Daryl Dixon Probably Killed Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger’s Relationship

So, Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson’s break-up was probably the official LOVE DIED THIS YEAR moment, and most assumed Norman Reedus was a big cause, as he was seen making out with Kruger while the couple was still a couple. Well, Kruger and Reedus aren’t hiding it anymore apparently. Good for them? Our thoughts are with Pacey at this time. (Celebitchy)

Break-ups can sometimes be a wonderful thing though. Kate Beckinsale and Michael Sheen remain break-up goals. (Lainey Gossip)

If anyone else is obsessed with Scientology and the search for Shelly Miscavige (anyone else watching the Leah Remini show? It’s GOOD), we have an update: she was spotted looking «frail.» Ugh. FREE SHELLY. (Dlisted)

Felicity Jones’ terrible awful outfit here is reminiscent of Rachael Leigh Cook’s terrible awful outfit I linked to yesterday and I am deeply concerned this is a trend. (GFY)

Let’s put a nail in the coffin of white savior movies and then cover the whole grave in cement and an electric fence. NO MORE, HOLLYWOOD. (Revelist)

Tomorrow is the anniversary of Dorothy L. Sayers’ death in 1957. Belphebe gave 5 stars to Sayers’ Gaudy Nights, the 10th in her Lord Peter Wimsey series. Though written in 1935, modern readers will recognize the struggles of women in the book to find their place in the world, and will know the fate that befalls the young and hopeful when WWII comes in a few years. Belphebe says, "Dive in. It will take a bit of effort, but the payoff is delightful." Have you read any of Sayers’ books? (Cannonball Read 8)


Drink DuJour: Breakfast in Bombay

When tasked with creating a cocktail using local ingredients during the semi-finals of the United States Bartenders Guild’s Most Imaginative Bartender Competition in London, mixologist Schuyler Hunton used a quintessentially British combination of flavors. His mixture of gin, citrus and Earl Grey tea was a winning one—the concoction earned him the competition’s grand prize.

“I really wanted to take something antiquated like the classic breakfast serving of a soft boiled egg and toast and turn it into something new and innovative. Breakfast in Bombay was something that came to me and makes it something more applicable for the modern age, and also something that I thought would go really well with the idea of Bombay Sapphire and a new reimagining of something classic,” says Hunton, who can usually be found behind the bar at Boston’s Tiger Mama.


2 oz. Bombay Sapphire Gin
¾ oz. Compound grapefruit Earl Grey oleo**
½ oz. Lemon juice
½ oz. Egg white
Adam Elmegirab Teapot Bitters for garnish

Combine all ingredients in a shaker, hard shake and double strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with a spritz of Adam Elmegirab Teapot Bitters in the center of the cocktail.

**Earl Grey oleo: Weigh the peels of 8 grapefruits, then use the same weight of white sugar and muddle these ingredients together. When the sugar has turned to syrup, add another of the same measurement of sugar and add 4 ounces of grapefruit juice. Muddle this again and once the sugar has dissolved, strain out the peels. Take one cup of syrup and add 3 tablespoons of Earl Grey tea. Heat the syrup and tea and let steep for 10 minutes, strain out the tea syrup and then stir it back into the remaining syrup.

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I Have Seen Hell

I’m not going to give you much context for this, because honestly there’s no context that can make it make sense.

Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 2.50.30 PM.png

This rancid, ravening hellbeast is a Babyclon doll. The mermaid tail portion costs €490.00, which is €490.00 that you won’t be able to pass onto your next of kin once this doll murders you. In case your lunch is still in your stomach, here is another photo:

Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 2.54.55 PM.png

There’s also an Avatar doll.

Have a magical weekend.

H/t to Eric Pope.


Shopping With The Stars

“I think there’s a song by Future that really talks to the philosophy” is how Robert Keith, the founder and creative director of the California-based fine jewelry collection, Hoorsenbuhs, explains the way he and right-hand-man slash brand ambassador, Kether Parker, manage to keep their luxury brand high on A-listers’ radars while keeping a decidedly low profile. In the song “Low Life,” Future stresses the importance of remaining humble. Humility and authenticity are two qualities that have allowed Keith and Parker to grow their covetable line, which this month set root in New York City with the opening of a hybrid gallery and retail space in downtown Manhattan that, within days of opening, has already welcomed the likes of such notable clients as soccer star David Beckham.  

The Hoorsenbuhs gallery, at 458 Broome Street, is impressive, but your run of the mill jewelry boutique it is not. The design recalls the eclectic, polished vibe of its Soho neighborhood: Beneath lofted ceilings, hundreds of hand-cast bolts line the massive walls of a room where display cases full of baubles have been artfully integrated. The centerpiece is a colossal structure standing on what looks like a physics-defying lone chain of steel. Talking to Keith, you learn it’s actually a feat of engineering achieved by collaborators who trusted his vision. “You have to kind of weed out the naysayers,” he says, “and then hopefully the more adventurous or evolved minds will come together somehow, and you’ll get it.” A shopable collection of limited edition clothing hangs in the back of the gallery, on the way to an open-air “vault,” built specially for the space, where Keith and Parker see clients. And, behind a massive metal counter, hangs a commissioned piece by another friend and collaborator, the artist Damien Hirst.

Inside Hoorsenbuhs hybrid gallery/retail space in New York City.

According to Keith, Hirst was a key factor in the gallery’s creation. After moving his business to the lower level of the same building, the artist’s vacant space became the canvas for the Hoorsenbuhs retail concept. Like most of Keith’s creative endeavors, the New York brick-and-mortar started with a sketch. Seeing that firsthand, its resemblance to the finished product is uncanny. “It’s the moment when you can see something actualized,” Keith says, “no matter what you went through or the process that it took to get there, you finally arrive at what you were envisioning.” Like the work they do regularly at Hoorsenbuhs’s Santa Monica Atelier, no stone went unturned nor detail spared in creating what Parker calls the “giant bespoke project.”

Arguably the biggest change for Keith and Parker in their new endeavor isn’t geography, but rather the transition from operating a single, exclusive atelier to running a public shop. So far, they’ve met this challenge with a strategy that appeases both kinds of customers their different spaces attract. Gesturing to the colossal gold vault, furnished with custom velvet-lined steel chairs, Keith says, “I’m realizing that this here is for our clients that want to come in and relate and enjoy the experience.” Moving his attention towards the rest of the space, he continues, “But there are also people that want to come in quickly, look, buy something and get out.” Parker adds, “We wouldn’t have known this until we got some customers in here and saw the flow of the place.” So, as Hoorsenbuhs embraces a different kind of luxury retail, its proprietors don’t plan to sacrifice the private, dedicated approach they built their business upon. Case in point: While the gallery is open to anyone, they still suggest calling ahead to book an appointment for the true Hoorsenbuhs experience.


Connect with Hoorsenbuhs on Instagram @hoorsenbuhs, or by calling the 458 Broome Street Gallery at 646-755-8869.

All Photos Courtesy of Hoorsenbuhs

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You Only Have 5 Months To Buy Pippa Middleton A Toaster For Her Wedding

Pippa Middleton leaves her Chelsea home wearing her £250.000 Engagement Ring.

I’m suggesting a toaster, since she clearly doesn’t need another crystal paperweight. She’s already got one on her left hand.

Pippa Middleton, the non-hydrogenated spread to Kate Middleton’s butter, has finally set a date for her wedding to rich banker James Matthews. We can all let out that breath we’ve been holding in for the past five months.

Hello! says that Pippa and James are getting married on May 20, 2017 at St. Marks Church in Englefield. The reception will be held at Pippa’s parents’ house in Bucklebury. I’m sort of from the country, so when I hear that a wedding reception is back at the house of the bride’s parents, I picture a cooler full of canned wine and three-to-five buckets of KFC on fold-out tables that were bought from Walmart (and returned the next day). Pippa’s parents house is called Bucklebury Manor, so it’s not going to be that kind of reception.

Prince Harry is supposedly invited. As for which other members of the Royal family will be there. Prince George is rumored to be a pageboy, which sounds like the fancy British version of a ring bearer, while Princess Charlotte will be a flower girl. No word on if Pippa will return the favor and make Duchess Kate her maid of honor. Hello! is saying that James’ best man will be his brother, Made in Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews. Okay, I take back what I said about it being that kind of wedding. There’s no way a wedding that includes Prince Harry, Spencer Matthews, and Kate and Pippa’s jealous-of-the-attention brother James Middleton won’t turn that reception into the sort of thing that ends up with the dance floor being hosed down and disinfected at the end of the night.

Pic: Splash


New Daddy Greg Oden Is Tearing Up Vegas (Not Really Tearing It Up, But That’s Good For Pageviews)


Daddy Luv, also known as Greg Oden, is in Vegas — Ohio State plays UCLA tomorrow at 3 on CBS — for his student assistant duties with the Buckeyes. I can’t possibly pass up the opportunity to do a Greg Oden post, especially since he’s pretty much gone into hiding. The guy became a father this fall and suddenly you don’t see him destroying clubs. It’s weird what having a kid does to people.

Anyway, the above pic is Oden with a Hakkasan club promoter who, it seems, got Greg and possibly some friends into the MGM club.

Here’s the same promoter in the MGM sportsbook with members of the Ohio State basketball team. Looks like everyone’s enjoying their trip to Vegas.

Pretty sure the guy in the red shirt is Marc Loving. Far right looks like Jimmy Jent.

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Margaret Cho Says She Had a Fight with Tilda Swinton Over Whitewashed Doctor Strange Role

In this year’s Marvel flick Doctor Strange, Tilda Swinton plays the Ancient One, a character that was originally Tibetan in the movie’s comic-book source material. Changing the race of the character was reportedly a politically-motivated decision “in large part over fears of offending the Chinese government and people — and of losing access to one of the world’s most lucrative film markets,” according to the New York Times. Of course, anyone with any familiarity with American pop culture knows that there is a dearth of Asian faces on screen, which made Swinton’s response to the controversy that resulted from her casting—“I wasn’t asked to play an Asian character”—come of as tone deaf. Like, sure, exactly. That she was asked at all is in stride with Hollywood’s overall apathy regarding diversity.

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Scumbag Michigan Fan Dressed In Ohio State Gear Accused Of 27-30 Robberies, Cops Allege


We have BREAKING NEWS to the news we brought you way back in March 2015 when a dude wearing Ohio State gear wouldn’t stop robbing banks. Turns out the guy is a Michigan fan in real life who was dressing up as a Buckeye fan. It became his robbery jersey. I just happened to come across news this week that the cops popped this guy in early November and are now reporting that Ikechi W. Emeaghara robbed more banks than first thought.

From WTTE:

A man suspected of being notorious “Buckeye Bandit’ linked to 20 robberies throughout the greater Columbus area has been accused of seven more armed bank heists.

Ikechi W. Emeaghara, a 27-year-old man from Columbus, was indicted by a federal grand jury for seven bank robberies over a three-year span, a month after police said they caught him robbing another bank.

That’s right, the Scumbag Michigan Fan dressed in Ohio State gear is accused of 27 robberies (Columbus Dispatch says it could be as high as 30 robberies). And these weren’t just “give me the money” robberies. SMF would show off a gun in many of those robberies.

I did my normal searches this morning and it turns out that Ikechi is actually a Michigan fan. Not some closet Michigan fan either. Full-on, put it in your Twitter bio Michigan fan.

He was caught in early November in when cops shot him during a Key Bank robbery. One of Ikechi’s robberies netted $ 53,000, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

The Buckeye Bandit actually had a career in football. He played defensive back at the University of Findlay.






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I Hope Todd Gurley Fights The Fan Who Called Out His Fantasy Numbers

Todd Gurley Podcast

Nobody in this world is more annoying than the guy who constantly talks about his fantasy football team. If you’re the guy who feels the need to bring up to people how your team did this week, you need to reevaluate everything that’s going on in your life. Worst people in the world.

But somehow, there’s people worse than the guy at your office who complains about AJ Green getting hurt in the first quarter on Sunday. It’s the guy who tweets at NFL players complaining about their fantasy numbers. These people need to take a long, hard look in the mirror and ask themselves why they think tweeting at athletes will change anything, and then go jump off a bridge.

So last night some dick did this to Todd Gurley, one of the best young running backs in the league with a shit offensive line and on a shit team all around. And not only did he complain, he actually said he wants to fight him.

The purest definition of an internet tough guy. Thank God Todd responded:

Yes, please pull up. And Todd, please bash this dude’s brain into mush. Then maybe it’ll end the idiots who 1. Think they can beat up and NFL player an 2. Continue to tweet at these guys thinking it will change anything.



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The Weekender: Miami

Before visiting Miami for the first time, I pictured impossibly blue water, and that’s about it. Imagine my surprise upon discovering just how many other colors paint this city, from the pinks and whites of South Beach’s nostalgia-inducing Art Deco architecture to the neon-bright personalities of local characters.

The art explosion taking place here is not just hype. Like New York or London, Miami’s museums, galleries and public exhibitions are worth wandering through. Unlike those sometimes-freezing cities, Miami is also a warm weather playground begging you to relax. Time moves at a different pace here, meaning a day of lounging by the pool can slip into happy hour and a leisurely late-night dinner can morph into a memorable night of partying before you even realize what’s happening.

Here, our guide to a weekend in Miami attempts to strike a balance between a stereotypical (and often much-needed) beach vacation and an exploration into the vibrant culture in this one-of-a-kind city.

Friday evening: 

Miami is ripe with places to drop your bags, but if you’re in search of the ultimate over-the-top extravagance, the Fontainebleau is calling. The resort has been a well-known destination for decadence since it first opened in 1954, and if you haven’t seen the property since its $ 1 billion renovation in 2008, you’re missing out. Two new towers hold over-the-top suites like the Sorrento Penthouse, where you’ll have five bedrooms and a private pool overlooking the ocean.

Photo Credit: Seth Browarnik RedEye Productions

Or, in the spirit of exploring something new (while still staying in the most luxurious of accommodations) try the island oasis that is The Standard Spa. This Belle Isle hotel is less party palace and more relaxation retreat, complete with a Turkish-style hamam, yoga classes, acupuncture and beyond. Though only minutes away, putting a bit of water between yourself and the South Beach scene is a sure way to bring something different to your Miami weekend. 

Courtesy of The Standard Spa, Miami Beach

Saturday morning:

Get some sun and a rush of adrenaline while riding a jet ski. American Watersports is located on the bay side of Miami Beach, so you won’t be riding amongst a crowd of beachgoers swimming in the ocean. If you opt for their guided tour, you’ll also get to check out some serious real estate porn while circling Star Island, Fisher Island and more.  

Saturday afternoon:

If you’re not used to the heat, it’s always good to have an indoor activity on your list of options for the afternoon. The Perez Art Museum opened in 2013, a testament to the explosive growth of Miami’s art world in recent years. Currently on view is “Julio Le Parc: Form into Action” the first solo exhibition from the Argentinian kinetic artist. The museum’s restaurant, Verde, is the perfect lunch spot with a light, seasonal menu and an amazing view of Biscayne Bay.

Saturday evening:

Dine in style at Villa Azur, an opulent space with a rich, Italian and Mediterranean-inspired menu crafted by Chef Erwin Mallet. Arrive early for a more relaxed meal, or later (as the locals do) to be there as the music from DJ Stephan M gradually gains momentum. This is the kind of place where you might find yourself dancing until the sun comes up.

Villa Azur
Photo Credit: Roland Valabicius

Sunday morning:

After a whirlwind day and night, it’s okay, ideal even, to keep things low key on Sunday. For a breakfast that feels like an escape to a European boulangerie, I recommend Rosetta’s Bakery on Collins Ave. Rows and rows of fresh, nutella-filled pastries and next-level cappuccino await you at this adorable outpost. 

Or, head to Wynwood Kitchen and Bar for a double dose of Miami staples—Latin-inspired food enjoyed under the gaze of the neighborhood’s most famous murals. The restaurant features work from Shepard Fairey inside, and the outside seating is adjacent to the Wynwood Walls, the official collection of large-scale murals and graffiti.

Sunday afternoon:

The vibrant colors of Wynwood don’t stop outside the area known as the Walls. Walking up and down side streets is a worthwhile and inspiring way to pass the afternoon. There’s plenty to see (and Instagram), and cute shops to pop into to cool off. When you’ve seen your fill of graffiti, grab a seat at Wood Tavern, an outdoor craft beer bar covered in art and reminiscent of a skate park.

Sunday evening:


End things with a cocktail followed by a relaxed dinner at Klima in Miami Beach.  The Latitude 41 and the Gaudi’s Punch are both light and delicious sips, and the bar area is reminiscent of a charming living room complete with rich leather couches. For dinner, enjoy tapas like Spanish octopus and croquetas in the garden area. 


Top image courtesy of Fontainebleau.

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