I Got The Full Yankees Bleacher Creature Experience Last Night At Game 4

I’m in New York this week for the first time in like two years. I barely recognize the NY office, but that’s a good thing because I’m getting too old for offices, especially in New York. Things have changed around here. The bagel place downstairs – Best Bagel NYC (seriously, that’s what they call themselves and now the hipsters wait like 30 minutes for these things — now has lines out the door. Years ago I could pop in for a sandwich and it would take 5 minutes. Those days are gone.

Anyway, thought I’d just get that out so you guys realize I don’t just sit in a basement all day. I actually get out and about a little bit.

So last night I hit up the Yankees ALCS game with a former coworker.

Couple highlights:

• $ 70 e-tickets. I could really get used to this. That’s it. Too easy for a big playoff game and one that was Yankees fans will be talking about for years because of what Judge did

• Yankee Stadium security lines…keep up the good work, everyone. Just kidding, it was a nightmare and there wasn’t some scary security dude using a wand in our line

• That lukewarm $ 11.50 draft — it actually got colder the longer I let it sit

• Yankees fans were lit and fun. It was like a football atmosphere the entire night

• Yankee Stadium should get more advertisements, not nearly enough

• The homeless guy who cleared out half a subway car because of his stench; he smelled dead, seriously like a dead animal


• Aaron Judge fan with his mouth busted open in the bleachers and talking to cops he was escorted out of the stadium

• That comeback — one for the ages

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Rickie Fowler and Allison Stokke Training at Oklahoma State

What’s your favorite golf couple, Rickie Fowler and Allison Stokke, up to a couple days after taking over Stillwater for Homecoming weekend? Not much, they’re living that good life and wine tasting up in Napa Valley (per Rickie’s Snapchat). We’d post some pictures but we wouldn’t want to bore you with stills of wine glasses.

However, what we will do is show you guys this footage of Rickie and Allison getting in an early-morning couples’ workout at Boone Pickens. Apparently it wasn’t all pageantry for the OSU legend last weekend:

You can check out more of Rickie and Allison’s weekend in Stillwater in the gallery above.

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Will Smith’s Latest Single Sucks


Will Smith has GOT to stop listening to Jaden Smith’s career advice. Yes, we get it Jaden, you’re edgy and hip and have your finger on the pulse of youth culture in all its varied forms, but you gotta know that club music is gonna be a real stretch for your middle-aged dad.

According to Vulture, on the evening of October 6th, under the cover of darkness, Will quietly released his “EDM” song Get Lit, his first single in 12 years. And man did it blow up! In his face that is. It’s terrible. Deeply, deeply awful. But you don’t have to take my word for it.

I think the worst thing about it is its utter laziness. The video is a mish-mash of lights and sounds all working to distract the eye and ear from what’s really going on. And what is going on exactly? Well, Will appears to begin by “singing” in a very sketchy pan-Caribbean patois, mahn. Irie. That goes on for some time and when the fog, foam and psychedelic light show reaches peak Midnight Cowboy, the beat drops and Will starts rapping… Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It. He does that for a second until he realizes that was the wrong song, “Oh shit what’s this one, Get Lit with it! Yeah, that’s it, I’m back in the groove now, suckers. This one’s for you, Jaden!

It’s painful to watch Will try to pump up the crowd. And even though they have on their best club gear, nobody seems to be having a whole lot of fun. Even at Burning Man or Ibiza, you could probably have a decent time if you tried hard enough. You know, take some molly and enjoy some techno music, what have you. Not so much at whatever Carnival fun ship cruise rave party Will Smith is throwing.

I’m sure there are words in this song but since Will clearly didn’t spend much time thinking about them, I don’t see why I should have to. This music is terrible. I hope Jaden is embarrassed by this and will leave “resurrect dad’s rap career” off his to do list moving forward.

This is actually much better.

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68-Year-Old Billy Joel Is Going To Be A Dad Again

A Bronx Tale Opening - Arrivals

Billy Joel’s 68-year-old sperm should be retired and spending their days rocking on a wooden chair on the porch inside his balls, but they’re working just as hard as ever. Billy casually spilled the new baby beans during a recent interview with the Belfast Telegraph. While chilling in Billy’s vintage bike shop, his very-pregnant 35-year-old fourth wife Alexis Roderick walked in with their 2-year-old daughter Della Rose.

Billy announced their arrival by saying, “That’s my wife. We are due next month.” This will be Billy Joel’s third kid after Della and Alexa Ray Joel, his 31-year-old daughter with Christie Brinkley.

But what if Billy wants to take a seniors nap at the same time as his new baby? Babies can be fussy about falling asleep. Luckily Billy already has that covered. I recently rented a car that had SiriusXM (fancy) and the person before me had it programmed to the Billy Joel channel. The channel is just Billy muttering about whatever while tooling around at the piano. It’s like liquid Ambien for the ears. I had to turn it off before I rear-ended a car. Whenever his new baby gets restless, he can just close the blinds and flip on his Sirius channel, and they’ll both be out like a light.

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These «Scary Potter» Horror Movie Posters Prove Hogwarts Is Spooky as Hell

Hear me out: if it hadn’t become a beloved family-friendly fantasy world, the Harry Potter series would’ve made a great horror movie franchise. Let me set a scene:

A scrawny, pale, quiet child sits in the darkness below the stairs of an otherwise normal middle class family home. A spider crawls across his chin, slowly, but he doesn’t bother to brush it away. He simply stares ahead, silently sitting in the pitch black, waiting for the mailman.

The woman of the house slides back the grate to the door, cautiously peering inside. She sees nothing. Then, all at once, a wide green eye appears right in front of hers. She leaps back, hand on her heart, while a wry laugh drifts out from the cupboard under the stairs.

«No post on Sundays,» whispers unusual orphan Harry Potter to his Aunt Petunia from the tiny, cave-like room. «No post on Sundays.»

Behind the horrified homemaker, the mail slot slowly begins to creak open.

. . . aaaaaand, scene! Unfortunately for scary-movie fans out there, a Harry Potter horror movie will probably never happen; however, the folks at Pottermore have given us the next best thing.

In a Halloween-appropriate feature, the Harry Potter fan site revealed B horror movie posters inspired by moments from the first five Harry Potter installments. The dangerous dungeon troll, creepy-crawly acromantulas, murderous mermaids, and massive giant Grawp make for perfect horror poster fodder, but there’s one piece of the art that stands out from the rest. Dolores Umbridge, who is horrifying at the best of times, fits perfectly into an ’80s-style scary-movie ad (with hilarious details like «A Hem, Hem Studios Production» at the bottom).

Check out the full Pottermore feature for descriptions of the inspiring scenes and their terrifying elements. We’re certainly on board with a «Scary Potter» series now; it turns out that Hogwarts is downright terrifying in a lot of ways!

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Taylor Swift’s New Album Is (Shockingly) A Burn Book Sing-A-Long

Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss in Tribeca

Back in the day (in my head), you could stick a piece of coal up one of the buttholes of Taylor Swift’s exes and watch it turn into a diamond from them clenching so hard with anxiety over what she wrote about them on an upcoming album. An entire Zales line came from John Mayer! This time around, though, the clenching is coming from all the meanie ex-friends who wronged Miss Swift!

Us Weekly reports that Taylor will release Reputation, her sixth album, on November 10, and it will mostly be about her foes like Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Katy Perry, and (because this is TSwift after all) ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris. A source says that she’s “definitely coming for the Grammys” with this one. Another source says she “only” has one song on the album about new boyfriend Joe Alwyn while another said the rest of the tracks are all about dRaMmmAAAaaaA:d

“It will be across multiple songs, somewhat cryptically but also obvious.”

Since we’re on the subject of Taylor’s possible enemies and frenemies, The Blast reports that Karlie Kloss is hosting a talk show on Freeform called Movie Night With Karlie Kloss. The show will entail Karlie inviting over famous friends for “movies, games, baking, and fun.” This so sounds like the sleepover from high school you didn’t want to get invited to when all the cool kids were at a better sleepover for “weed, kegs, and fucking.” Rachel Bilson, Martha Hunt, Jourdan Dunn, Ashley Graham, Kendall Jenner, Serena Williams, and Kaia Gerber will join Karlie for cookies and movies like Dirty Dancing. Even though sources claim all is well with Taylor and Karlie, Taylor is notably off the list of celebs stopping by Karlie’s show.

A source says Taylor declined politely to be on the Freeform show because of scheduling issues. But in my head, this was as middle school of a fight as you can get:

Karlie: Wanna come to my sleepover?

Taylor: No, bitch. You invited that fish-lipped Kardashian-adjacent.

Karlie: Fine, I’m not inviting you to my sleepover. And you won’t get any cookies.

Taylor: Fine, I’m going to write a song about your Midwest cankles. And not even include it in the main album because it wouldn’t even crack the Bottom 200 ‘cuz you irrelevant!!

And scene.

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Radar Says That Abby Lee Miller Got Banned From A Prison Play Because Nobody Likes Her


I barely made it past season two of Orange is The New Black but at least it’s given me a good working knowledge of the ins and outs of a women’s correctional facility. New arrivals should keep their head down, find a crew and not act whiny, privileged and obnoxious. Sounds like Abby Lee Miller, formerly of Dance Moms and currently of Cell Block 666, did not add “binge watch OITNB” to her pre-prison activities list because she’s totally pulled a Piper. According to Radar, everybody in prison hates her as much as everyone on the outside does.

Radar reports:

Abby Lee Miller’s dance career behind bars is over before it even started! RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned that fellow inmates have barred the 51-year-old former Dance Moms star from performing in the upcoming Fall Festival at California’s Federal Correctional Institute, Victorville, because they’re “fed up” with her bad attitude!

“The Fall Festival is where all of the women come together to celebrate. They put on dance skits and such. But they refused to even allow Abby to participate because they simply do not like her,” an insider told Radar.

Poor Abby! Barred from the one thing she was born to do; star as Roxie Hart in the Victorville State Pen production of Chicago! I bet she had been practicing so hard, doing a little Cell Block Tango after lights out and annoying everybody by screaming “I didn’t do it!” and “Lipshitz!” when everybody else was trying to sleep.

Radar adds:

“Aside from the few friends that she’s paid off with commissary cash, the majority of the women think she is a narcissistic bitch!”

Not our Abby Lee! She probably convinced her “friends” to use their commissary budgets to buy her makeup and costumes for the Fall Festival. She was going to use peanut butter for foundation, dab Kool-Aid powder on her lips and make a wig out of Top Ramen. She may be in the pokey but Abby still knows how to put on a show! But that’s all over now.

Sources say Abby insists she doesn’t deserve to be there and that she’s not being serious about what comes next. Since July, she’s been working on a 366-day sentence. Once she completes that, she’ll go off to a halfway house. Sadly, I have no doubt some network would love to do a show about the post-prison notorious child screamer-atter Abby Lee Miller. It worked for Roxie Hart. Why shouldn’t it work for Abby Lee?

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Meet Melinda From TCU

TCU is one of those semi-underrated schools that’s just a breeding ground for 10’s. It doesn’t have the clout that an FSU or Arizona or San Diego State has, but you can’t deny their productivity. Also, let’s not forget to mention TCU’s football productivity, either. #4 in the country currently, just had Gameday in town, and I still feel like they aren’t getting enough respect.

So with that, let’s meet Melinda, a true TCU 10 from Houston. This chick is all Texas through and through.

[IG – Melinda]

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Paul Pierce Continues to Be a Treasure on ESPN

It’s official: I’m all-in on Paul Pierce as an NBA analyst for ESPN. I honestly thought he’d be terrible but it hasn’t taken him long to settle in and unleash ridiculous FIRE takes. You might remember him ending any potential future GM hopes last week when he announced he would have chosen Andre Drummond over Anthony Davis in the 2012 Draft:

And The Truth kept the good vibes rolling tonight while discussing Joel Embiid’s minutes restriction. Like plenty of people, Paul wants to see more than 15-20 minutes of Joel… he just articulated that thought in the dirtiest way possible:

Joel has already played 13 minutes through a half of play, so Paul might have to settle for a little taste again.

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Night Crumbs


Tidal (yes, it still exists) held a hurricane relief benefit concert at Barclays Center in Brooklyn last night, and I guess Beyonce decided to pay tribute to Puerto Rico by dressing up in Jennifer Lopez drag. And poor Gorgon Heap from The Muppet Show. He was obviously butchered to make that stole – Lainey Gossip

Marchesa’s Damage Control Express has made a stop off at People Magazine – Celebitchy

Blac Chyna is suing all of the Kartrashians. And that means that there’s a chance that Chyna and Pimp Mama Kris’ kin will all be in a court room together. Okay, who’s going to pay off the bailiff to let a pride of lions into the court room before locking the door? – Reality Tea

Colton Haynes and Billy Eichner say that they laughed while filming their American Horror Story sex scene. I bet, but they would’ve really, really laughed if Colton Haynes was the top in that scene  – Towleroad

The towels are emoting more sexiness than Bella Hadid is in her bathroom selfie videos – Drunken Stepfather

Don’t look now, but that copy catter Bella Thorne is wearing the casual look you wear to run errands on a Sunday – Hollywood Tuna

Nina Dobrev wore a salsa dress by Laura Ashley and I’m kind of into it – Popoholic

In other words, Rose Leslie is my idol for humiliating Jon SnowPajiba

Say something nice about this new pic of Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury: Well, at least we can’t see those tragic fake chipmunk teef he wore in the last pics – OMG Blog

Gold medal-winning Olympian McKayla Maroney has come forward to say she was one of Larry Nassar’s victims – Just Jared

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