Try the World’s Most Expensive Indian Menu

In the latest for *meals you simply will not forget* stunning Maldivian resort Jumeirah Vittaveli will celebrate the two-year anniversary of their Indian restaurant Swarna with the world’s most expensive Indian menu: a 15-course meal priced at $ 2,000. Yes really. Oh and also: every course of the “Gold at Swarna” menu is littered with edible gold—it’s an essential ingredient of each dish.

Khad Ka Khargosh dish at Swarna / Image Courtesy of the Jumeirah Vittaveli

Khad Ka Khargosh dish at Swarna
Image Courtesy of the Jumeirah Vittaveli

Guests who purchase this multi-course meal will be outfitted in traditional Indian attire and will be picked up at their villa by a royal escort. Upon arrival to the restaurant, Chef de Cuisine Bharat Kapoor or “spicewala” will personally explain how he chose the combination of flavors for each dish. Menu highlights include a blood orange soup with gold coated Himalayan pink salt and a rose gold coated lamb patty served over bread from the inverted grill (which has been touched with gold, of course).

Main Image: Sunahare Moti dish / Image Courtesy of the Jumeirah Vittaveli

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My Eye Is A Cone, And Other Stories Of Terrible Eyesight

Last week I had to see an eye specialist about my cone eye. I mean, my eye isn’t literally a «cone,» but it’s a fair description. I have a condition called «Keratoconus» which causes my cornea to progressively become thinner and the surface of my eye to bulge out into a conical shape.

(Fun fact, and I say that loosely: Bill Cosby also has Keratoconus and has used it as an excuse in court, claiming he’s too blind to identify any of his accusers. It’s worth noting that experts agree it’s not a blinding disease, though it does blur vision. Also, fuck Bill Cosby)

Though it is a progressive disease, it isn’t endlessly degenerative. It eventually runs its course and the surface stops getting any thinner. But where that end point is and when it will be reached varies for everyone. I went to the specialist to discuss treatment options, which essentially boils down to: getting a corneal transplant if your shit is already too fucked, i.e. stitching a dead person’s cornea onto your eye (!!!), or trying the brand new «collagen cross linking» treatment, which will strengthen the surface of the eye and halt the progression of the disease. If the disease progresses too far, specially fitted hard contact lenses may be required to correct vision.

I don’t know what I’ll need to do just yet, as they have to monitor the changes in my cone eye for while. The doctor did say that my OTHER eye (which, FYI, is only slightly less useless than the cone one) may develop the disease, so they will also be monitoring that one. The one question he and all of his assorted assistants kept asking me in different ways was, «Have you noticed any changes in your vision?»

To which I kept responding with some variation of: No. No I have not. My eyesight has always been fucking terrible, and I can’t tell if today’s level of blurry-as-fuck is any blurrier than yesterday’s. You tell me my eye is a cone? I’ll believe it. But I could barely see out of it before this started happening, and I’ve gotten comfortable with the fact that I’ll never really be able to see out of it, period.

Look, I’m not blind. It’s just that no amount of contacts or glasses will be able to bestow 20/20 vision upon me. And forget Lasik, apparently I can’t even do that with a cone eye. Throws the lasers off or something. So yeah, I squint a bit. I’ll never be a sharpshooter or a fighter pilot or whatever. But thanks to the contacts/glasses I DO have, I get by ok. I’m able to read traffic signs when I’m driving — and that is basically the best I can hope for.

But do you want to know what the really fucked up thing is? When I said that my eyesight has always been fucking terrible, I meant it… yet I spent the first 12 years of my life not realizing I could barely see. Apparently, I spent my childhood developing coping mechanisms to account for the fact that I couldn’t rely on my eyes — and they were so successful that no one figured it out, including myself. It wasn’t until my Junior High math teacher mentioned my constant squinting during a parent/teacher conference that my parents took me to my first eye doctor appointment. There, the doctor tested my sight, then pulled out lenses that would approximate my vision. He held them up in front of my mom, so she could see the world the way I had all my life. Her response?

«Jesus Christ, why didn’t you ever tell us you couldn’t see?!»

And that’s the thing, right? How was I supposed to know there was something wrong with me, if it had never been right to begin with? That teacher, who told her I was always squinting? He also pointed out that I always sat in the back of the classroom. In fact, I sat in the back of EVERY classroom. Because I already knew that I wouldn’t be able to read the board from the front of the room either, so it didn’t matter. I’d squint, and not see a damn thing, and I’d write all my notes based entirely on what my teacher said. And because I got great grades, no one worried all that much.

Still, I must have known deep down that something was wrong, because I had reoccurring nightmares about losing control of my eyeballs. In the dreams I’d try to look at something, really focus on it, but my eyes would just roll around in their sockets wildly. I’d wake up panting, trying to find something in my dark room that I could stare at, hoping to reassure myself that I did have my eyes under control after all. But for the most part, it wasn’t until I got my first pair of glasses that I realized just how much I’d been missing.

For example:

I’d never seen leaves on a tree. Sure, I KNEW logically that there were leaves up there — I’d jumped in enough leaf piles to know how the process worked. But to see individual leaves on a tree? All those moving parts just blowing in the breeze? To look at a tree and see more than a green blob?

That was fucking mind-blowing. I started my period before I ever saw leaves on a goddamn tree.

The weirdest thing I discovered about having glasses was that I heard better with them, too. I mean, I could always hear just fine… but I’d routinely ignore sounds if I couldn’t see their origin. Walking in the halls at school, I could only see general outlines and movement. I would unconsciously study my friends’ gait, the way they moved — I’d even clock what colors they were wearing first thing in the morning. That would help me identify their blobs from amongst all the other blobs in the hallway throughout the day. But if someone called out to me and I couldn’t see them? I’d just tune it out. Not like intentionally ignore it. More like hearing it wouldn’t even register to me. I lived in a near-sighted bubble, but that bubble seemed to also dull my other senses as well.

Again, I didn’t realize I was doing this until I got my glasses. And even then it wasn’t until my classmates started commenting on my newfound friendliness that I began to put the pieces together. Suddenly I could see faces, see expressions, tell if someone was happy or sad or nervous — hell, I could finally tell who they were in the first place! So yes, I would look around if I heard something, and then I’d identify that sound, and if it was meant for me I’d respond. But before I had glasses? Apparently everyone thought I was a bit of a snob.

Even though I’ve had glasses for over 20 years now, they haven’t really cured me of those ingrained coping mechanisms from my childhood. I may respond to people talking to me more, but I still go through life in a bubble of my own making. Part of it may be because I still can’t see THAT well, but part of it is sheer comfort. I spent a long time living in NYC, and ignoring the world around me spared me the sight of many random exposed penises. I still write copious notes in meetings, trying to capture everything that’s said. My fight-or-flight response is keyed entirely to movement on my periphery. I’m still fascinated by the things that I can actually see, holding objects close to try and absorb the tiniest details — and part of my appreciation stems from an understanding that even these visual experiences may elude me eventually.

So yeah, I’m not terribly concerned about my cone eye. I don’t expect to ever see perfectly, and I’m fortunate to see however well I can, while I can. It’s all gravy at this point.

But if anyone tries to stitch a new cornea on my fucking eyeball, I WILL LOSE MY GODDAMN MIND.


Ask Pajiba (Almost) Anything: Free Advice From Unqualified People On The Internet

Let’s face it — the Internet can be a dark and dubious place. Sure, there are sexy John Cho gifs. But there are also WebMD pages you probably shouldn’t have looked at, and unsolicited dick pics, and Breitbart. For every random retweet that makes you feel warm and fuzzy, there’s a troll just waiting to jump in your thread and ruin your day.

But through it all, we found each other. The faceless Pajiba Overlords, and you, the readers we get up and write for every day. Together we’ve forged this little happy place amidst the chaos of the World Wide Web. We may not always agree on the Best Chris, or that pie is obviously superior to cake (OBVIOUSLY SUPERIOR). But we share our outrages and obsessions, and hopefully we all click away feeling a little less alone.

Which is why we’ve decided to launch a new sort of experiment: an advice column. We know, we know — advice columns are hardly a new idea and everyone seems to be offering free advice on the Internet these days. But here’s the thing about free advice…

You get what you pay for.

And we’re taking that to heart! Which is why our advice column, «Ask Pajiba (Almost) Anything» (APAA), is not striving to be your definitive resource for good judgment. Heck, we’re not even promising that our advice will be particularly sound. It may, in fact, be actively bad — and we’re in no way recommending you actually listen to us! We’re not therapists — we’re a collection of neurotic writers with day jobs and our own messy lives to be getting on with. But between us we have vast and in some cases surprising experience, which we can leverage to answer your burning questions. Provided your burning questions are only smoldering at best, and you’re not relying entirely on us to fix your life.

Basically, think of us less as your own personal Dr. Phil, and more like an opinionated, unreliable Ask Jeeves.

Do you need:

— A recipe to cook to impress your in-laws?
— The perfect date if you’re gonna dump someone?
— Daily coping mechanisms to help you not yell at your jerk boss and get fired?
— The proper gift-giving etiquette for attending the wedding of a circus clown?
— The exact amount of velvet that could be considered TOO much velvet?
— The specific reason why Ansel Elgort’s face is so punchable?
— Confirmation that Face/Off is, in fact, the best American movie of all time?

We can help with all of that, and more! Here’s how it’ll work. Send your inquiries to and each week we’ll select a few to answer. This will be an entirely subjective process based on how interesting the question is and/or how interestingly we feel we can answer it. We will share our advice each Tuesday. We will not post your name, though we encourage you to sign off with a fake name you’d like used with your question. Otherwise, we’ll come up with our own nickname for you… and you might not like it («Sincerely, Smells Like Grandma’s House»).

We can’t promise that every question will get a response, but we also can’t prevent you from sending us the same question each week… so we’re already at an impasse and this thing hasn’t even begun yet! LET THE GRAND EXPERIMENT BEGIN!

Disclaimer: If you are experiencing a serious life crisis, please seek professional help. In case of emergencies there are a number of free resources available, such as the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255), RAINN’s National Sexual Assault Hotline (1-800-656-4673), and SAMHSA’s National Helpline for Substance Abuse and Mental Health treatment referrals (1-800-662-4357). Here is a list of other resources.


Matt Kemp Isn’t Looking So Hot These Days

It wasn’t too long ago when Matt Kemp was a rockstar in Los Angeles — you know, he was dating Rihanna, challenging for NL MVP (lost to roider Ryan Braun in 2011), and one of the main pillars of the Dodgers franchise with Clayton Kershaw. Now he’s a shell of himself skillwise and playing for the shady-ass Braves, and if that isn’t bad enough, baseball fans now know him as THICC Kemp.

He was listed at 210 pounds to start the season, but diehard Braves fans know he’s more like 230ish these days. Apparently he’s packed on some pounds DURING the season:

In Matt’s defense, he has dealt with hamstring issues all season so I imagine cardio might be tough to pull off. Still though… I remember him as the dreamboat who ran LA:

Not the sequel to decline-phase Vernon Wells:

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Meet Shannon Kenney — Girlfriend of Yankees Reliever Chasen Shreve

The Yankees only have two left-handed relievers in their bullpen for tonight’s Wild Card Game against the Twins: Aroldis Chapman and… Chasen Shreve. Yankees fans probably would have liked to see Jaime Garcia or Jordan Montgomery instead, but Joe Girardi is going with Chasen, who put up a 3.77 ERA in 45.1 innings this season.

That being said, we probably won’t see Chasen take the mound tonight considering the Yankees pen has like five guys who could be closers elsewhere. Girardi likely won’t need to go any deeper unless the game goes to extras.

Off the field, Chasen is dating Coastal Carolina University alum (and former cheerleader) Shannon Kenney. Looks like they’ve been together around a year.

Sports Gossip, Sexy WAGs, NFL and Hot Cheerleaders: BustedCoverage

Kim Cattrall Accused Sarah Jessica Parker Of Starting The “Sex And The City 3” Drama

Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall

Last week we learned that plans for that third Sex and the City film had been dumped, because Kim Cattrall wanted nothing to do with it, thus breaking the hearts of Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis. The Daily Mail says that Kim Cattrall recently talked about the SATC 3 drama during an interview with Piers Morgan for ITV’s Life Stories. And it sounds like Sarah and Kim won’t be sipping cosmos together any time soon.

One of the alleged reasons for why SATC 3 isn’t happening was that Kim was acting like a diva and “playing the victim” a few weeks before principal photography was set to begin. Kim says she never shut down production with diva demands, like asking Warner Bros. to finance other film projects for her. She reiterated that she never intended to work on the film. According to Kim, she repeatedly turned down producers almost a year ago, and never once implied she was interested.

Now Kim is pissed that sources are leaking stories about her playing hardball, and that a certain co-star keeps squeezing lighter fluid onto this fire.

“And now, now at this very moment it’s quite extraordinary to get any kind of negative press about something that I’ve been saying for almost a year of ‘no’ that I’m demanding or a diva. And this is really where I take to task the people from Sex and the City, and specifically Sarah Jessica Parker, in that I think she could have been nicer. I really think she could have been nicer.”

Later on, when asked why she thinks Sarah Jessica Parker wasn’t playing nice, Kim said: “I don’t know what her issue is, I never have.

Kim also claims that she’s 61 and no longer interested in playing the constantly-horny publicist Samantha Jones. And she wants SATC 3 to happen, just not with her. Kim suggests they replace her with someone else:

“It’s a great part. I played it past the finish line and then some and I loved it and another actress should play it, maybe they could make it an African American Samantha Jones or a Hispanic Samantha Jones? Or bring in another character. It can be another character. This is what I really believe that this franchise needs another point of view and this could be it.”

That plan sounds great, but it also has the huge potential to backfire hard. According to Kim, Sarah Jessica Parker has an “issue” with her and that she hasn’t been nice. If that’s really true, then I could see SJP replacing Kim and making it very clear she did it out of spite.

New Samantha: “Yes, it’s me – Samantha Jones, completely recovered from my full-body plastic surgery and a vocal transplant procedure. Uh…penis penis Viagra threesome sexy wink.”

Carrie: “Samantha, you look great! So much better than before. And your personality is better too. (Stares directly into the camera) What an amazing improvement, I hardly miss the old Samantha at all.”



Reddit Asks The Question: ‘What’s The Most Stupid Thing Society Thinks is Normal?’

Society—any society—could fairly be described as a collection of arbitrary-seeming habits, rituals, and customs. Sometimes hateful, sometimes stupid, sometimes of downright mysterious provenance, they are nevertheless the building blocks of our shared existence.

Yesterday, Reddit asked about one of these types of blocks. You can check out the full thread here, but below are some highlights:


Corporate lobbying. Millions in bribes are used to influence politicians to vote and make laws which hurt people. And its all done legally! Looking at you cable industry!


Expensive coffins.


Pumping dead bodies full of toxic, carcenogenic chemicals to preserve an appearance of peace and normalcy for a couple of days then burying that body in an very expensive box to leach into the soil and groundwater.


Two day weekends…


Spreading of misinformation and the fact that correcting it doesn’t seem to change most peoples’ opinions. I’ve noticed a staggering amount of people who form opinions on a topic, then look for things to back it up. When those sources are entirely proven false, rather than changing their viewpoint they simply look for other examples. It honestly has me completely cynical that we can have anything resembling an open, honest democracy. Politicians aren’t leading the political direction of our country, nor do I believe the media is (though certainly fanning the flames since that draws in the viewers). It’s not at all relegated to one party or even politics. That’s just one of the most visible areas.


The staggering amount of untouched, perfectly good food that restaurants and grocery stores throw away at the end of the day. Meanwhile there are people in the same cities that are starving or feel forced to dumpster dive for a meal.


Having kids left and right without properly thinking about their future or yours, I have a cousin who’s in his early 30s with 3 kids, 2 from his first wife an another new born with his new lover/girlfriend and his kids are basicly being tossed around to mom, grand parents, aunt and him in a continuous cycle without getting the proper attention, care and values they need. WTF.


Unpaid internships


Sensationalized 24 hour news. I feel like it’s stupid because it leads to this weird fear mongering that doesn’t actually positively feed any part of society. It just develops (imo) a halfway informed public that is deathly afraid of the world


Being married and disliking your spouse or the fact that you are married.
I swear listening to my father and a coworker talk about their marriages, you’d assume they were talking about a demon haunting their house, not an (assumed)loving wife.


Having to do something every single second of your day. Bragging about being «busy» or «stressed» all the time. That shit sucks!! Take time to do nothing and love yo self.


Competing over who sleeps less.
Coworker 1: «I only slept for 5 hours, I’m tired.»
Coworker 2: «Oh yea must be nice I only got 4 hours!»


See-through cracks in bathroom stall doors


People going on Social Media «fighting the good fight» about whatever the topic of the day is, but are complete asshats in real life. The people who put up all their signs of support for every event and post 20 political statements a day to show they are the good guys, but in real life would just walk past you without saying hello, wouldn’t look at someone homeless on the street, will probably cut you off on the road and then throw you a middle finger, won’t miss a beat in cutting infront of you in line at a store, etc.
I emigrated to the US a long time ago. I live in a quite a «liberal» area, there seems to be some sort of protest or uproar every weekend in the parks with people in support of immigrants or accurately, their idea of what an immigrant should be.
Meanwhile, as an immigrant, you know what I’d like? A friend. One of these locals to stop and say «hey man, want to grab a beer sometime?». It’s funny they are all so in support of what they think an immigrant is, but in reality, very few I speak to, actually understand immigration at all, and tend to do what most people do, stick to their own circle of people from school/college and wouldn’t even consider that what a lot of immigrants would prefer is just a few welcoming friends, not a bunch of protestors who protest with their other non-immigrant friends, the go home without even speaking to or talking to… an immigrant.
I don’t really have a single good friend in this city despite being here a long time. Yet, everyone claims to be so in support and welcoming of immigrants. It just feels so much for show and attention.


Everyone holding up their phone at a concert to record it.


Cutting off a bit of skin for no reason is just weird.


Fraternities and sororities, essentially college sanctioned cults


Ties. Seriously its uncomfortable and serves no purpose.


Pledging allegiance. Not saying allegiance is bad but it is strange that American kids have to stand up and pledge it in a chant like were being conditioned in Brave New World


Coming in to work when you have a cold or flu when you should really be resting at home, all in the name of this unwritten dick-wagging contest to see who is the most selfless, dedicated employee to their company/job/boss. If you’re sick and coughing and spreading your disease around then stay the fuck home! I seriously hate that mentality.


Living for the weekend
I’m not saying that it isn’t without good reason for many. Tough jobs, demanding hours, stressful week days can make it pretty tempting to look at Monday — Friday as those shit days before the freedom of the weekend. At some point though you’re gonna realize you spent years trying to discard 5 out of every 7 days.


Working 40 hours a week until you’re 65 and then you get to enjoy your life.


Wage slavery


How harmful plastic water bottles and the toxins they contain are for the world.


Decorative pillows on beds. Take them off and toss to the floor when sleeping, pick them up and place back in bed upon waking, rinse and repeat.


Putting people in prison for drugs


Reliance on processed foods


Controversial, but meat.
It’s not healthy to eat it in the quantities we do, animals are crammed into sheds, fattened up and killed to be sold for next to nothing. It’s damaging to the eco system, animals and to our health.


Mass shootings, like the one that just happened in Vegas. Granted, «stupid» is probably not the word for it, but it boggles my mind that this has become so accepted as a normal part of life that it’s routine now. You could set your watch by the way this will play out over the next however many days:
People trip over themselves to send «thoughts and prayers» to the victims
Criticism — «How dare you politicize this!» and/or «How dare you bring up gun control! Let the victims mourn!»
Details emerge. If the shooter is white, he’s a «lone wolf» (or a liberal/Democrat/Hillary supporter). If the shooter doesn’t pass the paper bag test, he’s a terrorist
Absolutely nothing changes
An entire class of six year old kids were shot up several years ago at Sandy Hook, but instead of anything changing for the better, or even causing us any sort of introspection about what a tragedy like that means for our country, life just returned to normal. If we can accept kids being shot up in exchange for our precious gun rights, then we really are morally bankrupt.


Behind the Exhibit: The Opioid Trail

This week, the fight against opioid addiction made major strides when the Department of Justice awarded nearly $ 3 million dollars to a federal court district in Ohio, a state that saw over 3,000 opioid-related deaths in 2015 alone. As this highly addictive substance continues to ravage large swaths of the country, the art world is taking notice. Painter and Ohio native Andrew David Ringler confronts this raging epidemic in his latest series, on view at the Lower East Side’s onetwentyeight gallery from October 4 – 22.

The exhibit, The Opioid Trail, explores the wake of drug addiction across small town America – particularly in the pastoral landscapes of the rural Midwest. For instance, one of the most evocative paintings depicts an ordinary-looking barn emblazoned with the logo for Narcan nasal spray, a treatment used in narcotic overdoses.

"East Liverpool, Ohio #1" oil on linen, 30x24", 2017

“East Liverpool, Ohio #1″ oil on linen, 30×24”, 2017

While his subject matter could leave you with feelings of despair and foreboding, Ringler’s intent is instead to dismantle the stigma of opioid addiction. In the end, Ringler’s subtle work brings nuance and understanding to a population all-too-frequently minimized by the latest opioid-related headline.

"West Salem Ghost" oil on canvas, 24x30", 2017

“West Salem Ghost” oil on canvas, 24×30″, 2017

The exhibition is on view at onetwentyeight at 128 Rivington Street in New York City.

Main image: “Narcan Barn #1″ oil on linen, 24×30”, 2017

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How Old Is the Cast of Riverdale in Real Life? Let’s Break It Down

Since Riverdale premiered on The CW, its undeniably attractive cast has kept our eyes glued to our screens as angsty teenage relationships have formed and mind-blowing plot twists have dropped. Though the show’s characters are meant to be high school sophomores between the ages of 15 and 16 (except Cheryl, who is 17 years old), the actors are actually much older in real life. Spoiler alert: learning KJ Apa’s real age may or may not make you feel slightly creepy for having such a passionate obsession with him (and his mesmerizing abs). As we not-so-patiently await season two, read on to learn more about the stars behind your favorite Riverdale characters.

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