Niall Horan Drinks a Salmon Smoothie Instead of Revealing His Least Favorite One Direction Member

Niall Horan just can’t catch a break when it comes to talking about his exes. After playing «Who’d You Rather?» on The Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier this week, the «This Town» singer indulged in a fun game of Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts alongside Isla Fisher and Ewan McGregor when he stopped by The Late Late Show on Wednesday. While he opted not to reveal his least favorite member of One Direction, he had no qualms when host James Corden asked which of his famous exes, either Selena Gomez or Ellie Goulding, he would choose to spend the last night on Earth with. Spoiler: he picks Ellie once again. But the best part about the whole game is the uncontrollable laughter and genuine fun the group has while playing (you know, besides eating disgusting things).

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Donald Trump Goes to Colorado, Fusses Some More About Election Rigging

Donald Trump—a Chipotle burrito taken to its natural, digested conclusion—spent the weekend campaigning in Colorado, which means that, yet again, he boohooed in public about purported election rigging. And in the process, he may have even implied that Colorado constituents should vote more than once.

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Buy Manu Ginobli’s San Antonio Manison — $2 Million


The NBA season tipped off back on Tuesday and the San Antonio Spurs put a beatdown on that ‘super team’ the Warriors seem to have now. It was weird watching the Spurs without Tim Duncan out there after he retired over the summer, but one guy from those early Spurs teams was still running around out there, and it as your boy Manu Ginobli.

39 years old and still going strong, but it looks like he may be planning for the future as he’s put his San Antonio house on the market.

Details from the realtor:

Gorgeous Mediterranean one story home in The Dominion! This home has a beautiful court yard entry with large picture window looking out into a lush garden with pool and spa. Gourmet kitchen is complete with stainless steel appliances, granite counter tops and butlers pantry. Large family room and game room are an entertainers dream. The home has a spacious master suite with private retreat. Don’t forget to visit the wine cellar as you venture outside and enjoy a private oasis in your own back yard.

The beauty of playing for a team like the Spurs is you’re able to get sweet houses like this for only $ 2 million. Small market teams allow you to get way more for your buck. But I guess that’s the trade off of living in the middle of Texas vs. NYC or LA.

More Features From Manu’s House

  • You get a pond in the front yard and pool in the backyard
  • Nice little entertainment room/game room
  • Secret exit to the backyard

Mortgage: abot $ 12,700 a month


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Bills Fan Throws Dildo On The Field – UPDATE


If you thought you saw a sex toy thrown onto the field during the Patriots-Bills game, don’t question it because everyone else witnessed the same thing.

Update: The dildo thrown onto the field today in Buffalo had a message for Tom Brady.

screen-shot-2016-10-30-at-10-01-56-pm screen-shot-2016-10-30-at-10-03-23-pm


As you can see below, a Chris Hogan pass play was capped off with a dildo randomly flying into game action:


The casual viewers might be shocked — or even offended — by this savage behavior, but we obviously aren’t considering the makeshift tailgate penis we saw this morning.

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Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Get Extra Cuddly on His 49th Birthday

Keith Urban is having the «best birthday ever» thanks to his wife, Nicole Kidman. On Wednesday, the country singer — who turned 49 on Oct. 26 — shared a photo collage on Twitter featuring him and Nicole all cuddled up and a close-up of his birthday cake with the words «Happy Birthday Big Cat Daddy» written on it. Keith captioned the snapshot, «Best birthday EVER!!! Love u baby xxxxxxx K.» He also thanked his fans for their wishes in a separate tweet, writing, «To ALL the fans, friends & loved ones for gorgeous birthday wishes, prayers, videos, & songs (yep, people actually sang ME happy birthday) . . . I say THANK YOU and I love you all. I feel incredibly blessed. — KU.»

Keith is currently on tour promoting his new album, Ripcord, while Nicole has been busy making the press rounds for her new Oscar contender, Lion, and was honored with the style icon of the year award at the InStyle awards in LA earlier this week.

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10 New, Headscratching Questions From Tonight’s Westworld: ‘Contrapasso’

1) Who is smuggling data out of the park?

I mean, a satellite uplink buried in the arm of the stray? And QA didn’t find it? Those fuckers couldn’t debug a balled up napkin, yo!

2) Is William’s upcoming marriage a loveless one?

Logan said that he chose William to come with him on this trip because he’s never be a threat to anyone. And that his sister ‘picked’ him for the same reason. What does that mean? What the hell does the world look like where these guys come from?

3) What’s with the soothsayer and the unraveling thing in Dolores’ arm?

Dolores stumbles into a room, pulls a tarot card and it’s the maze. Of course. But then the tarot lady morphs into a different Dolores. A more confident, sort of omniscient one. What the hell is going on?

4) Is Ford probing Old Bill for secrets hidden by Arnold?

He mocked Arnold for doing it. And now he’s just knocking back a stiff one with an ancient bot. Why else would he be there, talking to bots?

5) Why did Logan smile when William didn’t save him?

Are the gloves off? Or was this a test that Logan wanted William to pass?

6) Where did Dolores get her sick hip-fire accuracy? Is she Annie Oakley?

Because that shit was fierce. It looked like she was accessing a program when there was danger in the vicinity, and she turned into John Wick. What other abilities does might she have that we don’t know about? And why didn’t this kick in before with The Man in Black and Rebus?

7) Is Dolores really, truly into William, or was that just her doing some grade A improvisation?

Without revealing too much, remember Ava (Alicia Vikander) & Caleb’s (Domhnall Gleeson) interpersonal dynamic in Ex Machina? How deep are Dolores feelings for William and how much of it is maze-related?

8) Why was it important to Ford to confront The Man in Black personally?

I mean, he put himself in that saloon, playing the piano, so he would be there when The Man in Black arrived. What transpired in that scene that was so important?

9) Did Maeve fix that bird?

Because it kind of seemed like she did.

10) What’s Maeve’s play with Felix?

Maeve is now, somehow, aware of being on the other side. How did she get from drawing sketches to ‘getting’ her situation and co-opting Felix? Was it when she pulled out the slug with Hector? And if so, how did she remember?

Goddamn there’s a lot of new information. I should have the full recap done by early summer of 2017 …

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7 Worlds I’d Rather Visit Than Westworld

As you watch Westworld, to what degree to fantasize about it as a real place? A place that— if the extraordinarily prohibitive costs were as hypothetical as its existence— you dream of visiting? For me, it looks exciting but also, like, WAY too dusty to ever be comfortable. I’d like to visit, but I’m perhaps more drawn to its neighbors in the 1973 film version, Roman World and Medieval World.

Sure, I’d visit Westworld, given the hypothetical chance, but if that kind of vacation spot is possible, where else would you dream of spending a weekend getting weird, android-style? Here are my fantasies.



If you want to visit a world with a violent and tightly constructed self-eating view of morality, The Brothers Grimm offer Westworld some pretty stiff competition.

Lannister Land


If I want to go into a fictional land and kill a bunch of people with no remorse, why wouldn’t I take the opportunity to be a Game of Thrones character?



I’m more of a Marvel fan myself, but a general Comics Land or Avengerville seems a little far-reaching. I think most of us could do a better job of (and have a hell of a lot more fun with) exploring the world of Gotham than Fox’s mediocre Gotham.

This land also gives FANTASTIC options to go black hat or white. (Or Harley or Robin, as the land may be.)



As Genevieve wrote last week, Westworld is pretty shit at exploring and encouraging female sexuality. you who isn’t? Dolly Parton. I’d like to run my own Chicken House and maybe ride a roller coaster, all with constant singing and dancing all around me. It’s Dollywood, but a WHOLE WORLD.



If the Westworld team can create a imaginary space this real, eventually, they should be able to make the Bob Hoskins to an animated Who Framed Roger Rabbit world, right? Because if they can do that, then they can do what I REALLY want, which is to live inside The Simpsons.

Lovecraft Land



Jurassic Park


I get it. If this were an option, Westworld’s attendance numbers would drop off like crazy. Because these are the animatronic hosts I want to walk amongst. I JUST WANT TO FEEL A TRICERATOPS BREATHE. WHY IS THAT SO IMPOSSIBLE?


Brandon Jennings on D’Angelo Russell: “I Don’t Respect a Snitch”

d'angelo russell brandon jennings snitch

The Cavaliers and Warriors might’ve been the story during last year’s NBA season, but off the court, we all know nothing could hold a candle to the drama in Lakerland involving D’Angelo Russell and Nick Young.

As you all probably remember, Russell secretly recorded Swaggy P talking about his side pieces and sent his relationship with then-fiancée Iggy Azalea into a death spiral. The two have somehow reconciled and are starting for the Lakers, but not everyone is ready to give him a pass.

Knicks guard Brandon Jennings randomly let his feelings be known today on Twitter:

Jennings ended up deleting the tweet, but adding that snitch speaks volumes to how some players in the league probably view D-Lo.

Relive the Russell-Swaggy P Drama

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How Amazing Is King Ezekiel on ‘The Walking Dead’? Wait Until You Meet the Actor Who Plays Him

Here’s a brief note to let those horrified by last week’s The Walking Dead know that — if you were wavering about whether to continue on with the series after the brutality of that episode — you should at least give tonight’s episode, «The Well,» a look see. In the episode, a new character is introduced: King Ezekiel. He’s the dreadlocked, sceptor-carrying, tiger-owning character that this show has been desperately missing. He speaks in ye olde English; his subjects ride horses and wear armor; and he has an honest to God royal court.

He’s also not what he seems, and I mean that in the best way. He’s not a dark figure with sinister ulterior motives. He’s a good guy. Not «good» like Rick is «good» by virtue of being a protagonist. He’s «good» like Glenn was good: He’s a genuinely decent man who — despite having his own run-ins with Negan and The Saviors — has not lost hope.

I sincerely love this character, and I am completely smitten with the actor who plays him, Khary Payton. He brings the same jolt of giddy excitement to the series that Tom Payne brought when he introduced Jesus (before Jesus sadly faded into the background). I do hope that Ezekiel plays a important role in the series going forward, and that Negan’s screentime is balanced by that of Ezekiel. They are, in some ways, the yin and yang of The Walking Dead right now. Negan is a menacing, ruthless, cold-blooded swallower of humanity ,and Ezekiel is the life-bringer: A funny, trusting, and compassionate leader who uses positive reinforcement instead of fear. He almost seems out of place, and given bleak tone of The Walking Dead in recent years, that’s a good thing.

Oh, and the actor who plays Ezekiel, Khary Payton? He’s good people. He’s mostly known for years of voice work in video games and animated television series (the list is literally too long to rattle off). He’s married to another actress, Stacy Reed Payton, and they have two children together. He can also sing, and he has a lovely voice. Here’s a video he made for his wife and kids.

I legit love this guy.


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