Billie Lourd Honors Carrie Fisher on Her 61st Birthday With a Matching Tattoo

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Billie Lourd honored Carrie Fisher’s memory on what would have been her mother’s 61 birthday with a matching ankle tattoo. The 25-year-old American Horror Story actress shared a photo of her new ink in a side-by-side gallery on Instagram on Saturday. The matching tattoo includes a crescent moon, a planet, and a star, which Carrie famously sported on her right ankle.

In September, Billie opened up to Ellen DeGeneres about what life is like living without her mother and late grandmother, Debbie Reynolds, who both died in 2016. «There’s no way to really explain it, and it’s so hard to talk about,» she said. «If I say that I’m doing good, I’m too happy. If I say that I’m not doing good, then I’m a mess. It’s really hard to know what to say about it because it is so surreal and impossible to deal with.»

See a close-up photo of Carrie’s ankle tattoo, which she now posthumously shares with her daughter, ahead.

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Renee Zellweger Will Play Judy Garland In A Biopic

Los Angeles premiere of 'Same Kind of Different as Me' - Arrivals

Eight years ago, The Weinstein Company (eeesh) announced they were working on a biopic about Judy Garland, based on the book Get Happy: The Life of Judy Garland. It was supposed to star Anne Hathaway. Eight years later, a different Judy Garland biopic has been announced and this one will star Renee Zellweger as Judy. “I’m sorry, was my number disconnected recently?” thought a furious Anne Hathaway, as she crushed her phone in her right hand.

Deadline says that the movie will be called Judy and will focus on Judy Garland’s final sold-out concerts at The Talk of the Town in London in the late ’60s shortly before her death. Pathé will distribute the film in the UK, France, and Switzerland. No word on who will bring it to North America. Tom Edge will write the screenplay and Rupert Goold will direct. Shooting will start in February.

We’ve already seen Judy Davis play later-years Judy to perfection in the 2001 miniseries Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows. But now it’s Renee’s turn to try to pull it off and sing as Judy. Deadline reminds us that Renee sang in Chicago, and that that performance landed her a Best Actress Oscar nomination, which I guess makes her qualified to warble out “Over the Rainbow.

One of the things that made Anne Hathaway a decent choice to play Judy was that she too has giant brown manhole cover eyes. Renee on the other hand is what you get if you told someone to draw the exact opposite of Judy Garland. I suppose Renee could pull off Judy with a little help from the makeup and hair department. All it’s going to take is a little brown hair dye, brown contact lenses, and for Renee to do whatever she was doing back in 2014 to make her eyes look less squinty. And if that doesn’t work, then they could just write in a scene at the beginning in which Renee’s Judy misplaced her glasses and struggles to focus on everything.



This Is What an April Birthday Will Mean For the Royal Baby

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge recently confirmed that the newest addition of the royal family is due in April. This means a number of things. Not only will it shift the order of those in line for the throne, but it will also add a new member to the core group of six royals, now that Charles’s siblings are playing less of a key role in royal duties. Before we meet the Spring baby, here’s what we can already determine from his or her April birth date.

Star Sign

With the royal baby’s birthday falling somewhere in April, this will mean he or she will either be an Aries (March 21-April 19) or a Taurus (April 20-May 20).

Aries, one of the most active signs in the zodiac, are naturally very passionate beings with copious amounts of energy making them confident, enthusiastic, and determined. The ambitious and independent Aries knows where they want to go in life from a young age and often separate from their family early on. However, Aries will take on family obligations where necessary, but will be easily angered by too many restrictions, which may pose difficulty in a very conservative family.

Traits of the Taurus include patience, dedication, and stability. As one of the most reliable star signs, the Taurus is practical and well-grounded with family matters close to their hearts. The Taurus respects family routines, customs, and being present at all events and gatherings. Princess Charlotte was born on 2. May making her a true Taurus.

Birth Stone

April boasts one of the rarest and most-prized gemstones of them all: the diamond! Throughout history, the diamond has nearly always symbolized eternal and lasting love. We wonder if the new royal baby will be borrowing any diamonds from mother Kate, or even the Queen?

Birth Flower

April has two birth flowers: the daisy and the sweet pea. The daisy conveys innocence, purity, and love while the sweet pea signifies blissful pleasure. Ox-eye daisies even feature in royal home Highgrove House’s wildflower meadow.

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Cardi B Got Kicked Out Of A Hotel, Accuses The Hotel Of Racisim

TIDAL X Brooklyn 2017: Live on Tour - Red Carpet arrivals

Cardi B is fairly new to the music industry, and she’s already hit some major fame milestones (like getting hissed at by Azealia Banks on Twitter). Over the weekend, Cardi B experienced the age-old musician tradition of smoking so much weed that you and your crew get kicked out of a hotel while on tour. The only problem is, Cardi B claims she wasn’t smoking weed, and that her hotel eviction was nothing but a case of blatant racism.

TMZ says that Cardi B was thrown out of the Hilton Albany in Albany, New York early on Sunday morning after performing Saturday night at the Times Union Center. A rep for the Albany Police Department says that around 1am, guests on the second floor complained of noise and the smell of weed that was allegedly coming from near her room. Staff reportedly went up and asked her crew to leave, and the police were called. The police’s public information officer tells TMZ that there was no evidence that Cardi’s friends were smoking and causing a ruckus, but they chose to leave anyway. Cardi was reportedly woken up and asked to join them, and that’s when all hell broke loose.

In a now-deleted Instagram video, Cardi says that the only thing coming out of her mouth was zzzzs, because she was sick and was trying to get some sleep. The sick part checks out. She posted an Instagram video before her show on Saturday explaining she was “sick as hell.” Additionally, she is very sure the weed smell wasn’t from her or any of her friends, because she 100% does not ever smoke weed, and neither does her very small entourage.

Cardi B claims everyone else on the 2nd floor was white, which was why their rooms were targeted. And this doesn’t really surprise Cardi, because she’s heard tales from friends that the city of Albany is racist.

There’s video of Cardi leaving the hotel early Sunday morning. Cardi can be heard yelling “white piece of shit” and “racist motherfucker.

Cardi B also claims that the hotel informed her prior to her eviction that another “rapper” was staying in their hotel and was asked to leave due to weed smells. So either Cardi’s friends are lying like preteens that got caught smoking on a school trip about the weed, or the Hilton Albion doesn’t realize that weed is one of those tough lingering smells.

All I really know is that someone at the Hilton Albany wants to meet one day with the devil. Waking a sick person up in the middle of the night out of a thick NyQuil fog with the news that they’ve got six seconds ’till checkout is an easy way to get a one-way ticket to hell.



Subscription Addiction: Hello Fresh Vs. Blue Apron

It’s been nearly a year since peer pressure and culinary hubris convinced me to try Blue Apron, the cook-at-home subscription service. Much to my surprise and chagrin, I hated it. I found the portions small, the recipes frustrating, and the results too often bland. In response, readers and friends asked, «What about Hello Fresh?» I failed to see how Blue Apron’s very similar seeming rival would fare any better with a home chef who admittedly isn’t much for following instructions, no matter how many times she pours over the Vincent Price cookbook. (It’s real and amazing.) But when I got an invite to try one week for 50% off the deal-hunter in me couldn’t resist. So here we go.

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 10.16.09 AM.png

How It Works
Hello Fresh is a food delivery service that once a week sends you inventive recipes, complete with precise ingredients. They have the Classic Plan, The Family Plan, and the Veggie Plan, with the ability to toggle number of people (2-4), and recipes per week (2-4). I opted for Classic, three recipes for two people. From there, you enter your address, payment info, preferred day of deliver, and recipe preferences.

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 8.34.59 PM.png

Then you get to check out the menu for your first week. I was offered eight options. Which you can see below.

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 8.36.43 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 8.36.35 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 8.36.26 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 8.36.16 PM.png

I picked the three that say «In Box.»


How It Went
I requested Monday delivery, and the box arrived bright and early! I immediately cracked it open, anxious because my Blue Apron box was a tumble of ingredients that I hastily piled into my fridge to my great regret. You might remember the meat packaging was leaking, and so leaked ALL over the produce, some of which was not intended to be cooked. That was not the case for Hello Fresh. First off, the ingredients were divided into three separate paper bags, each clearly labeled. Awesome. I popped all three into my fridge without issue. Then beneath those in the insulated cardboard delivery box, I found a large ice pack that sat on top of my meats and the noodles for the Thai dish. These too I piled into the fridge, but only after carefully inspecting them to be sure of no leaking. Fool me once and all that, but no worries. Hello Fresh’s packaging was secure.

Also included were three recipe cards. In format, it seemed pretty similar to Blue Apron. But these didn’t boast any confusing culinary lingo that had me racing to my phone for clarification. I looked over the recipes and their drool-inducing glamor shots of the finished dishes and sent those to my Mister, asking what he’d like for dinner that night. I was actually excited to give these a go!


Adobo Loco Steak with a Poblano, Corn, and Crispy Potato Hash
Part of Hello Fresh’s «Hall of Fame,» this popular dish involved cooking a steak on the stovetop then in the oven, and making a potato hash. The directions were easy to follow, and while the prep took me longer than estimated, I really enjoyed the experience. This was not wildly outside of my comfort zone. I’ve made steak. I’ve sauted veggies. Making a hash was a first, and I’d never made an adobo sauce before. But since neither was exceptionally complicated, this was a great recipe to get my confidence up. And the final dish was damn delicious.

I’ll admit, when I looked at the ingredients, I worried one potato and two small steaks would not be enough to satisfy my husband and I. But I underestimated the corn and poblanos. We gobbled up every bite, and were full. And while I lament the lack of leftovers, it was a dish easy enough to learn that I could totally repeat it on my own. (Especially because they sent enough adobo sauce for several attempts!)


Thai-Spiced Pork Meatballs with Yakisoba Noodles and Broccoli

I love pasta and Asian flavors, so this seemed a no brainer. This time the recipe wasn’t quite as well thought out. It suggests you start your water boiling first, and that was bubbling away while I was still three steps away to adding noodles. So I shut it off until I was ready. From there, some of the wording was jarring. For instance, in the previous recipe, I was told to core the poblano and remove the seeds. For the hot chili pepper in this dish, the instructions read, «Finely chop chili, removing ribs and seeds for less heat.» Which. I read, «Finely chop chili.» Did that. And then saw, «removing ribs and seeds for less heat.» So then I was delicately plucking out seeds so as not to blow out my tastebuds.

All in all, the recipe was easy enough. The results? I was less ecstatic. The noodles are pretty thick and starchy and felt out of place with the ingredients. I wondered if a noodle made of red beans or something might have worked a bit better. Plus, I’m not much for broccoli. So this was good, but probably not something I’d repeat. But upside: The servings were generous, so there were leftovers that made for several more meals!


Pineapple Poblano Beef Tacos with Lime Crema, Cilantro, and Warm Spices
We love love love tacos in my house. Over the years, I’ve made a variety of my own spice blends and meat and veggie combos. Taco night is always a happy night. Since my Mister was working late the rest of the week, we decided to save this dish for the weekend when we could really relish.

The recipe was simple enough, though it could have used an editor. For instance this direction: «Combine 2 TBSP onion, ¼ cup poblano, tomatoes, half the cilantro, pineapple, and a squeeze of lime in a medium bowl.» I read ahead, because as this is grouped, I was unsure if ¼ cup applied to the poblanos and tomatoes, or not, and if I was to use half the cilantro and half the pineapple. A more accurate instruction would have been: «Combine tomatoes, pineapple, 2 TBSP onion, ¼ cup poblano, half the cilantro, and a squeeze of lime in a medium bowl.» But this bump wasn’t much to navigate, and the meal was damn tasty. It made 6 generously stuffed tacos, and taught me how to make crema. (Which is way easier than I’d ever imagined.) I’d definitely make this again. Though, I’d shift the proportions to be a bit more to our taste preferences. (Less tomatoes, more every other veggie!)


In Conclusion
Considering how similar Hello Fresh and Blue Apron seem, I was confounded that I enjoyed one so much after loathing the latter. I felt the Hello Fresh recipes were easier to follow, their food more flavorful, and the dishes less hoity-toity. This made for a fun and educational cooking experience instead of an infuriating one that I ultimately pawned off on my Mister.

Another thing I really enjoyed is the Hello Fresh App. It’s free and easy to find in the iTunes store. The app makes it easy to edit your order, change preferences, and peruse the recipes. After the first night with the Adobo Loco Steak, I was so pleased with myself I scrolled through recipe after recipe, imagining what I might conquer next. I also decided to pick the dishes for my next delivery. At $ 9.99 per serving, Hello Fresh is not cheap. But with our schedules being madness lately, dinner is often hasty takeout, which is rarely cheap, and often woefully unhealthy. Or it means I rush to make a big, big meal one night that we’ll have as leftovers the rest of the week. But often this leads to an excess of ingredients, or leftovers left to rot. With Hello Fresh, I get fresh ingredients in un-intimidating portions, and a game plan for the week. So there’s less waste. I found the recipes familiar enough to make them easy to follow, but inventive enough that it doesn’t feel like I could have just made them up on the fly. Now, not every ingredient was as fresh as I’d like. But even cutting the bad bits away, I had enough for the recipes.

All in all, I earnestly recommend Hello Fresh if you’re looking for a way to spice up dinner, or make a stressful schedule a bit easier.

Offer: I’m sharing with you my personalized «add a friend» offer. Get $ 40 off your first shipment at this link. You get the discount, and (full disclosure) I get a discount on my next shipment for the referral. No, that does not make this a sponsored article. Hello Fresh had no idea I was reviewing the box they sent. I paid for my order and liked it. If you want to give it a shot, this is the best coupon I found. In the past Subscription Addictions, I didn’t share such deals because they seemed more beneficial to me and than the user. But in this case, it can be win-win.

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Is It Time To Reconsider Miles Teller?

Change is in the air, folks. Just this morning we had a little circle of honesty on the Overlord Slack channel. And what emerged was a hard truth to swallow:

Miles Teller isn’t THAT bad.

No seriously.

Ok, look — it’s not a unanimous sentiment. «I HATE HIM SO FUCKING MUCH» was the opinion expressed by one staff member. But several others (including the one that cuts the checks) are willing to cautiously admit that, despite some fairly glaring personality flaws, Miles Teller IS a good actor. He’s been in some good movies! And sure, he’s been in some bad ones — but their badness wasn’t really his fault (Fantastic Four).

Maybe it’s the era we’re living in, but sometimes it’s hard to separate the off-screen persona from the on-screen performance, especially with the younger pool of actors. And in a new Vulture profile, Teller addresses the perception that he’s, you know, «kind of a dick» (to coin the phrase used a completely different, albeit infamous, Miles Teller profile). When asked directly about how that 2015 Esquire cover story affected him, Teller says:

If how that story made me look was how I really was, I’d think I was the biggest douchebag too. The main idea in that story was that Miles Teller doesn’t give a rat’s ass what you think of him. That’s really not true. I absolutely do care what people think about me. But I can’t put much weight into whether the public likes me because the more important thing is that, as an actor, I can truly say that there’s not a single director or actor who I’ve worked with who’d have a bad thing to say about me. I’ve never missed a day of work. I’ve never not known a line. So I feel good about where I am.

In many ways, this profile feels like a conscious course correction from that last one. Teller does relatable things like gush about dogs, and less relatable things like spit tobacco juice during a goddamn interview (as a former publicist I just can’t with that shit). He admits that he auditioned for that Han Solo movie (which is apparently called Solo: A Star Wars Story?), and name drops famous actors who talk to him at parties. But he also speaks candidly about his aspirations, how he chooses roles, what sort of career he wants in the long run, and his training. Which, FYI, is Method — but presumably not in that used condom/Leto way:

My generation is the one that really experienced the reality-star boom, and there are a lot of people who want to get into acting as a cash grab or a way to be famous. That wasn’t me at all. For me, part of the thrill of being an actor was moving to New York to get training in Strasberg. That’s what I aspired to do. The whole idea of working on acting in a small room, doing memory exercises where you’re sitting in a chair for four hours trying to really feel a coffee cup — that’s the experience I wanted. I really consider acting a high art.

This interview might not convince you that Teller isn’t a dick, necessarily — he certainly still comes off as pretentious, to say the least — but that really doesn’t matter. He’s a professional, and is clearly very thoughtful about his own career. What jumped out at me was that Teller’s views on acting actually dovetail nicely with those recently expressed by acting legend Bill Nighy. He was quoted giving this advice to young actors:

If you’re doing anything, whether it’s a play or a film, learn every single word that you have to say backwards forwards and sideways before you go into a rehearsal room and before you go on a film set. That might sound like an obvious thing, but it’s not currently: there is a fashion for not knowing your lines. It’s been invented by people who don’t want to do their homework, even as a creative choice. You will not become imprisoned by intonations, and therefore it’s a discourtesy to your fellow professionals.


Rehearsal is not the enemy of spontaneity. The idea is the process is you say the lines over and over and over and over and over again until you can give the impression that you’ve never said them before and it’s just occurred to you. That’s the gig.

When I first read Nighy’s words, I thought there was a touch of «get off my lawn!» crankiness to them. But re-reading them in the context of Teller, a young actor who clearly takes pride in his craft, made me appreciate them both a little more. Look, perhaps Teller’s personality is a bit grating (it totally is). But at least he’s not out there trying to be a social media influencer in order to get roles. Maybe he actually DOES care what you think about him — but he cares more about acting like a fucking professional, and I give him credit for that.

And yes, it’s sad that showing up on time and learning your lines (which is, like, the bare fucking minimum expected of an actor) is enough to earn someone praise. But here we are. Get off my lawn.

If for some reason you’re still not convinced that Miles Teller maybe deserves another chance, Dustin pointed out this clip from the Footloose remake that I never watched and whoo boy — when Teller gets into those overalls and starts to shimmy, his likeablility factor fucking SKYROCKETS:


You Can Tell A Lot About the Personality of a Cast from the Gag Reel

I love a good gag reel, and what’s so great about them is that very often you can get a feel for what the cast of a movie or a show is like when you see them during an unguarded moment, when they know what they’re saying is not going to be on the screen. A gag reel reveals who these people really are, and occasionally, in a gag reel, you’ll see an actor say or do something that might fall under the category of «funny, but also kind of dickish.» Or if you see a gag reel with only, like, four gags, you know that there’s probably not a lot of fun moments on that set (gag reels involving Jennifer Aniston quickly come to mind).

With The Good Place gag reel, I am happy to report that all of these people are absolute delights! They are funny, and foul-mouthed, and they clearly all adore each one another. And if you were ever wondering how Kristen Bell ended up with Dax Shepard, it’s because Kristen Bell is just like Dax Shepard. She burps. She farts. And she is not ashamed. And the fact that Ted Danson — who has been working in this industry for 45 years — is still so much fun to be around says a lot about him. He’s good people.

This cast is great, and they must absolutely love going to work every day.

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Paris Jackson Can Sing Just Like Michael, and It’ll Give You Butterflies

Paris Jackson lost her father, Michael, when she was just 11 years old, and in the eight years since his passing, the now-19-year-old has honored him in so many special ways. With «Applehead» tattoos, a sweet friendship with godfather Macaulay Culkin, and so much more, Paris is carrying on her father’s legacy forever. But thanks to a recent video on Instagram, we’re learning that she also inherited her father’s talent, because she has his incredible voice!

Over the weekend, Paris took the stage at Soho House in West Hollywood to join her cousin, Austin Brown (Rebbie Jackson’s son), as he performed his new song «Smile.» The two switched off singing lines from the song while Austin strummed along on the guitar, and Paris’s voice, especially its similar tone to Michael’s, will give you chills.

Earlier this year, Paris starred in a music video and made her big modeling debut, and now she’s stunning us with her voice. Is there anything she can’t do?! Watch the video below and see just how talented she is.

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Jennifer Aniston Happily Third-Wheels on Sandra Bullock and Bryan Randall’s Date Night

Jennifer Aniston enjoyed a casual night out in LA when she joined Sandra Bullock and her boyfriend, Bryan Randall, for dinner at Il Piccolino on Saturday night. The actress appeared to have no qualms about third-wheeling with the couple as they exited the Italian restaurant. While Sandra kept close to her man, Jen was all smiles as she made her way to her car.

The leading ladies first became friends in 2014 after bonding at a dinner party at Gwyneth Paltrow’s home. Aside from enjoying the occasional double date with Jen’s husband Justin Theroux, Sandra also brought Bryan as her date to Jen and Justin’s wedding in August 2015. With rumors swirling that Sandra and Bryan are thinking of tying the knot, we can’t help but wonder if the trio’s dinner date doubled as wedding planning.

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