LeGarrette Blount Was Allegedly Working the DMs A Day Before Running All Over the Chargers

LeGarrette Blount may have rushed for 136 yards to help his Eagles beat the depressing LA Chargers on Sunday, but it appears his weekend wasn’t a total success. What do we mean by that? Well… LB was allegedly sliding into the DMs Saturday afternoon, trying to get at this guy’s girlfriend:

Apparently LB then offered to fly out Rick Phillips’ lady out to Philly so he can have some company upon returning home:

Skylar, Rick’s girl (we assume; she retweeted the initial tweets), had an appropriate reaction to LB thirsting hard:

As did her brother:

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MLB Network’s Kelly Nash Seems Ready For The Playoffs

Been ignoring baseball because, like me, you’re bored by the regular season and would rather spend one month watching baseball instead of 6-7 to find out who’ll win the World Series? Then there are a few things we need to go over before the playoffs start tomorrow, one of which is that I highly recommend a friend of BC, Kelly Nash, on MLB Network’s “Rundown” Monday-Friday from 2-4 EST during the playoffs.

Still best remembered for the insane selfie from the top of the Green Monster where she was nearly lit up by a BP rocket, Kelly’s a Clemson grad with a legit passion for baseball. She told us in 2013:

My parents bought me a television for my bedroom growing up because they were exhausted of watching Marlins baseball night after night after night (after night). They are proud their 13″ investment (with a VHS player attached) paid off. Oh, and that I reached a goal that I set for myself yearssss ago. Can’t forget that.

Here’s your MLB playoff viewing schedule this week:

Tue, Oct. 3 8 p.m. Minnesota at N.Y. Yankees ESPN
Wed, Oct. 4 8 p.m. Colorado at Arizona TBS
Thu, Oct. 5 7:38 p.m. ET ALWC winner at Cleveland FS1/MLBN
Fri, Oct. 6 5:08 p.m. ET ALWC winner at Cleveland FS1/MLBN
Sun, Oct. 8 TBA Cleveland at ALWC Winner FS1

Instagram Photo
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When Bad Profiles Happen To Good Celebrities

This month’s edition of Vanity Fair features SNL star Kate McKinnon on the cover, with a lengthy profile accompanied by some beautiful Annie Leibowitz photos. I recommend you read the piece, although if you do so hoping for some words of wisdom from McKinnon or an insight into the life and mind of one of our generation’s great comic actresses, you’ll be sorely regretful. The piece is one of the most bizarre profiles I’ve ever read, and this is a field of journalism known for its oddities. As noted by The Cut, she says exactly six things in the piece. No joke, six quotes. It takes nine paragraphs of Pynchonian style prose from the profiler to even get to the first one, and nothing is revealed that you wouldn’t find in every interview with McKinnon. It’s what’s surrounding those quotes that fascinates: The rest of the piece is, to put it in professional terms, utterly bonkers. The writer spins yarns unconnected to the topic at hand, opens the piece with what reads like a casual threat, then spends a long paragraph dissecting the concept of the celebrity profile in conjunction with the evolution of the gossip industry. It’s akin to panicking during a French exam and just saying every word you know in the language in the futile hope that they’ll mean something if strung together in such a manner.

There are some barmy Vanity Fair profiles out there — remember the Margot Robbie one where the writer seems convinced the actress fancies him? — and the mere notion of a celebrity profile is a constant contradiction of rules and regulations. It’s a job I certainly couldn’t do, and one that ranks as some of the least thankful work in pop culture journalism: Do it well and people dismiss it as fluff; screw it up and you’re everything wrong with the profession.

Still, there’s something about the McKinnon profile that ends up being rather revealing about the entire process of the celebrity profile. Sometimes you need to see the mistakes in order to know what the good work looks like.

There’s a reason that 4000 word profile of Kate McKinnon has so little Kate McKinnon in it: She probably gave so little of herself to the interviewer. The days of Frank Sinatra Has a Cold are mostly over. Now, interviews and publicity tours are highly regulated by management and publicists, and social media often cuts out the middle man altogether. Why feel cornered into a possibly invasive interview when you can just tweet to your fans? From other interviews I’ve seen and read, McKinnon seems very private and happy to stay quiet for as long as possible. Check out her presence on a roundtable of comedic actresses with The Hollywood Reporter. She’s easily the quietest person there, doesn’t seem all that eager to join in, and only pipes up when directly asked a question by the moderator. You could easily forget she’s there amidst the fervent enthusiasm of Lena Dunham and Gina Rodriguez. Now imagine McKinnon alone with an interviewer.

Time is also the big curse of the interviewer. The chances are that this profiler had less than an hour with McKinnon. Hell, she may have only had 30 minutes of intermittent chat over a cheap lunch. In the piece, the writer notes when McKinnon will simply shake her head in response to a question or outright refuse to answer it, which is completely within her rights. Being interviewed is a weird process and one that some people never get used to. It’s also something she has to deal with a lot, more so now that she has two Emmys and is the nation’s most prominent Hillary Clinton impersonator. She probably gets asked these questions all the time — What’s Hillary like? How do you get into character? Which characters do you like playing the most? Who’s your idol? Tell us about your girlfriend, and so on. Sometimes you can spin something really good out of this but even the most talented writer will have problems filling out the word count.

What the McKinnon piece reminded me of the most was a very strange and creepy profile of Penelope Cruz in Esquire magazine, written to accompany her crowning as the sexiest woman alive. Again, Cruz is a private person and again, the journalist probably had half an hour with her (and the publicist) to try an extract some quotes for what is essentially the puffiest of puff pieces. The piece exists to justify the pretty pictures, there’s no second guessing that. Since Cruz remained so private — as is her right, because once again, celebrities don’t owe journalists bites of their life — the profiler went all out with an extended metaphor on matadors. It’s both intensely creepy — is Cruz a bull to be speared in his eyes? Is that what you associate talking to a beautiful woman with? — and unintentionally hilarious. You can practically hear the poor sod counting down the words in his head until he hits the point where his editor will say it’s enough. I’d hazard a guess that Cruz never read the piece. I’d say most of the people buying the magazine only glimpsed the paragraphs before focusing on the photos, as was intended.

It’s a sad, dehumanising process, particularly for women being written about by men. Think of the countless profiles focusing on women’s sex appeal and how every action is contextualized in terms of how much the writer wants to fuck her. Esquire are infamous for this, as evidenced by their earlier Sexiest Woman Alive piece on Jessica Biel, which reads like the diary of a serial killer.

Those pieces are intended to be complimentary too, which makes it even more unnerving. Most publications will not rock the boat with major celebrities who they would like to continue getting access to. These stars have multi-million dollar fashion contracts with companies who pay through the nose for on-page advertising, and that’s the kind of corporate synergy you just don’t mess with.

Ultimately, this just makes most modern-day celebrity profiles intensely dull. They’re not intended to be the tell-all diamond mines they once were, nor are they designed to create the same kind of buzz. Social media does that now. The Kate McKinnon piece is at least interesting because the writer has decided to let it all hang out and just go wild with the padding in a manic delirium that’s fascinating if only because it breaks the unspoken contract of celebrity journalism: Play nice and nobody gets hurt. The profiler never didn’t play nice, I’m sure she’s an affable presence, but you can only work with what you have and she had so little to share. Occasionally, during interviews like this, the writer can mine a nugget of something, and that’s all that will be needed from the process since that quote can be used for the next few days in every gossip site going (see the recent Bret Easton Ellis profile in the New York Times of Joaquin Phoenix, which is generally pretty good if not especially scandalous, but did reveal that he’s living with Rooney Mara, a story that appeared on every celeb site the following week).

Sometimes the stars align and a wonderful writer gets to interview someone who’s totally game for the process. Taffy Brodesser-Akner and Caity Weaver helped make the profile great again at GQ. The former’s piece on Tom Hiddleston, conducted after the Taylor Swift break-up, is a glorious glimpse into the mind of a perpetual people-pleaser who can’t understand why his usual tricks have stopped working, aided by an empathetic journalist who still knows the right amount of leeway to give him on any subject. Weaver’s piece on The Rock is another dynamic portrait of a man with charisma to spare and the savviest understanding of his own public image. Who can forget Edith Zimmerman’s legendary GQ piece on Chris Evans, which, if you didn’t know it had actually happened, you’d swear was a pitch for the ultimate rom-com. The New Yorker’s profile on Leslie Jones is one for the ages. Some celebrities just want to talk.

For the September Issue of 2015, Vogue featured Beyoncé on the cover. The photographs were beautiful, as expected, and the issue generated the required buzz. What it lacked was an actual interview with Beyoncé. Instead, scholar and writer of Negroland Margo Jefferson wrote a short essay on the inimitable star power of arguably the most powerful musician in America at the top of her game. It’s a great piece, but it says a lot about the economy of celebrity journalism now that Vogue, the ultimate bastion of this field, were willing to adhere to Beyoncé’s demands and allow her to be on the cover without the accompanying interview. Most stars, even the major ones, probably couldn’t pull that kind of power play, but it may be the future of the celebrity profile. Take the photos then let someone else do the writing, no access required. The process becomes less ‘exclusive’ as a result but it may be more worthwhile to read and write. At least the padding would make sense.


Hey Hi Hello, Please Enjoy 22 Hot-as-Hell Pictures of Mark Consuelos

Let’s state the obvious: Mark Consuelos is a truly beautiful human. The man looks photoshopped even when he isn’t, and his relationship with Kelly Ripa is just as insanely cute as he is. The (very good-looking) couple met on the set of All My Children in the ’90s, and since then, they’ve shared more than a few sweet moments together — including some adorable ones with their kids. This month, the 46-year-old star will hit the small screen as Hiram Lodge on Riverdale, so as we await the season two premiere, let’s look at some of his most handsome pictures ever, shall we?

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The Spirituality of Cold War Kids

There’s a feeling of familiarity in Nathan Willett’s voice, the lead vocalist of the soulful rockers, Cold War Kids. He’s candid and casual but passionate and after fronting the band for 13 years with six studio albums under his belt, he knows how to discuss his music. He’s in Birmingham, Alabama at the time of our call in the middle of the band’s tour supporting Young the Giant. The California-bred band is known for its hit singles like “Hang Me Up to Dry,” “First” and most recently, “Love Is Mystical” off their newest album LA Divine. Other members of the band include: Matt Maust, Joe Plummer, Matthew Schwartz and David Quan.

California serves as a major source of inspiration for LA Divine, and Willett admits that he used Los Angeles specifically as the backdrop for a lot of the songs about relationships. “There’s tension involved in being in a relationship in a city that is famously materialistic and shallow,” he says. “There’s always a spiritual perspective to our songwriting. Finding the divinity in LA is a funny thing because of how plastic its reputation is.”

Willett asks me if I’m familiar with the Instagram account @OverheardLA. I’m a millennial so of course, I am. The account posts images of conversations that people have overheard on the streets of Los Angeles.

In homage to Los Angeles, Willett tells me that this hilarious Instagram account served as a major source of inspiration for the album because of the humor, but also the reality, that lives within each post. When scrolling through the account’s page you can’t help but think, someone actually said this.

“People experience the pursuit of spirituality which is a beautiful thing but there is an emptiness that comes with needing so much of it,” Willett poetically states. He explains by saying that there is a brutality within the reality of dating. This reality is perfectly depicted through their anthemic song “Love Is Mystical,” offering the most honest love story coupled with an infectious beat. Aside from the physicality and financial motives of being in love, Willett suggests that there is a spirituality behind it all that is indefinable. “It’s important and it’s the hardest to talk about,” he says.

While paying homage to Los Angeles, LA Divine inspires a feeling of normalcy through tracks like “So Tied Up” featuring powerhouse vocals from Bishop Briggs. “It’s a very vocal-central and soulful song,” Willett says of the track. “It’s like the alternative version of a great Adele song. It’s really bold.” In addition to LA Divine, Cold War Kids released an acoustic EP called Los Feliz Blvd, featuring stripped down and raw versions of “Love Is Mystical,” “Can We Hang On?” and “So Tied Up.”

Cold War Kids have been performing for 13 years, allowing them to truly find their sound. Despite this, Willett says that although they are best described as a soulful punk band, he recognizes that they are living in an increasingly genre-less world. “It’s cool because in this digital age, we’re able to take advantage of being able to put the right version of the song out,” he says of releasing the acoustic EP along with the studio album. Regardless of what version you listen to, Cold War Kids are successful in finding the divinity of Los Angeles through their music.

Watch the video for “So Tied Up” featuring Bishop Briggs below.

Main image credit: Dan Monick

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Scarlett Johansson And Colin Jost Made Their First “Public” Appearance As A Couple


Scarlett Johansson and kissing companion Colin Jost were officially seen officially out in public together , officially, at a Saturday Night Live after party this past weekend. (Seen above: Thrilling pics of them arriving to the party separately.) We know it’s official now because last month at The Emmy’s, Colin told Entertainment Tonight that he was officially dating a blond woman who fit the description. So I guess that makes it officially official!

According to E! News:

The SNL party took place at the Tao Uptown restaurant in New York City right after the season 43 premiere and weeks after Johansson finalized her divorce from Romain Dauriac, with whom she shares a 3-year-old daughter, after two years of marriage. Sunday would have marked their three-anniversary.

Even if Colin and Scarlet are keeping their relationship status low-key, sources are bold enough to say “they’re going strong”. You can’t blame ScarJo for holding her cards close to her vest. The less she says about how “over the moon” she might be right now, the the more it’s going to sting when she has to say “it is with great sadness” later when things go pear shaped as her relationships tend to do.

However chill Scarlet and Colin were at the party, there was one guest who was geeking out left and right over the appearance of Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Leslie Jones fangirled all over Twitter and posted selfies of herself with the couple.

Other celebrity guests included a rare appearance by sexy couple Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes as well as Emma Stone, Diddy, Alicia Keys and Dakota Johnson. That’s one orgy scene I’d like to see and then immediately regret having seen!

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Idris Elba Auditioned For A Singing Role In “Beauty And The Beast”


Idris Elba recently told People that he auditioned for the role of Gaston in the live-action Beauty and The Beast, a role that ultimately went to West End musical theater veteran Luke Evans. Idris in a musical? Sounds great doesn’t it? But maybe we need to pump the brakes on that until we find out what he’s capable of.

According to People:

“I honestly love musicals. I auditioned for Beauty and the Beast. I really did, for Gaston,” Elba says. “I called and said, ‘Listen, I want in!’ So somewhere they have a tape of me singing.”

We all know Idris can act. And he could absolutely pull off tights (he pulled mine off last week with his fan fic reading). But the real question here is, can Idris sing?

In case you didn’t know already, Idris is not just an actor but he’s also a DJ and at one point was an aspiring R&B singer. We’ve all seen what sometimes happens to respected actors with dreams of musical fulfillment. Sometimes it works out o.k. (Dogstar is inoffensive) and sometimes it’s just a cringy clusterfuck (30 Seconds to Mars aka The Jared Leto Experience). Seems it’s much easier to start off as a singer/musician and become an actor than it is the other way around. I mean, they are still letting Jennifer Lopez makes movies right?

Back to the question, is Idris any good? Does he have the chops to make it in a musical or was his audition a mere courtesy? Well if the 2011 music video for his song Private Garden is any indication of where his talents lie, then I hope he burned that audition tape. In fact, it does seem to have gone missing. According to People “Unfortunately, the actor says the tape of his audition is nowhere to be found”. My plea: Idris, you are so beautiful and talented. Please, please, stay in your lane. Your lane is wide and strewn with the discarded underthings of your faithful fans. No need to make things weird like Pierce Brosnan in Mamma Mia! did.

Here’s Private Garden! Idris looks great as always. There’s naked beach body painting which is hot but the rest is, putting it nicely, not quite ready for Broadway.

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How to Do Mykonos Right in the Fall

As a Greek-American travel writer who lived in Athens as a child and returns to the country every year, I’m constantly asked for advice about visiting Greece. But what always seems to intrigue Americans most is Mykonos, the site of all those postcards of whitewashed churches with blue domes, and paparazzi shots of celebrities sunbathing on a yacht or frolicking in the apothecary-blue sea. My advice is always: “You should absolutely go. And you should do it in the fall.”

It’s hardly a secret that Mykonos, like many other well-trafficked locales, truly shines in September and October, when the crowds have gone back to work and school but the weather is still warm. The beaches are more peaceful, the streets more serene and everything from the best hotel on the island to the hottest table in town is more affordable and accessible. But traveling to Mykonos in the fall is the kind of thing everyone knows they should do, and few manage to achieve, because the kids are in school, or work gets busy, or, well, everyone goes in the summer, don’t they?

Not if they can go in autumn.

Spending September on Mykonos feels like getting to extend your summer vacation after everyone else has gone back to class and, with some of the background noise removed, offers the chance to actually engage with the vibrant local scene. The weather is in the 80s, and the open-air cinema, Cine Manto, shows Hollywood hits al fresco through the end of the month, so you can indulge in the beloved Greek summer pastime of eating souvlaki, drinking local wine, and watching movies under the stars. (The theater then runs a program of documentaries for the first week in October, before closing for the winter.)

I know what you’re thinking—what about the beaches, and the beach clubs?  Will I be able to swim in the sea, lie on the shore and dance on the sand, like everyone who’s been popping up in my Instagram feed all summer? Absolutely. And it will be fabulous.

In September, the water temperature is in the mid-70s, and while the coasts are less crowded (which means you won’t have to reserve a deck chair a day ahead on see-and-be-seen Psarou beach), Scorpios beach club on Paraga beach grooves on all month, hosting DJs and what they describe as “communal happenings” including yoga, meditation and “sunset rituals” (read: dance parties).

My favorite beach is the idyllic, desert island–like Agios Sostis, which has no lounge chairs or umbrellas, much less DJs or beach clubs; nothing but a monastery at the top of the hill, and Kiki’s, a taverna halfway up that has no stove, only a refrigerated case for the salads and an open-air grill for the fish and meats. Kiki’s serves lunch into October, weather permitting—and you might be the only customers there, as opposed to having to stand in line behind the bikini-clad vacationers who have their yachts tied up below in summer. Even though there won’t be a wait, before lunch you should, without fail, scamper down the hill to jump in the blue-green ocean; October is still warm enough to swim most days, as temperatures dip into the 70s and sea temps into the high 60s.

Diving lessons may be harder to come by, but water sports aside, virtually all of your Myconian must-sees can be enjoyed in autumn. Take, for example, the sacred island of Delos, a satellite isle off the coast of Mykonos that is said to be where Apollo and Artemis were born, and which is now a massive archaeological site encompassing Doric temples, a Hellenistic agora, Roman mosaics and what many consider to be the world’s oldest known synagogue. It’s open year-round, except for Mondays, so you can spend the morning sailing across the Aegean, then climb Mount Kynthos for the best view over the ruins of several civilizations and across the sea to Mykonos.

In Little Venice, the seaside neighborhood that is one of the best places on earth to watch the sunset, cocktail spot Veranda Bar is open through October. Sit on the balcony and watch the sun dip into the ocean and stain the windmills across the bay pink (these views are the stuff of legend), or, if you come later in the season, when Veranda is closed, go to the neighboring spot Rhapsody, and sit on their balcony, watching the waves crash against the wall below as a large boat passes, or, if you’re already several days into your Mykonos mood, leaning forward to try and catch some of the spray.

From there, it’s an easy walk to dinner, whether you want to go gluten-free on the seafront at Nice n Easy (open through early November), dance on tables at Sea Satin Market or follow the locals to what might just be the island’s best meatballs at To Maereio (open year-round). Part of the reason that the walk is just so pleasant is that the crush of tourists, both those staying on the island and those disgorged into town from cruise ships stopping in the harbor, decreases dramatically come September. You’ll no longer have to dodge the same people you might have bumped into at the Whole Foods at home as you wander the twisting alleys of Mykonos Town (also called Chora). Instead, you may stumble across one of the pelicans that are the mascots of the island.

Without the crowds, Mykonos Town is a delight at any time of day; be it at dusk, when the candles inside one of the town’s many little chapels are all aglow, or in the early morning, when the fishermen and vegetable sellers hawk their wares in the open-air markets next to the picturesque waterfront chapel of St. Nikolaos. You don’t need to understand Greek to enjoy watching them trade insults and anecdotes with each other, rubbing their luxuriant moustaches when they get in a particularly good dig, while old ladies from town and chefs from yachts docked nearby manhandle the produce.

There’s so much to see in Mykonos Town beyond the crashing waves and the roaming pelicans, from the high-end boutiques of Matogianni Street (check out the made-in-Greece label Ergon) to bakeries selling amygdalota, the local almond cookies, to museums carved out of old mansions (the Archaeological Museum is open daily except Mondays all year). In order to make the most of it, stay in or within walking distance of Chora—my favorite place to do so is the Belvedere, a luxury boutique hotel open year-round in the quiet neighborhood near the art school. (And if you prefer sea views to whitewashed roofs, Villas of Distinction offers expansive private villas for rent through November and, in some cases, into December.)

Once the tourists taper off, it’s easier to dive into the life of the island: the days get slightly shorter, and you don’t feel compelled to spend all of each one at the beach. On September 23, there’s the Mykonos Run, 5- or 10K road races which are an incredible way to get to know the surroundings. The wine harvest goes all month long—you can join in the grape-stomping at Vioma Vineyard. And October 28th brings the national holiday of Oxi Day, when there’s a parade and dancing on the waterfront to commemorate the date in 1940 when the Greek prime minister, Metaxas, was asked by Mussolini to surrender to the invading Italians during World War II, and answered, “Oxi,” or “No!”

When I think of Mykonos, I always remember when my daughter was three, and we stopped at a shop in Chora for a bottle of water. When the shopkeepers held a shell up to her ear, she was amazed to discover that she could hear the ocean as clearly as when we’d made sand castles on Agios Sostis beach earlier that day. Coming to Mykonos in fall is like holding a shell up to your ear—it suddenly becomes easy to cut through the background noise and tap into the essence of the island.

Just be warned that when you do, you may start looking for any excuse to visit year-round. Spring is amazing, too, what with the wildflowers and all the pageantry of Orthodox Easter (which falls on April 8th in 2018). But who can wait that long? Surely there’s something unmissable going on next week.

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20 Times Idris Elba Looked Into Your Eyes and Penetrated Your Soul

Just hearing the words «Idris Elba» can send a shiver down most spines, but the hunky British actor also happens to have a chiseled physique, a charming accent, and an impressive singing voice on top of possessing one of the sexiest stares you’ve ever seen. There are plenty more reasons you’ve fallen in love with Idris, but today we’re highlighting all the times his eyes penetrated your soul. Seriously, looking at him is sort of like staring into the sun.

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Rob Kardashian Is Paying Blac Chyna $20,000 A Month In Child Support


When Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian finally settled their dramatic custody battle over their daughter Dream last month, it was reported that she was coming hard for that Kardashian cash. Chyna wanted $ 50,000 a month in child support. Rob, on the other hand, was angling for $ 10,000 a month. TMZ says they agreed on $ 20,000.

TMZ says the situation is just a tiny bit complicated. Sources say that Rob agreed to the $ 20,000 amount because he wanted a 50/50 custody split and a guarantee that Chyna would drop her domestic violence allegations. By agreeing to the $ 20,000 deal, the Kardashian family believes it was only ever about the money for her.

As for where Jobless Rob is getting $ 20,000 a month from, you already know. Sources tell TMZ that his family is the one paying Chyna every month, and a good chunk of the $ 20,000 is reportedly going toward nannies. Rob doesn’t make money from reality TV anymore, and his sock line isn’t exactly turning a profit. But TMZ’s sources say that the Kardashians were happy to fork over the child support money because they’re invested in Dream, and they don’t really trust Chyna to be a good parent. Uh huh. I’m sure it has nothing to do with wanting to keep Chyna’s mouth shut about any shady or surgical stuff she saw go down at Casa Kardashian.

However, the $ 20k a month isn’t for forever. Rob can go back to court and ask for a modification on the child support based on his current income stats. If Rob doesn’t find a job, there is a chance he could always go to court and claim his income is $ 0.

But right now she’s getting $ 20,000 a month. That’s a lot, but still – you’d think Blac Chyna would have been able to shake down a few more quarters from Rob Kardashian. Although to be fair to Chyna, shaking down a dude Rob’s size couldn’t have been an easy job. Your arms would tire out after about sixty seconds, and you’d just grab whatever fell on the floor with whatever remaining strength you had.

Pic: Instagram


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