Here Are All the Places You Can Watch Hocus Pocus Just in Time For Halloween

When we think of classic Halloween movies, Hocus Pocus immediately comes to mind. Even though the movie is 24 years old, many of us still love quoting it today. Most recently, Deadline announced that Disney Channel is rebooting Hocus Pocus as a TV movie, but luckily, you can watch the original as many times as you want starting now. Here are all the places you can catch the beloved Halloween film.

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Steven Spielberg’s Untold Story

When attempting to sum up the career of Steven Spielberg – icon, Hollywood daddy, god-like creative – hyperbole is only fitting. But when veteran documentarian Susan Lacy set out to encapsulate Spielberg’s unparalleled legacy in her sweeping two-and-half hour documentary Spielberg, premiering at the New York Film Festival today and on HBO this Saturday, she abstained from the word most often used to underline Spielberg’s influence.

“I started every interview by saying, ‘I don’t want to hear he’s genius,’” she tells us. “I never use that word in the film. I don’t want to hear he’s fantastic, I don’t want to hear he’s a nice guy. I want you to illustrate why he’s a genius.”

Lacy had no qualms about enforcing the rules when it came to her impressive roster of interview subjects, which reads like the first several rows of the Academy Awards (Daniel Day Lewis, Leonardo DiCaprio, Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks, Drew Barrymore, just to name of few of the 87 total). As the creator of the PBS series “American Masters,” she racked up over two-dozen Emmys and 11 Peabodys profiling everyone from Lucille Ball to Albert Einstein before migrating to HBO in 2012.

So when it came to turning the camera on one of Hollywood’s most prolific filmmakers, and pointing it outside of his typical narrative, Lacy didn’t shy away from the less crowd-pleasing parts of Spielberg’s life, including childhood loneliness, bullying, and Spielberg’s 15-year estrangement from his father. And that, says Lacy, is just scratching the surface. “Then there’s the less obvious stuff,” she says. “Which is, as he grew into an adult, anti-Semitism and not wanting to be Jewish and then confronting all that in the making of Schindler’s List.”

While the escapist fantasies of E.T. and Indiana Jones are what skyrocketed Spielberg’s career, Lacy says his real life has always been layered in. “I do think there’s a part of him in every film that he’s made,” she says. “The separation of families. The absentee father. It runs all through his work. That’s the story I wanted to tell. I think I did.”

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Stanford Blatch Isn’t Only Holding Carrie Bradshaw’s Fendi Baguette, He’s Using It To Smack At Samantha Jones 


All together: THIS AGAIN.

In case you’ve been focusing on more important matters (like doing a study on how long does it really take for paint to dry on a wall) and haven’t been following the war between Kim Cattrall and everyone else from Sex and the City, let me throw it down real quick for you.

The Daily Mail got the messiness started by reporting that Kim’s diva bitch shenanigans and crazy demands were keeping a third Sex and the City movie from terrorizing our senses. Sarah Jessica Parker responded by only saying that a third movie isn’t happening. Kim defended herself by saying that the only demand she made was to not do another movie. Kristin Davis cried about it on Instagram, and Willie Garson (who played Carrie’s gay sidekick Stanford Blatch) popped his head into the shit storm to say that the rumors from The Daily Mail were true. Kim kept on defending herself and talked to smug butt plug in a suit Piers Morgan about the situation. Kim said that SJP could’ve been nicer about her not wanting to do another movie, and she dropped a fart on her ex-castmates for not supporting her decision.

And here we are now, and here’s Stanford Blatch to come at Samantha Jones for a second time.

Kim told Piers that if her relationships with SJP and the SATC team were healthy, they would’ve wished her the best after she let them know that she’s done with playing Samantha Jones and wants to move on for good. But Kim says she didn’t get that respect:

“That’s not what happened here, this is, it feels like a toxic relationship.”

That was Willie’s cue to pipe in again and continue to do Sarah Jessica Parker’s dirty work:

Kim herself said that they should just recast the role (Xtina, call your agent, bitch!) and do the movie without her. Some fans brought that up with Willie and he said nope to that, because it’s “all or none.

Kim and the other messes should just keep shanking each other with the shivs they made from old Manolo heels, because this back-and-forth hate fest is a million times more entertaining than any Sex and the City movie could hope to be. But really, the only tricks who want a third SATC movie are SJP, Willie and Kristin. The fans don’t want one. If SJP really cared about what the millions of fans (me, just me) want, she’d hear our pleas and give us a movie based solely on the superstar wife of Cynthia Nixon. Presenting: ROJO AND THE CITY!


Now that’s what we really want and need.

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Mike Leach Goes Down His List Of CFB Stadiums That Are Louder Than Oregon

I said last Saturday how great it is to have Mike Leach back in the national spotlight with a good football team, solely because we’re going to get soundbites on top of soundbites from the mad scientist.

After beating USC he dropped the now famous Woodstock line, but you knew it wasn’t going end there. Yesterday, he was asked about playing at Autzen Stadium and how loud it’ll be there. He answered by saying it was the loudest stadium in the Pac-12, but then went on to name about 150 other schools with louder stadiums.

Here’s every school that he says is louder:



Texas is on the bubble



Never went to Bama (but he beat Bama at Kentucky)

Mississippi State (depending ont he cowbells)



That one end zone at South Carolina



And there you have it. Oregon is pretty loud, but Mike has heard louder


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Someone On ESPN’s Fantasy Football Team Took a Dump on the Jets Defense

You’re probably not in a good place fantasy wise if you’re thinking about streaming the New York Jets D/ST this week, but to their credit, the defense has put up respectable performances lately — albeit against the Jaguars and Dolphins.

Should you put any stock into that? According to ESPN’s fantasy football team… HELL NO. Just take a look at this aggressive blurb telling everyone to run away as fast as they can:

via ESPN

That being said, the Jets play the Browns this weekend in a battle of trash. There should be turnovers aplenty.

[H/t R/Sports]

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Don’t ‘What About?’ Cam Newton’s Sexism Away

Eight or nine years ago, my college football team, the Arkansas Razorbacks, played the Auburn Tigers in what was a pretty big game at the time. The Razorbacks were good that year, but I didn’t realize until I saw Cam Newton that they didn’t have a chance in hell of winning that game. Cam Newton was a man among boys out there. I specifically remember one play in which Newton was running downfield and three Razorback players jumped on him and he carried them downfield on his back for a good 10 yards. It was unreal.

I don’t know why that endeared Newton to me, but it did, and I found him all the more endearing because every kid in my now home state of Maine who is not a Tom Brady fan is a Cam Newton fan. Kids love this guy, and up until yesterday, he never really gave them a reason not to.

And then this happened:


That’s not a cool thing to say at all. It’s pretty shitty, in fact.

Today, Dannon dropped Cam Newton as a spokesperson for the yogurt maker.

Social media kind of lost its shit over it, blaming feminist backlash and fake outrage. Here’s a particularly unpleasant reaction from human douche chill Michael Rapaport.

But the biggest trend among social media reactions is, «But what about?» As in, «But what about the President, who grabs women by the p*ssy?» Or, «what about all the NFL players who have assaulted their wives?» Or, «What about Ray Lewis, who murdered someone (allegedly)»? What about Ben Roethlisberger? Or even «What about the racist comments the female reporter, Jourdan Rodriguez, made on Twitter four years ago?»

OK, and … ? What about those things? They’re terrible. Awful. Roethlisberger shouldn’t be playing in the NFL. Players who assault women should be kicked out of the league. President Trump should not be the leader of his country. Jourdan Rodriguez should not have made those comments (she has since apologized).

None of that changes the fact that Cam Newton shouldn’t have laughed at the idea of a female sports reporter asking about routes. Just because our President grabs women by the crotch doesn’t mean that the rest of us can make untoward sexual comments at our co-workers. One worser evil does not erase a lesser one.

Also, Dannon Yogurt doesn’t represent Trump. Dannon Yogurt doesn’t have Ben Roethlisberger as a spokesperson, and Dannon Yogurt does not employ Jourdan Rodriguez. But they do pay Cam Newton, and if they feel that his comments harm their brand, they have every right to cut ties with him, regardless of all the awful things other players and politicians have done.

Now, if the NFL had suspended Cam Newton for six games for making the shitty comments when players who beat up women also only got suspended for six games, well, yes: That’s a shitty double standard. But that’s not what happened. Here, the NFL wisely apologized and said that Newton’s comments did not reflect the values of the NFL. Newton is going to get a few bad days of press, and hopefully, he’ll learn to treat female reporters with more respect. In the meantime, he’s still gonna make millions of dollars under his contract with the Panthers.

Holding Newton accountable does not erase all those other terrible things. It also doesn’t make the NFL any less racist (in fact, many of the criticisms leveled at Newton on social media are less about what he said and more about who he is and the color of his skin). But you still can’t make a problem disappear with a bunch of «what abouts?» If my daughter kicked my son in the stomach because he called her a stupid head, I’m not going to ignore the fact that he called he a stupid head just because her reaction was to kick him in the stomach. I’m going to punish them accordingly by yelling at my son for calling his sister names and sending his sister to her room for being violent.

Of course, on the other hand, I couldn’t help the fact that social media would treat both sins equally — that’s just the nature of social media. It has one volume: Really fucking loud.


Hayden Christensen Spotted For the First Time Since Splitting From Rachel Bilson

News broke in September that Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson had called it quits after nine years together, and it seems the two are slowly getting back to normal. Rachel was spotted out in LA just a few days after the split, and Hayden was photographed making his way around a parking lot in the city on Wednesday. The pair, who first met on the set of Jumper in 2007, got engaged in 2008, called it off in 2010, and then reconciled three months later.

Sources told Us Weekly at the time of their breakup that there was little hope for a reconciliation this time, saying the parents of daughter Briar Rose, whom they welcomed in November 2014, are «completely, officially done.» The source also added that Rachel is living in LA while Hayden is in Toronto, so the First Kill actor might have been in town to see his little girl.

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Jason Biggs And His Wife Jenny Mollen Are Parents Again


Jason Biggs, actor, social media attention enthusiast and his wife Jenny Mollen (same), welcomed another kid. UsWeekly has confirmed that Jenny gave birth to their second son on Monday in NYC. Not that UsWeekly needed to confirm anything, considering both Jason and Jenny Instagrammed everything but the baby’s head crowning.

Like the moments before she went into labor:

#cooked #39weeks

A post shared by Jenny Mollen (@jennyandteets2) on

And a video of Jason in the waiting room in a goofy paper hat:

Jason's Real World confession #babybiggs2

A post shared by Jenny Mollen (@jennyandteets2) on

And how they were transporting the baby’s umbilical cord:

UsWeekly says they also live streamed their trip home from the hospital on Instagram, announcing that they were both going to eat Jenny’s placenta. When the time comes, I’m sure Jason and Jenny will Snapchat a series of twelve to sixteen videos showing the various ways they ate it. Placenta carpaccio, avocado placenta toast, placenta in a blanket!

Jason and Jenny named their new son Lazlo Biggs. They already have a 3-year-old son named Sid Biggs.

Just about everything Jason and Jenny do gets an eye roll out of me, but not those baby names. Sid and Lazlo sound like two grumpy old seniors who meet every day in the park to play chess and complain about pigeons and their spoiled grandchildren (“Always on the Sega Nintendos they are“). 80 years in the future when every elderly person is named Jaxxon and MacKarteigh, it will be a nice throwback to see two old guys named Sid and Lazlo shaking their heads at android pigeons in the space park.

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Jeff Fisher is Busy Fishing in South America

It’s pretty much impossible to watch this new offensive juggernaut version of the Los Angeles Rams and not think about former head coach Jeff Fisher. Is he hate-watching from his Nashville home? Is he depressed about his 7-9 aura holding back the team for years? Should the Rams bring him back just for this weekend’s game against the Seahawks?

The answer to those questions appears to be, “Nah”.

Jeff’s enjoying unemployment at the moment and is distracting himself from the Rams threatening to take the NFC West with some fishing. Apparently he’s in South America catching monster brown trouts:

If you’re a fishing enthusiast wondering where in South America Jeff is, Speyco, Jeff’s apparent go-to for reels, is on it:

Sidenote: the backwards hat brings back so many hilarious memories.

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Video Premiere: “Heaven” by Dalton Rapattoni

Dalton Rapattoni, American Idol alumni, has been busy since his Idol days of belting out rock classics such as “Eleanor Rigby” by The Beatles or “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons. The colorful performer has recently released his debut album, Nobodys Home, that landed at #15 on Billboard’s New Artist Chart. Rapattoni says that although he would describe his sound as alternative pop, it fluctuates depending on what song of his you’re listening to. “I just want people to have a good time listening to Nobodys Home,” he admits. “Maybe if they cry a couple of times, that’d be cool,” he adds. As an emotional songwriter, Rapattoni reveals that his single “Heaven” was actually inspired by an abusive relationship he was in in the past. After taking some time apart, they were able to repair the relationship. “‘Heaven’ is about realizing that sometimes the person you’re the happiest with can also be the person that you’ve gone through hell with,” he says of the song’s inspiration.

Watch the exclusive video premiere for “Heaven” below.

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