Buy This Houston Texans Tailgating Van — $5,000

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Bill O’Brien didn’t exactly pump the brakes on the Deshaun Watson hype when he said the Clemson product was “ahead of any rookie quarterback I’ve ever been around.” If you’re a Texans fan reading that, you pretty much have no choice but to buy this Texans Ford tailgating van for Deshaun’s Rookie of the Year campaign — it’s a lock!

via Craigslist

The owner is looking to land $ 5K for it, but according to the listing he’s including a whole bunch of goodies that should be of use for you and your party:

Texans tailgating van:
– Flagpoles
– Generator
– Two tv’s
– Chairs
– Grill
– Seats eight

So basically you’re good to go once you make that transaction, can’t ask for much more.

via Craigslist

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Buy This LSU Tailgate Pickup Truck — $5,000+ on eBay

via eBay

Protip: If you’re an LSU fan who’s been eyeing the Tigers themed 1954 Dodge truck above on Craigslist, do yourself a favor and buy the damn thing on eBay for $ 20,000 less.

via eBay

Apparently the owner of the truck is asking for $ 25K on CL, but recently created an eBay auction that starts at just $ 5K. No bids have been placed with four days remaining, so you’re probably golden if you really want this thing for the upcoming season.

Details from the eBay listing:

1954 Dodge Pickup Truck Official LSU Football staff collector, Live purple love gold. Just imagine tailgating at Death Valley or riding down St Charles Street in a Mardi gras parade. I paid an official body shop with a paint booth $ 7000 to completely restore with everlasting polyurethane purple and gold exterior of this collector picking up truck 5 years ago. The original wooden bed has rotted out, so Zigler replaced the bottom with metal. It has been parked under a carport since then. Your job will be to finish restoring the interior in all leather. Ole Betsy runs like Billy Cannon on Halloween Night with the slant 6 cylinder. She purrs like a tiger and drives like a champion. Betsy gets excellent gas mileage because she was raised before pollution control and she runs on regular gas. She has a slight leak in her gas tank. Her right rear hub has a wobble in it. Betsy does not have a windshield wiper motor or blades. Other than that, you will be a very rare proud owner.

Rotted bed, an interior that needs to be restored, “slight” gas leak, etc… you might want to ask for additional photos/information before taking the plunge.


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Buy This Baltimore Ravens Jeep Wrangler — $5,000

via Craigslist

It doesn’t look like the Ravens did much to bolster their offense — specifically, their sad receiving corps — this offseason, but hey, that shouldn’t stop you from considering the 2000 Jeep Wrangler above for the upcoming season. Tailgate to games, hit Whole Foods on the way home after pounding the Bengals — the versatility here is priceless.

According to the owner, it’s on the market because his wife can’t learn how to drive stick, which is rather unfortunate. Details from the Craigslist ad:

6 Cyl, 5 speed, runs great, 176k miles, got it for my wife to drive to Ravens games, but she’s having trouble learning to drive the stick shift, $ 5k, may consider trading for an equal value work van

Perhaps there’s someone out there who wants to trade their manual Ravens creeper van?

via Craigslist

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Gregg Popovich Gives $5,000 Tip to Memphis Server

There are a lot of people in the sports world who suck at tipping (you know, like LeSean McCoy), but San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich isn’t one of them. A server at McEwens in Memphis discovered that last Friday when Gregg dropped a fat $ 5,000 tip on a $ 815.73 dinner.

As you can see below, Gregg didn’t let that Game 3 loss effect his hospitality towards the locals (via Nigsignoodles/Reddit):


Bert Smithe, the owner of the restaurant, told that Gregg has dined at his establishment multiple times but didn’t confirm the tip.

You probably won’t be shocked to learn Pop has done this before:

Athlete tipping history:

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Anna Faris Faces A $5,000 Fine After Her Dog Is Found Starving On The Streets


Anna Faris adopted a Chihuahua named Pete four years ago, and for some reason, she decided she didn’t want the pooch anymore so she found him a new home. Pete either ran away from his new humans or his new humans dumped him on the street, because he was found on Friday in a bad way. TMZ says that Pete was found wandering the streets and was all emaciated. Pete was taken to the vet and when his microchip was ran, Anna’s name and the name of the shelter she adopted him from popped up. The shelter, Kinder4Rescue, is pissed at Anna and slapped her ass with a fine for breach of contract. When Anna adopted Pete, she agreed to pay the $ 5,000 fine if she ever re-homed him. Most shelters want you to give the dog back to them if it doesn’t work out. This is giving me shades of Ellen DeGeneres’ dog adoption drama

Laurel Kinder, the owner of Kinder4Rescue in North Hollywood, tells TMZ that Anna has been put on their do-not-adopt list and she will be forced to pay a $ 5,000 fine for breaking the agreement. Anna hasn’t been answering Lauren’s calls. The shelter is also considering suing Anna. Anna and Chris Pratt aren’t in California right now, but they’re supposedly working on getting poor Pete back. I’m going to choose to believe that when Anna and Chris walk through their front door, they’ll find Pete dropping a shit log on one of their shoes while throwing a look that clearly says, “Oh, so now that you bitches are getting bad PR you want me here? Just make sure your photographer gets my good side in the ‘reunion’ picture you’re going to put on Instagram.” And yes, I’m also choosing to believe that Pete can say all of that with just one look.

This isn’t the first time that these two Cruella De Vils gave an animal away. Five years ago, Chris Pratt got hit with a lot of hate when he used Twitter to find a home for his 15-year-old cat. Anna and Chris were trying to make a baby at the time and didn’t think it was a good idea to have their old, mean cat around. The cat was also caca-ing all over the house, so they were apparently afraid of that toxoplasmosis shit.  So Chris dumped the old pussy on a stranger from Twitter.

If Anna and Chris have anymore animals, those pets better start stashing cash, hoarding non-perishable food items and gathering blackmail material to use against them. Because the second they sprout a grey hair or sass Anna and Chris, they may find themselves out the door.



Buy This ‘Child Please’ Bengals Tailgate Bus — $5,000


It looks like one Bengals fan is tired of losing to the Steelers and is cleaning house. The first thing he needs to get rid of? The Chad Johnson-inspired “Child Please” tailgate bus above, which can be yours for $ 5,000.

Yes. It’s just plain orange looking at it from the outside, but once you get inside you’re hit with Bengals heaven. Bengal stripes on the ceiling, a Bengals table, bathroom, stripper pole and even a grill — you’re basically go to go for the Broncos game this Sunday.

Details from the seller:


The seller is also open to offers, so take advantage of that before dropping five grand.


Additional photos of the bus

Your party will be lit:


Comes with a grill:


Bathroom always very clutch:


Bengals table:

Nice ceiling:

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