Newborn Bills Mafia Baby Breaks His Very First Table

Bills Mafia is a lifestyle, it’s a way of life, and it’s something you’re born into it. You don’t just adopt it. There are generations of blood, sweat, and beers from Bills fans that have created what we know today as #BillsMafia.

So when I saw this video of a Bills fan baptizing his baby through a styrofoam table, I didn’t blink twice. Of course this happens. Of course Bills babies come into this world smashing tables. He probably shotgunned a beer after his afternoon nap today, too.

I can’t think of a better way to kick off the football weekend. Bills-Jets color rush on Thursday night with a Bills Mafia tailgate getting started with baby Leo going through a table.

One day he will grow up to be just like his heroes

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Morning Briefing: Ladies and Gentleman, Your Dumbass President Pulled a Nixon Twitter

Donald Trump has no idea how to be a President. This is not news to any of you, but on Twitter last night and this morning, he offered more evidence of that:

When you’re the President of the United States, you just can’t say sh*t like that. It prejudices any potential jury. It gives the defense an argument. They can say, ‘We can’t get a fair trial because the President of the United States has made it impossible.»

Fascinatingly, this is a defense that Charles Manson actually tried to use in his trial (and ultimately failed) after Richard Nixon stated that Manson was «guilty, directly or indirectly, of eight murders without reason.» Manson moved for a mistrial after that statement, suggesting that Nixon prejudiced the opinion of the jury. It was denied, but the judge overseeing the case was nevertheless «alarmed.» Nixon’s Press Secretary ultimately had to walk back those statements. (Manson himself had a pretty good line that he shared with his lawyers: «Here’s a man who is accused of hundreds of thousands of murders, accusing me of being accused of eight murders.)

Anyway, ultimately it’s probably not going to be dispositive, because we are living in different times where Constitutional norms have been knocked out of whack, but it was reckless and stupid of a President known for being reckless and stupid.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting this morning that the DOJ has identified more than six members of the Russian government involved in the DNC hack, and they plan to prosecute. This is a big deal mostly because the DOJ is actually admitting that the Russians were involved in the hack (whereas the President still casts doubt on that). For the Russians actors, however, it’s unlikely that they will ever be arrested, but it will make life difficult for them, especially if they want to travel outside of Russia.

— You can add one more data point to the timeline I put together yesterday connecting the Trump campaign to Russian collusion: On July 14, 2016, George Papadopoulos actually sent an email saying that top Trump campaign officials agreed to a pre-election meeting with representatives of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Related: The Daily Beast has revealed that Michael Flynn, Donald Trump Jr., and Kellyanne Conway were all pushing — through retweets — Russian troll accounts in the days before the election. In other words, they were amplifying Russian propaganda. Good job, Patriots!

— Meanwhile, on our side of things, Donna Brazile is accusing the Clinton campaign of internal corruption, because we are never going to move beyond 2016, apparently. Clinton did nothing illegal, but according to Brazile, it falls under the «unethical» category. I’ll grant that, but I’ll say this again: The DNC is a private organization; it had no legal obligation to Bernie (who isn’t even a Democrat). The DNC may very well have stacked the deck against Bernie, and that’s shitty, but within its legal rights.

Yeah, that Greenwald quote doesn’t really match the content of the piece (i.e., he took a «rigged» from one place in the article and applied it out of context). It sounds like Brazile was frustrated with the power that Hillary exerted over the party, but that Bernie wasn’t that bothered by it. Read the full article — it’s much less inflammatory than the tweet.

Bonus points for the first to connect the header image to substance of the morning briefing.


‘Pottersville’: The Heartwarming Bigfoot/Michael Shannon Holiday Movie You Didn’t Know You Needed

November 10th is the date the movie we’ve all been waiting for finally comes out. No, not Murder On The Orient Express. Not Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Not even Bitch (well, not JUST Bitch). I’m referring, of course, to Pottersville.

Wait, you haven’t heard about it? Oh, it’s just a lil movie that stars Michael Shannon, Judy Greer, Tom Lennon, Ron Perlman, Christina Hendricks and Ian McShane. With a cast that good, what could possibly go wrong? Answer: the Photoshop. Oh lord, the Photoshop!


So, it technically isn’t a Hallmark holiday film (I don’t think). It only LOOKS like one. McShane just showed up and clearly has no idea where he is. The back of Greer’s head seems to be missing. Shannon’s apron DOES have straps, they’re just impossible to see against a striped shirt. Hendricks smells something funky, you can just tell. And no, I have no idea what the source of light is supposed to be since each of their faces is shaded differently. Still, what a cast! Who cares if the poster sucks! It could still be great, right?

Here’s the synopsis:

The plot centers on Maynard (Shannon), a beloved local businessman who is mistaken for the legendary Bigfoot during an inebriated romp through town in a makeshift gorilla costume. The sightings set off an international Bigfoot media spectacle and a windfall of tourism dollars for a simple American town hit by hard times.

Holy shit, it’s a heartwarming small town Bigfoot caper! Want more? Here’s the trailer!

Look, I am DOWN with McShane and his freshly hunted meats. I could watch him talk about squab for 90 minutes, no problem — but that’s just me. The rest of you are probably trying to figure out how a cast this stacked signed on for something that looks so patently silly. And that, friends, looks like a sweet story all its own.

According to Deadline, the «indie dramatic comedy» comes from Perlman’s production company, Wing and a Prayer Pictures, as well as Shannon’s Plot Four Productions. And it’s actually the first film produced in conjunction with SUNY Polytechnic Institute, enabled by New York state’s film tax credit. It’s part of a push to drive film and TV productions into central NY, particularly the Syracuse area, as both an economic boost to the region and as a training ground for the next generation of production crews. It’s not a surprise, then, to see that both the writer and director of Pottersville, Daniel Meyer and Seth Henrikson, have mostly documentaries or short films to their credit.

Point is, the filming of Pottersville kind of mirrors the economic aspects of the plot! Only without the Bigfoot stuff, sadly. If Bigfoot was involved in the filming, I’m pretty sure we’d all have heard about this flick long before now.


How Joyce Carol Oates Became Twitter’s Most Surprising Troll

Few authors working today can profess to having written as much as Joyce Carol Oates. A quick browse of her Wikipedia page reveals a bibliography with an astounding 18 novels published since 2000 alone, and that doesn’t even count the 15 short story collections, 6 novellas, 6 YA novels, 2 children’s books, 1 play and 7 non-fiction works. She is not limited in genre or style, and even after retiring from Princeton, where she taught authors such as Jonathan Safran Foer, she seems in no danger of retiring any time soon.

There is nothing incompatible about being a celebrated literary figure with a Twitter account. Indeed, many authors across the spectrum of genres and demographics have found great success on the site, reaching out to fans and engaging in the kind of conversations that previously would have been impossible without a more intimate correspondence. Yet there is something utterly baffling about Joyce Carol Oates the Twitter user, not because it’s an unusual site, but because in the process of being one of the site’s more esoteric users, Oates has become a different breed of troll.

Oates tweets a lot, with over 62.9k tweets to her name in just over five years. Take a trip down her feed and you’ll find a fascinating assortment of ideas, photographs and general diatribes. There’s a retweet of some adorable Akita dogs, lots of anti-Trump ones from a range of journalists and politicos, a rant about the ‘scam’ of Ann Taylor store cards, and moments where she tweets in character as her dog (which is actually pretty cute). She liked Steve Martin’s musical Bright Star, she always censors Trump’s name, and she loathes ‘political correctness’. It’s the Twitter equivalent of that one relative’s Facebook feed, which seems like a never-ending stream of sharing and content to the point where you wonder how they’ve got time to get anything else done. In the time it took me to write that paragraph, she had tweeted another five times.

Most of this isn’t necessarily shocking so much as it is cognitive dissonance. There’s something undeniably odd about knowing whole generations of kids will first discover one of America’s most celebrated modern authors as that lady tweeting a bunch of Islamophobic bullshit on their timeline. Even or us ardent users of Twitter, we can’t help but wonder, isn’t she kind of too good for this cesspool? Yeah, the cat pictures are great and it’s fun to get angry at Mad Men together, but when you were shortlisted for the Pulitzer Prize, surely you don’t need to keep doing this? Oates says she was given the account by her publisher and never would have signed up for the site on her own, but it’s clear she uses the platform with an element of zeal and a questionable amount of self-awareness. She knows what memes are, sometimes her dry humour is pitch-perfect for the site, and she gets angry at politics, just like the rest of us. Mostly, her feed is too mundane to discuss, but the very being of it continues to confuse me. It’s so very human, and completely disrupts the image we have of how a literary giant should be. We love it when Stephen King tweets; that’s just expected.

Oates’s feed is the kind of zero-filter experience you expect from a drunken night out or shock jock political commentator who thinks it’s hilarious to call people ‘snowflakes’. When Oates makes Islamophobic comments or goes on another screed about supposed political correctness, it’s a different experience. Surely, she has other outlets for this, you wonder. Perhaps she’s playing with our expectations as to how someone of her stature should sell herself and her work to the public. It really is funny to see her tweet in character as her pets, and her ending a quick drag of Truman Capote with a ‘LOL’ had me in stitches. It’s all fun and games until she starts making odd comments about Islamic State and her cat being worried about privilege. When she cracks a weak illiteracy gag at the expense of an entire state, you wonder what joke she’s in on, or if this sort of bite-sized rhetoric is just her at her most normal.

To call Oates’s Twitter account the work of a troll feels ill-fitting to what’s going on. It’s more like an instant form of letters to the editor, albeit with a twist of knowing which bear to poke. There’s an obvious progressive slant to her tweets and an intention to spread her political views far and wide with the right mixture of retweets, but that insidious strain of Islamophobia that rears its head occasionally in her feed shows how little effort it takes for such views to be exposed. It explains a lot when you hear she’s a big fan of Bill Maher, but she lacks the heady desire to provoke people with her tweets like Maher does with diminishing returns in his life and work. She herself admits that she composes ‘most of my tweets with care, as if they were aphorisms’, so it’s obvious that there is striking intent behind tweets where she draws a connection between rape and harassment reports in Egypt and the nation’s predominant religion. She tweets for an audience who may never read her work, which makes you wonder why they’d follow her in the first place.

Twitter is great for spontaneity. It’s less effective for trying to create a context. Oates likes to claim that tweets of hers that rile up the public were simply taken out of context, but she seldom creates one to back it up, as she jumps so quickly from Islamophobia to dog pics. There’s no context to show that these uninformed chunks of words are even the work of someone who, we assume, should know better. Nothing separates them from the spewed out rants of any random jackass on Twitter. The only thing that reminds us it’s really Joyce Carol Oates doing this is her username, her profile picture and the fact that she does this over and over again.

By the time I finished this piece, she’d tweeted or RT-d 29 times.

No, scratch that, 31 times.


Room Request! The Ned

Presented by Soho House & Co and New York-based hotel group Sydell, The Ned occupies the former Midland Bank, a formerly-abandoned building designed by renowned British architect Edwin ‘Ned’ Landseer Lutyens in 1924. The architecture of this London City property hints at its past with vaulted ceilings, verdite columns and old wood-paneled tellers’ offices, while it also embraces a glamorous atmosphere for today’s modern guests. With 252 bedrooms, nine restaurants, cafes and bars, a nail bar, barbershop, fitness club and pool, The Ned offers guests luxury amenities matched by unparalleled 5-star service. For a bit of added exclusivity, The Ned offers the “Ned’s Club” membership, which gives members access to some of the most spectacular social and fitness spaces in the building, including the rooftop pool which overlooks St Paul’s Cathedral and an intimate lounge located in the old bank vaults.

Here, we take an inside look at the special offerings at The Ned in London City.

What’s the most requested room?  

Our Cosy bedrooms are the most requested; they are all between 20- and 30-square-meters and (as the name suggests) they offer a relaxing setting to wind down for the night.

The Ned

The Ned

What makes it so special?

The cosy is our entry level room, with the lowest rate. Pair that with luxury queen-size beds to sink into, an Edwardian-style dressing table with oak chairs and a walk-in rainforest shower stocked with a full range of Cowshed products and it’s no wonder it has become so sought after in the City. All of our rooms have bespoke wallpaper based on 1920s design, silk tassel Victorian lampshades and countless hand finished details—regardless of classification, no two are ever the same.

The Ned

The Ned

What is the rate?

Rates for the cosy start at 250 GBP.

Ned's Club Upstairs

Ned’s Club Upstairs

What room is your personal favorite?

The Grand Heritage room which features an opulent four-poster bed with lots of elegant design touches including; French-polished walnut paneling and a marble fireplace, a palm leaf chandelier, velvet furniture, and an expansive living room area.

The Nickel Bar

The Nickel Bar

Any fun facts about the hotel or rooms?

The hotel was formerly a bank designed by iconic architect Sir Edwin ‘Ned’ Lutyens in 1924. Much of the buildings original features have been restored and re-imagined into public spaces such as the late night lounge bar (open to members and hotel guests only) that was previously a bank vault before being transformed.

The Vault

The Vault

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Fendi to Fund Caravaggio Research Institute in Rome

The Galleria Borghese in Rome has partnered with Fendi to launch the Caravaggio Research Institute, which will be dedicated to preserving and distributing the legacy and works of renowned Italian painter, Caravaggio. As part of the three-year-long partnership, a center for studies, diagnostics, and art history research will be made, in addition a public, online database complete with information about Caravaggio and his vast works. An international exhibit tour will also take place.

San Girolamo by Caravaggio

This is not the first art-related venture for Fendi, the sponsor of the program. Creative director Karl Lagerfeld held a Fendi fashion show on the Trevi Fountain in July of 2016, after the brand funded the renovation of the fountain. Fendi also commissioned the installation of Giuseppe Penone’s “Leaves of Rome” sculpture in the Italian capital, where the famed fashion house opened its first store in 1925. The artwork is on display in front of a downtown Roman palazzo owned by Fendi.

The aforementioned international exhibition on Caravaggio will commence at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles at the end of November, and it will later make its way to Asia. As part of this collaboration, Fendi is also funding the Galleria Borghese’s exhibits for the next three years.

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File Under “Genius Moves”: Tyrese Is Threatening To Quit The Franchise That Brings Him Lots Of Coins


Tyrese’s life is a dried diarrhea-encrusted wreck on many levels. Tyrese is currently neck deep in shit from his shit-throwing custody fight with his ex-wife Norma Gibson. Tyrese is also in a one-man (since The Rock isn’t really fighting back) shit-throwing feud with The Rock over the Fast and the Furious franchise. And he’s been going off about both situations on Instagram.

Tyrese is apparently going broke from defending himself against his ex-wife’s accusation that he abused their 10-year-old daughter Shayla, and he also threatened to quit the Fast and the Furious franchise if The Rock stays on. So, Tyrese needs money and yet he’s threatening to quit the job that brings him an easy check? Hmmm… The next time your ass is dealing with a problem, ask yourself, “What would Tyrese do?” Whatever that answer is, do the direct fucking opposite.

Tyrese currently has a restraining order against him that keeps him from going near or contacting his daughter. Tyrese got bold and winked at that restraining order by finding creative (see: stupid) ways to contact her like hiring a plane to fly a message above her school and dedicating a re-worked not-right version of “Let’s Get It On” to her during a show. Those smooth moves aren’t doing well for Tyrese’s custody case, I guess, because yesterday, he had a meltdown in an Instagram video (which he later deleted). Tyrese lost it over not seeing his daughter and having to pay $ 13,000 a month in child support. I sort of feel Tyrese’s pain, because I’ve had a very similar meltdown while talking to a Capital One rep after they hit me with a late fee.

A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

Many of his followers and those close to him got very concerned about that video and reached for the 5150 application. But Tyrese tells TMZ that he’s not having a nervous or mental breakdown. He’s just having a tough time right now. Tyrese says that he let out all of his feelings, because he’s desperate to see his daughter and his bank accounts are flat-lining from the legal bills. And contrary to what Vin Diesel said, Tyrese is still mad at The Rock for stalling the 9th Fast and the Furious movie by doing a Hobbs spin-off movie. Tyrese really could use the FatF check right now.

That led to Tyrese pulling an “It’s The Rock or me!” move on Instagram by dramatically threatening to quit the franchise if roided-up “clown” The Rock is in the next FatF movie.

For those of us who don’t really watch the FatF movies, let me put this into a perspective we can understand. Tyrese telling producers that it’s him or The Rock is like the actress who played Liza Morrow on Dynasty (if you’re staying “Who?”, that’s my point) threatening to bounce out of that bitch if Joan Collins isn’t fired.

Oh, Tyrese, take it from a bitch who knows. That little trick never ever works. Whenever I have a fight with a boyfriend and I dramatically tell him it’s over as I slowly pack up all my stuff (while waiting for him to beg me to stay), he usually helps me pack and presses the elevator button for me. So yeah, the FatF producers are probably pushing the elevator button for Tyrese right now.



Subscription Addiction: Red Velvet NYC Makes Fancy Baking Idiot-Proof

Growing up, my mother’s holiday baking was a mystery to me. Not because she was secretive about her recipes, but because I have long been too impatient to bake. She’d bust out the mixer, and I’d be distracted by a sibling, a TV show, a random thought and vanish from the kitchen before you can say «buttercream.» (Though of course I’d reappear to lick the beaters clean.) This is how it came to be that I am nearly 35, and have never in my life made a cupcake. But feeling confident off my success of Hello Fresh, I took a reader’s suggestion (H/T some1105) and tried Red Velvet NYC, a subscription service that ships their recipes and required ingredients so customers might make unique tasty treats on their own.

I reached out to Red Velvet NYC, requesting a review box. CEO & Co-Founder Agathe Assouline-Lichten responded right away, eager to share their wares and a special offer for Pajiba readers. (Details on that below!)


How It Works

Red Velvet NYC allows you to either sign up for a a subscription, which sends two bake kits per month for $ 49, or purchase an individual kit on their desserts page, where prices begin at $ 26. Assouline-Lichten recommended I try one of their most popular holiday treats, offering me a choice between Pumpkin Cupcakes or their soon-to-be available Candy Cane Cupcakes. I can take or leave pumpkin as a flavor, so I favored the latter, which feature «chocolate cake with peppermint buttercream frosting and mini candy cane sprinkles.» Within a couple of days, the box was at my door, complete with perishables (milk and butter, not pictured) and ice packs to keep them cool.


How It Went

The box that arrived was festive, and the contents festooned with a lovely red ribbon. The ingredients were already measured, and doled out in dime-bags of baking soda and more generous bags of flour, sugar, and cocoa powder. The package even included Red Velvet NYC cupcake holders and glittery reindeer and snowflake toppers, which adds a nice touch to their presentation. Everything was so neat and pretty I was giddy to start, but there was one problem.

Baking newb that I am, I didn’t own all the equipment needed to make cupcakes. I had to google «wire rack,» then McGyvered one by pulling a rack from my oven and topping it with aluminum foil. A sifter? My husband and I made do with a tiny tea strainer. It took ages, but it worked. The one thing we couldn’t get around—or more accurately refused to try getting around—was an electric mixer. As married people who had a wedding registry, we at some point owned one. Two in fact, because my mom became convinced the reason I don’t bake was a lack of mixer. But the last time we moved, I gave away both, as I hadn’t used them in nine years of owning them. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

One sprint to a local housewares shop later, we were good to go. The directions were pretty easy to follow, I worried over what seemed like subjective definitions: mix until «light and fluffy,» beat «until *just* combined,» beat until «pale and creamy.» In each instance I shoved my bowl in the face of my husband, who took Home Ec in high school. Once I got his approval, I went on to the next step. But really, I needn’t worry. Red Velvet NYC’s kit proved idiot-proof.


Despite the fact that I am notorious for screwing up the most basic baking projects (sugar cookies as tasteless coasters was an all-time low), I was victorious! I made cupcakes from scratch! I blended and baked. I piped on icing that I made. And when I was done, there were 24 damn fine looking treats! I was astonished with myself. But did they taste okay? Oh, they’re terrific! The cake itself is chocolaty, but not especially sweet; leave that to the icing that’s rich with a peppermint kick. I gave some to neighbors and to my Mister’s co-workers, and both were tricked into believing I’m a skilled baker! MWA HA HA!


Conclusion: Frankly, I’m enchanted. I’ve spend decades stubbornly ignorant of the ways of baking, and Red Velvet NYC taught me how to make cupcakes. And not just any cupcakes! These were legit delicious. So much so that I got real generous real fast so that I didn’t gobble them all down and food coma out hard. My only complaint is that the recipe card doesn’t clarify what the measurements for the ingredients are. Which would make repeating the recipe on your own a challenge. However, those details are outlined online. So if you like the recipes you try, just check the website for those details.

I imagine bakers would revel in Red Velvet NYC’s kits, which offer a wide array of options. But even if you’re not a baker, these are still fun and easy to manage. As soon as we finished, I began perusing the site to see what recipe would best suit a holiday party offering, or which might be a great and surprising gift for a sweet-toothed loved one. Yeah, you could just buy someone a cake or tart. But imagine the excitement they’d get out of making a beautiful baked good themselves? Imagine them going from newb to novice! Goofus to You Go Girl! Kristy last week to Kristy today!

Discount: Red Velvet NYC is offering Pajiba readers 15% off anything on their site, from individual dessert recipes, to subscription boxes, and cookware. They’ll be rolling out new holiday treats in the coming weeks. So take a look for what might be a fun addition to your Thanksgiving spread or a festive gift for the baked goods lover in your life. To access the discount, use the code «PAJIBA» at checkout.

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Rare: People Buying Newspapers… Thanks to the Astros

Is print journalism dead? Maybe, but that definitely isn’t the case today with people in Houston lining up to get their hands on The Houston Chronicle’s Astros World Series champs newspaper.

Take a good look at these people getting their journalism on… you’re not going to see something like this until the next major sporting event (the Super Bowl) concludes:

The Chronicle’s printing press has probably never been this hot — look at that this thing churn out papers on papers on papers. The Capital J journalists are definitely rock hard watching this.

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Taylor Swift’s Original «Gorgeous» Lyrics Include a Different Calvin Harris Reference

A new, behind-the-scenes video shows the making of Taylor Swift’s latest single, «Gorgeous,» and it’s pretty fascinating to watch her songwriting process. Also intriguing? As Swift plays around with the lyrics, we get a glimpse into some of the phrases that didn’t make the final cut — including a likely Calvin Harris reference. The final «Gorgeous» lyrics feature what’s probably a nod to her DJ ex: «And I got a boyfriend, he’s older than us / He’s in the club doing I don’t know what.» In the new video, though, we see Swift trying a few different takes:

  • «And I’ve got a boyfriend, he’s older than us / I haven’t seen him in a couple of months / I go through phases when it comes to love.»
  • «And I’ve got a boyfriend, he’s older than us / I haven’t seen him in a couple of months / My reputation precedes both of us.»

Watch the video above to see Swift’s personal video, then check out all the hidden references in her latest music video for «Ready For It.»

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