Look Back at Kim Kardashian’s Sexiest Halloween Costumes

Celebrities love to dress up for Halloween, and Kim Kardashian is one of the few that usually go all out! Her many, often revealing Halloween looks through the years show that she’s mastered the art of a sexy costume with outfits inspired by movies, animals, and even fictional characters. Needless to say, we can’t wait to see what she does this year.

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Ivana Trump Thinks Melania Trump Needs To “Get Over It”


The least surprising thing about the Trump presidency is that his current wife Melania Trump (aka the First Lady) and his ex-wife Ivana Trump have both come down with cat-scratch fever and are battling it out in the press and on TV. In the Trump era, nothing is considered inappropriate, undignified, or “YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE THE FIRST LADY, WHY WOULD YOU TAKE EVEN A MOMENT TO ADDRESS THIS CHICK’S TAUNTS. PUERTO RICO IS STILL A DISASTER AREA. DID YOU STOP BULLYING, YET? IT’S ALL ABOUT PRIORITIES, CAPTAIN HURRICANE STILETTOS!

Ivana is selling a book about raising her and Donald’s awful children, and her marketing ploy of dragging the First Lady worked. Because the First Lady responded. So Ivana went on Wendy Williams to respond to Melania’s response.

E! reports that Ivana took a moment to clarify what she said on GMA about being the real “First Lady.” She also solidified her future appointment as the US Sass General by suggesting Melania “get over it.

“I tell you, I’m technically ‘First Lady Trump,’” Ivana, who is promoting her new book Raising Trump, told Wendy Williams. “I was first wife. I don’t know what is Melania’s problem. She just have to get over it. She is First Lady of America but I’m First Lady Trump, excuse me, and have three grownup kids.”

I know what is Melania’s problem. It’s that she was obviously absent a burning desire to be First Lady of the United States. She just wanted to get out of Slovenia and find a rich dude. Being able to afford even more expensive pussy bow blouses is nice, but everyone wants her to be this stand-up chick helping to guide an entire nation. “Jebeš to!,” she had told her asshole husband to no avail.

Speaking of not wanting the First Lady gig:

When asked about Melania’s rep’s clapback, Ivana said, “I have no idea why she did it, ’cause I never said I’m ‘First Lady of America.’ Better her than me, frankly, you know.”

How much do you wish her ex had felt that way about the presidency? Watch Ivana offer Melania some advice below.

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Celebrity Publicists Don’t Want Their Clients On Megyn Kelly’s Mess Of A Show


Former FOX-y lady Megyn Kelly is finding out that launching a career as a solo artist isn’t that easy. She probably thought that all of the goodwill she engendered from being Twitter-abused by POTUS during the election would propel her to Barbara Walters-heights of newswoman fame. Turns out that Megyn’s really not that popular. Plus, critics say her show sucks. This is why celebrity publicists are letting calls from the Megyn Kelly TODAY show booker go straight to voicemail. None of them want their clients on that shit show, according to Variety.

One high-powered publicist told Variety that she’s down with booking her clients on other parts of the Today show. Just not Meggy’s.

“I’m not booking anyone on her show. I literally haven’t pitched anyone even from right out the gate. The buzz that is out there is so bad.”

Megyn shouldn’t expect to be getting the kind of guests that Ellen, Kelly Ripa, and The View get. Because everyone thought her show was iffy from the get-go. The show’s producers took the show to the big publicity firms in L.A. last summer to sell it and a “lighter, more inspirational” Megyn Kelly. What they reportedly got in return were a lot of quizzical looks and bored glances at Apple watches.

However, according to an insider who attended one of the meetings, the team didn’t seem to have a clear direction of the show they were pitching. Kelly didn’t fit into a box like Ellen DeGeneres or Dr. Oz. And as a result, not too many celebrities jumped onboard.

One publicist who did have Debra Messing a client make an appearance now regrets it.

“I won’t plan to have others go on. None specifically have been offered or asked to, but it’ll be my preference not to.”

NBC says that their efforts to secure stars are doing just fine, thanks. They’ve got enormous d-bag Miles Teller on the way!

“We have celebrities booked for weeks and months to come,” a network rep said. When asked by Variety for specific names coming up, NBC listed Miles Teller, Goldie Hawn and “SNL’s” Alec Baldwin.

Perhaps celebrities and civilians haven’t forgotten some of the dumb shit Megyn used to let fall out of her mouth at FOX News. Also, pissing off Jane Fonda doesn’t exactly reflect the actions of a thinking person.

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33 Ways to Be a Game of Thrones Man For Halloween

Whether you think it’s been done to death or not, Game of Thrones is still one of the best places to look for some Halloween inspiration. There are so many options that it may be hard to figure out who you want to be, so we’ve cut the selection in half for you. Here are all the men of Game of Thrones that you could be this year — including the dearly departed.

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Answering the Big, Tragic Question at the End of Blade Runner 2049

The following contains spoilers for Blade Runner 2049.

Let’s face it: both Blade Runner and its worthy sequel do little to spell things out for viewers. Not only that, but it seems like Blade Runner 2049 significantly adds to the franchise’s ongoing list of unresolved questions. Following the film’s premiere, however, the cast and screenwriters have been clearing some things up.

Apart from the big mystery surrounding Harrison Ford’s character, Rick Deckard, the other major question viewers will have at the end is: does Officer K (Ryan Gosling) die? Throughout the course of the film, K suffers through a lot of unimaginable injuries. Though he is a powerful replicant, his body seems to nearly give up on several occasions. It’s his willingness to help the replicant resistance and reunite Deckard with his daughter, however, that keeps him going.

Fortunately, K is able to fulfill that promise. After a brutal battle with the ruthless villain Luv that leads to him getting stabbed pretty badly, K escapes with Deckard and brings him to meet his daughter. As K waits for Deckard outside, he lies down on the steps — profusely bleeding, mind you — and gets some rest. Snowflakes begin to delicately fall on him and the film fades to black.

Now, the movie doesn’t definitively show K dying. He could just be taking a power nap on those steps, after all. Though it’s technically left open to interpretation, screenwriter Michael Green pretty much confirmed that K does die at the end. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Green said, «I was surprised to find out that anyone thought he didn’t die. And I can say this: the noncasual fan might recognize the music cue that plays in that moment.»

So, what the hell does he mean by that? As EW points out, the song that plays in that very moment is titled «Tears in the Rain,» according to the Blade Runner 2049 soundtrack. If you watched the original movie, that phrase might sound familiar. It comes from Roy Batty’s famous «tears in the rain» monologue that takes place right before he’s about to be retired by Deckard. At the end of that haunting monologue, he simply says, «Time to die.» And what track happens to be playing at that very moment? «Tears in the Rain.» Chills.

By dropping that hint, Green implies that it was K’s «time to die,» and the use of «Tears in the Rain» only adds further proof. Though it’s a sad ending, it’s also a masterful, tragic way to tie the two films together.

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Tennessee Students Are Clearly Fed Up With Butch Jones

The Tennessee students checked out on this season weeks ago when they were calling for Butch Jones’ firing via the famous rock on campus. That was after they lost on a hail mary to Florida. Then the next week, Georgia came to town, put up 41 points and held the Vols to a big fat goose egg.

They had a bye after that game, so it’s been 2 weeks since the students could really show their displeasure. That means today’s the today, and they’re proving just how much they’re fed up with Butch by literally just not showing up to the game vs. South Carolina today.

I think I can count about 25 people in those bleachers. I get that those noon kickoffs are rough, I remember being super hungover stumbling through the gates of Sanford Stadium in my day, but when your team blows like one does, it’s not hard to sleep in on a Saturday.

Hey Vols fans, not all hope is lost


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Tom Hiddleston Had Us All Feeling Loki at His Latest Premiere

You can keep your Hemsworths. At Tuesday night’s Thor: Ragnarok premiere, our eyes were on Tom Hiddleston, who’ll make a triumphant return as fan favorite Loki in the latest Marvel film, which hits theaters Nov 2. The Brit actor (who’s sporting a ginger beard that we definitely approve of) smouldered on the red carpet dressed in a red, blue, and navy suit with a matching tie. The look had the double-whammy effect of making his blue-green eyes look even more piercing than usual and also perfectly coordinating with the film’s retro-inspired logo. A coincidence? Probably, but it led to some very cool photos. Check out Tom’s red carpet moment now, then take a look at all the stars who’ve cuddled up to him over the years. We’re next in line, yeah?

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Of COURSE Blake Lively Can Make Picking Her Wedgie Look Glamorous

We’ve all been there: suffering from an uncomfortable wedgie, trying to figure out the best way to pick it, when we’re asked to dance in front of a live studio audience. OK, scratch that last bit — unless, of course, you’re Blake Lively. When she stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to play «Dance Battle,» the actress gave it her all . . . especially when asked to simulate hiding an awkward underwear situation. «I’ve sort of been doing that this whole interview,» she laughed when assigned the wedgie dance, totally nailing the move and even looking semi-graceful while doing it. (Two birds with one stone, right?) Later on and wedgie-free, Blake revealed some hidden ballet talent in sky-high heels. Watch the entire dance battle above!

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‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Is Actually Getting Worse

The following contains basically continuous spoilers for the first four episodes of Star Trek: Discovery.

I really wanted to like Star Trek: Discovery, even after the pilot two-parter left me really flat with the bad writing. So I thought, well, as many venerable commenters have pointed out, these shows take time to find their footing. Star Trek pilots tend to be weak compared to the shows that they grow into. Hell, this franchise is legendary for almost unwatchable first seasons.

Remember how bad Star Trek: The Next Generation was before Riker grew a beard?


Remember how bad Deep Space Nine was before Sisko grew a beard?


Remember how bad Voyager was before it was cancelled?


I won’t bother asking if anyone remembers Enterprise, I choose to believe it was just a bad acid trip at the end of Quantum Leap.

So maybe Discovery just needs time to grow into itself. But episodes three and four, that «aired» on CBS’ All Access (now with almost as many NCIS episodes as Netflix!) made it feel like that wait could be quite, um, the wait. Sloppy writing and plot holes in a pilot are one thing, but the next two episodes are case studies in plot being driven by caricatures acting like idiots.

The Klingons are simply not working. They’ve got these actors with faces so plastered with prosthetics that it is physically impossible for them to actually act. Every scene drags the entire episode to a halt so that we can listen to interminable monosyllabic grunts that do not have any bearing on any of the plot of the episode. I kind of get that they’re trying to show that the Klingons are a rich and interesting people also, and not just one-dimensional bad guys. But it’s just not working at all because there is a complete and utter disconnect between the Klingon Game of Thrones show going down inside the Battlestar Federation premise.

Jason Isaacs’ Captain Lorca should be a huge asset for the show. And he is trying really hard to channel Olmos’ Adama and be gruff and hard because goddamnit there’s a war on. Instead he’s just coming across as a low rent Ahab who terrifies his entire crew. He practically yells «you might not like my methods, but goddamnit I get results» in every scene, after which his crew gets partial results despite him rather than because of him.

And that’s before getting into the baffling sorts of idiocy that seems commonplace throughout the ensemble cast. The peak of which is of course Rekha Sharma’s Commander Landry (aka the Cylon who no one cared about) who manages to commit suicide by idiocy faster than you could yell «Leeeeeeeeeeeroy»!

Thought process:

Burnham: «This alien beast monster is immune to phasers, can rip through starship hulls, and just killed an entire squad of Klingons. My utterly not based on any empirical evidence but totes scientific conclusion is that it is a harmless herbivore.»

Commander Deady: «OMFG you’ve been studying it for 10 whole minutes I am so bored. Computer drop the shields so I can shoot this fucker.»

And that’s how she died.

Say what you want about Kirk’s tendency to irrationally jump in head first, he would have made sweet love to that Tardigrade and learned the secrets of its shroom based interstellar teleportation and still had time to make fun of McCoy before murdering the entire Klingon navy.

For those of you not watching at home, and just bathing here in the spoilers, you might have noticed that I said «shroom based interstellar teleportation.»

Sweet baby Bajor, did I ever.

So the Discovery is a science ship working on super secret war winning technology that’s been co-opted into military research because of the big war with the Klingons. Makes sense. Until you get the dramatic reveal of what that secret technology is that they’re working on. Instead of warp, i.e. flying from one point in space to another*, they’re working on just jumping instantly from one point to another. To use the sci-fi terms that they don’t want to use even as they eye-rollingly drop Elon Musk’s name into the list of pioneers, it’s a space fold drive (or a wrinkle in time, to use L’Engle’s more poetic terminology). On the one hand, this is problematic because Discovery takes place before the original series, and so we know for a fact that this technology doesn’t pan out since none of the subsequent Enterprises don’t use warp drives. But on the other hand, that’s the least of the problems.

See, the way it works is by intergalactic mushrooms. Yes, there are clouds of mushroom spores that have spread through the entire universe and they’re all like interconnected man, and this gentle giant of an alien can like transport the entire starship anywhere there’s shrooms, man. But this makes him cry, so it’s really harshing Burnham’s vibe. And I cannot fucking believe that I am describing the critical plot point of a Star Trek series and not a joke from Austin Powers 4: Groovy Space Cowboy.

All that said, I’m all in if Burnham pulls a Sisko/Riker and becomes a badass by growing a beard.

* Yes, I know that warp drives work by creating a bubble of subspace around the vessel in question, allowing it to travel faster than light because it has dropped temporarily into a dimension where the speed of light is different. I studied the Star Trek Technical Manual for hours as a kid, too.

Dr. Steven Lloyd Wilson is a hopeless romantic and the last scion of Norse warriors and the forbidden elder gods. His novel, ramblings, and assorted fictions coalesce at www.burningviolin.com. You can email him here.


Klay Thompson Left The Warriors Preseason Game Early To Go Watch Washington State Lose

There were some Twitter detectives on the prowl last night who connected some dots and noticed Klay Thompson on the Wazzu sideline a suspiciously short period of time after the Warriors preseason game ended.

World Wide Wob on Twitter noticed that Klay wasn’t on the bench in the 2nd half, then when you flipped back over to ESPN after the game ended, he was already in Berkeley getting ready to watch Washington State get waxed by Cal.

Just all around great detective work here. You have time stamps, you have maps and you have photos. It’s clear as day. The NBA preseason is so meaningless that we have players leaving the arena at halftime to go watch college football games.

Oh, and there were signs earlier in the week that this was going to happen.

Cool move by Steve Kerr, but I’m thinking Klay might’ve brought some bad juju to that stadium.

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