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Rick Pitino officially fired, but not before going down swinging

The ULAA board voted to fire Rick Pitino yesterday, but for a second there I thought he might weasel his way out of another scandal. His lawyer came out swinging for the fences before the vote took place.

Via USA Today: Pence entered the meeting holding a poster board for presentation to the ULAA. The attorney later distributed a detailed 55-page document that includes letters of support for the coach, including one from David Padgett, who was named as Pitino’s interim replacement on Sept. 29. The attorney’s statement included a polygraph result indicating that Pitino was not deceptive in answering that he did not pay signee Brian Bowen’s family or knew that Bowen’s family was paid.

Love the last-ditch Hail Mary attempt by Pitino’s lawyer. Had me thinking he was going stay afloat for a little longer until the board unanimously dropped the hammer about an hour later.

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Rose Leslie Once Made Kit Harington Go to a Costume Party as Jon Snow, Because He Knows Nothing

Image Source: Getty / Gregg DeGuire

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie, once pretty quiet about their relationship, have become one of our favorite celebrity couples with each and every new story we hear about them. As if it wasn’t bad (or great?) enough that Kit once left a Game of Thrones prop of his severed head in the refrigerator to scare his fiancée on April Fools’ Day, it turns out that Rose is just as savage as him.

Kit recently revealed to Heat magazine that when they were once getting ready for a costume party, Rose had the perfect dress-up idea for Kit: Jon Snow. Should be easy, right? He has all the necessary accoutrements? Well, no. Rose made her man wear a plastic-bagged, knockoff «You know nothing» costume from the store for the «bad taste»-themed party.

«She pulled out a Jon Snow costume, and Rose just whispered in my ear, ‘I won’t love you if you don’t wear it . . . You should do it,'» Kit recalled.

Image Source: HBO

Rose was not messing around, because Kit did it and hilariously said his ensemble at the costume party «was really embarrassing.» He added, «The people bringing around canapés were looking at me, thinking, ‘You’re sad, man! You’ve come to a party dressed as your character.'»

Here’s to hoping Rose wants to embarrass her man a little more and show us those photos, but in the meantime, we’ll have to use our imagination with these sexy Kit Harington GIFs and this Game of Thrones Jon Snow Halloween costume. Payback is a bastard, Kit!

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Joel Embiid Had a Tame Response to His Minutes Restriction

The Philadelphia 76ers gifted Joel Embiid a fat contract (loaded with protections) last week, so I totally understand the organization taking the kid-glove approach with him. Reports say head coach Brett Brown expects Joel’s minutes to be somewhere in the teens to start out the new season (via

“I don’t really know if there’s a solid number,” the coach said after practice, adding, “If you were to choose a number, it would be somewhere like in the teens.”

Fortunately Joel is a levelheaded dude and took the restriction in stride… not. He got a little NSFW and dropped an F-bomb:

Embiid has long been touting “Trust the Process”… looks like he’ll have to do so again until he finally gets the green light to play more than a role player.

On a lighter note, Joel has a new hairstyle:


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What Have You Accomplished That Was Once Considered Impossible?

Doing the impossible can mean all kinds of things to all kinds of people.

For some, doing the impossible means climbing the highest mountain. Or competing in the Olympics/Ironman Triathlon/any other high-stakes sporting event demanding that its participants display their physical fitness. Or directing a $ 200 million romantic drama about the sinking of the Titanic.

For others, doing the impossible means getting out of bed and getting from the beginning of the day to the end of the day while living with mental illness. Or sitting in front of the blank page and convincing yourself that you’re willing and able to write a story that only you can write. It means becoming comfortable with your sexuality and hoping that the people in your life who you call family and friends will feel the same way and knowing that you can still keep going if they don’t.

For me, doing the impossible involved moving out of an extremely dysfunctional and emotionally abusive household, where I lived with someone who made me wonder constantly whether I could and would send him to either the hospital or the morgue, and leaving that house once and for all to find a place I can call home, where I was finally able to achieve something resembling peace of mind.

This past Sunday, Dr. Eve L. Ewing, Chicago-based author of the critically-acclaimed book Electric Arches decided to ask Twitter a question:

And these were just some of the answers…

These past few days weeks months have been painful, horrifying, traumatizing, and infuriating for so many people and it’s never easy to be reminded yet again that Ernest Hemingway was lying when he wrote that the world is a fine place and worth fighting for (enough that you’ll nod your head in agreement with William Somerset when he says that he agrees with only the second part of that statement).

And yet, despite all of that, it doesn’t hurt to be reminded that even though this world is populated with far too many people who are willing and able to make the lives of those around feel like all nine circles of Hell and make them wonder when it’s going to end and whether or not they can keep going…

…There are also people who are willing and able to do what they can to make their own lives better and happier to live with, and also do what they can to have that same effect on others. To remind other people that this world is a better place with them still in it, and that they have so much to offer and contribute, even when everyone and everything is telling them the complete opposite. To remind them to keep going so they can one day complete a task that was once considered impossible, and then they can tell others that they actually did it, that it actually was possible, and that they are capable of doing the same too, even if it won’t always be easy.

To those of you in the Comments section: what have you accomplished that was once considered impossible?


Behind Body Conceptions

New York-based trainer Mahri Relin‘s life-long love of dance and music all started when her parents took her to see the ballet. “Watching ‘The Nutcracker’ made me want to move so beautifully,” she told DuJour.

Now, she has made the surprising transition from professional dancer to fitness expert. “I honestly didn’t become exposed to fitness until I needed to warm up for shows to strengthen my muscles,” she says. After landing several notable gigs—first as a Tracy Anderson Method trainer , and then as a creative director for FlyBarre at Flywheel in Manhattan—Relin then broke out on her own with Body Conceptions, a 90-minute music-driven workout regimen, which incorporates high reps and exhaustive dance-inspired moves. “Body Conceptions came out of lots of research,” she explains of the minimalist—props include just a mat and a pair of free weights—workout. During a recent visit, her arm lifts especially proved just how little equipment is needed to feel a good burn. And if Relin’s sculpted, toned figure is any indication of the kind of results women can achieve, it may just be worth the “pain.”

Relin’s method targets the entire body, from arms and thighs to the abs, back, and seat. “I tell people that I’m creating a dancer’s body, even though you don’t have to be a dancer at all to do it,” she says. Her genuine desire to help women in all stages is made apparent in class, as she constantly checks on form and offers modified moves. “It’s important to get on the same wavelength in each session,” she says. Like the tunes on her playlist, she changes up her routine each week to exercise new muscles and prevent clients from plateauing.

Here Relin shares her top five workout tips in achieving incredible results:

1) Focus on form. Pay attention to the cues and corrections your instructor gives you. Incorrect form can lead to injury, and you won’t see the results you expected from your workout.

2) Hydrate. As the weather gets warmer, drinking enough water becomes more and more important. Drink regularly, and don’t wait until you feel thirsty.

3) Eat. You may be trying an amazing new diet, but you cannot get enough out of your workouts if you don’t have enough fuel and energy. A small snack of carbs or protein right before class can be enough to give you the boost you need to be fully present when you exercise.

4) Listen to your body. There are different kinds of pain. You can work through normal tightness and soreness (and your workout might even make you feel better) but sharp or acute pain is NOT good. Stop exercising immediately and pay attention to where and how you injured yourself. Rest, elevation, ice, and compression may be needed. It can be hard to stop exercising when you’re on a roll, but know that exercising through an injury can sideline you for a long time.

5) Be nice to yourself. If it’s been a tough day, be grateful that you showed up to exercise at all.

Starting May 7th, Relin will begin a six-week-long spring intensive, and this summer she will be hitting the Hamptons for private and group classes by appointment only. (To sign up contact

The post Behind Body Conceptions appeared first on DuJour.


Kevin James Explains Why They Killed Off His “Kevin Can Wait” Wife


Somebody out there is still watching Kevin Can Wait and Kevin James is still explaining what the heck happened to the wife. When the show ended its first season, it was announced that Kevin’s TV wife Donna (played by Erinn Hayes) was gonna meet her maker. When the show came back last month for season two, Donna was already sleeping with the fishes and Kevin had a new leading lady played by his former sitcom wife of 10 years, Leah Remini. Now, it SEEMS like Leah was simply a much bigger draw for audiences than Erinn was, so they did what they had to do to clear the way for her return. But according to the New York Daily News, Kevin (real Kevin, not fake Kevin) says that’s not the case.

According to Kevin (wait, now I’m confused, that sounds like the name of yet another Kevin James sitcom) they killed Donna “to give life to new storylines”. That’s a big “sure, Jan” if I’ve ever heard one.

“I get that people are like ‘Whoa, why would you do this?’ But it really felt like a thing like this was needed for this show to drive forward. Now, I have to deal with my daughter in a different way, and she’s gonna go to college, or one’s getting married, or the holidays. And it deals with things in a different, weightier way.”

This excuse smells extra funky considering the fact that Kevin says they probably won’t address Donna’s death again because “it’s meant to be a lighthearted sitcom”. So you can’t talk about her death because it’s not funny, but you can make a weighty “it’s Christmas but mom is dead” episode? It sounds to me like ya’ll were just being lazy and really just wanted to make King of Queens 2: Long Live The Queen (Leah, duh).

They’ve already got Leah teaming up with Kevin as his business partner and “neither James nor Remini is ruling out eventually exploring a romantic plotline for their characters” so… yeah. We get it. You can stop with the lies, Kevin.

Here’s an idea! They should kill Kevin off next season and bring in Mike Rinder, Leah’s Scientology and the Aftermath partneras her new co-star. They’ve got great chemistry too. They can call it Leah Can’t Wait… To Bathe In David Miscavige’s Tears. Now that’s a show I would watch.

Pic: CBS via YouTube


Russian Trolls Learned About American Politics From Frank And Claire Underwood

The 71st Annual Tony Awards hosted by Kevin Spacey as seen on CBS.

Americans are always down for some Netflix and fucking chill, which is probably why Russian internet trolls got their schooling on American Politics 101 from House Of Cards. Reporter Michael Isikoff of Yahoo! reports that Russians in a St. Petersburg “troll factory” (is that where they make those doll inside a doll inside a doll inside a…yeah, you get the point) watched hours of Robin Wright in a fierce pencil skirts and Kevin Spacey dig deep and channel a swarthy, sexually ambiguous asshole to write messages to make us all hate the government. Silly Russians, they could have just written reminders about Tax Day to do that.

An ex-member of the troll factory (who went by “Maksim” for Yahoo!’s story) claims they were instructed to basically shit on Hillary Clinton, write about guns and gays, and never mention ties to Russia or Vladimir Putin, who was pushing the whole campaign. Sounds like this factory could have been run by anyone in the White House these days.

“Every comma was reviewed by (Maksim’s) bosses to make sure it was in the right place so it sounded like an American posting by Americans. Primarily what he was doing was placing comments on the websites of major news organizations, The Washington Post, The New York Times and others.”

Maksim added in the Netflix dish:

“At first, we were forced to watch the ‘House of Cards’ in English. It was necessary to know all the main problems of the United States of America. Tax problems, the problem of gays, sexual minorities, weapons.”

Poor Maksim. That heinous third season probably felt like a prison sentence instead of honorable troll factory employment! Michael said this was pretty interesting since House Of Cards is more like Russian politics than American politics, but I’d point out that Melania Trump certainly works an icy stare and steel-toed pump a la Claire far more closely than Michelle Obama ever did. When Melania (SPOILER ALERT) knocks her ring on the Oval Office desk after kicking her husband off the throne and ascending power, we’ll see who has the last laugh.



Hey Hollywood, Don’t Forget David O. Russell Is An Abusive Jerk

While Hollywood is in the process of cleaning house in regards to Harvey Weinstein, recent actions taken by groups like the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have raised a few eyebrows in terms of potential hypocrisy. The Academy expelling Weinstein does make a difference in some ways — for one, it removes many of his industry privileges and would make any inevitably ham-fisted attempt at a return near impossible, at least on the scale of power Harvey is used to — but it couldn’t help but draw further attention to the abusers and harassers who remain at the heart of the entertainment industry’s systemic misogyny. Bill Cosby is still a member, as is Oscar winner Roman Polanski. Mel Gibson made a triumphant return to the graces of Hollywood with a slew of nominations this year for Hacksaw Ridge and then there’s the Casey Affleck elephant in the room, as we all remember an accused sexual harasser will be giving a woman her Oscar next year, live in front of a billion people, where she’ll probably have to relent to a hug and a kiss from the man who leveraged his connections to a year long whitewash of an Oscar campaign. Nobody expects the industry to burn itself to the ground, as some of us have been craving over the past fortnight, but when the most obvious abusers remain darlings to the world of cinema, you can’t help but wonder if self-awareness comes into the equation.

Last week also saw Amazon cut ties with some planned Weinstein Company TV projects, the main one being a series to be helmed by noted bully David O. Russell. The multiple Oscar nominee behind American Hustle and Silver Linings Playbook has one of the industry’s most visible reputations as a nasty piece of work, both as a bullying colleague and a sexual abuser off-screen. He’s made multiple people’s lives hell and never faced the consequences. It’s ironic that he only loses some of his privileges by proxy of another abuser. They say sunlight is the nest disinfectant so let’s remind the world of the disgusting behaviour of David O. Russell.

On the set of Three Kings, Russell was so aggressive that the second assistant director quit. He frequently screamed in people’s faces, seemingly delighting in humiliating him, and the pressure got to be so much that George Clooney, possibly the nicest man in Hollywood not named Tom Hanks, grabbed him by the throat when Russell started banging him on the head and said, ‘Hit me, you pussy, hit me.’ Clooney admitted he came close to killing him, and called the shoot the worst experience of his life.

There’s the infamous leaked footage of the set of I Heart Huckabees, where Russell further screams at Lily Tomlin. The video is below but be warned, it is supremely uncomfortable to watch. Tomlin has since been complimentary about Russell and referred to the incident as a ‘fracas’ but also said that following their making-up after the fight, she was ‘stoic in my silence’.

The I Heart Huckabees mess briefly put a dent in his career, but after the success of The Fighter, he was back in the good books, then began his three movie partnership with Jennifer Lawrence, who once rhapsodised that ‘I want us to be buried next to each other.’ She won her Oscar with Silver Linings Playbook and has been nominated for her other Russell films, but it is on American Hustle where on-set reports once again began to bubble upwards about his brutal temper. This time, Amy Adams faced the brunt of the action. In the now infamous leaked Sony emails, one exchanged detailed worries about the production.

Are you guys doing anything else with him? I know he’s brilliant but we have someone on our show who worked closely with him on ‘American Hustle’ and not only are the stories about him reforming himself total bullshit but the new stories of his abuse and lunatic behavior are extreme even by Hollywood standards… He grabbed one guy by the collar, cursed out people repeatedly in front of others and so abused Amy Adams that Christian Bale got in his face and told him to stop acting like an asshole.’

Yeah, think about that. Christian Bale thought he was being an arsehole. Christian ‘we are fucking done professionally Bale thought David O. Russell was being a prick.

In a 2015 Vogue profile, when Lawrence further raved working with Russell, she said, ‘Because I’m not so sensitive, we can really talk, like man-to-man. Sometimes he accidentally refers to me as he or him. But he really respects and understands women, and by that I mean he doesn’t treat a woman any differently than he’ll treat a man. He would never tiptoe around a woman.’ When the interviewer mentions this to Adams, she responded, ‘Well, if you mean he doesn’t treat people like a lady, I can agree with that.’

A 2004 New York Times piece by Sharon Waxman, entitled ‘The Nudist Buddhist Borderline-Abusive Love-In’, further details his reputation, including a moment on set where he took off his clothes on set, then where he PUT CHRISTOPHER NOLAN IN A HEADLOCK. At a fucking party! Russell is documented as meeting Nolan at a party, shortly after Jude Law had dropped out of I Heart Huckabees to take a role in The Prestige, and putting him in a goddamn headlock to ‘demand[s] that his fellow director show artistic solidarity and give up his star’. Law did end up working with Russell.

In December 2011, a report was filed by Russell’s transgender niece Nicole Peloquin, age 19, accusing him of groping her. She says the pair were working out at a gym together when he offered ‘to help… with ab exercises.’ When asked about her transition process, Peloquin responded by talking about her hormone regime. She then said Russell put his hands under her top ‘and felt both breasts’. Russell does not deny that these events took place. According to the Chicago Tribune, ‘For his part, Russell confirms that the incident happened, but told police that Peloquin was ‘acting very provocative toward him’ and invited him to feel her breasts. He also admitted to being ‘curious about the breast enhancement.» The case was later closed and no charges were pressed. This was later discussed in the Sony emails, which also say he brought Sally Field to tears at a party.

David O. Russell is a bully. He is someone who delights in intimidating and humiliating his colleagues, someone who sees violence as a way to get what he wants, and someone who saw the body of his niece as something he had right to touch. We don’t just have rumours of his behaviour: We have extensive documentation from a variety of legitimate sources, plus video. I used to joke morbidly that you had to make a movie as good as Chinatown for your abuse to be justified in Hollywood; really, you just need to make something as mediocre as Joy. I cannot fathom why anyone is willing to not only put up with him but consistently compensate his bullying and reward the efforts of his behaviour. Yes, some of his films have made money but there isn’t enough cash in the world to justify what he does. I don’t care how much Jennifer Lawrence loves him, I don’t care how much you liked I Heart Huckabees, and I don’t care how excited you were to see a TV series with Robert De Niro and Julianne Moore: If we want to truly learn from the mistakes of decades of covering up Harvey Weinstein’s abuse, we need to demand better across the board. The Academy says its policy of those who abuse their power will be zero tolerance from now on, so let’s keep them accountable.

I’ll end this post with a story. While making the first Twilight movie, Catherine Hardwicke admitted to going off-set for five minutes one day to have a quick cry. She got it out of her system and went back to work, where she has a reputation for her hard work, positivity and good cast and crew relations. Hardwicke did not get to make the sequel to the film she helped make a staggering success, with Deadline reporting sources saying the studio didn’t like her, allotting the success of the film to the male cinematographer, and calling her female agent hysterical. There was also talk that her brief moment of off-set crying was a sign of her being difficult. Later, Hardwicke pitched to direct a boxing drama called The Fighter. She was told a man had to direct it.

David O. Russell got that job.


Reminder: No Matter How Comfortable They Are, Movie Theaters Are Not Your Home

Just real quick here, because I need to get this off my chest. See this photo right here?

Cute, right? I mean, Chris Hemsworth has his shoes off in a nice restaurant, but he looks clean. His feet do not look unsightly from this angle, and he’s fucking Thor, right?

But there’s a slippery slope, people. If we let one superhero actor get away with removing his shoes in a restaurant, we’ll end up here on our next cross-country flight:


That’s not OK. 1) Put your damn shoes on, you’re in public; and 2) keep your feet out of other people’s personal space.

That brings me to another, related point: Movie theaters, in an effort to draw crowds away from Netflix, are getting really swanky. How many of you have movie theaters in your town with fancy, leather reclining seats now? Because, they are awesome. We’re a four movie theater town, but the only one I go to now is the one with the fancy, reclining seats.

It feels like home.

But here’s the thing: IT’S STILL NOT YOUR HOME.

I’m seeing a lot of people come into these movie theaters treating it like it is their home. To a certain extent, that’s fine. You want to bring your pillow and blanket? Cool! I’m OK with that. Get cozy! You want to wear your pajamas and slippers? Uh, OK, sure. I’ve seen that, too.

But do us all a favor, OK? Keep your damn shoes on.

And I know, in the summer, you’re wearing flip-flops or sandals, so what’s the difference really? The difference is THE PRINCIPLE OF THE THING. OK? Keep your damn shoes on. It’s not a living room! It may be a reclining chair, but it’s not your reclining chair. And if people start taking off their flip flops and sandals, they’re gonna feel comfortable slipping off those snow boots in the winter, then we got to fucking smell your feet while we’re trying to eat popcorn and watch some crazy-ass serial killing clown kill teenagers. Don’t. Be respectful. You may go to the movies often enough that the theater feels like home, but it’s not your home, no matter how comfortable it is. It’s a place of business, and you are surrounded by other people. Be mindful of those people.

Keep your shoes on.

Thank you for listening.


Boxing Champion Cecilia Braekhus Receives a Kiss From Opponent Mikaela Lauren

Undefeated Norwegian boxer Cecilia Braekhus is defending her welterweight titles against Swede Mikaela Lauren on Saturday, but you guys probably don’t give a damn about that. You’ll probably be too busy watching some combination of college football, NBA, and NHL.

However! You might be inclined to find yourself a stream after watching this pre-fight presser in which Lauren randomly comes in with a kiss. Braekhus responds by slapping her in the face before getting a case of the giggles:

These two women do have history as they fought back in 2010 — Braekhus knocked Lauren out in seven rounds:

Lauren, now 41, isn’t letting their history weigh her down. She claims to be a different fighter now than she was seven years ago (via BoxingScene):

“I think she is underestimating me. Maybe she thinks I’m still the same fighter I was seven years ago, but I wouldn’t even call myself a boxer back then. I was a novice. I’ve developed so much since our first fight. I’m a completely different fighter now and she is going to see just how much I’ve improved on Saturday.

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