on NASCAR while you can. Why thrown on an unknown and fucc with people who are already agitated by losing the one ‘sport’ they’ve always loved? You’re losing Dale Earnhardt Jr. after this season. Stands are empty. There are 18 drivers with the same robotic messages. Just give these southerners a voice they can relate to. Doesn’t seem hard.

It seems forced. Diffey seems like a good dude. Guy who knows racing. It’s just the wrong time for this. NBC has been absolutely terrible at NASCAR coverage and has made 4-5 months of racing impossible to care about.

Yep, Diffey will be back next Sunday at Michigan.

Let’s go over to Facebook to see how people are taking this British accent thing:

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Why Littlefinger Giving Bran That Dagger Is Actually Really F*cked Up

Another cherished and seemingly important weapon is (re)introduced on tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones during Littlefinger’s short exchange with Bran. As the two sit down to talk, Littlefinger gifts Bran with a dagger that holds a great amount of significance to him. But Lord Baelish isn’t the only person to whom the gift is important; the somewhat questionable gift is actually used during an attempt to murder Bran back in season one.

To jog your memory a little, Jaime basically puts a hit out on Bran after discovering that he survives the fall from the window that he pushed him out of. But when one of his men arrives in Winterfell to kill Bran while he’s in a coma, Catelyn intercepts him, and the assassin is later taken out by Bran’s direwolf, Summer.

The dagger that we see Littlefinger give to Bran tonight is the same weapon that the hitman wields during his attempt to kill the mother and son. Of course, receiving a weapon that has previously been used during an attempt on your own life as a gift doesn’t exactly seem ideal, but Littlefinger justifies it by telling Bran that the dagger is sort of a catalyst for all of the events that have transpired on the show to date — and he isn’t exactly wrong. Had it not been for Jaime attempting to kill Bran twice, Game of Thrones would probably be a completely different show right about now.

Another thing that should be noted in terms of the dagger is that it’s made of Valyrian steel, which is one of two materials we know of that is able to kill White Walkers. Jon Snow and the Northerners are gearing up for a fight with the White Walkers that’s set to occur any day now. So when that day comes, it’s likely that the dagger will prove itself useful. But, for now, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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Kate Middleton Is Actually Much Younger Than She Seems

Kate Middleton usually looks so ladylike and composed during her royal outings that she often seems older than she really is. But it’s time we settled this once and for all: how old is the Duchess of Cambridge? Well, Kate was born on January 9, 1982, which makes her 35 years old. In fact, she’s actually five and a half months older than Prince William.

The way Kate’s chosen to ring in her birthday over the years is also an indication of what else was happening in her life at that time. For her 35th this year, Kate reportedly celebrated privately at her home in Norfolk, Anmer Hall, with William and their two kids, Princess Charlotte and Prince George.

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A Woman Invited the Obamas to Her Daughter’s Wedding — and They Actually Responded

Barack and Michelle Obama have been enjoying their time out of the White House, but they still find time to respond to wedding invitations. The former POTUS and FLOTUS had an adorable reply to an engaged couple after the mother of bride-to-be Liz Whitlow sent them a wedding invitation. «Congratulations on your wedding,» the letter reads. «We hope that your marriage is blessed with love, laughter, and happiness and that your bond grows stronger with each passing year. This occasion marks the beginning of a lifelong partnership, and as you embark on this journey, know you have our very best for the many joys and adventures that lie ahead.»

Naturally, the bride-to-be was completely shook as she documented the moment on social media. And this isn’t the first time the Obamas have pulled a stunt like this. They’ve been known to send notes for everything from birth announcements to graduations, and the fact that they continue to do so even after leaving the White House says a lot about them. We’ll definitely keep this in mind when the holidays roll around.

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38 FOMO-Inducing Photos From Lollapalooza That Are Almost as Good as Actually Going

Now that Summer is in full swing, it not only means it’s time for pool parties, s’mores, and bucket list-worthy vacations, but also plenty of music festivals. With Coachella and Bonnaroo now behind us, it’s time to get pumped for Chicago’s Lollapalooza. The music festival kicked off in the early ’90s after being created by Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell and toured the country each Summer until taking a break in 1997. Lollapalooza finally put down roots in Grant Park, Chicago, in 2005, where it has been held each year ever since and hosted acts like Amy Winehouse, Pearl Jam, and Kanye West.

Whether you’re a Lollapalooza pro or you’re still considering buying tickets for this year’s festival (the lineup includes Chance the Rapper and Lorde, FYI), these photos will make you fall in love with the annual music festival in no time.

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The New Romantic Comedies That You’ll Actually Want to See This Year

We’ve long been bemoaning the lack of new romantic comedies, but now it’s time to celebrate the ones that are coming. There are a handful of under-the-radar rom-coms coming to the big screen this year, and there will probably be more to add to the list in the coming months. For now, take a look at these eight films with seriously sweet potential. (And if you missed any of last year’s romantic comedies, now is the time to watch them from home!)

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