David Cross Doesn’t Remember Saying Racist Stuff To Charlyne Yi

David Cross at Today FM

October is turning into the month of honesty (sorry Halloween, take a lap) and the most recent moment of honesty came from actress Charlyne Yi. On Monday, Charlyne told a story on Twitter about the first time she met comedian David Cross. It wasn’t a great meeting, and Charlyne alleges that David made her feel shitty with some racist comments. David responded by saying that he’s sorry, but he doesn’t remember that happening.

Charlyne’s meeting with David Cross happened when she was 20 (she’s now 31) and he was about 42 (he’s now 53). David led off with a crack about her poor people pants. Oooh, excuse you David Cross, we don’t all have Chimpmunks money. Then it got ugly. Charlyne is of Filipino and Korean decent (as well as other backgrounds), and she says all he saw was “Asian,” and made a couple of Mr. Yunioshi-like jokes.

David Cross responded to Charlyne’s tweets yesterday with a little explanation of what he thinks happened ten years ago. David is sorry and claims he sincerely doesn’t remember meeting her. And while he doesn’t accuse Charlyne of lying, he wonders if they’re both remembering the meeting wrong.

Rashomon is Japanese. Charlyne isn’t Japanese. So at the very least, David might want to brush up on what Asian thing belongs to what Asian culture. Although I can see that being an awful lot of work for someone who could only manage to spell Charlyne’s name right once in his apology.

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As ‘The Black Tapes’ Run Out, The Internet’s Creepiest Podcast Gets Better

The greatest podcast listening experience I ever had happened after some early morning Twitter procrastinating. Instead of getting out of bed at a reasonable hour, I flipped through recent tweets, half-awake and looking for nothing in particular. A Twitter friend, which one I’ve long forgotten, rhapsodised about a show called The Black Tapes Podcast that had kept them up all night. With nothing better to do that day, I downloaded the first episode. Several hours later, after some uncharacteristically long walks and a lie-down in my room with my headphones plugged in and all the lights turned on, I had caught up with the first season and become utterly hooked on its mystery. I also didn’t sleep a wink that night.

Radio drama hasn’t entirely died out in the visual age but it has a fraction of the audiences it once enthralled, with outliers like BBC Radio’s The Archers still leading the way after many decades of popularity. Podcasting took its time evolving to fill that long-vacated gap, but it’s done so with incredible flair and creativity, with genre-bending pastiches like Welcome to Night Vale garnering major cult audiences. It’s proven to be a great medium for horror fans too, with its old-school storytelling style melding well with modern sensibilities and the constant shifts in the genre. This is where The Black Tapes Podcast finds its perfect niche.

Centred on the intrepid team at Pacific Northwest Stories, The Black Tapes centres on a This American Life style radio show hosted by Alex Reagan, wherein she reports on the enigmatic and extremely icy Dr. Richard Strand, a professional sceptic who works to debunk the unexplained mysteries of the world deemed to be the goings-on of the supernatural. The eponymous tapes are his yet-to-be-solved cases, which slowly begin to reveal themselves as more complex than mere trickery.

Serial changed the game with its new journalism take on the true crime genre — part cozy mystery, part interrogation of the justice system — but the team at The Black Tapes Podcast have taken the trappings of that now iconic NPR mould and combined it with the chills of The X-Files. The result is a genre mish-mash that’s just convincing enough to scare the ever-loving hell out of you. How can you not become engrossed when that public radio voice in your ear lulls you into a real sense of trust? Alex is peppy, perennially chipper and a little too invested in the possibility that demons may be trying to take over the world. The show is incredibly savvy in the way it plays with listeners’ willingness to invest in media personalities. Alex is exactly the kind of radio host who would have legions of loyal fans, and Dr. Strand, if he were a real figure, would expect to be the subject of many an uncomfortable tweet of love from young women with screeds of Tumblr fan-fiction. As the show progresses, real life intrudes and it becomes a little harder for a series of such popularity to conduct its business as usual.

And it can be pretty spot on. Even when the action gets very spooky — from demons and rockstars to cosmic geometry and upside-down faces — and the acting a little duff, there’s a pervading sense of realism throughout that has even the most ardent non-believers second guessing themselves when the tension increases. After a second season that wandered in the wilderness a tad too long, the sophomore slump all but inevitable after such a tightly conceived debut, the third season has brought back some of that urgency and given Alex a greater journalistic drive that makes for more compelling listening. There are less moments of fear that linger with you like the first season — the unsound will forever haunt me — but the mystery is at its most intriguing, melding everything from Pythagoras cults of philosophical geometry to historical Presidential assassinations to grand robbery from the Vatican vaults.

Audio horror has to deal with various challenges, the main one being the difficulty of talking about something scary and keeping it scary. Even the most petrifying monster can become rather benign when described in the public radio voice. Lay on the theatrics too much and it still fails. You have to take it seriously enough for the audience to believe it, not a wink or a nod in sight (or sound), and that’s one of The Black Tapes Podcast‘s real strengths: This cast and crew totally buy the expanding, unnerving and admittedly convoluted mystery they’re selling. When Alex describes one of the many black tapes to the audience, its contents mundane until they’re suddenly not, we’re totally convinced by her shock and investment in what she’s seeing, and there’s something truly riveting about Alex’s Mulder-esque hopes that maybe there is something bigger out there, even if it will inevitably end up destroying us all.

With Halloween month in full swing, there’s no better time to enjoy The Black Tapes Podcast. Download it and make your commute a more unnerving experience (than usual). Podcast storytelling offers amazing chances to discover fresh series and emotional payoffs unique to the audio form. Why not do what I did and go on long walks alone in the woods while listening to the latest tale? You won’t regret it.


The Black Tapes Podcast is available on iTunes and whatever platform you get your podcasts from. Check out their website here.


The British Royals Are Massive Sports Fans, Minus the Body Paint and Tailgating

The British royal family meet a LOT of people, and while there is usually plenty of smiling and polite conversation, they seem to have an extraspecial rapport when it comes to sports stars. It may have something to do with the fact that the family are active and sporty themselves, or maybe they’re just big fans of the star athletes they meet, but one thing’s for sure — there have been plenty of interesting exchanges over the years. Some of the meetings have even led to friendship and, on one occasion, even more, so keep reading to see them all now.

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Riverdale Report: Who Is The Green-Eyed Man?

This season on Riverdale, Archie and the gang are on a hunt for the green-eyed gunman who shot his dear, hot dad. Fans of the scintillating mystery series have been quick to venture theories on who might be behind the black hood. But ahead of «Chapter Fifteen: Nighthawks,» let’s take a look at the irises, to see how these suspects shake out.


Hal Cooper
In season one, Betty’s dad went from mild-mannered newspaper man to bullying rage spout, shipping his pregnant daughter off to nuns, yammering about his bloody family to the Blossoms, and ransacking Sheriff Keller’s home office to keep suspicion away from his clan. But could he have upgraded to killer?


Not according to his eyes. Actor Lochlyn Munro has blue eyes (seen more clearly here), and so does Hal Cooper.


Sheriff Keller
Because this local cop was almost absurdly bad at chasing down leads, some Riverdale fans suspected he was Jason Blossom’s murderer in season one. Nope! Just bad at his job. But hey, with the town with pep’s premiere family proving to be a bunch of deceitful—albeit posh—heroin peddlers, is it inconceivable that the scruffy cop could be corrupt? Perhaps even inclined to gun down a well-respected member of the community in a popular hangout spot?


Not according to this comparison. I brightened the picture so you could get a better sense of his eye color. But even looking at the shape and the shooter’s patchy brow game, it’s clear this is not the same man.


FP Jones
Nope. 1) He’s still in jail for being an accessory to the murder of Jason Blossom. 2) Skeet Ulrich’s eyes are deep pools of chocolate and swoon.


Sorry, not sorry.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 11.54.27 AM.png

Hiram Lodge
Veronica’s notorious father was much-discussed but never seen in season one. Mark Consuelos joined the cast with season two’s premiere, and this ominous introduction cloaked him in darkness, perhaps playing out that Poppa Lodge is hiding big green eyes. He could be a prime suspect, since he knew his wife Hermione was messing around with Fred Andrews, and he wanted the contractor out of their upcoming endeavor.


Nope. Besides, the Angel of Death was visiting Greendale’s new music teacher, Miss Grundy, when Hiram and his daughter were having their moody stare-down.



I love this theory. Forget that it’s unlikely this older gentleman is limber enough to leap up onto the counter to threaten Pop. Ignore that this is clearly not the same body type. Maybe Hiram or Hermione sent out their loyal butler to do their dirty work?


The eyes don’t have it.


Now, the wrinkles around the eyes suggest this isn’t a teen. But could it be one of the characters alluded to in season one, who went unseen?


Ethel Muggs has a suicidal father driven to the brink by Hiram Lodge’s Madoff-style malfeasance. Perhaps desperate for money, he became a hitman for the crook who cheated him.


If«> «Geraldine Grundy» wasn’t lying, she’s got a furious ex-husband out there somewhere. Could it be he heard rumors of her and and Andrews, and assumed it was Fred? Then after taking down what he thought was her new man, he went to Greendale to finish her off? It’s possible, but I’m hoping not. That seems at once too simple and too seedy for this show that’s better known for unapologetic camp, allusionary wit, and socio-politically aware storylines.


Or could it be the long lost Cooper. In the comics, Betty had a brother named Chip. In season one, her mom revealed she gave a baby up for adoption when Hal knocked her up in high school. Chip is supposed to be in his early 20s, but if he’s had a rough life it’s not inconceivable he’d be rocking some eye wrinkles. Plus, with actress Lili Reinhart teasing things will be getting darker for Betty this season, this seems a solid potential reason why.

Now of course, whoever did the shooting could have worn colored contacts. But let’s assume the Riverdale writers aren’t pulling that cheap a trick on their main clue. Be watching for green eyes and red herrings.

Tomorrow we’ll bring you a report about season two’s second ep, «Chapter Fifteen: Nighthawks.»


The NHL Is Still Shaking Off The Cobwebs When It Comes To Fighting

I’m not a hockey guy by any stretch of the imagination, but I think that is a legitimate question. This has to be one of the worst/dumbest fights we’ve ever seen on the NHL ice, right?

The two players are Luke Schenn and Antoine Roussel of the Phoenix Coyotes and Dallas Stars, respectively, who clearly aren’t in regular season mode yet when it comes to fighting. If you were counting along, there were a grand total of zero punches thrown there. Also, it was 90 seconds into the game, which if you’re going to fight that early, you have to make it respectable.

Make sure you watch all the way until the end where you see the players bang their sticks in support like it was some sort of bloodbath. I’d say more of a wrestling match.


 fight hockey GIF

Is hockey going the NBA route and trying to save their bodies early on in the year? That’s the only explanation. Come spring we’ll start to get the good stuff.

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Exclusive: If You Thought Girls Trip Was Funny, Wait Till You See the Bloopers

Girls Trip was the breakout comedy of the Summer — and the hilarious Tiffany Haddish, who plays Dina, was its breakout star. If you missed the movie in theaters (or just want to watch it again and again), now’s your chance to see it. To coincide with the home release, we have an exclusive clip of the blooper reel, which are outtakes of Haddish hilariously going off on Mike Epps in the streets of New Orleans. It’s a must watch, as is the movie, which is now available on Digital HD, Blu-ray, DVD, and On Demand.

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A Look Inside The 2017 Americares Airlift Benefit

This past weekend, the 30th annual Americares Airlift Benefit took place at the Westchester County Airport. Americares is a “nonprofit disaster relief and global health organization” that annually assists over 90 countries and every single state in the U.S. by providing more than $ 600 million in health programs and quality medical support.

Guests in attendance included co-hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, Melissa Joan Hart, Tony Goldwyn, Dr. Mike Varshavski, Erica Hill, Jennifer Lahmers and Bobby Valentine. President George H.W. Bush and Mrs. Barbara Bush were presented with the inaugural Bob and Leila Macauley Humanitarian Spirit Award for their remarkable bravery and devotion to philanthropy. Jonathan Bush Jr. was in attendance to accept the award on behalf of his aunt and uncle.

Tony Goldwyn boards an airplane during the 2017 Americares Airlift Benefit at Westchester Country Airport. (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Americares)

The Benefit provided guests and Americares staff with the opportunity to partake in their signature Airlift, which included either a thrilling send-off from the tarmac, or a climb aboard a chartered plane for a 24-hour trip to Guatemala, where visitors were able to see first-hand exactly what health programs are provided by Americares. Guatemala is an impoverished country with an incredibly limited amount of medicine. Americares supports 300 health centers throughout Guatemala, which provides the country with the essential support they desperately need.

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HS Teacher Samantha Ciotta Allegedly Had Threesomes With Student

Pro tip to all the shady teachers out there: If you’re going to bang one of your students, don’t get caught doing it on social media. Former Beaumont High School English teacher Samantha Ciotta certainly knows as she was spotted on Snapchat wearing just “a shirt and panties” while boozing it up with minors.

Details on the wild Snap from The Patch:

A high school student who spotted the scandalous Snapchat “story” in August asked the student who posted it if the woman in the video was “Mrs. Ciotta.” The reply: “Yes … Bro, I’m gettin’ in deep … been f—— (Ciotta) and getting threesomes for the past couple weeks (at her house),” according to documents obtained by Patch.

The other student who allegedly appeared in the Snapchat video told an adult Ciotta had sex with a student, and “If [police] have her phone, then they will find out,” according to documents.

The report adds Ciotta met the student two years prior when he was bombing her English class. She apparently offered him extra help… in the form of sex at her place for months. Her husband has since filed for divorce, though he still thinks she is a “great mother”.

Ciotta was arrested on Sep. 20 and booked with a charge of unlawful sex and oral copulation with a minor. She posted bail at $ 150,000 the following day.

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Chris Evans And Jenny Slate May Have Gotten Back Together

Film premiere of 'Gifted' - Arrivals

When Chris Evans and Jenny Slate reunited at the Gifted premiere back in April (seen above), it was a little awkward. Chris and Jenny had split a few months earlier, but they talked about each other in ways that sounded like they were pulled from the first chapter of a book called Avoiding Bad Breakup Publicity 101. As it turns out, they might have meant all the nice things they said. According to UsWeekly, Captain America and Niece Denise are possibly back together again.

Sources say that Chris and Jenny were seen on back-to-back dinner dates in Atlanta, GA last weekend. Avengers: Infinity War has been filming in Atlanta since the summer. On Friday, Chris and Jenny “seemed” like they were on a date.

“They seemed like a couple. [They were] laughing. He reached across and touched her arm a couple of times. They seemed like normal people on a date.”

The next day, they had a double-date with Robert Downey Jr. and his wife Susan at a restaurant called Better Half. The restaurant Instagrammed a picture of Captain America and Tony Stark with some of their chefs.

Sometimes we have the chance to feed heroes. Last night, it was these exceptional gents.

A post shared by Better Half (@betterhalfcook) on

A second source says that Chris and Jenny “looked very much together.” That’s probably my favorite way to describe someone’s couple status. “At what degree would you say they looked together?” “Oh, very much.

So Chris and Jenny had dinner twice, and looked “very much together.” But I won’t believe any of this until Chris or Jenny talk at length in an interview about how much they’re obsessed with each other. Normally that would be the sort of thing that would threaten to gag my larynx out. But with the news we’ve been having lately, that ship has sailed. I think I can handle their sappy grossness now.

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Kate Middleton Attends a Very Special Graduation Ceremony After Revealing Her Due Date

The British royal family has been extremely busy this year, and they’re showing no signs of slowing down. On Wednesday, Prince William, Prince Harry, and Kate Middleton were front and center at the Coach Core graduation ceremony in London. Coach Core, which was launched by Will, Kate, and Harry’s Royal Foundation in 2012, is an apprenticeship program that trains young adults who are not enrolled in school or are unemployed to be sports coaches. Prior to the ceremony, the royals joined 150 of the apprentices in a coaching master class that included advice from Olympic gymnast Max Whitlock and tennis coach Judy Murray.

The trio’s philanthropic outing comes just two days after they met up with the cast of Paddington 2 at London’s Paddington Station and a day after Will and Kate formally confirmed that their third child is set to make its debut in April 2018. We can’t wait for the little one to arrive!

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