The Gutsy Way Princess Diana Used the Press to Her Advantage

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In honor of the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s tragic death, many documentaries probing into her life, legacy, and untimely passing have been airing across the globe. One of them, NatGeo’s Diana: In Her Own Words, aims to tell the princess’s story from a different side: her own. The film is the only recent Diana documentary that is narrated entirely by the princess herself, using the taped conversations that would go on to be published in the controversial 1992 book Diana: Her True Story by Andrew Morton. From her tumultuous upbringing to her even more tumultuous marriage to Prince Charles, nothing seemed to be off-limits; Diana also touched on her complicated relationship with the press and paparazzi, something that would ultimately come into question after she was killed in a car accident in 1997 while being chased by photographers.

I spoke to the man behind Diana: In Her Own Words, Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker and journalist Tom Jennings, and — as a huge fan of the princess — one of the things I was most interested in getting his perspective on was Diana’s relationship with the press and whether or not she would have been able to adjust to the changing face of media (as we all know, social media wasn’t even a thing when Diana was alive). Would she have moved with the times? Would she have worked with the press? Would she be on Twitter?

«There was a point in the film where [Diana] realizes that the press isn’t going away,» Tom told me. «She was 26, 27 years old when she recounts going up to Balmoral, the royal family’s Scottish estate, and she sat down by some water to contemplate — that was her thing. And she’s telling herself, ‘OK, Diana. You’re going to have to do something, because you can’t live your life like a normal 26- or 27-year-old. Something has to change. So it’s time for you to turn all this press and publicity around.'»

«She made a conscious decision to say, ‘Well, if they’re going to follow my every move, I’m going to have them follow me to places that I want to call attention to,’ and soon thereafter, she was going to an AIDS hospice in London,» Tom continued. «People were afraid to breathe the same air as someone who had HIV or AIDS, and she made headlines because she hugged one of the patients. She said, ‘Who needs a hug more than this poor person suffering from this terrible disease?’ and made the choice to care about things that were not necessarily the most popular causes at this time — but she cared about them because she saw herself almost as an outlier in the royal family, and she had come from a broken home herself.» Tom added, «She decided, ‘Fine, guys and members of the press, if you’re going to follow me around, we’re going to this hospital now,’ and it was a key turning point. The fact that she was conscious even then of the idea of, ‘Well, if they’re going to follow me ad nauseam, I might as well get some good out of it.'»

Diana’s decision to work with the press on her own terms was something that set her apart from other royals; it popularized her in a way like never before, and in turn, she had a huge role in bringing the royal family into a more modern way of thinking. So, would she have joined the rest of us on social media? «I think she probably would have figured out social media and Facebook. I don’t know that she’d be tweeting all the time,» Tom said. «No, but I think she would recognize that what we have today is a very valuable tool in order for her to continue what she saw to be important work, so I think she would be [using it] in that sense. She knew then, long before social media, that, ‘OK, if the world is going to pay attention, then I can have them pay attention to the things that I believe in.'»

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12 Celebrities Who’ve Given Dating Apps a Real Chance

If you’re addicted to using Tinder, Bumble, or one of the many other dating apps, you’re not alone. Even celebrities are on the dating app bandwagon. While some stars have found love on dating websites like eHarmony or, there are way more celebs on dating apps — aka Tinder-style dating. Swiping is so in.

While some stars haven’t had a lot of success with app dating — cough, Zac Efron, cough — it makes us love them even more. Who would’ve thought the dreamy people on TV and in movies would need help in the romance department?

To see which of your favorite singers, actors, and athletes are on a dating app or have tried it in the past, keep reading!

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Read This If You’re Still Sobbing Over That Shocking Game of Thrones Death

The following contains spoilers for Game of Thrones season seven.

Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by Game of Thrones. For one, we never expected to sob actual tears over a dragon. Neither, it seems, did the entire GOT fandom, because after Viserion meets his icy end in season seven, the entire internet about lost its mind. Between the overall grief of losing one of Daenerys’s three children and the heartwrenching realization that Viserion will have to fight his two brothers as an undead slave of the Night King, the entire ordeal was just too much.

If you’re still lost in your emotions over the saddest moment of the season — perhaps the entire series — then join with your fellow fans in mourning Viserion. But don’t feel too depressed . . . at least we have the newfound friendship of Tormund and the Hound to look forward to, right?

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Adam Scott Faces Every Stepfather’s Worst Nightmare in the Hilarious Little Evil Trailer

After starring in 2015’s darkly hilarious Krampus, Adam Scott is dipping his toes back into the horror comedy genre. The Parks and Recreation actor appears in Netflix’s Little Evil as a man who marries the woman of his dreams (Evangeline Lilly), only to discover that her son is the Antichrist. Like, the legit devil incarnate. Let’s just say that there aren’t enough mommy blogs in the world to help him out with this problem.

Catch Little Evil when it drops on Netflix Sept. 1.

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Pants Are The Devil’s Tool: One Woman’s War With Ankle Length

You might remember a short while back when we discussed one bro’s epic takedown of another bro who hadn’t bothered to stop to consider the inherent sexism of clothing. That did a tremendous job of highlighting why women need to be listened to when it’s things concerning our own bodies (it’s people. It’s because we’re people), as well as clarifying that, yes, women’s clothing is, in general, worse than men’s. Both in the quality of the clothing, and the overall comfort. What that string of tweets unfortunately didn’t explain is that shopping for women’s clothing is. The. Goddamn. Worst.

See, I got a new job recently, and wanted to beef up my professional wardrobe with my first paycheck. Easy enough, right? Couple of pairs of pants, a few professional-but-still-fun tops, maybe a skirt. Just a few more items so I’m not repeating clothes in the same week. What no one ever tells you is that women’s pants are the devil. For two basic reasons:

1) The Fit
In order to be considered fashionable and/or attractive, women’s pants must be a certain level of tight. The tightness specifically needs to be from the waist through at least the mid-point of the butt cheek down the back, and all through the crotch on the front. God bless the poor woman who develops the dreaded polterwang. The issues resultant from this tightness are two-fold: women are not all the same size, and pants almost always are. For those of you who have never had to buy lady pants, let me offer an analogy.

You know how for dress shirts, they need to be fairly tight in most areas in order to avoid looking like a soggy sack of shit who is someone running the country? So you find the shirt that has the correct neck, chest and arm measurements, and usually that’s close enough? Maybe for a fancy occasion, you’ll get it tailored, but usually you’re good to go? Now imagine measuring all of the various elements if that shirt had to cover your genitals. Women would need to have handy the inches of the diameter of their waist, butt, hips and thighs, as well as the length of their butt (yes, that too) and from the top of the jeans to their crotch apex. Like belly-button to ‘gin essentially. They’d have to remember those measurements, and then try to find a pair of pants that fits those measurements within, let’s say, a quarter inch. And unsurprisingly, stores don’t do that shit. If you’re lucky, they’ll offer a «Curvy» vs. «Straight» option. There is no industry standard for this.

«But, Emily,» you’re arguing, because you don’t know I’m loco. «Why not just wear looser pants?» Sure. I guess. I mean, I could point out the inherent bullshit of a system that drills into women’s heads that being attractive is the most important thing, and then demands that they disregard all of the societally based, drilled-in lessons in order to wear comfortable clothes. Or that some women are OK with spending days searching for the perfect pair of pants, because looking good and feeling good about our appearance is a valid thing to want, we would just like to not be considered vain and superficial when doing so. But mostly I’ll just point out that even the «Boyfriend Cut» relaxed jean from the Gap is designed to be tight through the butt. It’s almost universally inescapable.

Also universally inescapable?

2) The Style
No, the style and the cut are not the same. The cut is how the jeans are actually measured and sized. The style is roughly what shape they’re supposed to be in. For the men’s-clothes-wearing members of the audience, this is most likely «Straight» or «Relaxed.» You might get the occasional «Skinny» or «Carpenter» fit, but mostly it’s the first two. The women’s-clothes-wearing members of the audience are wearing the following jean styles: ankle.


I can say safely that an overwhelming majority of the women in the audience are wearing ankle pants because that’s what’s in this season. And when a particular style of pant is in for a season, that is the only thing a store will sell to you.

Are you worried that isn’t a diverse enough selection to satisfy the bottom-half needs of half the population (so, like a quarter of the population altogether)? Don’t worry! Ankle pants can do everything! You can wear them both with flats and with heels! All while stylishly showing off the very bottoms of your legs! And just because you have to wear pants that don’t go all the way down doesn’t mean you’re stifled for choices. You can find a variety of patterns, tightness, length (provided they don’t actually cover the ankle bone) at all of your favorite stores. Banana Republic and sister sites the Gap and Old Navy, H&M, Ann Taylor, New York and Co., J Crew, even effing Target. Basically, if you’re a large chain retailer of women’s clothing, you’re selling these, and only these. (On occasion, some of the stores will throw you a bone, and include «Signature» or «Classic» trousers. These are still tight through the butt, but have a straight or flared leg. The also apparently took all the cloth being saved on ankle pants and added them here, because God Lord are they long. Which means you should probably wear them with heels. Which fuck that.)

And if you, like me, don’t look good in ankle pants? If they make you resemble a British school boy instead of a fashionable French woman? Well, fuck you! Wear them anyway! Until you convince yourself that these pants look great, and are the only pants you’ll ever wear again. At which point we’ll switch it up, and demand you repeat the cycle with an entirely different style of pants! True story, I’ve been through this cycle five times since college. Five entirely different styles of pants requiring five entirely different styles of shirts and shoes to go with it. I know men who legitimately have the same pair of jeans since high school. Not the same size, style or brand, but the literal same pants. And fashion blogs treat them with words like «vintage» and «timeless.» Because what’s the point in make clothing for women that lasts if we’re just going to make you change to wearing bell-bottoms in eighteen months anyway? Amirite? Ahaha. Haha! HAHAHA!

And this is why women wear leggings everywhere.


Amy Schumer Asked For More Money After She Discovered What Chris Rock And Dave Chappelle Got


Amy Schumer can let out a hardy “I’m rich, biatch!” now, because she went to Netflix and told them she was worth as much as Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock and wasn’t laughed out of the room.

Variety recently released a report on the many different wage gaps rampant in Hollywood (huh, you don’t say?). They spoke to a few people about the disparity in paychecks, and had a couple stories to tell. One of which was the story of Amy Schumer vs. Netflix. Netflix must have thought they could just order one rib and not pay for a whole order. Nope! Amy strode into that office with her dirty leather boots on, got her feet all up on their nice white couch and went to town! Via People:

The comedian renegotiated her Netflix special salary once she learned what Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle were paid for their respective stand-up specials.

While the two were paid $ 20 million for their routines, Variety claims Schumer had been paid $ 11 million for her The Leather Special taping. Schumer was reportedly able to raise her payment significantly after going back to the streaming channel and asking for more.

The girl’s got balls, I’ll give her that! I’d have given her one of her own catchphrases up top instead of putting one of Dave’s in her mouth, but I can’t think of a single one. Amy’s 12 Angry Men sketch was top notch, but is she on the same level as Dave and Chris? I mean, they are each problematic in their own way, but in terms of longevity and cultural influence, c’mon! No matter my thoughts on the relative merits of Amy, Dave and Chris, it’s still a win for the ladies.

According to Variety, there are a number of factors that are used when calculating salary and it has nothing to do with what “seems” fair. You won’t be shocked to learn that it’s a systemic failure that starts in the writers room. Variety says:

For female actors and especially actors of color, pay is depressed by lack of demand. There just aren’t as many roles as there are for white men – and with fewer casting opportunities, nonwhite and non-male actors seldom see increases to the quotes that their agents demand from studios.

You’ll remember that Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park had to walk away from their roles on Hawaii Five-0 when they asked to be paid the same for what their white co-stars were making. Yvette Nicole Brown, best known for Community, tells Variety she was horrified to learn she was making the same amount as a series regular as a guy was making who came in for a guest spot.

So kudos to Amy for getting them duckets. I’m sure SOMEBODY watched that Netflix special she had on and made it worth their money. I did recently watch that Kidnapped movie on the plane, but I fell asleep. It encouraged me to come home and download Overboard, which I hadn’t seen in ages. Good news, it really holds up!

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Today in «Sure, Yeah. We’ll Take That While Everything Burns»

Pickle Rick Has A Fan-made Action Figure

«Injustice 2» Is Getting Hellboy

Also Black Manta and Raiden.

Melissa McCarthy and Maya Rudolph Are Re-teaming for Muppet Murders

Melissa McCarthy and husband Ben Falcone are producing The Happytime Murders along with Jeffrey Hayes and Brian Henson. Yes, Brian Henson is bringing Muppets to the dark comedy that focuses on two detectives (McCarthy and a puppet) that have to partner to find out who is killing puppets from the old television show The Happytime Gang. Henson will also direct.

Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor May Have Been Cut From Justice League

This is only a prominent rumor at this point, but let me say

This Video Exists


The “American Horror Story: Cult” Trailer Is As Terrifying As You Might Expect


The trailer for American Horror Story: Cult dropped yesterday, and, no, it wasn’t just a film of Hillary Clinton’s supporters sipping a giant vat of Sleepy-Tea to slumber on through the next four years. Instead, that shit begins in Michigan on Election Night 2016. You know, that state everyone knew HRC had on lock, so she didn’t even bother to visit. Welp, we know how that turned out: HORRIBLE. Thus, Ryan Murphy knew nothing would be spookier reliving that shit. Only, he could make it spookier…WITH CLOWNS!

Sarah Paulson is basically all of us when she screams at the TV in the same way she did last season when crazy colonial ghosts (spoiler alert for AHS: Roanoke) basically go on a killing spree. Same thing, right?! Evan Peters apparently plays a Donald dude who humps the TV in glee (as they all do). The Hollywood Reporter says Sarah’s character is named Ally and Evan’s is Kai. As the election goes on, Sarah tells her therapist (played by panty creamer Cheyenne Jackson) that her fear of clowns has grown worse since the election. I mean, duh…the biggest one is in the White House and his clown army pops up all over cable news, boo!

Kai goes from thrusting the big screen to leading a cult, and somewhere in there, he loops in Billie Lourd. She tells him kids are her biggest fear, but – PLOT TWIST NOBODY SAW COMING *cough* – she then babysits for Sarah’s character’s kid. And gives the kid a clown just to be a real bitch, since sleeping with the father appears to be out of the question. Sarah’s wife is played by Alison Pill, who basically has the same haircut and emotional state she rocked in The Newsroom. Guess we’re trying to bore the clowns to death?

The whole thing is a far camp cry from when it was a bunch of witch bitches tra-la-la-ing around the French Quarter, so I guess you might say Ryan is “woke” these days. The Obama years were for that diva-tude kinda shit. Trump means spooky clowns popping up right outside your butler’s pantry! Come to think of it, I’m sure that’s how Steve Bannon probably woke the president up every morning while he still had a job at the White House.

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Another Potential Land Mine Surfaces in Probe of Russian Collusion with Trump Campaign

I will give her ALL THE MONEY IN MY PIGGY BANK! Former CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson is starting a GoFundMe to raise the necessary cash to buy a controlling interest in Twitter — to delete President* Trump’s account. — (Aol)

I know the Russian investigation has taken a backseat to Charlottesville, but connections between Russia and the Trump campaign still remains our best chance at evicting the man from the White House before 2020. In that regard, this could be huge. This could be nothing, but a previously unreported email has surfaced. The email sent to Rick Dearborn — a high-level campaign aide at the time and now Trump’s Deputy Chief of Staff — sought to set up a meeting between the Trump campaign and Vladimir Putin himself. The email was sent right around the same time that Don Jr., Manafort, and Kushner met with a Russian lawyer and a former Soviet Spy.

It could be nothing, but it could be big — remember, Donald Jr.’s email didn’t seem like a huge deal the day it was revealed, but additional reporting eventually transformed it into one of the biggest pieces of evidence in the case.

Meanwhile, Politico is reporting that Donald Trump had heated conversations with at least three Republican Senators (including Mitch McConnell) in an attempt to prevent them from passing the Russian sanctions bill. He also asked that they not move ahead with legislation to prevent Trump from firing Bob Mueller. (Politico)

There are people who are not self-aware and then there is MiMi. «I’ve never had a diva moment.» Bless her sparkly heart. — (Celebitchy)

Speaking of self-awareness, Pajiba favorite Chrissy Teigen realized that she was maybe throwing back the drinks a little too often and put a stop to it before it became a problem. Good for her! — (CNN)

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin’s wife Louise Linton (as I typed this, I heard a chorus of voices yell out, «WHO?») apologized for her rude-ass braggy Instagram post the other day, but I’m pretty sure Louise isn’t the least bit sorry. She’s just sorry someone made her say she was sorry. — (Dlisted)

A young man with a cerebral palsy and autism loves parades more than anything, so when his mother asked friends and family to drive by their house and honk for his 21st birthday, she figured that would be like a parade and would make him happy. She had no idea the whole town would turn out! I’m not crying. I’M NOT! — (Bored Panda)

Soooo, yeah, Louise Linton? Super tacky. Mel B.? This outfit is so far beyond tacky! I legiterally have no fucking idea what your brain was thinking when you put this on. I’m actually *kind of* digging your hair, but this outfit and last week’s spangly unitard? MEL. B better! — (GFY)

James Cromwell’s ringtone is a famous line from a movie. One of his famous lines. The best famous line. — (EW)

I spent several years in Human Resources and received many resignation letters. To my knowledge, none of them ever spelled out coded messages in the first letter of each paragraph and now I’m bummed about it. BUT, I’m loving the hell out of the resignation letters from Kal Penn and the White House Presidential Arts Commission from last week and today’s State Department science envoy. — (The Hill)

How in the world is Mark Wahlberg the highest paid actor? I can’t even think of anything he’s been in recently except that Daddy’s Home sequel and another Transformers. — (Lainey)

Halbs, a 30-something man who loves sports and comics, loves Amy Heckerling’s Clueless. It’s one of his all time favorites. As If!: The Oral History of Clueless as told by Amy Heckerling and the Cast and Crew by Jen Chaney is the perfect book for a Clueless fan. It examines how the movie got made and what makes it such a beloved classic. Don’t you just assume that Paul Rudd is always the cast and crew’s favorite person on every set? (Cannonball Read 9)


Nina Dobrev Has an Adorable Reunion With Her Vampire Diaries Family

If you’re still sad about the end of The Vampire Diaries, this minireunion should brighten your day. On Tuesday, Nina Dobrev had the support of her former costars as she celebrated her September cover of Harper’s BAZAAR at an event in LA. Aside from posing with Kayla Ewell (Vicky) and her onscreen best friend Kat Graham (Bonnie), she also snapped a few photos with Claire Holt and Danielle Campbell, who star in the show’s spinoff The Originals. Following her initial departure from TVD after season six, Nina told the magazine she was absolutely terrified to leave, but her fear drove her even more. Even though these ladies won’t be playing supernatural beings anytime soon, we are happy to see that their friendship is alive and well (pun intended).

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