Idina Menzel Says Co-Parenting with Ex Taye Diggs Is All About Putting Son Walker ‘First’

Idina Menzel

Idina Menzel and ex-husband Taye Diggs have found a perfect harmony when it comes to raising their son — separately but together.

“Your child comes first, that’s all,” Menzel, 45, tells PEOPLE Now. “It’s all about that.”

The former couple — who split in 2013 — share Walker Nathaniel, 7.

“He comes first and you have to get past your own egos and you never talk bad about each other,” explains Menzel — who just released a full-length album, idina — of the formula for parental harmony.

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Diggs previously told PEOPLE that Walker is his and Menzel’s “main objective.”

“He’s what’s most important for us, so we’re still there as a family,” Diggs explained at the time, adding of Menzel, “We were friends to start out with, but especially when you have a kid in the mix, there’s no time for any negativity.”

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Menzel also talks to PEOPLE Now about how to educate her son on current events — like the police shootings across the country.

“It’s hard to know what’s age-appropriate as far as educating your child and how much to teach him about what’s out there, and that there are bad people out there and there are people who don’t like other people,” the star explains. “You want to keep him insulated and safe and not ruin his perspective of the world.”

— Lindsay Kimble

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Taylor Swift Is Headlining DirecTV’s Pre-Super Bowl Party

Taylor Swift performs onstage during Rock In Rio USA - Pop Weekend - Day 1

Less than a week after Lady Gaga confirmed the rumor that she’s headlining the Super Bowl halftime show next year, AT&T has made like a reverse-Zeus and yanked away her thunder by announcing that an even BIGGER star will be performing in Houston, TX on Super Bowl weekend. Sorry Gaga, but it’s the Taylor Swift Bowl now.

Earlier today, AT&T “welcomed” Taylor Swift to the AT&T team on Twitter and announced that they had signed her to an exclusive multi-year, multi-faceted deal that will include performances and content. There’s also speculation that AT&T might buy Taylor’s record label, Big Machine.

Taylor’s first order of sponsored business with AT&T will be to headline DirecTV’s 7th annual Super Saturday Night event the night before the Super Bowl. AT&T says they’re going to build Taylor a custom-made 64,000 person venue in Houston specifically for the show. Fans will be able to purchase tickets for Taylor’s special Super Bowl weekend show, but AT&T doesn’t say how much those are going to cost. My guess is: a whole fucking lot.

The New York Post has a bit more information on Taylor’s deal with AT&T from a variety of sources. One source says that Taylor has always dreamed of awkward white girl dancing across the Super Bowl halftime show stage, but that her endorsement deal with Diet Coke is a conflict of interest. Pepsi is the Super Bowl halftime show’s sugar daddy. So for right now, this is as close to Super Bowl halftime show glory as she’s going to get. And she seems somewhat happy about it?

Obviously Taylor is going to do everything she can to make Lady Gaga’s real Super Bowl show look like a $ 0-budget community center talent show. Taylor’s pre-show WILL be bigger and more American than the actual show, gosh darn it! Taylor is going to “Please welcome to the stage” the Football Ken doll known as Tom Brady and make him dance to”Shake It Off” with a giant deflated football.

I have faith that Lady Gaga can yank the attention back the following night. My fingers are crossed hoping that she pulls the lineup from the 1985 Chicago Bears on stage in nothing but silver glitter thongs for a dance remix of “The Super Bowl Shuffle.

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«OK, So There is a Tomorrow, Just Not a Lot of Them.» «LIAR!»

The Flash on The CW at 8:00pm ET.

The Vice Presidential Debate on all networks and C-SPAN at 9:00pm ET. Two-hour special presentation. Broadcasting from scenic Farmville, Virginia. By the way, I can’t recommend C-SPAN enough for these sorts of things. Straight coverage, no banners, and the talking heads afterward are generally reasonably well-informed and stick to discussing substance. I didn’t watch much of the convention, but what little I did I watched on C-SPAN and it was so much better than what I heard from my friends watching on the news networks.

No Tomorrow on The CW at 9:00pm ET. Series premiere. Another concept that I’m confused with as a TV series: A careful lady whose life is in shambles meets a dude who thinks the world is going to end in eight months, which inspires her to start living life to the fullest. I guess the series is going to have to take a hard line pretty quickly on whether or not the world is ACTUALLY ending, depending on their feelings about renewal.

Atlanta on FX at 10:00pm ET.

Halt and Catch Fire on AMC at 10:00pm ET.


Open Post: Hosted By Cate Blanchett’s Giant Potato Chips Dress


In that picture, Cate Blanchett looks like she just saw a triple rainbow, or finally let out a stubborn doody bubble that was refusing to vacate her ass, or just learned that she saved 15% on her car insurance. Cate looks so happy and you too would be happier than Kanye looking at Kanye in a mirror if a bunch of potato chips were framing your chichis. Cate wore this Lay’s for Jessica McClintock dress to something called the “IWC Schaffhausen Dinner in Honour of the British Film Institute” in London tonight.

Yes, those giant chips look like they could’ve spent a little more time in the deep fryer, but that dress is still delicious-looking and it’s also pretty dangerous. If I partied with Cate while she was wearing this dress, the next day would be a sad one for me. I’d find myself trying to shit out fabric while going over the invoice that Cate gave me for ruining her dress by drunkenly eating the potato chip ruffles on it.



George Clooney Gets an On-Set Visit From Amal After Celebrating Their Wedding Anniversary

George Clooney received a special visit from his wife Amal and their adorable Basset Hound, Millie, on the set of his new film, Suburbicon, in LA on Tuesday. The couple, who recently celebrated their second wedding anniversary, were spotted chatting during an afternoon walk. Amal looked effortlessly chic in a printed cold-shoulder top and white booties, while George kept things casual in a Casamigos Tequila t-shirt and jeans.

Over the weekend, the two attended The Motion Picture & Television Fund’s annual charity benefit, and while hitting the red carpet, George dished about their recent anniversary, telling Entertainment Tonight, «And they said it wouldn’t last . . . Ah, we proved them wrong!» He also spoke about how proud he is of his wife and touched on Amal’s decision to represent Nadia Murad, a Yazidi woman who was sold as a slave to the terrorist organization ISIS. «Of course I’m proud of her. Yeah, it comes with risk . . . I think Amal’s decision to [represent her] was, of course, heroic,» he said.

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Ryan Lochte Is Sad That His Bruh Michael Phelps Wasn’t There For Him After His Rio Drama


Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte look like they’re having a gallon of chlorinated fun in that picture above, but it sounds like it might be the last shirtless Best Bros 4 Life selfie they will ever take together. Ryan recently spoke to USA Today about taking lemons (lying about getting held at gunpoint in Rio) and making lemonade (attempting to win back America’s love by shaking it on Dancing with the Stars). Sadly, Speedo isn’t the only who isn’t returning Ryan Lochte’s phone calls since the Rio incident. Ryan says he’s also having a hard time getting a hold of Michael Phelps.

A few days after Ryan admitted to Matt Lauer that he “over-exaggerated” the “gas station robbery” story, Michael talked to Today. Michael claimed that he had reached out to Ryan “a couple times” and that he was hoping Ryan would learn and grow like he had several years ago during his DUI period. Ryan tells USA Today that Michael pulled a Ryan Lochte when he said he called a couple of times.

When Ryan returned home from Rio, he tried to connect with Michael. Michael didn’t answer, so he texted him. According to Ryan, Michael texted him back, but it was more like the kind of text brush-off you give to a Tinder date who tried to get you into bed with an Austin Powers impression.

“I think he texted me back saying, ‘Yeah, sure. I’m here to help,’ or something like that. But he didn’t call me. I was like, ‘Hey, can you please call me? Let me know, I need help.’ That never really happened.

He’s busy. He has his own life. He has a kid. So it’s gotta be hard, you know?”

At least Ryan is making some friends on the set of DWTS. Ryan tells USA Today that he’s become friends with Vanilla Ice, which is a friendship dream come true for Ryan because he knows all the words to “Ice Ice Baby.” That’s nice. I hope Vanilla Ice is very patient when Ryan tries to sing it to him. “Ice Ice…aw shoot, sometimes I forget what comes after Ice Ice, bro! Hold on, I’ll get it.

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You Bring The Cash, ‘Street Fighter V’ Will Bring The Halloween Goodtimes

null  Grand Theft Auto V has always celebrated major holidays the right way. In December, we saw a thick-ass blanket of snow covering Los Santos, which looked freaking gorgeous (even if it did screw up our driving and increase traffic fatalities even above the usual for a GTA title). On the fourth of July, there was a sale on all kinds of explosives, a brilliantly twisted take on the fireworks-amundo spirit of the day.  

All of this sort of goodness hit the game for free, as have the many updates Rockstar have brought to GTA Online. On the other side of the coin, there’s Capcom.

These guys aren’t exactly known for their charitable ways. So when I tell you that they’re bringing some spangly new Halloween content to Street Fighter V, you’d probably bet your ass that it’ll come at a premium price. Well, Ego-friends, you can keep your chunky butts –oh my god, Becky!— because you’re damn right.

From October 11 to November 29, players can get themselves seven different Halloweentastic costumes, at $ 3.99 each, and a jack-o’-lantern- and candle-filled take on the Russia stage, priced at $ 1.99. They look kinda neat, and you can also pay with a pretty hefty 40k fight money, but…

Still, nobody’s judging anyone else’s life decisions here. If this sort of thing is your bag, hit Capcom Unity for a closer ogle at what’s on offer.


Dominatrix & Director Aiden Starr Stops By Milk The Clock To Talk About The Adult Industry

It’s all about not conforming on Busted. Nine years ago this month the precursor site to Busted Coverage — called Big Ten Tailgate — was about four weeks old and already making quite an impression on the Internet because I would post just about anything and everything other sports blogs wouldn’t post. That mantra still applies to Busted because I can’t possibly sit here and post the same stories, the same tweets and the same old boring interviews with the same people as all the other sites.

That said, Paul and I wanted to spice up Milk The Clock and take it to a level that other sports blogs wouldn’t go. I get bored asking athletes the same stupid questions over and over and we know you guys get tired of the same old shit. We know you’ve heard the same interviews on 15 other sites. We know you visit Busted for the craziness, the absurdity of life and a curveball now and then.

So we contacted our friends at Vivid and asked to talk to a porn industry veteran who would be interesting, provide us with some insight into the porn industry circa 2016 and challenge us to get out of our comfort zone.

And then our Vivid contact said she had the perfect performer/director: Aiden Starr, a dominatrix known around the world and now a director for such classics as Evil MILFs, Marshmallow Girls: BBW Idol April Flores, Black Snake Oil and Curvy Casting Couch. 

Let’s just say this is exactly what I was looking for – a challenge. But it was a good challenge.


• Things get rolling at the 3:30 mark and Aiden could’ve shut things down early when Paul went a little too much frat boy, but she was a trooper, set his ass straight and then things started to take off from there

• Talks about how excited she is to direct “I F’d My Black Step Brother Vol: 2” and walks us through how everything goes down on set; it’s even crazier than you think

• Do you know how porn titles are conceived? Now you do thanks to Aiden…she’s a pro at this, just listen

• Who cleans up all the shit on a porn set?

Aiden Starr IMDb


• @AidenStarr

*Listen to “Diary of a Dominatrix” with Aiden Starr via Vivid Radio on Sirius/XM each Thursday from 5-6 p.m. 


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Would You Have Sex With Great British Bake-Off Traitor Paul Hollywood? 

Out of two beloved judges and two beloved hosts, only judge Paul Hollywood—hyper-masculine, exacting, crispy-of-hair—opted to move with The Great British Bake Off from BBC to the dreaded Channel 4. Britain, as far as I can tell, remains in an uproar. Would you let him fold your flaky pastry?

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